LinkedIn AI Profit$ Review: The shortest method to make real money on LinkedIn

LinkedIn AI Profit$ Review


LinkedIn AI Profit$ review- The overview

LinkedIn has over half a billion users. Not only is it a great way of networking with leading figures in your chosen industry, but you can also use it to promote your achievements and build up a professional online presence.

People use LinkedIn to find jobs, further their careers, and build their businesses and professions. 

However, making a LinkedIn profile stand out is not an easy task. Clearly, they are struggling and really need your help!

So why don’t you jump into this field and deliver content marketing services on LinkedIn?

Today, I will show you a package called LinkedIn AI Profit$. It’s all about how you can build a highly profitable content marketing business using nothing more than a free LinkedIn account and some super simple AI software. (You’ll never come out of pocket for the software!)

Let’s jump in!

The summary


Creator Lee Cole & Gloria Gunn
Product LinkedIn AI Profit$
Launch Time 11:00 EDT, 2022-Jun-30
Official website
Front-End Price $37 one-time
Bundle YES!
Bonus Yes, a Huge bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

LinkedIn AI Profit$ review- About the product

LinkedIn AI Profit$ is both a training and DFY PLR product. It is all about a new way to sell content marketing services to LinkedIn users. AI does all the content writing for you! 

This is about as easy as it gets. You can get complete training on what to sell, how to find clients, and how to use off-the-shelf AI to create profiles and other content.

Now is a great time to be helping people on LinkedIn! There are millions of people looking for jobs, leads, sales, and more on LinkedIn. LinkedIn AI Profit$ shows you how to help these people and get well paid for your services!

Who is behind the creation?


This product is brought to you by Lee Cole and his teammate Gloria Gunn.

Lee has been working in this field for a decade and until now, he has taught many people how to make actual online money even though they have no experience or related skills.

Gloria Gunn, has been selling LinkedIn marketing services for close to a decade. She’s a world-class LinkedIn expert having developed some of the first LinkedIn marketing software for professionals and businesses.

During Lee’s career path, he has launched many best-selling products such as AI Automatic Profit$, Attorney Marketing Powerhouse, The Golden Goose Method, AI Press Release Profit$, IG Social Profit$, Audio Marketing Riches, Tube Subscribr, LinkedIn Resume Empire, Tube POSTR, LinkedIn Autopilot Income, etc.

Coming back with the latest product named LinkedIn AI Profit$ and of course, with their solid experience and previous success, this pack is supposed to be a big hit in IM.

What do you get from this product?

Here’s what you get when you purchase our new LinkedIn AI Profit$ training, today!

  • Complete training on Gloria’s new LinkedIn AI Profit$ system
  • Detailed training on how Gloria sets up her clients’ LinkedIn profiles. She covers everything!
  • Sample profiles and profile guides…you’ll reference these as you go through the training and use them as guides with your first few clients
  • Gloria’s own delivery template. This is one of the big “secrets” Gloria uses, and it’s one of the reasons she can charge premium prices for a relatively easy-to-perform service
  • Training on how much to charge and how to package your services…it’s exactly what Gloria does, herself!
  • Copy and paste messaging…I can’t overstate the importance of this!… This is Gloria’s “exploit” in copy and paste format!
  • Value-based messaging cheat sheet. This is ever more, in-depth training on how to use Gloria’s new “exploit” on LinkedIn and get clients. 
  • And, let’s don’t forget the 1,000 “virgin” leads from Gloria’s own business!


Pros and cons


100% newbie-friendly

Works for anyone

World-class support at no extra charge

Reasonable price

No website

No paid advertising

No cold calling

No direct mail

No previous sales experience or training

No icky selling

No previous business experience

100% guaranteed for 7 days


Up to the present, there is none.

Who is it targeted for?

In short, this LinkedIn AI Profit$ is a must-have package for those who want to make money online. Especially, if you’re Product developers, Local business owners, Online/offline marketers, Social media marketers, Affiliates, Consultants, etc, you should seriously take this into account. 

Using experience

Is this system worth your consideration?

There are some reasons that you can take into consideration!

♥   No need to have experience or skills required

Well, I would have to say that this LinkedIn AI Profit$ is a fabulous niche! During the tough time after the pandemic, the job market has become more and more competitive, and they desperately need your help.

All you need is a willingness to put their teachings into action. There are no real prerequisite skills needed. Because the work can be handled by the software shown inside. 

♥   All-in-one solution to succeed on LinkedIn 

To start out with, you can do your posting manually, but you’re soon going to grow into needing inexpensive, easy-to-use software.

Don’t worry about that, though. Gloria’s proven to target methods right on LinkedIn show you exactly what you need, and it’s amazingly inexpensive!

They give you everything you need, including what to sell, how to find just the right clients, how to use LinkedIn’s messaging feature to reach out to these clients, and more. You literally never have to actually speak with anyone or do any real selling, if you don’t want to.

♥   It works in every corner of the world

The training shows buyers exactly how to land clients for an AI-powered content marketing service on LinkedIn. This LinkedIn AI Profit$ works worldwide!

There are over half a billion real users on LinkedIn, and the majority of them need your help. This is a business that will never become saturated.

Seriously! What on Earth can be more adequate than this product?


FE & upgrades

The FE

Anyone, anywhere who has a desire for financial freedom via LinkedIn and a willingness to take action can do this. There’s nothing you have to master beforehand. As long as you’re an action taker, and go with $37, you’re ready to go.

This price is completely affordable simply because you’re not only getting valuable knowledge and handy AI tools, but you also get in-depth training on how to use Gloria’s new “exploit” on LinkedIn and get clients.


LinkedIn AI Profit$ review- The upgrades

Besides, there are 2 additional OTOs just in case you want to level up your business:

OTO1: LinkedIn AI Profit$ Upgrade

Price: $57 – $77 one time

Compete for training on how to set up and sell company pages to businesses.

OTO2: LinkedIn AI Recurring Income

Price: $77 – $97 one time

Complete training on how to turn your new LinkedIn business into a recurring income, money machine!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ What is Gloria’s New LinkedIn AI Profit$ Training?

LinkedIn AI Profit$ shows you a new way to sell content marketing services to LinkedIn users, specifically profile makeovers. AI does all the content writing for you.

This is about as easy as it gets, and you never have to spend any money or come out of pocket, other than buying our amazing training, today.

Q/ What exactly does Gloria sell using her new, powerful system?

You’ll be selling graphic inspirational memes to local businesses along with the service of posting these memes to their social media accounts.

Q/ Why do people need LinkedIn profile makeovers?

People need powerful profiles because they’re looking for new jobs, clients, sales, leads, and strategic relationships with business partners.

Q/ Are there plenty of potential clients for this?

How about hundreds of millions? No joke! There are way over half a billion real LinkedIn users globally. Virtually all of them need your help!

Q/ I’m really new, can I do this?

Being new is actually a good thing. Just follow the training, and you should be fine!

Q/ Do I need a website or anything else?

No website, no social media pages, nothing like that. Gloria’s training assumes you start from zero!

Q/ Is this just for the US?

Not at all! Our training is in English, but you can provide these services in any language and culture!

Q/ I don’t know anything about writing profiles and I HATE writing…can I do this, too?

That’s the beauty of using AI. The software does all that work for you, better than you can do it, too!

Q/ What skills do I need?

None but a willingness to learn and work.

Q/ Are there any OTOs/Upsells?

Yes, but you don’t need either one if you can’t afford them. There are just two. OTO 1 teaches you Gloria’s system to double her revenue per client by offering them DFY business pages. OTO 2 is all about turning this business into a recurring income!

At the end of the LinkedIn AI Profit$ review

I hope my LinkedIn AI Profit$ review has given useful information to you to finally come to your decision. Please remember that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. So, make your purchase before the price increases.

Once again, I hope you can make a wise choice!



Step 1: Buy LinkedIn AI Profit$ on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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