Mega Bonus Package #05

Mega Bonus Package #05

Bonus #1: 21 Graphic Headers

21 Brand New Headers Package. Created for your Online Business Needs. A Special Template Ready to Use in JPEG and PSD format!


Bonus #2: 24 Effective Web Advertising Banners

You Will Love These Fully Layered Photoshop Advertising Banner Files That Can Be Edited in Seconds! Perfect for creating banners for affiliates to use! Edit Text and Colours In Seconds! Easily Create Dozens More Colours. 


Bonus #3: 123 Logo Kit

Get Instant Access to 38 Eye-Popping, Ready-Made Logos You Can Use For Your Next Product or Business! Simply Choose a Logo, Customize And You’re Done!

Designing logos is plain difficult. You need creativity and design skills. You would spend hours trying to even think about what colors to use.

Who wants that? Would you rather spend your time on more important tasks in your business?

Even if you were to get a professional logo designer to design your logo, it would cost you $30-$100 or more. Take a look at some freelance marketplaces like oDesk and Elance.

Your logo represents your brand so you want to make sure you have a professional-looking logo that symbolizes your business.

123 Logo Kit will solve all those problems that every internet marketer and business owner is facing right now. This simply means that if you sell these kits to them, they will surely make a profit on your end.

Bonus #4: Auto Video Creator

You will no longer have to limit yourself to boring Animoto-style slide-share videos just because you don’t have the costly video creation software or technical talent to produce speaking videos with attractive-looking effects as well as engaging messages. 

Auto Video Creator is a simple desktop software that allows you to integrate your own voice recordings along with your own images and background music so that you can create stunning, professional-looking, and sounding videos that you will be proud of.

No need to deal with simple slide-share videos that have no “speaking voice.” If you have ever created an Animoto video or a slide share type video, then you can absolutely use Auto Video Creator too. AVC is just as easy to use, but the results are much better than a slide show presentation set to music….

Plus you will now have an actual transcript to publish on Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion… which will supply you with a lot more SEO advantage compared to a video with no transcript. This is certainly, without a doubt, the simplest video creation software on the market nowadays. 


Bonus #5: Azon Aff Camera Cash


Bonus #6: Azon Aff Christmas Toy

Product Description

This is a complete affiliates package for affiliates who are interested in affiliating Christmas Toys. Within this package, you will receive website banners, articles, Facebook timeline covers, keywords, product reviews, guides, Infographics, Software, Tweets and so much more.


Bonus #7: Azon Box Deals Plugin

New simple WordPress plugin that will help you boost your online earnings!

Do your amazon earnings never increase? We’re here to help you increase your amazon earning without working more. Right! We’re here to bring you a new brand WordPress Plugin that will help you boost your amazon affiliate commission.

Introducing Azon Box Deals WordPress Plugin. A new brand WordPress plugin that is specially designed for amazon affiliates. This plugin comes with so cool and elegant style.

And surely, it will help you to boost your amazon earning. Azon Box Deals is a simple plugin that allows you to show the latest deals from Amazon Goldbox.

This plugin will update automatically based on Amazon Goldbox Deals.

Azon Box Deals is a profitable WordPress Plugin that will turn your site into money maker.


Bonus #8: Azon Bully


Want To Make Money FASTER? Learn My 3-Step Formula For Finding Low-Hanging Fruit That Gets You Ranked At The Top of Google in 48 Hours or LESS …The Best Part Is You Can Start Earning Commissions By The End Of This Week!


 Bonus #9: Azon Halloween Pack


Bonus #10: Azon Notify Box Plugin

Boost Your Amazon Earnings With This Cool And Powerful WordPress Plugin!

Do your amazon earnings never increase? We’re here to help you increase your amazon earning without working more. Right! We’re here to bring you a new brand WordPress Plugin that will help you boost your amazon affiliate commission.

Introducing AzonNotifyBox WordPress Plugin. A new brand theme for WordPress plugin that is specially designed for amazon affiliates. This plugin comes with so cool and elegant style. And surely, it will help you to boost your amazon earning

AzonNotifyBox is a profitable WordPress Plugin that will turn your site into money maker. Just install this theme, then set and forget it. Let AzonNotifyBox work and make money for you. Look at this following preview!

Look at these following powerful features and you will know the reason why we recommend you grab it and use it for your sites.

  • Cool Style
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • Easy to Use
  • Supports 7 amazon Countries
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes
  • And much more


  Bonus #11: Bad Ass Headlines V3

Get 30 More Headline Graphics! Get Your Hands On Never-Released-Before Bad-Ass Headlines!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 30 Unique & Incredibly Persuasive Graphical Headline Templates (PSD + PNG) – Improve your conversions quickly with these crush-sucking headlines that will explode your sales.
  • Headlines determine the biggest part of your conversion rate. It’s one of the most underestimated elements of any sales letter. You should spend MUCH MORE time tweaking this element. Make more money from your products by changing this simple 1 thing.
  • Stop losing your money on expensive graphic designers! Enough is enough. Get these headlines for less than 50 pennies each!
  • Save money on waiting days (if not weeks) to get your design delivered. Does it seem like you’re always waiting for someone, pulling your hair off frustrated, to get your projects done (and never actually finishing them…)? Get it in your own hands, finish your sales page faster, and enjoy quicker results!
  • Edit these templates in Photoshop (any CS version will do). No Photoshop? No problem. You can hire a cheap graphic designer for $10 on to do it for you. It’s simple and easy, and even a complete newbie will be able to do it.
  • Stand out from your competitors, become a celebrity in the market, and attract the best opportunities and biggest affiliates. By doing things differently, and having unique-looking sales pages, you’ll get attention from anyone in your niche!


 Bonus 12: Covert Video Squeeze

The money is the on the list. That’s what many successful online entrepreneurs are saying.

And if you are not doing it also, you are leaving a lot of money in front of you.

The question is, how are you going to build a list? Well, the most effective way to do it is by using video squeeze pages.

If you are not a web designer, you might want to hire someone to do it for you and the fact is that it cost a lot of money.

The good news is that you can now build amazing yet high-converting squeeze pages that will generate a lot of subscribers using this amazing software.


Bonus #13: EZ Azon Cart

Cool WordPress Plugin In a Hot and Profitable Niche!

This easy-to-use WordPress plugin will enable users to display an Amazon Add To Cart link inside their Posts or Pages.

With this Amazon Add To Cart link, users can extend the standard 24-hour Amazon-Cookies to 90 Days Cookies legally and easily!


Bonus #14: EZ Notification Bar

Quickly & easily put notification bars on any webpage!

What is traffic if it will not convert and what is the use of your banners and other media if it will not gain impressions?

If you want to offer something, using a notification bar is a new marketing medium that recently converts well.

And creating one is very easy to do using this simple piece of amazing software.


 Bonus #15: Inside Guide Niche Research

Discover How To Quickly and Easily Find Profitable Niches!

One of the hardest things marketers have to do is pick a niche to market in. This choice can make or break your efforts to make money online, and far too many marketers make the often fatal mistake of leaping into the weight loss or make money online niches. 

Because these are high-traffic niches with a lot of money to be made in them, many people feel they will leap into these niches because they should be easy to make money in.

These niches are the hardest niches for a new marketer to make money in. The competition is fierce, the buyers are savvy and you can quickly find your resources and motivation drained as you lay on the verge of giving up. 

Whilst there is money to be made in these niches, there are other niches that are much easier to make money in when you start out. 

If you are determined to go into either of these niches, then do so when you are established and have learned the ropes. You will be in a much better position to tackle them.

This report is all about how you can find profitable niches easily. Don’t worry, there are tens of thousands of them out there that you can work in and make money from.

Below is the information that you are about to learn:

  • What to look for in a niche.
  • Why evergreen niches are so profitable
  • Finding products to promote
  • How to use Clickbank
  • How to use Amazon
  • Finding profitable keywords
  • And so much more…


Bonus #16: LinkedIn Marketing


Bonus #17: Prem Azon Store WP Theme

Make More Money Selling Amazon Products Using this High Converting Premium Azon WordPress Theme.

I have seen many people who do affiliate marketing. Some of the made tons of affiliate commissions but still, the majority of them earned just to cover the cost of their business.

Why does this happening even though their sites are ranking well in Google SERPS? The answer? CONVERSION. Yes, People don’t care if you are on the first page or on the top of the SERPS.

All they want is the information they need. And if your website doesn’t give that to them, they will just close their browser and go to the next website.

But don’t worry, I have come to a solution. Because of this premium WordPress theme, your visitors will convert into customers.


 Bonus #18: Professionally Marketing Funnel Graphics

Now You Can Set Up A Complete Marketing Funnel With Professional Graphics … All With Point & Click Ease! 


Bonus #19: Vector Cartoon


 Bonus #20: Web Conversion Videos

Easily boost your web conversion rates with the help of this effective bonus package. This video training guide covers the factors that will help your website increase its conversion rate beyond anything you have ever hoped for.


Bonus #21: WP Video Sidekick

Plugin easily creates new WordPress plugins with framed content!

If you want to create your own WordPress Features, chances are you need to make your own plugin.

And if you are not a web developer, you might spend a lot of money to make your ideas put into action.

The good news is that, inside this product, you will now have the ability to create your own awesome plugin in accordance with the functionalities that you want.


 Bonus #22: WP HTML And Blogger Templates In A Box V2

Here’s the full list of features for these themes:

  • WordPress 3.x compatible – all themes were created using the latest version of Artisteer
  • Widget ready – just drag and drop your preferred widgets
  • Top and bottom widget areas – you can use them for all kinds of ads
  • Up to 4-footer widget areas
  • No sidebar page template – can be used for sales letters


 Bonus #23: WP Popup Pro

Grab the attention of your visitors, grow your mailing list, keep users on your site longer, and share targeted ad messages.

PopUp Pro delivers easy, customizable, smart, responsive popups, and popovers on any WordPress site.


Bonus #24: WP Promo Theme

The WP Promo Theme is a great way to feature and sell your product or service from. The WP Promo Theme is a fantastic one-page theme that comes with Private Label Rights and is ready to go right out of the box.

So if you’re looking for an awesome product to add to your current portfolio of PLR products or maybe a theme to use for a particular client project then the WP Promo Theme would surely be a Smart Choice for your Marketing needs. 


Bonus #25: WP Sales Bar Plugin

This WordPress plugin gives you an eyeball-grabbing notification toolbar that will boost your conversions!

We all know how important traffic is for our website but if that traffic doesn’t convert, gathering those traffic is just a waste of time and effort.

The good thing is that there is an amazing WordPress Plugin that will convert your visitors into buyers.

Introducing, the WP Sales Bar Plugin. What this awesome tool does is that it grabs the attention of your visitors so that they will take immediate action to click on your offer.


Bonus #26: YouTube Bully 2


Bonus #27: Zon Gold box Wizard

Sneaky WordPress Plugin Displays Amazon Deals Of The Day On Your Sites..

  • Display the Latest Amazon Goldbox Deal On Posts
  • Display Latest Amazon Goldbox Deal On Pages
  • Display Latest Amazon Goldbox Deal On Sidebar
  • 5 Call to Action Button Colors
  • 1-Click Update (Automatic Update)
  • Zero Technical Knowledge Needed
  • Install and Setup In 5 Minutes FLAT, GUARANTEED!!

This is a WordPress plugin that you can install and start running in 5 minutes.. Top Amazon affiliates are using the technique this plugin provides.


3 simple steps to claim these bonuses:

Step 1: Buy at least one product on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: Choose which bonuses you want in your email and you will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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