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Storytelling has always been a powerful way to connect with people and grab their attention. Creating a short, engaging story has proven to be effective in building a connection and getting people interested.

A well-crafted short story can capture an audience’s attention, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression. But nowadays ChatGPT was born to help with.

It makes the process of creating attention-grabbing stories more streamlined. By tapping into the creative capabilities of ChatGPT, businesses can make their storytelling not only effective but also customized to resonate with their specific audience.

However, to make the most of this technology, businesses need guidance. Navigating the blend of technology and creativity requires a reliable companion – a guide that can help businesses through this transformative journey.

This is where Client Magnets GPT steps in. It acts as a guiding light, helping businesses leverage technology for compelling storytelling and creating a lasting impact on their audience.

Client Magnets GPT review- The overview



Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn


Client Magnets GPT – training course

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What is this coaching program?

Client Magnets GPT teaches you how to leverage ChatGPT for crafting client-attracting books. These concise digital or printed publications serve as powerful tools to draw potential clients to your business.

Utilize AI to author these books and capitalize on selling them to clients for substantial profits.


Who is the mastermind behind this?


Meet the dynamic duo behind Client Magnets GPT: Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn. Lee has 15 years of experience selling internet marketing services to local businesses, making him a seasoned expert in understanding their needs.

With 13 years in her career, Gloria focuses on creating and selling training programs for “laptop lifestyle” entrepreneurs. Together, they bring over 25 years of combined experience to Client Magnets GPT, dedicated to sharing their expertise.

Join their training program to gain the knowledge and skills needed to turn your business dreams into reality.

Some of their popular launches like Money Machine GPT, StayGuide Millions GPT, ChatGPT Newsletter Profits, Prosperity Lifestyle, Pajama Profits, Google Business Profile Profits, Beach Money, LinkedIn AI Profits, The Golden Goose Method, and many more.

What are the main traits?

This Client Magnets GPT coaching program is a game-changing approach to attracting clients and establishing authority in your industry.

Picture effortlessly crafting short client attraction books powered by AI, positioning you as a top expert without the hassle of manual writing!

Client Magnets GPT provides you with effective strategies for creating compelling books using ChatGPT. This empowers you to offer unique marketing solutions that differentiate you and your clients from the competition.

These books aren’t just marketing tools; they serve as potential profit centers, introducing new streams of revenue.


More than just a marketing strategy, these AI-crafted books represent a revolution in client engagement and business growth. With their easy-to-follow guidance, even beginners can become sought-after experts in their niche.

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Convincing reasons why this product is the right choice for you

♥ Client Magnets GPT helps you with a revolutionary approach to client attraction.

Harnessing the power of AI, this product enables you to effortlessly create short client attraction books. Imagine being able to position yourself as an industry expert without the arduous task of manual writing.

It equips you with strategies for crafting compelling books using ChatGPT.  These AI-powered books go beyond traditional marketing tools; they serve as distinctive marketing solutions.

By utilizing Client Magnets GPT, you will differentiate yourself from competitors and elevate your clients above the crowd, making it a strategic choice for those aiming to stand out in the market.

It represents a revolution in client engagement and business growth. The step-by-step guidance provided by the product empowers even beginners to become sought-after experts in their niche.

♥ You have many ways to make profits.

These books are not just a means of conveying information or marketing your expertise – they hold the potential to become robust profit centers, fundamentally transforming the way you generate income.

In a marketplace that craves authenticity and expertise, these books allow you to not only showcase your knowledge but also create a revenue stream that extends beyond traditional offerings.

By strategically pricing and marketing these books, you can create a steady income flow, all while leveraging the unique appeal of AI-generated content.

Explore the attainable outcomes by promptly acquiring this product:


What is the pricing?

The FE: Client Magnets GPT – coaching program

You will find the client attraction strategy and establish yourself as a leading authority in your industry with only $47:


Look no further than Client Magnets GPT, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform your approach to marketing. However, this special pricing won’t last forever.

Due to various factors, including the incredible value and success stories pouring in, the cost of Client Magnets GPT is set to increase shortly.

As demand grows, so will the price, making it wise to secure your copy at the current, more affordable rate. The clock is ticking – act now and take advantage of this limited-time offer!


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Client Magnets GPT review- The OTO/Upsell details

Ready for more? The optional upgrades offer a deeper dive into specialized training and resources, boosting your overall experience beyond the core features:



Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • Author website template, plus an additional template if you opt for the bump.
  • The comprehensive course with lessons and all accompanying handouts.
  • A professionally crafted pitch deck in PowerPoint for effective selling.
  • Exclusive insights from Gloria, featuring her tips and tricks for leveraging the pitch deck.
  • Bonus video providing prompts on transforming book content into various formats.
  • Step-by-step instructions for editing website elements using Thrive Themes and seamless site migration.
  • Client handout designed to maximize growth through press releases and author websites.
  • Additional resources, including a media kit complete with a cover letter, contact details, social media links, testimonials, biography, high-resolution images, fact sheet, and case studies.


OTO #2: PRESS KIT GPT ($57 – $77)


Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • In-depth training lessons covering press kit creation, book promotion, and optimal utilization of AI tools.
  • All-encompassing handouts, featuring templates and sample kits for client presentation.
  • Comprehensive cheat sheets and guides focused on building authority and harnessing the full potential of AI tools.
  • Strategic pricing and upselling strategies to maximize revenue from your press kits.
  • Project management insights, offering efficient workflow tips when utilizing platforms like Fiverr.

Who is the primary user group?

The primary user group of Client Magnets GPT includes entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and professionals seeking innovative and efficient ways to attract clients and establish authority in their respective industries.

This tool is designed for individuals who are looking to leverage AI technology to create compelling Short Client Attraction Books without the complexity of manual writing, making it particularly valuable for those involved in digital marketing, online businesses, and professionals aiming to enhance their online presence.

Client Magnets GPT review- Pluses and minuses


  • You will utilize AI to create Short Client Attraction Books, offering a groundbreaking approach to attracting clients effortlessly.
  • It equips you with strategies to craft compelling books using ChatGPT, providing distinctive marketing solutions for setting users and their clients apart.
  • You can transform AI-crafted books into potential profit centers, introducing new revenue streams for users.
  • It provides step-by-step guidance, making it accessible for beginners to become sought-after experts in their niche.
  • It can be used for digital and printed books, catering to different preferences and marketing channels.
  • Eliminates the hassle of manual writing, allowing you to focus on strategic business aspects rather than spending time on content creation.
  • Client Magnets GPT includes the support team to help you all the time.


  • This product is dependent on having a working internet connection for access.


In conclusion, Client Magnets GPT will be the ideal choice for individuals seeking a powerful and effective tool to attract clients and establish authority.

Its revolutionary approach, potential for profitability, and transformative impact on client engagement make it a compelling investment for anyone aiming to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Client Magnets GPT is your strategic partner in unlocking new levels of success and distinction in your industry.




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