RHIMS 7.0 – Trend Marketing review: How to ride a billion dollar wave of wealth by riding trends as an affiliate marketer

RHIMS 7.0 – Trend Marketing Review

How to Ride a Billion Dollar Wave of Wealth By Riding Trends as an Affiliate Marketer.

Welcome to a comprehensive review of the latest installment in a renowned series dedicated to revolutionizing internet marketing strategies.

Within these pages lies a treasure trove of insights into the future of affiliate marketing. This iteration transcends traditional approaches, guiding readers toward a paradigm shift in income generation.

Embracing cutting-edge methodologies, this review explores the essence of spotting emerging trends, harnessing the power of niche markets, and prioritizing revenue generation above all else.

Join us as we dissect the innovative concepts reshaping the affiliate marketing landscape and paving the way for unparalleled success in the digital realm.


RHIMS 7.0 – Trend Marketing Review- Overview



JayKay Dowdall et al

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RHIMS 7.0 – Trend Marketing

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What is this product?

RHIMS 7.0 marks the latest installment in JayKay Dowdall‘s acclaimed RHIMS series (Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff). Within this iteration, readers will delve into the realm of Affiliate Marketing 2.0 – a groundbreaking approach to earning income as an affiliate marketer.

Spotting lucrative trends ahead of the curve presents a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers. Venturing into high-paying programs within burgeoning niches stands as a prime avenue for affiliates to capitalize on traffic without the need for an established brand or pre-existing assets. Any affiliate can seamlessly tap into emerging trends today, irrespective of possessing a mailing list or a substantial following.

Forget about email marketing, video marketing, blogging, or social media outreach. This “hidden figure” methodology of affiliate marketing is singularly fixated on one objective: driving sales. With no emphasis on the affiliate’s branding, the focus remains solely on generating revenue streams.

RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing Review- About the author


JayKay Dowdall is the mastermind behind the development of the RHIMS series.

In recent times, JayKay has garnered success with numerous products highly endorsed by esteemed experts in the marketing realm. Notable mentions include Funnelize, RHIMS Vol series, 10xPLR – Reading Head Start, Quantum Commissions, The HIVE, and Take Action Online, all renowned for their exceptional value and impact.

Now, JayKay is set to unveil RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing – the latest iteration in the RHIMS series – which is poised to become the next sensation.

To discern the efficacy of JayKay Dowdall‘s latest creation, delve into the following section to explore its features further.

Let’s take a look together at his recent sales history. As you can see, his products have received nearly perfect ratings. He has also won ‘Deal Of The Day’ awards on the WarriorPlus platform.


What will you learn from this course?

Learners who have traversed through parts 1-6 of the RHIMS series have commended JayKay‘s pragmatic teaching style, which distills complex concepts into actionable steps. These steps serve to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application, consolidating the knowledge acquired from various courses and programs.

Put simply, the strategies outlined in RHIMS empower students to translate their knowledge into tangible outcomes, yielding measurable success in boosting sales and expanding the prospect base within affiliate product sales funnels.

RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing goes even further by offering meticulously crafted case studies that meticulously dissect each aspect covered in the primary course content. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive guided checklist to ensure students cover all essential material, facilitating thorough understanding and implementation.

Here’s what you will discover inside RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing:

You need a big list of email subscribers to make truckloads of cash as an affiliate, right? Wrong! In RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing, JayKay Dowdall will show you how to ride trends across multiple niches if you don’t have a single email subscriber.

​AVOID making videos, creating blogs, running social media channels, and creating/buying content to make yourself ‘stand out’. With trend-riding, you’re completely invisible! Heck, most customers don’t even know that a portion of their money went to you as your commission!

His simple framework is to leverage AI to create sales content for you in multiple niches. When trend-riding visitors see this content they’ll immediately understand the value you’re showing them and buy, BUY, BUY!

How to instantly become a competitive affiliate in almost any niche, and have a vast selection of affiliate offers at your fingertips that pay you for every sale AND even for getting people to take a free trial!

The sneaky underground tactic that attracts visitors in search of answers, and slides a sales pitch right under their noses. This leaves prospects asking “Where do I buy this?” before finding the answer by clicking your affiliate link.

​The ‘old school’ way of creating affiliate promotions has been forgotten through time as people discovered loopholes, hacks, and software that never worked (this old-school skill has been spitting sales at my account for years).

Here’s everything included in RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing:

Full end-to-end case study including over 10 hours of total recorded footage (edited down into bitesize modules to cut all the fluff and leave the gold for viewers.)

​The lowdown on spotting trends, and the trends that are best to invest in. Whether short-lived fads or decade-long megatrends, this content will show you exactly how to leverage trends.

Community support, direct access to JayKay Dowdall for campaign management, and mindset to understand how to leverage this powerful information.

Trend Network Checklist:

This invaluable guide introduces you to beginner-friendly networks beyond the usual suspects – no WarriorPlus, JVZoo, or Clickbank here. The team has carefully selected networks that are perfect for those starting, focusing on trending products in large niches!

​Ai Content Roadmap:

Guides you to create content that attracts buyers in current trends. This roadmap is an invaluable guide for creating impactful, AI-driven content that turns prospects into customers.

​Content Design Roadmap:

This roadmap is your shortcut to creating eye-catching, effective content for your affiliate offers. Learn how to select the right domain, use images and captions smartly, include essential legal pages, and even integrate videos effectively.

​Eye-Grabbing Visuals Handbook:

This handbook is your treasure trove of tips for creating content that doesn’t just blend in but stands out and gets attention. Learn the secrets of image, composition, and the shock factor relevant to your audience

​Attention-Grabber Action Plan:

This action plan is a goldmine of strategies to create headlines that truly captivate. Learn to harness the power of curiosity, craft irresistible listicles, master the ‘How-To’, ask the right questions, and leverage FOMO to your advantage.

​Campaign Launch Blueprint:

This blueprint is your roadmap to successful campaign launches using the ‘Wave of Wealth’ strategy. It covers vital aspects like validating opportunities, setting realistic targets, and understanding the value of each opportunity you discover.

​Billions in 2024 – Trend Cheatsheet:

From fitness in January to high-tech gadgets in August, and even unique insights for the holiday season, it’s packed with valuable info to help you capitalize on cyclical trends. Perfect for planning your affiliate campaigns, this cheat sheet is your roadmap to tapping into lucrative markets throughout the year.

​And yes, even more!


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Price and Evaluation

FE: RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing

As you can see above, JayKay Dowdall‘s products always maintain truly excellent quality, as well as being warmly received and highly rated by the community.

I dare say to you that to own a good product like RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing, you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars. However, as a special launch event, JayKay and his team will open up the opportunity for you to own it for just … $27 (one-time payment).

Moreover, the team also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, where you can request a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase if the product is not as described, or if you are not satisfied with its quality. This policy is an affirmation of the credibility and quality of the product. Of course, I believe you won’t need to use it, as his sales history shows that the refund rate for previous products is nearly negligible (1-2% due to duplicate purchases and common payment issues).


Let’s recap everything that you will get:


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The Upsells/OTOs

Before you wrap up, let’s not miss out on the chance to supercharge your results with their upsell offerings, designed to amplify your success with RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing.

OTO 1: RHIMS7 – 2024 Trend Report ($67)

This trend report includes 30 unique trends that most affiliates have never even heard of! Each report includes video analysis (10-15min deep-dive video) – that’s over 3 hours of total research that’s done for you!

Each report also includes 100’s-1000’s of identified keywords depending on the trend. We’ve also identified which of these keywords are easiest to rank organically for, and where there are opportunities for paid search marketing.

Each report also includes content suggestions to position an affiliate offer in front of buyers in this niche.

Each report also includes a recommendation for the best possible affiliate offer for this trend: We’ve also found the exact network/offer that is running within these trends.

30 trends that you’ve never heard of with verified data across Google, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

OTO 2: Wave of Wealth – Founding Member ($247)

Founding members of the Wave of Wealth community will only pay a one-time fee of $247 to access the most ambitious affiliate marketing case study in history.

JayKay Dowdall is creating a new identity and starting from absolutely nothing to create an entirely new affiliate marketing business by leveraging the principles inside RHIMS 7 (and the entire RHIMS series).

Founding members of Wave of Wealth will watch every single step as JayKay starts from scratch and answers the #1 question in all of affiliate marketing “If you lost everything and had to start from scratch, what would you do?”

Founding member perks: One-time fee evergreen access to the group/case study, exclusive access to the internal affiliate program for founding members only. A front-row seat to the most transparent affiliate case study EVER.

Who should purchase this RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing?

This product is ideal for individuals who are looking to elevate their affiliate marketing game to the next level. It’s suited for:

  • Aspiring Affiliate Marketers: Those new to affiliate marketing who want to kickstart their journey with innovative strategies and insights.
  • Experienced Affiliate Marketers: Seasoned professionals seeking fresh perspectives and advanced techniques to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their earnings potential.
  • Entrepreneurs: Individuals keen on diversifying their income streams or exploring new avenues for online revenue generation.
  • Marketing Professionals: Those working in the digital marketing sphere who want to expand their skill set and stay abreast of emerging trends in affiliate marketing.
  • Business Owners: Small business owners or e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to leverage affiliate marketing as a cost-effective way to boost sales and expand their customer base.
  • Anyone Seeking Passive Income: Individuals interested in passive income opportunities without the need for significant upfront investment or extensive branding efforts.
  • Trend Spotters: Those with a knack for identifying emerging trends and capitalizing on them before they become mainstream.

The end of my RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing review

In conclusion, RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing by JayKay Dowdall heralds a new era in affiliate marketing with its groundbreaking approach, Affiliate Marketing 2.0.

By prioritizing revenue generation over branding and focusing on emerging trends within high-paying niche markets, this installment of the RHIMS series offers a fresh perspective and actionable strategies for affiliate marketers.

With its emphasis on driving sales and capitalizing on untapped opportunities, RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing equips readers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, RHIMS 7.0: Trend Marketing is an indispensable resource for staying ahead of the curve and maximizing your earning potential in the world of internet marketing.




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