Veterinary Client Systems Review– Good Environment, Literally No Work At All, Still Make $1200 Monthly

Veterinary Client Systems



We all know Veterinary Client Systems are important. For one, it’s required by law in many states – in order for a veterinarian to diagnose or treat your animal, or prescribe or dispense medications, a system must be in effect according to the state’s Veterinary Practice Act.

Secondly, it’s the best thing for your animal’s health. Your veterinarian should be familiar with your animal’s medical history and keep a written record of your animal’s health so they can provide your animal with the best possible care.

However, because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, pretty much all businesses suffer because of the lockdown. However, a veterinarian’s business isn’t one of them.

Jeanne Kolenda saw this coming and decided to devote her time and effort to saving the veterinarian’s business, but she can’t save them all.

That is why she is selling Veterinary Client Systems, a software that can help you set up websites and sell them online without any knowledge about the online website at all. If you have some free time and are a money lover, don’t sleep on this unique method of making money online.

How amazing is that? This review will break them all down.

What Is Veterinary Client Systems?

Veterinary Client Systems is a complete web-based Marketing Blueprint for adding Veterinarians as clients. It’s a rich niche, a golden opportunity, and will provide a steady income for your buyers for years if done correctly.

With Veterinary Client Systems you can create a Done For You Veterinarian Website and sell them to your Veterinarian clients and earn money from that.

You’ll also have your choice of 180 completely Done-For-You social media images that you can post on your client’s accounts in a variety of ways.


About The Creator – Jeanne Kolenda


To your surprise, this amazing software is created and brought to you by Jeanne Kolenda, a 66-year-old shy grandmother who was able to help people make $1200 monthly.

Jeanne Kolenda is a trustworthy vendor and is favored by most people. She teaches relationship marketing and that is somehow reflected in her products, they taught people how to make money and make people feel happy at the same time.

Although she is self-taught and was miserably unqualified when she first started, she managed to earn a fortune online since she got into digital marketing in 2010.

In other words, she is a living example for all newbies out there who want to make money without proper knowledge or qualifications, because her product will undoubtedly fix this problem.

Her notable products include Social Entrepreneur 365 – Daily Celebrations, Micro Service Empire: Dental Edition, Local Ranking Systems, Social Entrepreneur 365, Local Client Systems, Social Home Services, and Micro Service Empire, etc. They all have been tons of help to other people. Thus she earned multiple titles on WarriorPlus.

What Features Will You Get?

After paying a small amount for this product, you’ll be able to get access to these features

♠    DFY Veterinarian Website Initial Setup

With this, you can purchase a domain name, and host options, create a hosting account for your site, update your DNS by installing word press, install a roofing theme and install a roofing child theme.

♠   DFY Veterinarian Website Setup

With this, you can import demo content, edit home page content, edit your gallery section, add the roofer’s logo, add the roofer’s contact info schedule, visit the contact form and add social media.

♠   DFY Veterinarian Website

You can sell them to your clients for quick profits or use them as the ultimate foot in the door.

Jeanne’s new training where she reveals EVERYTHING you need to start making money right away even if you’re brand new.

  • Why Roofers make the BEST clients.
  • Which type of roofers to stay away from?
  • When you get asked these kinds of questions, you’re truly connecting with roofers.
  • Jeanne’s preferred revenue size for the best clients.
  • You MUST establish this with roofers or it’s over.
  • Jeanne has roofer clients in many states – you can too!
  • Why acting like a ‘big marketing company’ kills your chances with roofers?
  • Approaches that require zero convincing, no begging, no pitching, or manipulating at all.
  • This ‘old school’ route to snagging roofers actually works best.
  • Use this little-talked-about method to land roofers who are already pre-disposed to talk to you.
  • Why now is the best time to be in roofing?
  • Why ‘education marketing’ works especially well for roofers.
  • One of the BEST advertising hooks a roofer can use.
  • Where the most money is spent on roofing.
  • How a roofer can make as much on a repair as a new roof.
  • The ‘insider numbers’ on why roofers will pay you $1200 to $1500 monthly.
  • Why Jeanne’s way of charging roofers is WAY less hassle for her and the roofer.
  • Juicy Details: Only 6 or 8 clients to crack $100,000 in income (completely realistic formula).
  • How many clients can you serve in ONE area? Her answer may surprise you.
  • Jeanne’s TOP Lead sources for the best roofers to approach. This alone will save you major time and effort.
  • Jeanne’s best, TESTED contact methods. Do what works instead of experimenting!
  • The ONLY ways you should accept payment.
  • The Easiest Referral Generating method yet!
  • Can you Upsell Roofers? Jeanne reveals what she does.
  • Jeanne’s Contract for your use.
  • DFY Roofing WordPress Website.
  • Complete step-by-step for installing and using the theme.

My Experience With It

We all know that veterinarian’s business did not suffer during the COVID-19 pandemic, and my first reaction to this product was plain joy, because not only can I make money consistently, I am able to help out fellow veterinarians at the same time, so I purchased this product without thinking twice about it.

After a week of using it, I was blown away, the DYF website is simple yet eye-catching and effective. I was able to work with some veterinarians and they were all nice, there was nearly no work pressure at all. We all know that animal or pet lovers are friendly, and the business went much better than expected.

How did I create images? I didn’t have to. I have enough resources every 90 or 180 days, and it turned out that those veterinarians just couldn’t leave me, generating income was never easier since it was a win-win for both sides.

I love my time with this product and honestly speaking, I still use it, and it’s high time you did too!


Price And Evaluation

Front End: $27.00


The front-end product consists of 13 valuable training and software modules, including:

  • Beautiful WordPress theme, fully loaded with content and ready to edit (with full instructions).
  • Video training on the opportunity with veterinarians.
  • What services to offer?
  • How to price for longevity and success.
  • Prospecting training.
  • Case Study Video – Finding and closing.
  • Setting up GMB properly.
  • Setting up citations.
  • Setting up Facebook, setting up Twitter, and YouTube.

Keep in mind that aside from the product itself, you’ll also get your hands on 180 completely done-for-you social media images and training videos to be completely equipped with the knowledge to make money this way.

Also, you can take a look at some updates that you can also purchase to further experience this software.

The Upsells

OTO1: Marketing Materials ($47)

OTO 1 consists of custom marketing materials designed to complement the front-end offer. It includes:

  • Animated “Explainer” videos and spokesperson videos.
  • Flyers (For outreach and for the Vet’s office)
  • Video timeline banners for the Vet (selection of 5)
  • YouTube banner template.
  • Twitter banner template.
  • Email templates for prospecting.
  • Newsletters (12) These can also be cut up and used for blog posts.

OTO2: Social Media Assets ($67)

This update includes:

  • A complete pack of custom-designed, never seen before 180 Social Media images for Veterinarians.
  • Associated Comment Sheet in Excel format to accompany Social Media posting.
  • 90 mp4 Videos – custom, never seen before.
  • All PSD files for editing if you’d like.
  • Free alternatives to PhotoShop will be shown.


Who Is This Product For?

Needless to say, Veterinary Client Systems brings about the easiest method to make money online for everyone. Jeanne Kolenda is a 66-year-old and she successfully handled a handful of customers over a decade, so why can’t you?

Here is a list of specific types of people who may need this software the most:

  • Newbies
  • Retired People
  • University Students
  • Business Owner
  • List Makers
  • Online Marketers of any niche
  • Freelancer
  •  Website Designers

Pros and Cons


  • Newbie Friendly, Easy To Use
  • No College Needed, No Prior Experience, No Big Investment
  • It’s For Anyone Of Any Age
  • Good Income, Reliable Retirement Money
  • No Hassle, Save Time


  • As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any.



With everything I mentioned about Veterinary Client Systems, I think we can all conclude that it is one of the greatest apps to make money online.

We all have suffered from the 2020 pandemic and money is tight, and Jeanne Kolenda has already proved that even when she is old, she can still make money online, and handle customers well.

Veterinary Client Systems does not just give you a source of income, it also gives you opportunities to spend more time with your personal work or your family. I certainly recommend this product.







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