Sendiio 2.0 Review – The BEST Autoresponder Is BACK!

Sendiio 2.0 Review



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Let’s find out the 3 most profitable platforms we are talking about. The first one must be email marketing which is still one of the most highly appreciated marketing channels.

The second one is text messages which get a 98% open rate within the first two minutes. And the final one is FB Messenger which gets a 100% inbox rate and is the biggest messaging platform online.

So, we all agree combining all three of these wildly profitable marketing channels into one is a really great idea to generate sales on every platform that your target customers are on. However, the reality is far more complicated than saying, and here is why only Sendiio 2.0 can bring you the best optimal solution to do it!

Yup, follow me till the end of my review and you’ll find out why and how to profit from the three most profitable platforms under one central dashboard of Sendiio 2.0 without any monthly fees.



Creator Joshua Zamora
Product Sendiio 2.0
Official website
Front-End Price $33 – $97
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Sendiio is the 1st and only autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, text message marketing, and FB messenger marketing all under one, central dashboard!

You can now tap into the 3 most profitable marketing channels in one place! You no longer have to wonder if the email is best, the text is best or Facebook Messenger is best.

The fact is: they all work and are all extremely profitable! and they can now tap into all of them and maximize their profits




Joshua Zamora is well-known in the online marketing market. He has been working on IM for more than a decade and gain a deep understanding of the field.

He is also the name behind many hot-selling products which are all useful for users such as SociFeed, SociRobot, Big Content Search, Tube Sniper Pro, Seamless SEO, and so on.

Last year, this guy created Sendiio – which was highly appreciated and received applause from many users worldwide. And from the users’ feedback, this guy started to leverage Sendiio to the next version – Sendiio 2.0.

If you are looking for a solution to increase your passive income, you should consider using Sendiio 2.0 to make money from Email, SMS, and FB Messenger.

Take a look at some of his very successful products which have been launched in the past:



    ♠    Tagging Automation On Steroids

This innovation will allow you to make money at every single chance you have.

You can tag any or even all of your lists at multiple points of profit – at the point of joining, throughout your follow-up sequence, or take action based on the actions they take on your broadcast messages.

Furthermore, you can automatically remove them from one tag when they get added to another and so much more.

    ♠    New Agency-Grouping Feature

This is the first and only autoresponder that allows you to create unique groups for each of your clients, so you can profitably and safely create campaigns on their behalf while keeping all of their contacts and campaigns separate!

Plus, to make it even better, you can give them sub-access to their unique group only so they too can view or create campaigns themselves.

    ♠    New and Improved Stats System For Campaigns

We should all agree that keeping your finger on the pulse of your subscribers allows you to make better decisions with your campaigns and adjust for profitability.

With this new update, the entire stats reporting page has been leveraged to give you a much better idea of what’s going on with your campaigns allowing you to get a more visual picture of your campaign stats.

    ♠    2-Way Text Messaging

You’ll need more than one interaction to make a sale with texts and this powerful feature allows you to instantly receive the replies from your SMS campaigns directly into your Sendiio account.

    ♠    SMS Text Bot-Replies

This feature has been by far enhanced and allowed you to create automatic bot replies to anyone that replies to your text messages.

Yup, Sendiio will now automatically reply back to you based on any keyword automation that you set up.

    ♠    Auto-Link Swapper Feature

When marketers make the mistake of sending the wrong/dead links, all the traffic is dead. You waste your resources and lose your income. Despite its terrible outcomes, this is the common mistake people usually make.

Well, with the Auto-Link Swapper feature, this mistake can be easily fixed. Within seconds, you can change the link of your emails to go anywhere you’d like.

Instantly fix a broken/wrong link or simply redirect the traffic to a better-converting page to increase your profit!

    ♠    Simple Importing From Any File Type

With the new Simple Importing System, you can export your list from just about any autoresponder and bring it directly into Sendiio AS-IS and import it within seconds!

    ♠    Double Optin + Custom Confirmation Emails

Many users requested the ability to double-opt-in for this very reason. Not only did they add double-opt-in, but we also added the option for their users to fully customize their confirmation emails, so they can add even more compliance verbiage where needed!

    ♠    New WYSIWYG Editor

This will definitely allow users to make as beautiful of emails as they’d like or to keep them as clean and simple as they’d like.

This editor is a complete WYSIWYG editor as well, which most people are used to, making it simple for anyone to put together an email to send out within minutes.

    ♠    New, Powerful Integrations

With the API integrations, you can simplify the entire lead-gen and follow-up process. They are currently integrated with Convertri, KickPages, MailEngageX, FX Funnels, EverZippy, DocStudio, SociSend, Genius Lander, and many more to come!

>>>Click Here To Check The Latest Version – Sendiio 3.0<<



Step 1: LOG IN

So, you will get the login information through email and use it to go inside the members’ area.


When you log in successfully, you will see the main dashboard of Sendiio 2.0 with the usage statistics and quick action buttons.



From the Email tab, click on Lists and choose Add List. To add a new list, you need to fill in the name, add the description (optional), and choose the source.


If you choose the Elite Account option, you need to choose the Elite Account and the app will automatically add the From email address. Then, you add the sender’s name to the box below.


You can choose to add the emails manually or import the whole list in a file.


  • Field: Click to select the field or start typing to search for a particular field.
  • New Field: Enter the field here if you’ve never added it before.
  • List Opt-in Mode: you need to choose Normal or Double

Tick the box if you want to use the custom unsubscribe footer and click to choose the footer.

You must tick the final box which certifies your understanding of their terms and conditions. Finally, click to the Create button.


And now, the app informs that your new list was successfully created.



In case you don’t know, an Email Broadcast is an individual email you send to a group of subscribers in your contact list.

It’s most useful when you need to get an announcement out to your list or need to send a single email to update your subscribers or users.

From the Emails tab, click on the Broadcast and choose Add Broadcast:


If you had a saved draft from the last time, the app will ask you to continue to work on it or start over with a brand new one. To save time, I chose the Use the saved draft.


Like adding a new list, you have to enter the name of the broadcast, choose to send to Lists or Tags, add lists (or exclude lists), set up the From email, and add the sender name.


You can enter the content manually or you can load the template.


After completing the content box, tick to enable: Add Tag Automation, Run Immediately? and Resend Not Opened?


  • Run Immediately: if you don’t stick this box, you can pick up a date & time to send it later.


  • Resend Not Opened: if you tick this box, you will need to fill in the time to resend, the number of hours to wait before resending, the number of resends, etc.



The sequence will include a series of arranged emails to boost the recipients’ actions.

From the Emails tab, click on Sequences and choose Add Sequences.


You will need to fill in the information below.


And click on the blue button at the end of the page to add the next email to your sequence.


Apart from the Emails monetization, you can add monetize your list with more platforms like:

  • SMS


You can manage your customers’ replies in the SMS Replies.


And based on the replies, you can set up the keyword and add a new reply to their messages.


  • Facebook

You need to add/connect your FB pages to the app before you add broadcast, sequences, or set up bot replies.


  • Twitter



Compared to the previous version last year, there have been more updates that they’ve made to the platform as well to continue to make it even better.

I just don’t mention it here because these highlights should be worth more attention and I really don’t want to interfere with your attention to something else.

You know, the major changes they made are all masterpieces, which not only better the users’ experience but also make the software become an irreplaceable autoresponder in the market. In short, it makes the overall platform much better.

I have to admit that I’m grateful for every single detail – every considerate thought that the developers have invested in this innovation!

From general things like exporting stats for better client research to details like time zone selection for delivering emails at the best time for the users.

As a customer, I would say there is nothing, not at all, you could complain about it.

The software also supports other utilities such as the mass deletion of emails and phone numbers by file to remove non-engaged subscribers, or a much-improved follow-up sequence scheduler to give users more flexibility in how their follow-up sequences are delivered, publishing of emails in the cloud so users can view or share the link with anyone and many more.

Check what beta testers saying about this  amazing product below:



The front-end


This offer gives you full access to use the Email, Text, and FB Messenger automation and list-building features. PLUS, in this launch, the Agency access is also provided on the FE, so you can offer these 3 services to your clients as well.

For the first 6 hours of the launch, you can have the chance to get this great offer at the price of $33. This price is 100% reasonable especially when you consider the exclusive features packed inside the members’ area.

Then for the following 30 hours, there will be a dimesale leading to $47 for Agency and $42 for Personal License.

I would say it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to run into such a good and cheap product like this. Just secure an early bird ticket to Sendiio 2.0 for you because if you waste too much time hesitating, the price will go up really fast and later change to the monthly/yearly payments.

This is not only a good product to you complete your task easily, but it’s also an amazing making money opportunity that you should take to earn passive income.


The Upsells

In addition to the FE, you can add more value to your business with these OTOs:

OTO 1: Sendiio Academy ($37.33)

In this training, you will be shown how to build the first 1,000 subscribers in the next 14 days or less.

He’s going to share with you 10 different free traffic strategies that you can start using today to generate as much traffic as you’d like and start building your list.

OTO 2: Sendiio Elite ($1)

This allows you to bypass the SMTP setup process and send emails using their powerful servers of seasoned IP Addresses. This will ensure you get higher, faster, and more reliable delivery right out of the gate.


OTO 3: Sendiio VA License ($47)

This deal gives you instant access to your VA to run campaigns for you and never compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but never get access to any of your leads.

OTO 4: Sendiio Booster ($67)

One of the most powerful things when it comes to listing marketing is to send to your unopened. One of the unique things about Sendiio is the ability to send your unopened automatically when setting up your campaigns.

OTO 5Sendiio + EmailRamp ($67)

This is Neil Napier‘s EmailRamp platform that comes preloaded with 999+ high-converting, pre-written emails that customers can copy+paste into Sendiio to generate profit without writing a single word themselves.

It has 9 different niches and 7 different styles of emails from storytellers, emotional emails, re-engagement, and much much more.



Anyone who works in the online marketing industry should seriously consider this product for your making money toolkit because Email/Text Message/ FB Messenger campaigns are the quickest ways to approach customers.

You should not miss this outstanding invention if you work as/ work in:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • e-Commerce Stores
  • Digital Product Vendors
  • Local Marketers
  • Agency Marketers
  • For ANY other business model online or offline.


Get this Senddio 2.0 on the launch, you will get all the bonuses below for free:




  • 100% friendly to newbies
  • Full and detailed instructions to use
  • Automated process
  • Import Unlimited Lists
  • Create Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create Unlimited Text Message Marketing Campaigns
  • Double Optin + Custom Confirmation Emails
  • Create Unlimited Facebook Messenger Campaigns
  • New And Improved Stats System For Campaigns
  • New Agency-Grouping Feature
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Up to now, there is not any.


We all have to admit that we haven’t found any reason to reject buying this product. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never encourage you to make an investment without any clear thoughts.

However, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can give it a try to make sure it will suitably help your business.

And based on my experience with it, I strongly believe that it will not let you down since Sendiio is designed to combine the 3 most profitable marketing campaigns and give you a chance to make a high and stable income easily.

Hopefully, you will make a smart decision for your business. Thank you for reading my Sendiio 2.0 review!


(Or you only get the Front-end, but if you have ever purchased the product through my link and got those bonus packages above, you can send me a request to ask for any two bonus packages below)

1/ Mega Bonus Package 1

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2/ Mega Bonus Package 2

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3/ Mega Bonus Package 3

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4/ Mega Bonus Package 4

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5/ Mega Bonus Package 5

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6/ Mega Bonus Package 6

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Step 1: Buy Sendiio 2.0 on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected].

And step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading my Sendiio 2.0 Review

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