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Infinitunes Review


Infinitunes Review- Introduction

Everyone connects with music to some degree. It’s a language that transcends all nations and their people. It triggers the powerful recall of memories and experiences which makes us feel emotional about something. This greatly improves the chances of a consumer identifying with a product or service and why they need it.

The role of audio in marketing is often overlooked in the digital strategy of small to medium businesses.

The truth is, you don’t need a huge TV advertising budget to get music into your campaigns. Because we are in a digital age where content is consumed in vast quantities daily, via a multitude of mediums.

We are familiar with dynamic content, from simple video to gaming and virtual reality. Our senses are constantly being seduced by media. With that being said, putting audio into your strategy is the best way to sell, run a campaign, or make money online in general.

There are problems, of course.

First off, video creators and marketers, in general, have always had the problem of finding licensed, inexpensive background audio for their videos.

Searching for the perfect audio track is a pain. You may end up spending hours of your time or a lot of your money on a restrictive license.

And it’s never going to work out. Even if you manage to find the right software, if your skills are not sharp enough, you may have to spend time learning how to use the software too, meaning that before you can actually make money, you already lost tons of money, time, and effort.

Hence, that is why I’m writing this review about Infinitunes, a software that you may be looking for.

Infinitunes creates premium-sounding audio tracks for videos instantly based on personalization options like genre, activity, and mood. It’s not an audio library of curated royalty-free tracks. Each track is unique and can be dialed in by your customers to perfectly match their videos.

When you have found the perfect track, they simply click ‘Add to Video’. Here you can sync it to any YouTube video (or uploaded video) to make it a high-converting, more powerful video.

This review will focus on how good Infinitunes actually is.

What Is Infinitures?

Infinitunes is a Web-based AI audio creation platform that generates high-quality background music tracks for literally any use from video ads, and walkthrough videos to tutorial videos, YouTube videos, live streams, etc.

Using AI, Infinitunes lets you select personalization options such as genre, activity, and mood from their huge library, select your track duration and then click ‘Play’. That is how simple your perfectly-match audio track for your video is made.


About The Creator – Brad Stephens And Oliver Goodwin


Brad Stephens is among the best software creators in the market at the moment.

Much different from other software creators, Brad specializes in AI applications and used it to ensure that the customers always have the best experience with the software. Therefore, his products are considered smart, convenient, efficient, and well worth the money.

Some of his archetypal yet remarkable products are ClickAgency, Clipman AI, Speaq, MSGLock, FeelSocial, ClickMSG, SproutAudience, Social Scaling Formula and the list continues.

Oliver Goodwin is Brad Stephens’s partner in the making of Infinitunes. Oliver is also a talented and innovative software developer. They have worked together to develop Speaq, and we all know it turned out to be the best-selling software for a while. For that reason, I’m very excited to see this cooperation again.

What Features Will You Get?

Infinitunes offers these amazing features:

♠   Create And Merge Tracks

You can create and merge music tracks with videos for clients, customers, and local businesses and generate revenue using Infinitunes. You can charge whatever you like, and never have to pay a penny in royalty or licensing fees.

That’s 100% profit margins on premium music tracks that you will love, that you can create:

[+]   Without any video or musical experience.

[+]   Without any technical skills.

[+]   Without paying for any complicated/expensive licensing fees.

[+]   Without paying a cent in royalties.

♠   Commercial Rights Included

Commercial rights are included on the front end so this is a huge conversion factor for the launch.

♠   Commercial License Included

Create & sell premium audio tracks merged with videos to clients, customers, and local businesses for 100% profits!

♠   Instantly Create Unique & Premium Music Tracks

Infinitunes creates perfect, premium audio background tracks for video creators & marketers.

♠   Create Any Type Of Music Tracks

The massive customization library includes over 150 categories, 6 moods in 44 groups, and 112 genres!

♠   Zero Limits On Length (PRO)

Every single music track is unique, created instantly, and can be set for play for 30 seconds, 1 minute, or even 3 minutes!

♠   Unlimited Usage Rights

Never worry about licensing, copyright strikes, or royalties again. Every track offers worldwide distribution rights, they’re UGC legal-compliant and article 13 compliant.

♠   Add To Videos

Merge tracks with videos DIRECTLY inside Infinitunes built-in video editor.

♠   100% Mobile Friendly

Music tracks can be created on the go from ANY device.

♠   Fully Customizable

Customize your music track the way YOU want it to perfectly match your video.

♠   No Technical Skills Required

As simple as selecting a genre, activity, and mood and clicking ‘Play’.

About using details

How To Use This Product?

This part will briefly walk you through how to use this product.

Once you have purchased Infinitunes, you will be given an email and password to log in to the website.


This is the main page that you see as soon as you log in:


From here, you can start creating your own music track.

Step 1: Generate Audio

You can point and select the music genre, activity, and mood to perfectly match your video:


Step 2: Click Play

Select your track duration and click play. Infinitunes instantly creates a 100% unique, copyright-free audio track based on your selections. Every time you click ‘Play’ a new track will be instantly available for preview, and you can save the one you like.


Step 3: Click “Add To Video”

Once you’ve saved your track, you need to view it by clicking “Music Library”


Click “Add to Video” and your premium audio track will be added to the built-in video editor. Your audio track needs to be added to a video inside Infinitunes in order to be able to download it. You can delete the track if you want to start over.


Step 4: Insert ANY Youtube URL, Or Upload A Video File

Either paste in ANY YouTube URL (yours, or clients’) or upload a video from your computer. It will be imported into the video editor for you.


Step 5: Perfectly Match Your Premium Audio To Your Video

You can match your audio to the video with features such as volume control for both video and music audio, start time, looping audio, and more.


Step 6: Download

Your new high-converting, more powerful video with your premium Infinitunes track will be available for download and ready for use (…or sell to clients). You just need to wait for a few seconds.


All you need to do now is download it and you can have the newly enhanced video with a stunning soundtrack!


Why Should You Purchase This Product?

There are tons of apps out there that could make or merge tracks. And you probably are wondering what makes Infinitures stand out, and how different it is going to be when you use this software in comparison to other software.

First off, Infinitures utilizes AI, meaning that the software has no issues understanding you or your intention and chooses the track that best suits whatever you wanted it for.

More than that, the quality is so good that you won’t believe it is made by an AI engine. As a matter of fact, it sounds like the premium music tracks that you usually spend hundreds of dollars on.

These are the reasons you should purchase this software:

♥   The Perfect Audio-Track For Everything

Effortlessly create perfectly-matched audio tracks for video ads, video sales letters (VSLs), walkthroughs, tutorials, and videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more…

♥   Sync To Videos Inside Infinitunes

Make professional-sounding marketing videos using our easy ‘point & click’ video & audio editor. Simply click ‘Add to Video’ next to any of your Infinitunes audio tracks, paste in ANY YouTube URL (or upload your own video) and we’ll merge them together!

♥   Full Audio Control

Find the IDEAL balance between your Infinitunes audio and video audio with our straightforward audio tools inside the built-in video editor. Set a start time, loop your audio, and adjust the volume for both Infinitunes audio AND your video audio.

♥   Unlimited Usage And Distribution Rights

Never worry about copyright issues, takedowns, limitations, or even legal letters. Each track is 100% unique to you and once synced to a video can be used across any platform such as social media, TV, your website, and more.

♥   Never-Before-Seen Technology

In just 3 clicks, this breakthrough world-first software produces premium-sounding audio tracks that sound as if they were created by highly-talented and top-rated composers.

♥   Unmatched Quality At An Unbeatable Price

With the latest innovations in digital music creation and super-fast rendering… there’s no other app, software, or tool on the market that comes close – at any price!

♥   High-Quality Audio In 1-Click

A brand new premium track, on every click. Every single track is unique, composed instantly by request, and can be set to last 30 seconds, 1 minute, or even 3 minutes!

♥   Higher Engagement, Conversion Rates & Sales

Infinitunes improve engagement with visitors. They are not bored by a dull-sounding outdated video track or distracted by some audio that overshadows the main message of the video.

♥   Never Hire A Composer Again

With just a click you can now create professional audio tracks for your videos that sound like they were created inside a Hollywood studio, but you never have to pay anything.

♥   Multi-Purpose Use

Infinitunes can be widely used for Gaming Videos, Film & Animation, Real Estate Promotion Videos, Training Videos, Demos, Walkthrough Videos, Advertisements, etc. to create professional personalized audio promotional material and more.

♥   Easy-On-The-Pocket

This advanced technology is budget-friendly (low one-time fee purchase). What’s more, it’s a fraction of the price you’d have to pay per licensed track or a SINGLE track created by a professional.

♥   Easy-To-Use

Simply select the type of audio you want to create, customize as per your preferences, and click to ‘Add to Video’. Getting a high-quality audio track synced to a video has never been easier and faster.

♥   Works Seamlessly On Any Device

Access your Infinitunes secure dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted on the cloud – no software installation or downloads are required!

Those are some opinions of top marketers said about Infinitunes:



Let’s check the comparison between Infinitunes and other similar famous software on the market:


Price And Evaluation

Front End: Infinitunes

  • Personal License: $37
  • Commercial License: $47

On the front end, there are both a Personal License and a Commercial License.

The Commercial License is a bit different than the Personal License, it will allow you to generate and sell music tracks merged with videos to clients, customers, and local businesses and generate revenue using Infinitunes. You can charge whatever they like, and never pay us a cent in royalty or licensing fees.


There are other upgraded versions that I mention below that you can look at after purchasing the front-end package.

The Upsells


OTO1: Infinitunes Pro License ($67)

With this upgrade, you can:

[+]   Generate Unlimited Tracks (before you add to your video & download – not unlimited downloads)

[+]   Unlock 68 NEW Music Categories

[+]   Generate Tracks with Any Duration (Custom Track Duration)

[+]   FREE Access to Future New Genres, Activities, and Moods (No Monthly Fees)

[+]   Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)

OTO2: Agency Upgrade (Limited to Launch Only)

    +    Agency Lite: $97

    +    Agency Unlimited: $197

This package includes a done-for-you agency package including higher limits (with an unlimited plan available for 80% off for launch only) as well as a done-for-you agency Kickstarter package.

Agency Lite – $97

Agency Unlimited – $197 

Create and Sell 1,000 Videos Merged with Premium Audio Tracks to Clients

Create and Sell UNLIMITED Videos Merged with Premium Audio Tracks to Clients

Generate UNLIMITED Tracks

Generate UNLIMITED Tracks

Save & Download 1,000 Tracks /w Videos

Save & Download UNLIMITED Tracks /w Videos  (HUGE)

Unlimited Licensing & Distribution for Merged Videos

Unlimited Licensing & Distribution for Merged Videos

Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard

Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard


BONUS: How to Get Clients Training


BONUS: DFY Agency Website


BONUS: Client Email Templates

OTO3: Synthesys (Special Offer) ($67)

With this buying option, you’ll get access to Synthesys Commercial! Combine unbelievable REAL human voice text-to-speech technology with audio tracks created inside of Infinitunes for sales videos, demo videos, or any other type of video. Turn any text into a real human voice-over in 3 simple steps.

OTO4: Resellers Package ($97 – $197)

Here you can purchase any of the creator’s 3 reseller plans.


Who Is This Product For?

Everyone listens to music and there is no doubt about that. I believe everyone needs this software because they can make music tracks, and add them to their videos for not only their personal purposes but also to sell them and make some cash. Because everyone needs music, there are unlimited customers you can target.

Here I list some types of people who may take advantage of Infinitunes that way.

    +    Marketer

    +    Affiliate Marketer

    +    Coaches/Info Marketer

    +    Ecom Seller

    +    Product Launcher

    +    Video Agency

    +    Real Estate Agent

    +    Lead Generation Expert

    +    App Creator

    +    Gym Owner

    +    FB Advertiser

    +    Coach/Trainer

    +    Dentist/ Chiropractor

    +    Home Tutor

Infinitunes Review- Pros and Cons


♥   Newbie friendly

♥   Easy to use

♥   Unlimited usage rights

♥   No technical skills required

♥   Commercial license included

♥   Cloud-based, can be used anywhere

♥   Save time & money

♥   14 days money-back guarantee


X   As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any.

Bonuses From Author Team

Along with access to Infinitunes, you’ll get these exclusive valuable bonuses from the creators.



With Infinitunes you won’t have to spend hours trying to find the perfect soundtrack for your video. All you need to do is get in there, find high-quality and inexpensive background audio tracks, and don’t have to worry about licensing issues.

Think about it, the ability to make music tracks with an AI engine can fetch more money than you think because everyone loves music. Infinitunes is a great software to take advantage of this and I highly recommend this product.


Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


3/ Mega Bonus Package 3 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

4/ Mega Bonus Package 4 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<


Step 1: Buy Infinitunes on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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