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TubeTargeter Review



There are a lot of traffic methods out there but unfortunately, most of them just don’t work all that well, and not having traffic is the big thing holding you back from taking your online business to the next level.

Not stopping there, a lot of marketers out there think that if they just send a bunch of traffic, they’ll get results. But it’s not about the amount of traffic, it’s about the quality of the traffic you’re getting that matters.

Right now, the highest quality traffic you can get online is from Youtube. The reason is pretty obvious, YouTube has over 2 billion active users and 16.5% of YouTube’s web traffic comes from the US. It is the most widely used social platform among US adults and the 2nd most popular website online.

It’s time to put an end to old, complicated, and expensive methods for getting traffic with TubeTargeter. This newly released software uses the power of advanced automation technology to find the hottest videos from YouTube’s hidden buyer traffic section to use in your ads, so you can skip right to the action.

I am confident to say that TubeTargeter can level the playing field and give you a massive advantage over your competition. So if you are excited, let’s scroll down for more insightful information about this product in my review today!

TubeTargeter Review- The Overview


Creator Victory Akpos et al.
Product TubeTargeter
Front-End Price $29 – $34
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is This Product About

TubeTargeter is an easy-to-use app that exploits YouTube’s ‘buyer only’ traffic section for leads and buyers with a few clicks.

TubeTargeter Review– About The Creator


This product is created by the team of Victory Akpos et al.

He started out just like every other local marketer, with little resources and some ambition to build a better life for himself. But until now, he has many years of experience, has serviced hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches and these days has a huge number of students benefiting from his products. He has been through the ups and downs while certainly learning a thing or two along the way.

Here are some of his successful previous launches that you may have heard of: DFY Review Funnel, VidCentric White-Label, VidEra, CoursEmpire, CopyMatic, TypeKit, Instant DigiProfitz, Ezy ProfitSites, Content Profitz, Instant ProfitStores.

With this comeback, he and his team leverage the power of the brand-new software app to get a tidal wave of quality traffic from YouTube ads for pennies

What Can You Get Inside This Software?

TubeTargeter is loaded with everything you need to get results. Let’s take a look at the amazing

⇒   Cloud-Based App

There’s nothing to install or update, and anytime you want to run a campaign, just log in from any computer or device with internet access.

⇒   Find Proven Ad Placements Across YouTube

TubeTargeter scours YouTube to find which ads are running and lets you know how they’re performing.

⇒   Tap Into Buyer Traffic

TubeTargeter exploits YouTube’s ‘Buyer Only’ Section to get buyer traffic to any offer in any niche without showing your face on camera.

⇒   Get Relevant Keywords

Find the most searched keywords on YouTube or Google so you know what’s hot and trending.

⇒   YouTube Channel And Video Search

Search for a particular channel, trending videos, or monetized videos to discover hidden offers, niches, and promos that are getting results.

⇒   Multiple Search Parameters

Search by keyword, channel, or related videos.

⇒   1-Click Export Reports

Export results in CSV, XLS, or copy to a clipboard (this is a great feature for research or generating client reports).

⇒   Save Target Audience

Create target lists to have your researched video links stored in a certain category until you want to use them again.

⇒   Video Ads Training

YouTube video Ads Training with the most recent cutting-edge strategies on how to crush video marketing in 2022 and beyond.

⇒   ‘Done For You’ Campaigns For Fast Profits

10 ‘Done For You’ video ads that go ‘hand in hand’ with 10 best-selling evergreen offers to give you everything needed to fast-track traffic, leads, and sales.

TubeTargeter Review- About using details

How To Use

Enter your registered email to get inside the system:


Once you successfully get a login, you can get access to the main dashboard:


Click on the “Discover” section which allows you to find videos, influencers, keywords, and tag generators just by entering your keywords.

For example, I would choose “Video Search” and here, you will be able to search for as many YouTube available videos as you want simply by providing your keyword like this seen below.


After choosing your video, click on the “Get Urls” button to get its link.


Click on “Video Checker” in this “Discover” section and enter your video’s URL/ID to start checking your link.

This tool will show you the details of your chosen video. You can get to know the number of views, likes, and dislikes of this video, and also get the keyword from this chosen one.


The “Projects” section will allow you to easily save your researched video links until you want to use them again. Click on “New Folder” to start creating a new one.


Then, provide your folder name:


After creating a new folder, you will be able to adjust your lists inside. Click on “View Lists” like this seen below:


Click on “New List” to start creating a new one and provide your list name to get started.


Why Should You Invest In This Product

I have to say that TubeTargeter is an easy-to-use app that makes it easy to get traffic, leads, and buyers from YouTube with a few clicks.

As you already know, video is the best way to get hot targeted traffic that converts, but it can be really hard to create videos and get traffic flowing if you’re just starting out.

The good news is, that TubeTargeter does all the heavy lifting by spying on any offer, in any niche, finding hot ‘done for you’ videos that your subscribers can use to generate traffic, leads, and sales with a few clicks.

why-should-you-buy-TubeTargeter-1 why-should-you-buy-TubeTargeter-2

Also, since you can leverage the power of other people’s content, there’s no need to spend hours creating videos or showing themselves on camera. TubeTargeter makes it easier than ever to generate massive profits without any hard work required.

The beauty of TubeTargeter is that you don’t need any prior YouTube ads to experience it because this product exploits YouTube’s hidden ‘Buyer Only’ section, which makes your budget 20X more powerful.

Also, because of the sniper targeting in this powerful app, $5 has the same power as a $100 budget. This is a traffic goldmine because you’ll spend less, make more, and get unheard-of ROIs on every dollar you invest.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the exact offer being promoted, so you can refine and improve what you’re doing to maximize your results. This works for affiliate offers, selling your own products, lead generation, selling services, coaching, consulting, high-ticket offers, and more.

You’ll also be able to see which keywords and landing pages are the best for each promotion. The power of TubeTargeter is really unmeasurable!

why-should-you-buy-TubeTargeter-3 why-should-you-buy-TubeTargeter-4 why-should-you-buy-TubeTargeter-5

In all, this is a massive shortcut to success that’s great for newbies, intermediate marketers, and even experienced marketers.


How Much Do You Have To Pay For This Software?

The Front-end

I’m glad to tell you that today, you have an exciting opportunity to get this revolutionary app that levels the playing field by exploiting a secret YouTube loophole.

Although the team of creators could easily charge $97 per month for TubeTargeter, they are giving you the limited opportunity to get in on this for a low, one-time payment of only $29 and $34 with two options as below:


It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s an entire year to use TubeTargeter to get as much traffic as you like. If you’re not happy, simply open a ticket here & they’ll send you your money back.

The Upsells

In addition, below are the upsell versions for you to take into consideration if you are really serious about the journey of online marketing:

OTO #1: TubeTargeter Unlimited ($77)

[+]   Everything inside the FE

[+]   Access to the advanced search functionality

[+]   Find videos based on length, license, popularity, etc

[+]   Filter between recent videos within a certain date range

[+]   Access to the keyword research tool for your video SEO research to find more popular/trending keywords for a better placement

[+]   Access to the channel research tool – to find the most popular monetized videos on any channel

[+]   Geolocation-based targeting feature so your video ads are perfectly tailored to the right audience

[+]   Access to the Video Info grabber that helps you literally spy on your competitor’s videos so you can know exactly what they’re doing to get their videos on the first page

[+]   Access to the Video rank checker to see exactly where your videos are on the search engine (Both Google and YouTube search)

With this down-sell, you can save $30.

OTO #2: TubeTargeter 50 DFY Profitable Video Ads ($197)

Also, include 50 ‘done for you’ video ads designed for 50 ever-green offers to give you everything needed to get traffic, leads, and sales.

With this down-sell, you can save $100.

OTO #3: Influencer Marketing Outreach ($77)

Find & Reach Influencers that your audience already listening to for Unlimited Targeted Traffic.

Downsell 03 ($47) >>MORE DETAILS<<

With this down-sell, you can save $30.

OTO #4: Done-For-You YouTube Ads Agency SetUp ($97)

Starting an agency is absolutely the fastest way to start generating revenue online.

Here is what you get in detail:

[+]   Done-for-you website (to start selling YouTube advertising services and make money)

[+]   Ready-made email/sales script, DFY pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts, letterhead, business cards, invoices & everything a real agency has.

[+]   VIP Support – faster than normal customers.

[+]   Lead generation prospecting App (find & contact clients who will pay top money for YouTube ads services)

[+]   DFY Proposals – PowerPoint & Word

[+]   Cloud-based admin area

[+]   30 days money-back guarantee

With this down-sell, you can save $20.

OTO #5: TubeTargeter Reseller

   +   TubeTargeter 100 Reseller License (197 one-time)

   +   TubeTargeter 250 Reseller License (297 one-time)

   +   TubeTargeter “UNLIMITED” Reseller License (397 one-time)

A full-blown user management system to add/delete users and manage them whether for a one-time fee or recurring plan, plus all the marketing materials you need to get clients, etc.

The TubeTargeter Bundle

This is the special offer for you in this launch, you will receive all FE + Upsells (01, 02, 03, 04, 05) and all bonuses at a one-time price of $297.

So, you can SAVE a lot of money with this purchase.

TubeTargeter Review– Pros And Cons


♥   Exploit YouTube’s ‘buyer only’ traffic section for high-converting traffic

♥   Turn an investment of $5 or less into 3 figures in profit (rinse and repeat as often as you want)

♥   Spy on any video or channel in any niche for an unfair advantage

♥   Find the best converting campaigns so there’s no guessing

♥   Find out which offers, landing pages and video ads convert the best for any niche

♥   Never show your face on camera or create a video

♥   Tubetargeter leverages other people’s content for massive results

♥   You also get 10 ‘done for you’ video ads that go with 10 hot affiliate offers with guaranteed approval for fast and easy commissions

♥   This is the perfect way for newbies to get traffic flowing today

♥   Due to laser-tight targeting get hot buyer traffic flowing for pennies per click


X   I have no complaint about this out-of-this-world product

Who Should Invest In This Tool?

TubeTargeter works for anyone who needs buyer traffic, leads, and sales. If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Video marketers

+   Email marketers

+   Product creators

+   Coaches

+   Consultants

+   Service providers

+   Local business owners



Video has taken over the internet, and if you want to stay with the times, you must leverage the massive power of YouTube to get traffic, and leads, and make sales. This software is a done-for-you profit machine that can change your working lifestyle through nothing more than a simple copy & paste.

Thank you for your time reading my review. I hope I have given you enough information to clear up any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product. With that in mind, the final decision is yours to make. All to your success and see you in my next review!




Step 1: Buy TubeTargeter on my website.

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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