PicAds 2.0 Animate Review & Bonuses

PicAds 2.0 Animate Review


PicAds 2.0 Animate ReviewWhat catches a customer’s first attention?

It must be graphics or advertisement design!

As a business owner, being able to present your offer in an impressive and professional looking means you gain 50% success, making people more interested in getting to know your products.


PicAds 2.0 Animate Review- What Is It?

PicAds 2.0 Animate is a breakthrough invention, a tool for creating Promotion Ads Design content to increase your profits. PicAds 2.0 Animate gives you the opportunity to easily create attention-grabbing content targeted at your audience to increase clicks on your Ads. Using PicAds 2.0 Animate gives assurance of more clicks, leads, and sales without stress.

The package features a collection of 1120+ professionally designed animated ads templates with 40 HOT niches and 28 Ad size ratios. Designed only with PowerPoint, the templates are easy to use. Get more value for promotion ads; no need for complex software.

It only takes a few minutes. Create unique designs for social feed posts, social branding, banner ads, display banners, and other ads. Choose from over 1120+ ready-to-use PicAds 2.0 Animate collections.

About The Creators


PicAds 2.0 Animate is the latest invention of Bayu Tara Wijaya and his partner Sam Arief.

Both Bay and Sam are well-known product creators who distributed many successful launches in the marketplace. Not to mention their accumulated wealth from spending years creating things, they never stop innovating and catching up with the trends to supply users at the right time. Videoowide, Grаpvidty MX, SOCIOWIDE, etc speak for their efforts

PicAds 2.0 Animate is аnother product mаde by the collаborаtion between Sam аnd Baya. I totally believe that it will inherit the success from its predecessors.

What Do You Benefit From The Product?

I would like to mention some special features of the product:

    ♦    All-in-One Animated Ads Creator

Tested and trusted. Create ad designs that sell your brand. Get more engagement and leads with stunning, and converting promotion ads. Start and finish your best designs in minutes.


    ♦    1,120+ Professionally Designed Ready-Made Templates in HOT Niches



You will be greatly impressed with the template library in PicAds 2.0 Animate. You can browse any templates for almost all niches as well as local businesses: Restaurant, Cosmetic, Clothes, Car…

Create compelling visuals for promotion banners. Get more exposure through social advertisements, web advertisements, and more.


    ♦    Templates for All Online Ads

Now you have a chance to increase the online visibility of your eCommerce business with interesting ad content

PicAds 2.0 Animate is an instant tool to create eCom design for Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Tumblr Ads, and more. Then, you can easily Publish or Post your ads on social feed posts, social branding, banner ads, display banners, and anywhere ads spots.

Take a quick look at how stunning your ads look on Instagram. You can enhance your brand’s Instagram Feed Landscape, Portrait, Square, and much more.

Of course, PicAds 2.0 Animate offers you multiple options to display your business or create stories on another platform to reach more people.


    ♦    Elegant and Colorful Styles

All templates feature NEW and AUTHENTIC designs and colorful styles to improve visuals and encourage engagement with your Ads to get more clicks, leads, and sales.

More pictures for you to feel it good:


    ♦    Define Your Style

This feature will encourage your creativity!

Access quick edits and customize templates using only PowerPoint. Change text, replace images and improve visual appeal. No need for tech skills, easy to use for everyone.


    ♦    Animations Grab Attention

Done-for-you with full animations, no fuss & hassle. Your ads will instantly grab attention & help you stand out for getting traffic with ease.




Why Should You Consider It?

    ♣    It Is Designed to Suit the Requirements of Marketers

PicAds 2.0 Animate comes at a low price and is simple to operate. Using PowerPoint technology allows a beginner to edit templates and graphics without issues. You probably will not need the redundant features of typical designing software anyway as the well-tested content library is ready to be used.

    ♣    The Templates Matches Social Media Users’ Tastes

In order to get massive flows of traffic, leads, and followers on social media networks, your ads have to stand out from the crowd. Understanding this, PicAds 2.0 Animate gives you the most fashionable and latest trend designs with the aim to help you win in the competition.

How Does PicAds 2.0 Animate Work?

I have ever tried PicAds 2.0 Animate to make ads for my own business. Honestly, the tool is extremely simple to use although I don’t have any skills in designing. Now I will show you how to generate it just in 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose from 1,000+ proven ready-made templates


Depending on the ratio you want to make, for example, you want to make a promotion ad on Instagram:


Step 2: Click to edit text, images or add your own brand

Here you hold the total control and edit to fit your customers’ taste

Edit Text, Color, Font Style; Adjust picture position,…


Step 3: Export your design to jpg/png, see your original design

Save it with the format you want…


Eventually, you get the final result like this:


It is so simple, right? If you wish to see more details, watch my quick DEMO video below:


Who Is It Intended For?

Look at 42 HOT niches that PicAds 2.0 Animate can serve. If you are the owner of any businesses below meaning you should buy it for amazing promotion ads and save a lot of money from hiring people or expensive tool packages.

if you don’t find your niche on the list, you can still mix-and-match to create customized designs with features you like!

In short, PicAds 2.0 Animate is an essential asset for:

    +    eCommerce store owners

    +    Advertisers

    +    Online/Offline Business Owner

    +    Fiverr / Freelancer (Upgrade to PicAds Platinum to get the commercial license)

    +    Affiliates and Internet Marketers

    +    Newbies

PicAds 2.0 Animate Review- Pros & Cons


    ♥    Superior quality

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    A NEW BREAKTHROUGH to Getting High-Converting Sales

    ♥    1,000+ Done-For-You High-Quality eCommerce Promotion Ads Templates in HOT Niches

    ♥    Effortless to Attract Attention, TRUST, and BUYERS

    ♥    Ready-To-Use Template and Ease

    ♥    100% FULLY Edited in Powerpoint

    ♥    NO Monthly Fee

    ♥    No skills or experiences needed

    ♥    Created by talented and renowned software creators

    ♥    Huge Demands

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    ♥    There are no disadvantages of using this product

Price & Evaluation

Front-end: PicAds 2.0 Animate ($19)

Pay $19 to own this revolutionary design tool, I think it is affordable and even much cheaper than usual software on the marketplace now. You can take advantage of PicAds 2.0 Animate to create an outstanding-looking promotion ad for your own business and receive more attention, interest, and sales.

Good news for you! Price will be $19 for the first 4 hours for an early bird account.

I highly recommend you should take action right now because this good deal will not last long and increase soon. Plus, you get30-day money-back guarantee. This investment is completely risk-free! Why not buy now?


What’s more, if you are looking for some advanced feature, consider PicAds Pro OTOs here:

OTO 1: PicAds 2.0 Animate PLATINUM ($37) >>>Click here<<<

OTO 2: Grapvidty MX Bundle ($67) >>>Click here<<<

Bonuses From Authors

Wow, after getting PicAds 2.0 Animate you will be given 8 huge and effective bonuses:



Well, I am going to finish my review here, and thank you so much for reading my whole PicAds 2.0 Animate review. Hopefully, you find this tool meets your requirements and I believe that you will not find a better application with a really low price like PicAds 2.0 Animate anywhere.

Instead of wasting doubting or using crappy things, invest just only $19 and it will help you create eCommerce Ads that look stunning, high converting, and generate more sales!

Notice! The price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! You get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Why not now?

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below:


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