MarketPal Review- ClickFunnel, GrooveFunnel Alternative

MarketPal Review

In the online market, many people are looking for a magic wand, a wand that gets them a decent income to live by while staying at home.

Why? Because everyone knows that the internet is a gold mine. People can make millions of dollars by driving traffic on their fast & high converting websites, landing pages to sell their own products, and building massive lists for email marketing. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting customers and converting them into profits.

But how do you do that? You need pro-level landing pages that really convert visitors into buyers, emails that get more open, and actions to produce results, and you need to squeeze more profit from every single visitor that visits your store, website, or blog.

However, this is not easy. You could run into problems like a high learning curve for learning all the apps for you and your team, you have to pay high monthly or annual fees for an individual app, ending up using multiple apps that don’t communicate with each other, or even worse, they block your access or permanently ban your account. These issues give you a heavy migration if it doesn’t fit your needs or doesn’t produce results.

So, instead of trying to use or try out multiple apps for landing pages, collecting leads, sending emails, and popups, I present you with this awesome software called MarketPal.

MarketPal can help you create any type of lead page, sales page, membership, bonus page, product review page, complete website, pop-ups, splash pages, and sticky bars, and send unlimited emails all from 1 central dashboard without any technical hassles.

What is MarketPal?

MarketPal is an all-in-one platform that creates beautiful websites, sales pages, lead pages, and webinar pages to drive hordes of traffic 24/7, and get max leads, sales, and affiliate commissions with unlimited emails and A.I. conversion boosters.

Everything can be accessed from a central dashboard. It’s an all-in-one marketing suite that matches all online business needs under just one roof.


About The Creator


If you have been around the online market, you would have known about the famous Dr. Amit Pareek for his online marketing and software development skill.

This time, he works alongside Er. Ashu Kumar to create the powerful MarketPal.

Dr. Amit Pareek is the CEO & Founder of Eduncle, an online tutoring company that resides in India that set the journey to every successful story.

Together with his partner Er. Ashu Kumar, offered methods to generate a steady income from multiple sources of online income, and sell their training material to keep 100% of the profit, helping tons of lives who have been struggling to make money.

His notable products are MaxDrive Reloaded, Agenciez, MaxMailz, MaxFunnels series, myIMUniversity series, WebSuitePro, Vidmozo, the List Building series and the list continues.

MarketPal Review- What Features Will You Get?

These are all the stunning features you can get if you buy this software:

  • Create any type of landing page: lead page, sales page, membership, bonus, product review page & more… or create a complete website
  • Next-gen drag-and-drop editor to create pixel-perfect pages or templates from scratch
  • 100+ high converting & beautiful page, popup & email templates
  • Mobile-friendly, beautiful & fast loading websites & pages- so you don’t lose a single visitor, lead, or sale
  • Build SEO-friendly & social media-optimized pages for more traffic
  • User-friendly business central dashboard- you’ll have everything you need under one roof at your fingertips. No need to purchase multiple apps
  • Precise analytics to measure the performance and know exactly what’s working and what’s not
  • Unmatched webinar set & forget integration – get your subscribers auto-registered for your webinars with only a few clicks
  • Automatic SSL encryption- 100% unbreakable security
  • No need for expensive domains or hosting – host everything on our lightning-fast CDN server
  • Get 50,000 page views monthly for no additional charge
  • Free hosting is included (storage space up to 250 GB & bandwidth up to 250 GB/month)
  • 100% newbie friendly & fully cloud-based software
  • Import your subscribers without losing even a single lead
  • Build massively profitable lists from blogs, websites, lead pages, etc
  • Send unlimited beautiful emails – promote affiliate offers, build relations with newsletters

And you can get:

  • Boost email delivery, click and open rates instantly
  • Craft awesome emails using our intuitive editor
  • Deep analytics – know your opens, clicks & impressions to boost results
  • Boost open rates with elegant personalization options
  • Seamless integration with the most popular autoresponder services
  • Advance subscriber management to manage subscribers with ease
  • Inbuilt list cleaning and list checking included
  • Use exclusive smart tagging for easy segmentation & send exclusive emails
  • Sub-domain names included. Even add your own custom domain names
  • Behavior-orientated pop-up technology to never lose your leads
  • Capture maximum audience attention with unmatched sticky bar notifications
  • 100% GDPR & can-spam compliant lead capture and emailing system
  • Live chat – customer support so you never get stuck
  • Plus, for a limited time, you’ll also receive a free commercial license when you get started today

MarketPal Review- About using

How To Use

First thing first, you will need to log in using the accounts given to you:


When you log in, this is the main dashboard where you can start getting your work done:


Here you can get access to the existing page or create a new page yourself:


Enter your page name starting creating:


You can start by selecting your preferred template:


Edit or Customize the Pages, Emails, or Popups according to your niche or business:


Done! Now all you need to do is publish and make money! You can enter all the needed information to do so once you click “Save & Next”:



Your page will now be posted. Everything will be posted and kept track of from the main campaign page:


And that is how you use MarketPal with just a few simple steps, your page is completed.

Using Experience

As an online marketer, I appreciate everything this product offers. As soon as I purchased MarketPal I got myself the power to create unlimited marketing pages, capture unlimited leads, send unlimited e-mails, and drive unlimited traffic to any page or offer easily.

Right after I logged in to the dashboard, I was in a position to get everything to the max – get max visitors effortlessly, max engagement, max conversions, max email delivery, max leads, and an ultimate maximum sale with zero tech hassles.

I managed to get total control of the traffic, leads, and profits. And so far I never lost any traffic and leads and profit from a third party and I even kept 100% to myself. There’s no worry about paying monthly for more than 50 cool features and a limited-time commercial license.

The subscribers of MarketPal like myself always get an unmatched experience.

I have here with me a few marketing pages that I created, and Marketpal could do the same thing better and much faster, and I can guarantee that this is a very good software if not the best in the market.

Let’s compare it to some other software:


Here are some feedbacks from users who used MarketPal:


MarketPal Review- Price and Evaluation

Front End

  • Option 1: MarketPal Start Edition ($47. 95)
  • Option 2: MarketPal Pro Edition ($67.95)


Especially, you will get Commercial License on this special launch:


Pricing & Discount Strategy


3 Hours EarlyBird – 10th September’20 (Thursday) – 10 AM to 1 PM EST

    +    Marketpal Start Edition – $47.95

    +    Marketpal Pro Edition – $67.95

(Discount will be applicable only on Pro Edition)

With 11% discount Coupon Code – palearly11 on Pro Edition

10th September’20 (Thursday) – 1 PM EST

    +    Marketpal Start Edition – $47.95

    +    Marketpal Pro Edition – $67.95

(Discount will be applicable only on Pro Edition)

From here Time Sale will be Started with a 1 Hour Timer and the Price will increase by $0.01 every hour.

Same Price, Only Coupons will change:
10th September’20 (Thursday) – from 13:00 EST to 23:59:59 EST Coupon marketpal10 with 10% Discount 
11th September 20 (Friday) – 00:01 EST to 23:59:59 EST  Coupon marketpal9 with 9% Discount 
12th September’20 (Saturday) – 00:01 EST to 23:59:59 EST   Coupon marketpal8 with 8% Discount 
13th September’20 (Sunday) (00:01 EST) – 14th September’20 (Monday) (23:59 EST)  Coupon marketpal7 with 7% Discount 
15th September’20 (Tuesday) – 00:01 EST to 23:59 EST  Coupon marketpal6 with 6% Discount 
16th September’20 (Wednesday) – 00:01 EST to 23:59 EST  Coupon will be marketpal5 with 5% Discount 
17th September’20 (Thursday) – 00:01 EST to 23:59 EST 

  Coupon will be marketpal5 with 5% Discount

Use “Launch Offer Closing Tonight” and “Price will be increased to $197” Scarcity

After Launch, once the Traffic will be settled in 3 days:
Monday, 21st September’20 Price will be increased to:

    +    Marketpal Start Edition – $147

    +    Marketpal Pro Edition – $197 

The Upsells

You can purchase these amazing upsells once you complete your order.

OTO 1: MarketPal Elite ($197)

  • Option 1: MarketPal Elite Monthly Membership ($37/Month)
  • Option 2: MarketPal Elite One-Time Deal ($197)

With this package, you can:

Add Unlimited Contacts For All Your Mailing Lists – No Restrictions At All

When you think about the fact that you’ll be doing this for the rest of your life, then I’m sure you have goals to expand your email list into the hundreds of thousands and maybe even more subscribers.

Currently, you get up to 30,000 contacts with your MarketPal account. This option takes that limitation away and sets you up for all the contacts you’ll need for the rest of your life.

Create Unlimited Email Mailing Lists To Segment Contacts Hands-Free.

With your current level of membership, you get up to 100 email lists. But what happens when you plan to expand over time or provide service to your clients and have the need to segment even more subscribers for better targeting, deliverability, and open rates?

That’s why this option is great. You can upgrade today and never have to worry about running out of lists for all your contacts now and into the future.

Send Unlimited Emails To Unlimited Subscribers- Build Customer Relations, Promote Unlimited Offers

MarketPal Elite gives you complete freedom to send and schedule unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers in a hassle-free manner.

Build customer relations, send your training, customers only updates or promote your deals or offers to make maximum. There are absolutely no limits. Now, this is something you can’t overlook.

Setup Unlimited Businesses Of Your Own Or Your Client’s – You’re Getting Full Flexibility

You already have a commercial license with your MarketPal account. But with the limitations of a number of business setups, can hinder how many people you can offer email marketing services to.

When you upgrade today, the creator will unlock this option so you can sign up as many businesses as you want and generate as much revenue as you want to offer email marketing services to those who desperately need it and are willing to pay big bucks for it.

Run All Your & Your Client’s Lead Pages On Your Own Domains With UNLIMITED Custom Domains

You can add UNLIMITED custom domains- It will instantly build your authority and credibility by showing lead pages on your own domain with your own LOGO.

It also gives you better exposure to search engines.

Get Unlimited Visitors On Websites, Lead Pages, Or Popups- Sky Is The Only Limit For Your Growth

If you truly plan on being successful, then you’ll need to have the capacity to show your pages to the masses. And what happens if one of your campaigns goes viral?

Even with the number of page views, you have currently, wouldn’t it be terrible to miss out on all that traffic?

That’s why you need this upgrade. You’ll never have to worry about going over your page limit regardless of what campaign takes off for your business.

Drive Unlimited Leads From Your Pages & Make The Most From Them

You can collect unlimited leads from your pages, your website, or shop using popups & make the most from them without any restrictions.

Unlimited Bandwidth Unlocked – Give the Best User Experience

With this option, you’ll never miss a single beat when it comes to your pages, attachments, and anything else. You can send files, drive traffic, and load all the pages you want without one single drop in performance.

Going unlimited alone is a HUGE VALUE for your business but that’s not all.

You’ll be ensured to get everything to get success with your online business.

Unlimited Advanced Follow-up Emails Journey With Exclusive Automation Technology

This is one of the features that make MarketPal Elite so awesome. By being able to design your subscriber’s journey visually, you’ll always know exactly how your email campaigns are set up to perform for you.

But with this upgrade, you’ll be able to unlock this feature for unlimited subscribers. Doesn’t matter if it’s 100 or 1000.

You’ll be able to create automated email journeys for all your lists seamlessly every single time.

Create Webinar Registration Journey With Exclusive Automation Technology

Get your leads to register for your upcoming webinars through periodic nurturing and convert them into Lifetime valuable customers.

Create webinar registration funnels and get your visitors registered on automation.

Get 100 EXTRA Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly, and Ready-To-Use Lead Pages, Popups, And Email Templates

You’ll already receive 100 of these templates with your MarketPal today, but when you upgrade, the entire set will DOUBLE for you.

This is great to reduce blindness when it comes to advertising to your target market. Being able to rotate fresh new creatives will help in keeping your opt-in rates consistent.

Also, there’s nothing extra for you to do to receive these templates. They’ll automatically be unlocked when you upgrade and sign in to your account today.

Advanced Subscriber Management With Suppression List

This feature gives you the ability to add email addresses to a suppression list which suppresses them from receiving broadcast messages when you send them to all your subscribers.

You can also use advanced filters to find any contact within seconds. You can also export all your subscribers into Excel & CSV format. Now, managing subscribers will become a cakewalk.

Get The Untapped Power To Send File Attachments With Emails

You can also attach various file formats and provide maximum information through your emails. All you need to do is just give the command, and MarketPal will do everything for you as desired.

Save Time & Efforts With The Ability to Clone Any Page, Popup, or Email, And Save Templates For Future Use

You’ll also get the ability to duplicate any page you create for any project and use it in other projects as well. This will allow you to create templates and work between various projects faster.

If you’re working on a campaign for one business and want to use it in another business, no problem! Just click a few buttons to duplicate it and you’re all set and ready to go to use it quickly in any other projects you wish.

Advanced Campaign & Project Management

Advanced Campaign Management enables you to manage all your marketing campaigns and client projects from the central dashboard like a pro without any hassles.

Auto Webinar Registration Integration Included

Let’s face it. Webinars can produce big bucks but getting people to register for them is becoming more and more difficult. That’s why you need this solution. If you’re pushing people to a webinar, MarketPal Elite will auto-register them for your webinar so you get more attendees without a drop in registrations.

From there, let the follow-up technology included in MarketPal do its work and you’ll be ready to profit from your webinars big time!

Boost Relation & Conversions with CRM integration

For integrating CRM, you will need to insert the consumer key and consumer secret information in the fields and you are all set to integrate the CRM.

Complete Team Management With Rights Control For Up to 10 Members

You focus on growth and let your team work on your & the client’s projects. Now, assign roles and privileges to each of the team members (in-house or freelancers) and reduce your burden of managing hundreds of accounts and projects yourself.

Choose from the defined roles and privileges and can even tailor them according to the project requirements.

OTO 2: MarketPal Enterprise

  • Option 1: MarketPal Enterprise Standard ($47)
  • Option 2: MarketPal Enterprise Commercial ($97)

With this package, you can:

Advanced Analytics For Boosting Your Email Campaigns ROI

Learn your list behavior… understand their wants & needs to make 10 times more profits by making simple tweaks to your existing email campaigns.

Unlimited A/B Testing For Email Campaigns – Choose The Best Performer

Nothing is more important than data when it comes to marketing. Everyone can theorize and hypothesize, but you’ll always know what works from the numbers.

And by unlocking this option today, you’ll be able to get all the data you need for every campaign you’ll ever run so you can see more of what works while getting rid of the things that doesn’t.

And this is just the start of the story, Enterprise edition is a Premium version and has a lot more features in store for you. So let’s go to the next feature.

Unlimited A/B Testing For Lead Pages & Popup Campaigns

This option will allow you to run a massive amount of tests for those creatives easily so you can boost results easily.

Now you’ll be able to choose your best performers and dump the rest quickly.

Pin-Point Accurate Analytics For Lead Pages & Popups – Have Clear Insight Of What’s Working & What’s Not

Get accurate analysis for every action and evaluate what’s going on with your campaigns and how they are performing at any given time. Everything is made very easy to analyze data with simple, yet beautiful graphs & pie charts.

This upgrade enables you to compare stats for campaigns and find out the top-performing ones.

Effective Bounce & Unsubscribes Management – Make Your Email Deliverability Effective

With this feature, you can get complete information about total bounced mails, along with how many subscribers opted to unsubscribe from your campaigns.

Now, you too can identify to whom you should not send messages and keep the non-useful ones at bay.

Get 10 More Premium & Professional E-Mail Templates

It’s all super-handy and fun as you now have the power to monetize more from your list.

When you send your list, of amazing offers styled and fascinating, they are more likely to hang up on the offers, which means soaring profits for you.

These templates are beautifully designed and can be customized as per your brand and need.

Get 20 MORE Mobile-Friendly Lead Pages & Popups Templates To Capture Maximum Leads For Your Business

MarketPal Enterprise Edition has been custom crafted to capture maximum leads for your business.

So, you are provided with 20 EXTRA premium lead pages and popup templates that are hand-picked to capture the maximum attention of subscribers and convert visitors into potential buyer leads.

Remove default Branding From Your Emails, Lead Pages & Popups – Present Yourself An AUTHORITY

When you say yes to this upgrade today, the ‘Powered by MarketPal’ branding will be removed from all the emails you send and also from all the pages and popups you built so your brand and business are front and center every time.

This will build instant credibility & show you as an authority in whatever niche you’re in.

This feature alone is a HUGE value for your business and worth more than the real price of this entire upgrade.

Add Unlimited Team Members (Inhouse or Freelancers)

At some point, you’ll continue to grow and expand your business. So when you do, you’ll most likely want to bring people on who can handle the day-to-day work for you. That’s why you’ll need this option.

It’ll give you access to unlimited members who can sign in and run your email marketing business according to their roles directly from the MarketPal dashboard.

Unlimited Work Collaboration For Faster & Better Results

This is a great way to remove yourself from the business while profiting at the same time.

You, your team, clients, and partners all can work collaboratively & share proven templates or campaigns with clients & groups of marketers For Faster & Better Results.

Team Members Analysis & Activity Monitoring

As you bring more people on, you’ll also want to make sure that they are doing what you’re paying them to do. With this option, you’ll be able to track each team member’s input using MarketPal and see who’s effective and who’s not.

This is a great way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for every single hire you’ll ever make now and in the future with your email marketing business.

OTO3: MarketPal Agency Suite

  • Option 1: MarketPal Agency Suite – 200 Clients Licence ($47)
  • Option 2: MarketPal Agency Suite – Unlimited Clients ($97)

With this upgrade, you’ll get:

A Top-Notch Software, MarketPal With Agency License To Provide – Funnel, Landing Page And Website Creation Services To Your Clients

Providing high-in-demand funnel, landing page & website creation services couldn’t get easier than this.

You’re getting the never offered MarketPal Agency License to provide funnel, landing page, and website creation services to your clients with DFY support for the software.

This is something that will get you way above your competitors.

Get 120 Brand-New Funnels And Pages Templates To Build UNLIMITED Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages

This is something that’ll add laurels to your purchase. You’re getting 20 fresh templates every month for the next 6 months in different niches so you can just copy & paste them to serve your clients.

Done-For-Your Business Management Panel

Oh yeah! You can manage all your client’s businesses from a single dashboard to have full control. Simply switch between the businesses or copy-paste a proven funnel or high-converting landing page within a few clicks. It’s EASY & FAST.

You also can add your client to their business as an admin & impress them by giving them a separate business dashboard with their personal log-in details to let them check their business performance life.

Easily Remove Their LOGO From Your Client’s Pages And Funnels And Present Yourself As an AUTHORITY. This Feature Alone Is A HUGE Value for Your Business

With an agency upgrade, you are given the power to easily remove their LOGO from your client’s pages and funnels and present yourself as an AUTHORITY. This will build your instant credibility & show you as an authority mark in the Online Marketing arena.

Work Collaboratively & Share Proven Funnels Templates With Your Team Members, Clients & Group Of Marketers For Faster & Proven Funnels & Results

You’ll be given the power to work collaboratively& share proven funnel templates with your team members, clients & group of marketers for faster & proven funnels & results.

This is a cool feature that enables you to work with other marketers to deliver better results for your clients as well as for yourself.

Sell Funnels To Other Marketers To Add Extra Monthly Revenue To Your Business

Show your creativity & create a converting funnel with DotcomPal for any goal or niche. Download it & sell it to other marketers & business owners and charge them for it.

Add Unlimited team members – Inhouse & Freelancers

You can assign them limited or full access to features according to their role with separate login details to outsource your manual work.

Get Accurate Logs For Team Member’s Activities For Effective Monitoring

No more playing the waiting game and losing value from your marketing campaigns in the absence of accurate logs for team members. Use this exclusive opportunity with MarketPal Agency Upgrade and take your business to the next level.

OTO 4: MarketPal Premium Membership

  • Option 1: MarketPal Premium Membership Monthly ($27/M)
  • Option 2: MarketPal Premium Membership 1-Year Deal ($197)
  • Option 3: MarketPal Premium Membership One-Time ($497)

With this upgrade, you’ll get:

Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses

Create UNLIMITED business/subdomains/channels for yourself or for your clients. Create a separate subdomain for each business& manage all of them from a single dashboard easily to save you time & focus on making more profits out of it.

DotcomPal Videos: Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering

Get maximum user engagement on your website and landing pages. Even deliver all your customer training faster for maximum customer satisfaction using DotcomPal Videos.

Play your videos Anywhere on the internet to Take 100% Control of your Video Traffic. It seamlessly works with a WordPress Site, Online Shops, Shopify, Membership Site, and Landing Pages.

DotcomPal Popups & Sticky Bars – Create UNLIMITED Personalised Notification Campaigns with5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution

Creating high-converting notification campaigns just got faster and easier. Simply use state-of-the-art technology to create almost anything you need for your marketing goal from 1 central dashboard. Build Unlimited Campaigns for your own and your client’s business without any restrictions.

Unlock FULL Power Of DotcomPal Pages – Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages

Create unlimited faster, engaging, and high-converting landing pages without any prior tech skills and convert traffic into customers.

Unlock the FULL Power Of DotcomPal Funnels–Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal

Creating high-converting funnels just got faster and easier. Simply use our state-of-the-art technology to create almost anything you need without any restrictions.

Get Access To Most Advanced DotcomPal Editor: Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor that Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills

Do you want to change anything on pages, popups, or any DotcomPal template? You can do it with the Fully drag & drop WYSIWYG editor. Just click on any element to edit, replace or delete it.

DotcomPal Premium Templates: 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy

You get Mobile optimized and elegant templates for almost all types of marketing campaigns to get everything MAX – max attention, max leads, max sales, and more importantly max profits.

DotcomPal MyDrive: Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients &Team Members

Upload & store all your business files including images, documents, audio, videos, folders, etc. securely with MyDrive. Organize files with folders, search bars, or advanced filters and deliver media to your clients or team members easily & FAST.

You’ll get 200GB Bandwidth & 1TB Storage for your DotcomPal account. Except that, fast speed of delivery is a pivotal success point for every top-level marketer today…

DotcomPal Audience & Leads: Manage Leads, Checkout Lead Info & Timely Behavior Data to Analyze and Get More Sales

We know you care about your audience, so we’re making it super easy for you to grow them. We keep a record of every visitor’s interaction with your sales channels. Eg. who visited your website, watched your videos, visited landing pages and how much time they spent, and much more…

We manage and track user behavior & their activity journey to understand their exact need & empower you with important data to close them into paying customers.

Smoothly A/B Test Your Landing Pages& Pop-Ups

Easily set up A/B tests for your pages and popups etc. to evaluate their performance & boost conversions.

Decide winners according to their goals and use the best variant and keep smooth track of your marketing campaigns.

DotcomPal Analytics: Quickly Discover the Insights of Your Campaigns with Precise Analytics

Analyze all the marketing campaigns on various components. Know the number of visitors landing on your marketing pages, videos, website, and their conversions with your business in nice graphs. Build a strategy & Improve your marketing campaigns to get more Returns and Profits.

Get the complete details of geographical data of your business personas and find out the devices, browsers, and operating systems they are visiting to get deep insight.

DotcomPal Integration: Get Connected with Your Favourite Tools

50+ Integrations with Autoresponders, Webinars, CRM, Storage, Content Providers, and Other Services. Setup integration in a few clicks and send all your leads to your favorite autoresponders, webinars, CRM, and other marketing tools for prompt communication.

Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at pre-defined intervals or directly register potential customers for your next webinar to convert them into profits.

Import files from google drive or bring images directly from Shutterstock into DotcomPal. You can do much more using Integrations.

Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence

Build your authority and credibility by showing pages, videos & files on your own domain with your own LOGO using the custom domain feature. It also gives you better exposure to search engines.

Automatic & FREE SSL Encryption for Security

Get 100% unbreakable security with SSL encryption for all your pages, funnels, files, videos, etc.

Add Unlimited Team Members – Your Ultimate Business Builder

As your business builds and grows, we grow with you – It’s a dream. You can add unlimited team members & assign roles and privileges to your in-house or freelancing team members accordingly and reduce your burden of managing hundreds of projects.

Keep Profiting Now, Forever and Always: All Future Upgrades Are Included

We continue working hard to make it the NO. 1 choice for marketers. We will add amazing features routinely – proven templates, new integrations, updates, and new features to give you the best services.

With the Top-Level, you won’t ever have to wait for updates. They’ll appear like magic! We’ll provide regular updates on autopilot, so you won’t ever have to lift a finger!

Best-in-class Premium Support

It goes without saying you get first-in-line support, chat, email, and of course support tickets. Along with the dedicated chat support, you also get premium call support, so the majority of your queries can be solved by the creator in the shortest time possible.

So relax and take a deep breath, because you’ll never have to wait!


Bonuses From MarketPal Team

Part 01: General bonuses

Get this software in this special launch, you will get all bonuses below for free from the author team, and they will be automatically delivered in the member area of the front-end:


Part 02: Special bonuses

With these amazing bonuses, drop me a message via [email protected] then I will send you all of them (with my own bonus packages at the end of this review) to make sure you get all)


Who Should Buy This MarketPal?

Regardless of the job you do for a living, as long as it’s an online job, then MarketPal has to be for you since you’ll need a stable online market platform with the best traffic.

Here’s a never-ending list of all businesses or individuals that need this amazing software:

    +    Business Coaches

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    E-Com Sellers

    +    All Info

    +    Gym

    +    Music Classes

    +    Sports Clubs

    +    Bars

    +    Restaurants

    +    Hotels

    +    Schools

    +    Churches

    +    Taxi Services

    +    Garage Owners

    +    Dentists

    +    Carpenters

    +    Chiropractors

    +    LockSmiths

    +    Home Tutors

    +    Real-Estate

    +    Lawyers

MarketPal Review- Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one marketing platform
  • One-time payment, no monthly fees.
  • Complete control over your traffic, leads & profits
  • A.I based personalized notification technology
  • 500+ landing pages, emails, popups, splash pages, and sticky bar templates.
  • No technical skills required


  • I don’t see any cons to this product so far


Dr. Amit Pareek said himself that it took 3 years to plan, develop, test, and super-optimize using Marketpal for it to be the best cloud service for delivering lighting fast pages, and enhancing your visitors ‘experience.

And it was all worth it. For me, this software had made my business affordable, reliable, stress-free, and profitable ultimately as how it should be, and it could work for you too.

I highly recommend this product for its amazing applications and reasonable price.



Fast-Action Bonus Package



















































Special Plugin Bonus Package
















































Special Bonus Package 03













  • Step 1: Buy MarketPal on my website
  • Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]
  • Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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