Vidyz 2.0 Review- This Amazing Platform Is Relaunching In A Short Time

A huge welcome to my Vidyz 2.0 review.


Vidyz 2.0 Review- Introduction

It’s commonly believed that hosting service these days charges their users a dearly cost every month so many marketers are so grateful for the free video hosting by YouTube. Thanks to it, they can put aside a part of their budget and plan for something more potent.

However, almost everyone isn’t fully aware of the fact that they can lose their traffic to other videos, leading them back to YouTube or other channels (through More Videos when you hit ‘Pause’ or Suggestions after the end of each video).

While these recommendations are made to better the viewer’s experience and keep them on YouTube, it hurts your traffic painfully. But who dares to blame this most popular platform for the lost traffic when we are using their hosting at no cost?

Anyway, I think it’s high time we got to make our move and stop this traffic leakage because losing traffic means losing customers. Now available at a very reasonable cost, Vidyz 2.0 can let you take full control of video hosting.

What Is Vidyz 2.0?

Vidyz 2.0 is a brand new video platform for marketers which allows them to add clickable links, coupons, and call–to–action to any video for increasing sales. Importantly, no more links or buttons which may pull traffic AWAY from your website as well as our marketing pages.

It is a cloud-based page so it does not require domain or hosting, which means you do not need to do any installation.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


Vidyz was first time launched in February 2019 and more than 2,500 copies have been sold out in only 7 days, the customers felt really satisfied with this platform.


Who Created This Amazing Product?


This product was created by 2 very successful affiliate marketers, Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas.

Brette started as a developer and Mike as an affiliate marketer. They now work together to publish a daily informative review about new products in the IM market and become product creators as well. They are known as successful marketers who make a decent 7 – figure income and have considerable achievements.

Check out some of their famous products: Affiliate Income Secrets; Soci Vids; Keyword Suggestion; Profit Canvas; Video Takeover, 300 Dollar Day

Feature Details

Here is the list of killing features you can inside the main dashboard of the Vidyz system. Please bear in mind that these may come in handy when you can fully manage all the settings in the video hosting task.

  • Fully customizable video player included.
  • Easily share and embed anywhere (works with all page builders).
  • Add clickable links right in the video.
  • Sell products INSIDE videos with buy buttons.
  • Powerful analytics and tracking included.
  • Auto-Generated SEO Optimized, Social Media-ready video pages.
  • Supports full HD videos.
  • Convert videos to animated GIFs.
  • Add timers, slides, opt-in forms, and CTA’s to your videos.
  • Autoplay all your marketing videos.
  • Add clickable call to action.
  • Embed on any website or use the cloud-based SEO-optimized video pages. (no domain or hosting needed).
  • Auto-redirect viewers to any link you want without them clicking a link.

Now, in this 2020 version, you can have a chance to enjoy more features including:

  • New and improved video player redesigned to be more streamlined, faster, and fully mobile responsive for 2020 devices.
  • A commercial license is included right on the front end with smart folders for each client’s videos so you can sell this as a service and keep 100% of your profits.
  • Improved redesigned video pages, to get more engagement, and organic traffic than ever before.
  • Integration with all autoresponders so you can capture leads from right inside of your video regardless of the email platform you use.

About using details

How Can You Use Vidyz 2.0 For Video Marketing?

Step 1: Log in

Fill in your registered email and password. Then, click on the login button to get started:


In the main dashboard, you can see a quick overview of your campaigns, such as the total video plays this month, the average video playtime, etc.


Before you start using Vidyz, you should warm up with the Tutorials section.


Step 2: Upload your videos

Choose the My Videos tab to access your video library. When you first upload a video, it will be placed in the Default Folder. You can create more folders to organize your video, too.


Click on the Upload Video button, browse the file from your PC and wait a few mins to complete the uploading process.


For each video, you can:

  • View your video in the ‘Eye’ icon
  • Generate video embed code by clicking on the ‘Arrow’ icon.


You can change the embed type, edit the video width, enable the Video Controls, and Autoplay, and select the color of the bar. When you finish with these settings, click on the Generate Code Now button.


The embed code is put in the box below the button. Copy and paste it into your site builder.


Remember to add the code to the HTML box. Click Save.


Edit your video with the ‘Pen’ icon.


In this step, you need to add the video name, choose the folder and upload the thumbnail (in PNG or JPG format). After that, you need to enter the redirect link to the On End Direct box. To add Lower Third, you need to enter text and link.

You can choose to publish videos and save them for later. Enter the video description and add the page button with its text and link. Enter the Show Time and choose the Slide to use.


Step 3: Create GIFs (only in OTO1)

The GIFs you create with Vidyz 2.0 are mainly used as thumbnail videos.

Choose the My GIFs tab and click on the Create GIF button.


This GIF will be automatically created and all you need to do is click on the Create GIF Now! button.


When you already have the GIF, you can click Set As Video Thumbnail to use it.


Step 4: Explore the view stats

After a long time running your campaign, you can click on this icon to get more details about your video’s viewers.


The app will show you a stat report on 7-Day view, and get to know their location and the browser they use.


Benefits Of Getting Vidyz 2.0

1. You are able to autoplay videos in ANY browser

Increase the views considerably by getting more people to see your message when auto-playing videos in many browsers.

2. You no longer lose traffic with a “link-free” video player

Feel relieved now because there are no links as well as no ads appearing on your videos taking the traffic away from your website.

3. You can add clickable links, coupons, and call-to-actions to ANY video for more sales

When people finish watching the videos (or pause at any time), there are buttons or call–to–actions that they click on then traffic will be led to your website. Besides, it can automatically redirect viewers to your websites.


Boost the sales naturally. Clickable links, buy buttons, coupons, and calls–to–action added to your videos will contribute to the customer’s decision of buying something from you.

4. You can embed on ANY website, or use Vidyz cloud-based SEO-optimized video pages with built-in social sharing

You do not need to worry about technical skills because no domain or hosting is needed.

When finishing creating the video for a marketing campaign, you can embed it on any website to get more views, leads, and traffic.

Additionally, right inside Vidyz pages, you can make your video widespread on social networking such as Facebook or Twitter with a built-in social sharing button.


5. Vidyz works on all mobile devices

It is extremely friendly to mobile. People do not need a desktop to surf your pages because your videos and your automatically generated video pages will play on any mobile device and are mobile responsive.

6. Vidyz is equipped with secure video hosting

Dismiss the worries about some hacker or leaking information.

7. You are provided with advanced analytics and tracking

Here is the description of how Vidyz’s analytics and tracking works

Every day, you are aware of the number of viewers at a specific time (on the left). You can even find out the geographical location of those who are watching the video thanks to Vidyz using Google Maps and Geo-targeting.


Moreover, more details of the viewer can be provided exactly for you with time, location and browser


Or the map below will show how they watch your video, and how your video is performing over time.


Those things help you realize how effectively your videos are performing and keep track of everything to make sure that you are going on the right way.

Using Experience

This video hosting service is truly a lifesaver to marketers as it increases the viewers’ focus on their video and especially keeps the traffic staying. We cannot blame Vidyz 2.0 for their suggestions, to be honest.

At the end of the day, the final purpose of this platform is to make money for itself and because we pay no money for its services, we have to play by its rules.

However, if you don’t agree with the rule that you have to lose your precious traffic to others, Vidyz 2.0 is the perfect alternative at a super reasonable price.

Unlike Vimeo, Youtube, or other platforms, your audience doesn’t have to suffer from any type of annoying advertising or other sources of distractions.

Just you – the amazing marketer – showing up on the screen with your tempting offers. This is why in many cases, Vidyz 2.0 was proven to increase the conversion rate better and faster compared to others.

However, one thing you need to be fully aware of is the limitation of 10 videos at any time with Vidyz 2.0.

Don’t worry, this limit is just to make sure no user can abuse the system and affect others’ experience so when your campaign finishes, you can delete your video and make room for another to come.

No matter what you want to host – a training video, a sales video, a promotion video, or anything else – you leave this to Vidyz 2.0. The next part of my review will show you how much it costs.

Who Should Buy This?

Basically, if you belong to the list below, you will need Vidyz 2.0 one way or another:

  • Info-Sellers
  • E-Com Sellers
  • Business Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • Digital & SAAS Product Sellers
  • Local Business Owner
  • Freelancers
  • Agency Owners

Use Vidyz 2.0 to host and showcase unlimited:

  • Sales Videos & VSLs
  • Client Prospecting Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Customer Support Videos
  • Members’ Videos
  • And So Much More

Pricing & Evaluation

Front end: Vidyz 2.0 ($37-$47)

The price for a Vidyz 2.0 account is only in the range of $37 to $47, depending on the time you check out. For one account of this 2020 version, you can have up to 10 videos for hosting at any one time. If you hit this limit and delete one, you can add a new one.

Even those who are not really good at math can do a quick calculation to find out that you only have to pay nearly $4 for the video hosting in the first ten videos. From the eleventh video, you can run your own campaign at no cost.  

But please notice that all the new features are already added at no extra cost for 1.0 users. If they want to get UNLIMITED videos and bandwidth, you can consider taking the OTO2 without going through the whole funnel.

Let’s take capture what we can get with this reasonable price:

  • Fully cloud-based video hosting/marketing platform: In video call to action, coupons, and offers.
  • Auto-redirect at the end of the video.
  • Supports high-definition/high-resolution videos.
  • Auto-generated, SEO-friendly, Social Media optimized video pages.
  • Customizable video player.
  • Clickable call-to-action slides in your videos.

The Upsells

In addition to the FE, you can make more money with these OTOs below:

OTO 1: Pro Upgrade ($67-$97)

Remove branding on the player and auto-generated video pages. Clickable/customizable lower 3rd links on your video. GIF creator (turn your videos into animated GIFs)

OTO 2: All Access ($47 per month, $197 per year, $397 one time)

Unlimited video hosting, unlimited videos, unlimited bandwidth


Vidyz 2.0 Review- Pros and Cons


  • Fully customizable video player included.
  • Easily share and embed anywhere (works with all page builders).
  • Add clickable links right in the video.
  • Sell products INSIDE videos with buy buttons.
  • Powerful analytics and tracking included.
  • Auto-Generated SEO Optimized, Social Media-ready video pages.
  • Supports full HD videos.
  • 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Commercial License Included.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support Team.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Actually, I find out no shortcomings using the product but I have to mention one thing, on the front end you just have 10 simultaneous videos, which means that if you reach the limit you have to delete and replace them. For some people, that is probably irritating.
  • In addition, it is a cloud-based platform so please make sure the internet connection is good enough to use.

Conclusion- Vidyz 2.0 is 100% Recommended!

Hopefully, the review is neutral and informative enough to have its part in helping you understand this product better. Thank you very much for spending your precious time with my honest thoughts about Vidyz 2.0.

You have made many great choices – take this awesome product to your buying list, and stop by this page to learn more about it from my team.

And now it’s the most important choice to make. Buy this and get all the hard work paid off. Or miss this and let others make use of your efforts. It’s all up to your choice right now.

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Step 1: Buy Vidyz 2.0 on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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