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Shortz Review




Do you know that YouTube is a video and advertising behemoth, with over $15 billion per year in advertising revenue, billions of which get passed directly on to creators? And also, paid YouTube advertising is 84% more likely to receive viewers’ attention than TV advertising.

However, YouTube is being beaten by TikTok in 2022, so they’re pushing “micro-videos” (or “shorts” as they’re known). This creates a glaring loophole inside YouTube’s algorithm. It drives 1000s of free day 1 view to a specific type of short video, but the videos must be short.

YouTube has signaled their attention to help creators monetize Shorts and transform them into a solid, news revenue stream. The shorter the video, the more cash YouTube gives us.

All you need to do is insert yourself between these 2x traffic heavyweights and get paid. And now you can do it without creating a single video yourself, thanks to a product called Shortz which has recently been released into the market and I am going to elaborate the software for more information in this review.

Shortz Review- The Overview


Creator Rich W
Product Shortz
Launch Date 2022-Jan-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $17
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 365-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is Shortz?

The core software lets you profit with DFY “micro-videos” – also known as “shorts”. All your users need to do is build a quick video inside our cloud-based app, promoting pre-selected ClickBank affiliate programs.

The app creates instant “short” videos (under a minute) that rank on YouTube and gets buyer views and traffic.


All in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Clone

To profit with other peoples’ 5-second videos!

Step 2: Cut

Make sure the video is under a minute (the shorter the video, the more we make!).

Step 3: Commissions

Watch as the software generates “YouTube cash” from these micro-videos.

Shortz Review– About The Creator


This awesome software is brought to you by Rich W.

Over the course of his career, he has gained years of experience and earned heaps of tips and strategies, which accumulates to his surprising expertise and unlimited creativity.

Please take a look at some of his previous launches and you will know the reason why I highly recommend this product: Doc Dollars, Cash Cloner, Commission Machine, Commission Engine, FLASH, Payola, CB Traffic App, Insta Bank, and many more in the future.

Shortz Review– What Unique Features You Are Going To Get Inside?

Seeing the success of TikTok and Instagram reels, it seems like YouTube didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. You can now create original videos through the YouTube app using a multi-segment camera which makes it easy to string multiple clips together, a wide array of music, and a useful captioning tool.

With Shortz, we simply load a pre-made, DFY video, click “cut” and then add our affiliate link and upload it to YouTube. In fact, the fun part – choosing which offer to promote, and where to send the traffic – is all you need to do.

Let’s see what kind of features you are going to get inside:

[+]    Brand new Shortz software

[+]    Youtube buyer traffic for life

[+]    DFY video cutter software

[+]    My $100/day campaigns preloaded

[+]    Students’ $100/day campaigns preloaded

[+]    Case studies & test subject data

[+]    Everything 100% done for you

[+]    Unlimited lifetime access

[+]    Step-by-step training

[+]    Discover the exact method of the creators

[+]    365-day money-back guarantee

But not stopping there, you’ll also get these bonuses valued at $9,485 if you take action right now:



Shortz Review- A Quick Walkthrough Of How To Use This Product?

This product is very easy to put into practice. Let me take you through a short tour to get a closer look at how simple it is to benefit from this software:

   +   Select video

First, you can choose a niche to find ready-made videos to utilize.


After that, click on create a video to start editing:


   +   Customize the video

There are very clear instructions telling you what to do specifically. Basically, all you have to do is click on the text and edit the content as you want.




   +   Affiliate program

The next step is to choose an affiliate program to integrate into your short video. You can click on one and have a quick preview before using it.


   +   Backing song

For a bigger impact, you can choose a soundtrack suitable for the theme to make your video become even more appealing.


   +   Render and upload

And the final step is to export the video you have just made uploaded it onto Youtube and start profiting.




Shortz Review – DEMO VIDEO

Why Do I Highly Recommend This Product?

Right now, YouTube is getting beaten by TikTok. So, in an effort to encourage similar short “micro-video” content, they are heavily pushing anything short. So the reason why you should act quickly on this opportunity – Shortz – is that firstly, not everyone knows that they can make money from YouTube shorts in this way.

And if they do, working out what the algorithm wants takes a lot of work (and you still need to create the videos in the first place and that prevents 99.99% of people from doing this.

This new method removed every obstacle that marketers normally struggle with. All you can do is select the affiliate program you want to promote and build your video around that.

You cannot add any script, voice-over, images, or videos. And in fact, the only time you type anything is to add your affiliate link to earn money!

This Shortz is so easy to use you cannot imagine. As long as you have a phone and a browser to run the app on, you can let the AI work its magic then upload these micro-videos right into the YouTube algorithm and profit whenever you feel like a cash dip.

And the best point is you can achieve big payment with no monthly fees, no costs, no setup time, no writing, and no worrying about traffic. It’s the secret weapon I would have wanted when I started out.


How Much Do You Have To Pay For This?

Shortz front-end

I am glad to tell you that today, for this launch period only you can get instant access to Shortz for just $17. Knowing things before the masses is an incredible advantage to establish your business and get in top positions. The price is locked for now in this special launch, and then it will start to go up crazily.

Also, if you experience any trouble, or you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask for a refund 365 days from your purchase date. What are you waiting for? You need to try something new in order to improve your results and with their 365 days back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose!



The Upsells


Upsell 1: Pro/Unlimited Edition ($39/ $27 Downsell)

Create unlimited Shortz videos, profiting with unlimited affiliate programs and websites. Why make money from a few videos when you can profit with YouTube for life.

Upsell 2: DFY Edition ($197/ $97 Downsell)

Let the professional team set everything up for you. They will configure your Shortz account with your affiliate link, set up your campaigns, build your website, etc.

Upsell 3: Automate ($67/ $37 Downsell)

Upsell 4: 1Hour Profits ($39/ $27 Downsell)

Upsell 5: Resell Edition ($197/ $97 Downsell)

Earn 100% commissions on the front-end with this powerful software tool!

Upsell 6: Multiple Streams Of Income ($97/ $77 Downsell)


Shortz Review– Bonuses From The Creator Team

But not stopping there, you’ll also get these bonuses valued at $9,485 if you take action right now:

Shortz-bonus-1 Shortz-bonus-2

Shortz Review– Pros And Cons


♥   Get paid $17 per second of video in 2022

♥   Do not create videos!

♥   12 beta testers made money with Youtube loophole

♥   Includes beta-testers “$100 on day 1” case studies

♥   No experience required

♥   Works on any device

♥   Zero extra expenses, profiting with nothing but Shortz

♥   New $105 billion loopholes for 2022

♥   Profit by helping Youtube takedown Tiktok

♥   365 days money-back guarantee

♥   Plus: get results or get paid $200


X   I am perfectly satisfied with this purchase

Shortz Review- Who Is It For?

Shortz works for anyone who is looking to get more leads and more money. Just ask yourself if you use the Internet and get paid to play online. You can take into consideration if you belong to one of these professions:

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Product creators

+   List builders

+   eCom

+   eBay/Amazon seller

+   Coaches & consultants



To sum up, with this product, you can get more leads for any specific niche because Shortz is a brand new product that has never been seen before. This revolutionary marketing-on-the-internet two-step method is a simple, proven system that can be utilized from any kind of device.

And finally, thank you for your time spent reading my Shortz review. All the best for your online marketing journey and I’ll see you soon on my next review!

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Step 1: Buy Shortz on my website.


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading Shortz Review.

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