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VideoStudio Review- In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses of all sizes rely on various services to create and distribute engaging video content.

These services include live streaming studios, video editors, thumbnail makers, video recording tools, video hosting platforms, and access to stock libraries.

However, for many businesses, finding a single platform or software that seamlessly integrates all these essential services can be a daunting task.

That’s where VideoStudio comes in. This innovative platform is designed to address businesses’ challenges in managing their video production processes.

With VideoStudio, businesses can access a comprehensive suite of tools and features to streamline every aspect of video creation and distribution.

By bringing together all these essential services into one user-friendly platform, VideoStudio eliminates the hassle of navigating multiple software applications or platforms.

If you are interested, let’s learn more about this product through my article below.

VideoStudio review- Overview



Daniel Adetunji et al


VideoStudio app

The official page

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Front-end price

$16 (one-time payment)


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30-day money-back guarantee!

Vendor’s support

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What is this product?

Video Studio is the first comprehensive 5-in-1 video software that integrates a live streaming studio, video editor, thumbnail maker, video recording, video hosting, and stock library all in a single platform!


Who is responsible for this concept?


Daniel Adetunji is a dynamic entrepreneur and innovator who has made remarkable strides in the digital realm.

With a core drive to create solutions that empower individuals and businesses, he has become a prominent figure in the tech industry.

Adetunji is renowned for his expertise in crafting products and platforms that streamline processes and boost productivity.

You can also discover his work through products such as Email Man, DAX AI, AI Com, AI Titan, Lento, StockCity, SociLeadMessenger, SociClicks, SociOffer, and more.

VideoStudio Review- What are the defining traits?

At the price of one, you receive user-friendly and robust live streaming software, a feature-rich video editor, video hosting for storing, embedding, and distributing your videos, a thumbnail maker, and much more!

Moreover, you gain access to over 10 million stock videos, photos, and audio tracks, along with over 1000 customizable video templates and beyond.

VideoStudio offers the most economical solution, enabling every marketer and business to create professional live streams, promo videos, GIFs, and images without requiring design skills.

Let’s take a look at advanced, state-of-the-art video software features include:

👉  Auto-captions with customizable styles

Resize and trim videos, add text animations, stickers, transitions, music, and more.

👉  Thumbnail Maker

Effortlessly remove backgrounds from your photos, apply attention-grabbing layouts, and add catchy titles to create perfect video thumbnails. Ensure people watch your videos instead of skipping them!

👉  Video Hosting

Customizable player with full control over the viewer’s experience.

Autoplay and looping video functions.

You have ensured security for your videos.

👉  Video LiveStreaming

Fully customizable layouts with no coding required.

Multistreaming for different channels and easy scheduling.

Simultaneous broadcasting from two cameras.

Distinct roles for guests, co-hosts, and producers.

Adjustable chatbox for managing live comments easily.

👉  10 Million Built-In High-Quality Stock Library

Stop wasting time and money on expensive stock memberships or unused packages sitting dormant on your hard drive.


Click the button below to access the main sales page:


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About using details

How exactly does it operate?

Firstly, you will provide your data to sign in:


In seconds the main dashboard like this will show up:


+ Video Hosting:

All you have to do is upload the file that you want to host and add some descriptions for this video. You can share the link easily and quickly:


+ Editing videos:

You will upload the video that you want to edit. Just use the inbuilt editor here:


You can rotate the video easily so that it can fit with the platform that you want to upload this video:


About the overlay for your video, you can choose the image from the library or upload yours:


Moreover, it can let you add sounds to the video:


+ Streaming video:

You can create picture-in-picture streaming video in seconds. You just need to start recording and that’s it:


It will be like this:


+ Stock images:

You can access the vast library and to search for the image that you want, you just need to enter some keywords:


In seconds, thousands of results will come up to you like this:


You will do the same if you want to find stock videos. Just leave some keywords, and descriptions to search for videos:


+ Thumbnails creator:

It has a lot of options here. You can choose one of them for your thumbnail templates:


And edit it to make it more engaging and high-converting:


Furthermore, you can add more icons, images, and some elements:


This is everything you need to follow to create videos, and stream videos easily and effectively.

Significant factors that convince you to invest in this product.

Let me show you some factors below:

  ♥   VideoStudio handles all video creation concerns.

It combines multiple essential tools into one comprehensive platform, saving you both time and money.

From live streaming to video editing, and thumbnail creation to video hosting, VideoStudio covers all bases, eliminating the need for multiple software subscriptions or cumbersome workflows.

Moreover, you can access an extensive stock library. With over 10 million high-quality videos, photos, and audio tracks at your fingertips, you’ll never be short of creative assets to enhance your projects.

Plus, the inclusion of customizable video templates further simplifies the creation process, allowing you to achieve polished results in record time.

  ♥   VideoStudio prioritizes security and reliability.

With customizable player options and advanced video hosting capabilities, you can rest assured that your content is safe and accessible to your audience.

Whether you’re sharing sensitive business presentations or live streaming important events, VideoStudio provides the necessary safeguards to protect your content and maintain a seamless viewing experience for your viewers.


VideoStudio Review- What is the amount owed?

The front-end product

With only $16, the VideoStudio deal is hard to ignore. This incredibly affordable price point grants you access to a comprehensive suite of video editing, streaming, and hosting tools that would typically cost much more if purchased separately.

However, it’s crucial to act swiftly because this price is set to change soon, with an anticipated increase on the horizon.

By investing in VideoStudio now, you can secure access to its powerful features at a meager cost and lock in this favorable pricing before it’s too late.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change your video production process at a fraction of the usual price!



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The upsells/OTOs

Before you finalize your purchase, let me introduce you to some exclusive upgrades that will boost your VideoStudio experience.

Here you are:


  • Unlimited LITE ($47)
  • Unlimited GOLD ($97/$37)

Unlock the full potential of Video Studio pay and double, triple, or even 10x your profits from each site.

Let’s recap everything that you will get with the Unlimited Gold Edition:



  • VideoStudio DFY Lite ($147)
  • VideoStudio DFY GOLD ($197/$67)

Let the expert team help you set up your VideoStudio account so it’s ready to start making $1,000 per day in sales & affiliate commissions. The team will do all the ‘hard work’ whilst you sit back, relax & get paid big time!

Let’s recap everything that you will get with the DFY Gold Edition:


OTO 3: AUTOMATION ($47/$27)

Receive sales & commission nonstop 24/7, even while you sleep! Your chance to automate everything needed to 10x your income.

Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • Automate your video studio account with fresh AI content, graphics, arts, animation videos, ads, email swipes & much more daily.
  • Receive payment on complete autopilot.
  • Automation saves you time.
  • With video studio automation, make profits nonstop, 24/7, every possible second of the day.
  • 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

OTO 4: Limitless Traffic Edition

Add 3 billion buyers globally to your marketing assets daily & get limitless traffic & clicks that make you an extra $3,000 in passive income per month.

  • Limitless Traffic Lite ($67)
  • Limitless Traffic Gold ($97)

Let’s recap everything that you will get with the Gold Edition:


OTO 5: AGENCY ($97/$47)

Create unlimited video studio agency accounts for your customers & charge them anything you like.


OTO 6: Franchise Edition

  • Lite EDITION ($67)
  • Gold EDITION ($97/$47)

How would you like to make $600 per click by reselling Video Studio to others?

Sell the Video Studio & receive 100% commissions, even on the upgrades.

Let’s recap everything that you will get with the Gold Edition:


OTO 7: Whitelabel ($297/$197)

Get their complete white-label license and make even more money as a VideoStudio Whitelabel member with a few clicks of your mouse!


Who is the end user?

The end user of VideoStudio includes a wide range of people such as content creators like YouTubers and vloggers, marketers, business owners, educators, event organizers, and hobbyists.

They all use VideoStudio to edit, stream, and host videos for various purposes like creating content, promoting products or services, teaching, organizing events, or simply enjoying their creative endeavors.

VideoStudio review- Benefits and drawbacks


  • You can quickly convert text into engaging video content, saving time and effort in the video creation process.
  • With access to over 10 million stock video clips, images, and audio tracks, users can easily create visually stunning and engaging videos that rival those produced by professional studios.
  • The ability to upload your footage provides users with the freedom to incorporate unique content and maintain creative control over their projects.
  • It offers download options in MP4, JPG, PNG, and GIF formats and ensures compatibility with a wide range of platforms and devices, making it easy to share and distribute videos effectively.
  • With over 50 customizable video layouts and auto-resizing for 30+ video formats, VideoStudio caters to users of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, making it accessible and easy to use.
  • You can count on their team’s ongoing support and guidance.


  • The initial cost could soon see an adjustment and increase.


Closing remarks

In conclusion, VideoStudio offers a compelling package of features and benefits that make it an ideal investment for anyone looking to elevate their video production efforts.

Its extensive stock library and high level of security and reliability set it apart as a top choice in the crowded landscape of video editing and streaming software.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, VideoStudio provides the tools and support you need to bring your vision to life and achieve your goals.




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