DesignBundle Local Edition Review – Ultimate Using Images In Your Marketing Strategy

DesignBundle Local Edition Review



DesignBundle comes back with Local Edition!

This product hit the market a couple of months ago and was sold like crazy as it kicks out one of the most serious worries – designing. These are the nightmare scenarios that marketers are facing: 

    ♥    Fancy software to design is expensive, complicated and time-consuming (you have to learn the skills right?)

    ♥    Free software rarely has enough features for your needs (more sadly that normally you can download just one copy)

    ♥    Royalty-free image sites can cost you $300 per month OR MORE.

    ♥    Graphic design artists don’t come cheap and you’ll wait for results.

That’s why DesignBundle Local Bundle has received a huge welcome from marketers of all levels.

Without huge budget, without learning curves or specific designing skills, they are able to create UNLIMITED PREMIUM graphics, banner ads, logo, GIF, ebook and more.

In this launch, besides 10 design tools, the creators decided to add one more BIG ADVANTAGEAgency License & Agency Kit helping you work with local clients. Roll down to read my detailed review including my updates of this amazing product.




Creator Ifiok Nkem 
Product DesignBundle Local Edition
Launch Date 2019-Oct-29
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website
Front-End Price $37
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Generally, DesignBundle Local Bundle is the ultimate all in one design software bundle coming with 10 design tools for creating outstanding and high converting graphics & images for marketers and businesses.

Thanks to this EASY-TO-USE graphics solution on the market, you never worry about how many ones you can create. Because the answer is UNLIMITED!

No other software or agencies can do this with one-time payment like DesignBundle Local Bundle does. The local edition comes with Commercial/Agency License PLUS Website & Graphics Design Agency Kit.

So, what’s inside these 10 powerful tools that make DesignBundle Local Bundle stand out? Go on reading my DesignBundle Local Edition Review and you will know.

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The most important feature of DesignBundle Local Bundle is that you don’t need to hire an expert or buy any other costly software but still can create as much as stunning images, graphics, GIFs as you like for more attention, more traffic and boosting conversion rate.

Here I am going to summarize 10 tools included in DesignBundle Local Bundle to serve the purpose above:

DesignBundle Tool #1: LANDING PAGE BUILDER

It comes with hundreds of blocks and professional landing page templates. With this software you can build up beautiful websites in minutes by adding pre-made design elements and blocks to the page and then edit using Drag&Drop with no design or coding skills.



You cannot miss this perfect tool for pumping out awesome designs for Facebook ads, social media covers, post, e-covers, business cards, presentation covers, T-shirts, memes, and many more in just minutes even if you have ZERO technical or design skills.


DesignBundle Tool #3: LOGO CREATOR

With over 545,000 SVG icons inside, this Artificial Intelligence (A.I) powered tool enables you to easily create stunning logos for your startups, businesses and ideas in minutes.


DesignBundle Tool #4: ECOVER CREATOR

Attractive covers contribute to the product’s high evaluation from the customers. Understanding this, the creator bring you DesignBundle with 500+ beautiful cover templates. Producing beautiful 3D e-cover mockups for your books, software or anything is easy and quick like never before. 


DesignBundle Tool #5: MOCKUP CREATOR

Want to display your business in the most impressive way? Easy as pie with DesignBundle Local Bundle!

Mockup Creator with 100+ mockup templates – laptop, desktop, iPads, watch, etc allows you to generate beautiful mockups in seconds to showcase your work, shape your idea and prove your concept. 


DesignBundle Tool #6: SCENE CREATOR

Create eye-catching desk mockup with drag and drop screens and over 300 movable items.

A little effort is needed: Choose a desk style, add screen, add accessories, add text, add background and export in a snap.


DesignBundle Tool #7: STOCK EXPLORER

This is a huge library of all kinds of royalty free Visual Content. Featuring 2 million+ Images, 10,000+ Vectors, 2,500+ HQ Clipart, 1,500+ Audio Tracks, 5,000+Video Backgrounds, 8,000+ Animated Graphics and much more.


DesignBundle Tool #8: FLEXIBLE IMAGES

A rich library of 15,000 high resolution images which are entirely compatible with almost all the graphic, video, web design, presentation, cloud based apps. Together with transparent background that blends perfectly with any project.


DesignBundle Tool #9: EBOOK CREATOR

This software helps you to turn boring documents as in Tutorials, Ebooks, Courses, Magazines, Journals, DIY Articles, Textbooks, Fiction, into beautiful and eye popping designs in minutes.


DesignBundle Tool #10: VIDEO TO GIF CREATOR

Thanks to this online video converter, you can upload your mp4, avi, WebM, flv, wmv and many other popular types of video and rich media files to turn them into high quality animated GIFs


Here comes the best part, you can use DesignBundle Local Bundle for your company’s campaigns, or you can even generate a design agency completely from scratch without any prior experience. Agency Kit included takes care of everything you need: 

    ♦    Stunning ready-made design Agency website

The very first and important step is already done. Every website is filled with your desired content, so you just need to make some changes and start getting clients

    ♦    Irresistible Proposal (Ms Word & Powerpoint)

This loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics which are specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them. It’s much easier to close the deals.

    ♦    Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence

Simply copy and paste this well-written and created-to-convert email sequence into your favorite auto responder service provider to turn cold leads into real buyers.

    ♦    Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts for graphics

Follow these step-by-step scripts in different sales scenarios (in person and over the phone) to ensure your prospects only say YESto your design services And pay you MORE for your professional services

    ♦    Print-ready commercial Graphics templates for design service (business card, letter head, invoice, trifold brochure)

Let your brand be presented professionally at all time. You can edit in few clicks to best suit your style so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

    ♦    4 DFY Facebook ads creative

You can run Facebook ads targeted at other businesses who are seeking for the service creating logo, graphics, etc (I am sure it is in high demand) and get clients. A collection of ready-to-deploy Facebook ads creatives will help you with this.

    ♦    DFY web banners & google ads

You can promote your design business and reach more potential clients worldwide, by placing this eye-catching ad banners on websites, blogs, Gmail or any mobile devices and apps.

    ♦    DFY Legal contract vetted by an attorney

It allows the client and you both to refer back the terms and requirements if there is a question about the work or payment of each project (even if it is an e-mail). Simply customize and use.

    ♦    Arbitrage Tip

Charge $500 – $10k per client. Deliver using any of the design tools in DesignBundle Local Bundle.




DesignBundle Local Edition is the creation of Ifiok Nkem with his 2 partners Johm Gibb and Mo Miah

Ifiok Nkem has worked as a professional marketer as well as a product developer for more than 10 years. He has earned the reputation for his successful launches known as among the best solutions for online business owners to deal with many problems about list building, designing viral images and many more.

You have probably ever heard of his products such as List Grow, DesignBundle, Local One,... Randomly search one of those names on the Internet and you will find it with loads of good review, high evaluation from experts and the trust from the users and of course, over thousands sold out.

Finding that the demand for designing images, graphics, logos, etc keeps growing, especially for local business, Ifiok has updated DesignBundle Local Edition to meet this urgent need, and to help you earn more extra money.


For each campaign whether creating logo or eBook or others, the process is quite the same.

Overall, as you can see, there are 10 tools here, pick one for the campaign you intend to make


You just need to simple steps:

Step 1: Add New Campaign

Step 2: Choose templete/ pre-made stuff that suit your need, customize if you like

Step 3: Publish

Now I am going to demonstrate one of the strategy which can be made from DesignBundle – Design a graphic for promotion

First, just click to create your new design


Secondly, you now have an access to a huge library of pre-made templates which can be used for a wide variety of categories: Facebook Banners; Twitter Covers; T-shirts…


Thirdly, after choosing the most suitable template, start customizing it how you want it to appear. Drag&Drop makes things really easy!


Finally, publish

Please take a look at your work already done! I have three words to describe: Catchy-Colorful-Stunning

The amazing image that you think only experts can design but now you are able to do this just with clicks effortlessly! That’s why you cannot leave without buying this powerful tool DesignBundle


Frankly, you need to watch the DEMO VIDEO below. Why? Because This is just the demonstration of one function. There are many more and more. The video will show you clearly what DesignBundle can do for you:

Overview Videos For Each Tool

Page Builder

Stock Explorer

Graphics Editor


And more videos you can watch in the salepage:



As I mentioned before, all kinds of business cannot neglect the role of images and graphics. They are used for almost all purposes, niches and plans to feature business’s professional looking and credibility .

To be specific, DesignBundle Local Bundle is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Video Marketers

    +    Brick & Mortar Store  Owners

    +    Small or Local Business

    +    Product Creators

    +    Freelancers

    +    Traffic Specialists

    +    List Builders

    +    eCommerce​​​ Stores

    +    Bloggers

    +    Offline Marketers

    +    Social Media Marketers


I conducted a comparison between DesignBundle tools with others’ tools and it can be easily shown from the 3 tables that: Whether on price aspect or on function aspect, DesignBundle Local Bundle all win the competitive advantage.

It provides you with many tools, a lot of which others cannot give you, while it offers a really affordable price. So, Why not give DesignBundle Local Bundle a try?

TOOL: DesignBundle Graphics Designer

Features Design
Youzign Photo
Canva DesignoPro 2 Pixel
Drag n Drop Editor YES YES —- YES YES YES
Web based YES YES —- YES YES YES
Free Templates 3000+ 1000+ —- >3000+ 700+ 1450+
Number of free stock images 2.5M+
1 M + —-


$1 each

$47 Upsell
Pixabay curation
Ecover Themes YES YES —- —- YES —-
Ecover Engine YES —- —- —- —- —-
Logo Creator YES $97
—- —- —- —-
3D Mockup Creator YES YES —- —- —- —-
Mockup Themes YES YES —- —- YES —-
Magic Mockups YES —- —- —- —- —-
Scene Creator YES —- —- —- —- —-
Ebook Creator YES —- —- YES —- —-
Quotes Database YES —- —- —- —- YES
Commercial/Dev License YES ?? —- YES $47 upsell YES
Graphics Kit YES —- —- —- —- —-
Magic Resize YES YES —- YES YES YES
Offline Graphics YES YES YES YES YES YES
Price For a $47 one time fee, you get this plus 9 other design apps $120 Per Year


$29 per month

$120/yr (*work) $29




TOOL: DesignBundle Flexible Images

Features Design Bundle Flexible Img Cutout Images Bundle
Transparent image database 15,000 10,000 5,000
Searchable YES YES
Cloudbased YES YES
Commercial License YES YES $37 Upsell
Pricing For a $47 one time fee, you get this plus 9 other design apps $67 onetime $27 one time

TOOL: DesignBundle Page Builder

Features DesignBundle  LeadPages InstaPage ClickFunnels
No of pages (max) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1000 max
Readymade Section/Blocks YES YES
Components YES YES YES YES
Huge library of elements and styles YES YES YES YES
Easy/Beginner Friendly 9/10 5/10 7/10 7/10
Mobile Responsive YES YES YES YES
Wix Style Editor YES YES YES YES
Can Self Host YES
No Monthly Fee YES
Price For a $47 one time fee, you get this plus 9 other design apps $67 per month $79 per month $97 per month


Front End: DESIGNBUNDLE LOCAL EDITION ($37 – Lifetime)

Although this version is updated, especially added with the valuable Agency Kit, the price is even cheaper than the first launch with just $37. Honestly with this price, you just afford some logos, don’t mention other kinds of graphics or images!

Please consider carefully and take quick action because the price will go up soon. Its plan is right below:

Day 1:

  • $37 early bird till 3 PM when the price increase to $39
  • $2 Coupon – DB2off valid till midnight on day 1


Price increases by $2 every day starting from midnight on day 2

In addition, you still get 30 Day Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked. Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money.

It is a risk-free investment. DesignBundle Local Bundle is going to give you 10 superior design tools, together with Agency Materials to start a business all under one roof – that are going to save you time, money and effort, reduce your risk at suffering at the hands of unreliable designers and improve the quality of your design work. So, it totally deserves your try!

What’more, you can consider more choices with advanced features in DesignBundle OTOs:




That’s a total of SIX brand new services meaning potentially 6 X more money for you. Here are the extra kits you will get:

  • DFY Video Agency Kit
  • DFY Mobile App Kit
  • ‘Done For You’ Messenger Bot Agency Kit
  • DFY FB Ads Business Agency Kit
  • DFY Social Media Marketing Agency Kit
  • DFY SEO Audit Agency Business Kit

Every Kit Comes Pre-Loaded With These Professionally Created And Designed Marketing Tools:

  • DFY ready-made video Agency website
  • DFY Proposal (Ms Word & Powerpoint)
  • DFY Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence
  • DFY Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts for videos
  • DFY Print-ready commercial Graphics templates
  • DFY Facebook ad creatives
  • DFY legal contract vetted by an attorney


Grab the all-in-one Facebook marketing bundle, comprising 12 software for the price of 1 and become the go-to agency for Facebook marketing needs of all the local businesses



    +    Ultimate – $197

    +    50 Accounts – $97

Reseller license to a suite of 10 premium design software + done for you sales copy, sales page, VSL, email swipes, etc… Sell unlimited accounts of this mass appeal software and keep 100% of the profit.

From your reseller dashboard, you can set up your pricing and plans (lifetime or monthly subscriptions) in a few clicks. You can also connect your payment gateway for auto account creation (JVzoo, Paypal, Thrivecart, etc)

They also handle support for you so you have nothing to worry about.






    ♥    10 Professional, Easy To Use Design App

    ♥    Superior Quality

    ♥    Easy to Use

    ♥    Designed To Rustle Up Your Every Design Need In Just Minutes

    ♥    Go Viral With Quick-To-Create Memes

    ♥    Quickly: Create Eye-Catching Social Media Covers

    ♥    Quickly Create Profitable T-Shirt Designs

    ♥    Unique AI Software Automatically Makes Your Logos

    ♥    Create 3D Ecovers

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    No skills or experiences needed

    ♥    Created by a talented and renowned software creator

    ♥    Huge Demands

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    ♥    There are no disadvantages of using this product. Just one thing is you should make sure the internet connection is good enough to run it smoothly.


Bonus #1: Social Traffic Bot

This WordPress plugin gets you lead, sales and buyers on autopilot in 3 simple steps. With this plugin, you can automatically post viral engaging contents from your blog to multiple social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler, Buffer app, Pinterest, etc)

Post instantly, schedule post and auto repost already existing post. Leverage millions of users on social media platforms.

Since the Cambridge analytic scandal, it has been difficult to get this working on Facebook, but not anymore. Thanks to Social traffic Bot. Works well on Facebook with business profiles, business pages, and even groups.

Gets attention, engages your audience, gets them excited and turns them into leads, and buyers.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Content Vault

The ultimate social media marketing vault with everything you need to engage your audience, wow them, get them excited and turn them into leads and sales.

It comes with:

✔ 65,000+ Inspirational Image Quotes.

✔ 175,000+ Text Quotes (Spreadsheet)

✔ 1300+ Motivational Videos

✔ 2000+ Fitness Videos

✔ 300 Yoga Videos

✔ 300 Cooking Videos

✔ 4000+ Stylish & Engaging Fitness Image Quotes

✔ 6500+ Best Interesting Facts Images

✔ 4500+ Best Movie Quotes Images

✔ 39,500+ Recipe Images 

✔ 99,000 PLR articles (multiple niches)

Plus 365 days social media content calendar & strategy (this alone is worth $1,997)

With this vault you will never lack content for your social media marketing again.

Bonus #3: Viralsuite 

Viralsuite is a WordPress plugin to build a viral content sharing platform.

Viralsuite supports news, lists, images, audio, videos, playlists, galleries, social media embeds, polls and quizzes.

With ViralSuite, anyone can easily create viral lists, quizzes and polls quickly and easily from the first use.

ViralSuite supports open list & copy list features to allow any user of your site to contribute to viral lists. Alongside the cool meme generator, gallery and playlist builder will take your site to the next level.

ViralSuite is compatible with most of the WordPress themes around here. Besides, you can customize your site with other plugins & themes as necessary. So now you can create your own Buzzfeed like site on WordPress.

Bonus #4: Design Bundle Monetisation Training

This value webinar we will be covering:

1- The fastest way to monetisation with Design Bundle

2- How to get clients coming to YOU for YOUR design services

3- How to go from 0-10k a month by getting 5 local clients paying you 2k per month

4- How to use Design Bundle to create beautiful Instagram and Facebook Ads

5- How to use Design Bundle to create beautiful stories for FB and Insta that you can SELL as a service

6- Show you how to create a full done 4 you agency in the next 8 weeks. 

7- How to FIND clients that are ready to buy.

8- 2 FREE software just for attending this webinar live

9 – Q&A Time

10- $100 Cash Giveaway LIVE


Well, my DesignBundle Local Edition review today is quite long but you still keep calm and finish reading till now. I am so happy and thank you so much for being so nice.

I hope that, with my honest thoughts about DesignBundle Local Edition, you will learn more about the product and appreciate its real value. $37 is not at all a high price for DesignBundle Local Edition superior

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below:


1/ Mega Bonus Package 1 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

1/ Mega Bonus Package 2 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

Or you can choose

3/ Mega Bonus Package 3 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

4/ Mega Bonus Package 4 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<


Step 1: Buy at least one product on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: Choose which bonuses you want in your email and you will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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