Clipman AI Review: Creating Irresistible Video Ads With This Versatile Tool

Clipman AI Review



Business owners always want to promote their products/services in the most effective way to customers. Of all the methods out there, the video never fails to prove its power.

Video can convey your information in the most concrete yet effective way. It increases customers’ engagement and then converts all of them into sales. But the process of creating a video is quite long.

After creating that, you have to wait for it to render to see the final result. Not only that, but during the process, if you have any edits you still have to wait till the end to see them.

Well, a lot of hassles, right?

But don’t worry, I am here to give you this news, there is one brand new tool that makes the issues below zero. You can start to make a massive flow of traffic by using it, it is Clipman AI.

Scroll down to explore more about it.


Clipman AI is an extraordinary product that permits you to create videos from any URL. It is redesigned with the aim of helping you create video 10 times faster in comparison with the other video tools.

The great part is that you have the chance to see your edits inside so it definitely saves you lots of time. You could probably create video ads in an easier, more effective, and more profitable way than ever.




Brad Stephens is the man behind Clipman AI’s creation. He has been working hard for years and gained his reputation through his well-qualified products that help to solve customers’ problems in online business.

In case you might not know about it, let me list out some of them: FeelSocial, ClickMSG, and recently is Squeaq which made thousands of sales and many more.

Coopering with Brad this time is Raul Kaevand, he is the founder of the original Clipman version, the software that made over $10 million in sales.

In this version – Clipman AI, the two product developers above do insert many significant features that help this product become a big bomb in IM.

Are you curious about what I’ve said? I won’t let you wait anymore, let’s jump in and find out about this amazing tool.


  • Lighting fast video creation: you can save time by using this product as it provides the speed to create video 10 times faster than other apps.
  • 50+ top converting templates: the included templates are responsible for over $10m in sales for its customers. The product uses the new AI technology to suggest you the best templates considering your niches.
  • Commercial License: thanks to this License, you are able to sell your videos to clients.
  • Live adapting videos: you don’t need to spend hours waiting to see your videos after it rerenders or revisions. Things become much easier as you can watch your video preview update with every customization you make.
  • Create dozens of videos at once: you can create unlimited videos at the same time thanks to the simultaneous rendering. It is amazing, isn’t it?
  • Unlimited videos: you can create highly engaging and highly converting videos for all of your products.
  • Turn any URL into a high-converting video ad: you just need to copy your product pages or any URL and then paste it into Clipman AI. And you are good to go, your videos will be created in minutes only.
  • Sync profitable videos directly into FB ads: by using the built-in intuitive video ad syncing system, you can publish your videos into FB ads easily.
  • Shopify app: after creating your videos, you can add them to the store and start to sell them.
  • Fully customize: customize it as you wish.
  • Commercial Rights included: thanks to that Rights, you can create video ads for your clients, local businesses, store owners, and many more. With the amazing result the product brings out, clients will be ready to come back and you can obviously make more sales.



This is the dashboard once you log into Clipman AI:


Step 1:

Enter your niche and the software will suggest suitable templates based on your needs. Choose the one that you like and click on “continue“ to get to the next steps:


Step 2:

Enter the URL and the AI technology will compile the video for you:


Step 3:

You can edit the length of the text and immediately see the changes in the templates, no need to wait for rendering. You can also edit colors or images:


Step 4:

Choose the music. There is a huge selection for you to choose from:


Step 5:

Wait for it to render, in this AI version, the speed is super fast so you just have to spend some minutes and then the video is done. You can download it or share it straight to Facebook to drive traffic:



Let me tell you, Clipman AI is redesigned from the world’s best video ads software. It is redesigned with the ultimate aim which is enabling you to create video ads faster, and easier than ever and you can make lots of profits.

In this AI edition, the vendors already know how to cope with the previous problems which prevent you from creating videos successfully.

This innovative version already nailed it. You can get your video done 10 times faster than it used to take, and see your edits during the process. You can probably know which templates will make you profit considering your needs.

Purchase it right now and let the game start. Creating eye-catching videos never become this much easy. Moreover, if you have any problems using Clipman AI, you can get your money back thanks to the money-back policy – within 14 days.

Lots of people have been trying and achieving their goals, now it’s your turn to try it out.




Front-end: Clipman AI ($47)

The front-end version will be offered at $47. To be honest, this amount of money is not small but it will be worth your money due to all the great things it brings out. You get an awesome tool to help you create video ads without having to spend hours waiting for rendering.

You have the latest AI machine to enable you quickly choose suitable and potential templates based on your niches. And you can also sell your videos to clients and make profits.

Well, a lot of things to list out. So that do not miss out on this chance, go grab it soon cause at the end of the launch, you won’t have this reasonable price anymore.

Price Plan:


The upsells

If you want to maximize your benefits, use the upsells below:

Upsell 1: All-in-one video growth $ automation suite ($37)

It helps you create profitable videos in an easier and faster way than ever. You can generate more sales, protect it and automatically scale it all into an optimized business in this version.

Inside, it has:

  • Template club: generate more sales with new templates added to your account each month.
  • AdBrain: a smart AI “ brain “ that analyzes the funnels and tells you what to fix to optimize for more sales.
  • Automated scaling engine: it helps to automatically scale your campaigns to maximize revenue.

Upsell 2: Video ads masterclass training ($197)

You will be shown how to build out video ad funnels that convert and how you can set them up so they can run automatically




  • In-demand topic
  • Commercial License included
  • Created by famous vendors
  • Proven and tested case studies
  • Smart AI technology included
  • Included well-designed templates
  • Cloud-based tool (no installation needed)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


I don’t experience any drawbacks from this flawless product.



You might see that creating videos becomes much more easier and effective by using Clipman AI. It will tell you what is the best template to go to. You have all the rights to customize it as you wish and more specifically, you are able to sell it to your clients thanks to the included Rights.

Hit the BUY button right now and trust me, it won’t let you down. I can’t help looking forward to your result. I hope that my review today gives you some useful info to help you make up your mind wisely. Wish you all make a smart choice.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Clipman AI review today. stay tuned to see my next one. All the best.



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