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Tube Gorilla Review



Tube Gorilla Review – Nowadays, with the development of video advertising, YouTube has become the most popular way to receive benefits from customers. YouTube is the advertising form that helps online marketers improve their exposure and conversions with their videos.

However, not many people have an answer to how they can use videos on YouTube to create traffic and get more leads.

But now, with the production of Tube Gorilla, you can easily dominate YouTube videos! This powerful weapon can help you to create autopilot comments at building a list.

Stay tuned to the next parts of my Tube Gorilla Review to know more about this tool!

What Is Tube Gorilla About?

Tube Gorilla is software that helps you build a large targeted subscribers list on autopilot, resulting in high YouTube rankings. It helps you to find the most guarded keywords while at the same time generating higher authority links to rank your videos.

It offers many powerful tools like auto comment reply, auto video likes, auto video comments, auto channel subscribe, video search, channel search, playlist search, video upload, video edit, playlist manager, channel analytics, video analytics, video link wheel, video rank tracking and more.

From my real experience, this tool will 100% bring you what you need and surely boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

Who Is The Creator?


Dan Ashendorf is the head and soul of this product creation. If you have spent a while making money online, you might have heard this name before.

In fact, he is the driving force behind many six-figure launches, especially the fact that he has generated over 1 Million Dollars in Sales in the last few years shows us that he has a knack for creating high-converting offers.

With years of working experience in the marketing field accumulated, Dan Ashendorf surely knows how to run promotional campaigns effectively.

Some of his useful inventions can be named Entice, Alchemy, Infinity, Tubrr, Commission Dragon, Trio, Pinking, etc. The following part of my review will show you: Tube Gorilla’s features.

Features And Benefits

1/ Web-Based Software

Here is the good news for you! Tube Gorilla is a web-based tool that is a complete SaaS platform with complete YouTube marketing solutions for your business.

You just need to input your video and Tube Gorilla will generate SEO links for page one rankings as well as build your list on autopilot with auto-engager.

To be honest, it would be no exaggeration if I call Tube Gorilla high-quality software to build the list through Youtube.

  • 10,000+ copyright-free video clips: Another good news is that you don’t need to create videos on your own. It provides you with over 10,000 video clips without copyright.
  • Uses YouTube to build a list on autopilot using proprietary auto-engager™ technology.
  • Generates SEO links and ranks for most competitive niches.
  • Spy on competitors’ videos and steal their best keyword.
  • Generate the hottest hashtags for social media traffic.
  • Thumbnail creator with 3+ million copyright-free images.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Low, one-time cost.
  • You can also get a Commercial license at launch time only.

Here is what you can do with Tube Gorilla:

  • Cracks YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Generates high-quality SEO links to rank your videos and drive massive traffic back to them.
  • Build subscriber lists on autopilot through Proprietary auto-engager technology.
  • Thumbnail generator linked to an internal library of 3 million + copyright-free images and videos.
  • The hashtag generator drives Free traffic to any social media post that uses the software.

Tube Gorilla review- About using details

How To Use

After you click the buying button, you will get access to the software. Just simply log in:


I highly recommend you to watch the video training first:


You can see there are many video tutorials, you can watch them before you start to get an in-depth understanding of the software:


First, you need to set up your channel. In the dashboard, you need to set up your channel:


Then you click here to import your account:


Log in with your Google account:


If this appears, don’t worry, just simply click “Advanced”:


You then click on Allow. Now you are ready to start:


Then it brings you back to the software and you can start with your channel:


Click “Video Manager” to continue:


You will see all of your videos in your channels, choose one and click in the box on the top right corner, then Click Option and choose “Channel Analytics”.

If you click on the top left corner, you can choose more action with the video:


♣   Keyword finder

To use this function, you click on “Keyword finder” on the right-hand side navigator:


To use this destination, you search for a keyword on YouTube about the topic you want, for example, in this case, I search “Puppies”. Then I chose the video with the most views:


After clicking it, you copy the code in the address:


Paste it into this box in the Tube Gorilla, and hit the button Search:


It will find all the tags and click Download tag/Keyword:


Open the file, you will see the keywords there:


♣   Setting Up Auto Reply

Another feature is that you can set up a template. Click Template Manager:


Then you click Action to create autoreply comments so that your videos look well-engaged. You can see I have a template already, click Edit to modify:


You can use the filter function to post auto-comments related to the words in other’s comments:


♣   Using Auto-Reply To Build Your List

You do the same as creating an autopilot comment. Then you can add any link to the page you want:


It leads to a page you created:


After that, you go back to the Video Manager:


In your video, you can set autoreply:


Then you set the Campaign name, and create a Campaign:


Then you can see when someone comments on your videos, they will see the link in auto-comment:


Using Experience

, I found myself really lucky to become a beta user for Tube Gorilla. As you can see in my demo section, it’s simple to use even if you have just started with YouTube Videos. It’s obvious that you can reach more targeted traffic by using this software

And do you know what is also interesting to me? Tube Gorilla provides me with hundreds of videos and I don’t have to create my own ones, thereby making the whole process so fast. You can completely start dominating YouTube from scratch.

Even if you are a newbie, you can’t be left behind as the video tutorials are detailed and will take your hands, and walk you through all the difficulties.

Tube Gorilla Review- Price And Evaluation

FE: Tube Gorilla ($17)

Downsell: $14

This product comes at a reasonable price. Due to the exclusiveness of this video marketing tool, it’s still totally reasonable to charge you much higher rates.

So, take this opportunity to secure one copy before the price goes up.


The Upsells

OTO1: Tube Gorilla Unlimited ($47)

Downsells: $37

[+]  The name is self-explanatory, you have NO limits on the number of videos or actions (launch only).


OTO2: Tube Gorilla DFY ($197)

Downsell: $97

[+]  Skip the trial and error using our done-for-you materials, so you can start seeing results with the traffic you generate with Tube Gorilla.

[+]  Landing pages.

[+]  Converting emails

[+]  100 bonuses


OTO3: Tube Gorilla Traffic ($97)

Downsell: $67

[+]  Customers can have their retargeting pixels on our sales pages for ready-made traffic.


OTO4: Tube Gorilla Reseller ($97)

Downsell: $67

[+]  Sell Tube Gorilla as your own product and keep 100% of the profit, while using all of our sales materials and support team. There’s nothing to upload or host, we do it all.


OTO5: Tube Gorilla Coaching ($77)

Downsell: $57

[+]  12 weeks of group training with Dan Ashendorf.


OTO6: Tube Gorilla Bundle ($77)

Downsell: $57

[+]  5 of our previously launched products, unlimited versions.



Tube Gorilla Review- Who Should Buy This?

Tube Gorilla is the optimal solution built especially for marketers of all levels. The sole aim of this game-changing software is to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to reach their targeted customers.

Tube Gorilla Review- Pros And Cons


♥   100% automated and lightning-fast

♥   Web-based app – works on any device

♥   Step-by-step training included

♥   100% legal & compliant with Google & YouTube

♥   Advanced multitasking system


X   Up to now, there is none.

Bonuses From Author Team



Honestly speaking, Tube Gorilla is a dream that comes true for many people. With Tube Gorilla in your toolkit, you can easily reach your targeted audiences and automate the whole process without any action being taken.

Finally, thank you for spending time reading this Tube Gorilla Review. It’s my pleasure to have you as an avid reader right here today. Wish you success and have a nice day!




Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses



Step 1: Buy Tube Gorilla on my website.

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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