Black Friday Sale Review- Black Friday Special 6 Apps Deal From Ankur Shukla

Black Friday Sale Review- Taking your holiday mood, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two noticeable shopping days when vendors run their promotional campaigns (like discounts, buy 1 get 1, etc) to promote their products.

In fact, consumers usually go on a shopping spree on these two special days whether their buying decisions can be smart or not.

And to make sure you get it right, this review is here to introduce you the Black Friday Sale a great investment to get an all-in-one offer which is of course available at the price of one only.

This comprehensive package can be one of the best “booty” for all the sale seasons you have been through.

Follow the next part of my review to know more about this treasure.




Creator Ankur Shukla
Product Black Friday Sale – 6-in-1 Software Deal
Front-End Price $27
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche App & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


The Black Friday Sale is a package of best-selling apps created by Ankur Shukla. This package includes 6 elite products of Ankur’s product series and the special thing about it is you can get the whole package of these 6 products for the price of ONE. 

Yes, that’s why it’s called the Black Friday Sale, you get a big discount, my dear. Each of these plugins and SaaS products sell for anywhere between $27 to $47 but next week they will be bundled & discounted massively for the Black Friday Sale.




As I’ve mentioned before, the Black Friday Sale is the product package created by the talented product creator Ankur Shukla.

For so long, he has been considered one of the most talented young people in the digital marketing field. He is known for launching many incredible products such as.

He is a master marketer, and software developer with many high-quality products such as: WP Suite, Backlink Machine, WP Coursify, WP Content Machine, WP Fan Machine, EmailFindr, Tube Rank Machine 2.0, DFY Lead Pages, Instant Commission Site, etc. They all were highly recommended by experts ever since their first day of launch.

Now let’s switch to the next part of this review to find out what you get in this deal.

Let’s check Ankur’s sales history to see how great his products were:



So, basically, with this Black Friday Sale, you will get access to 6 powerful products including:

App #1WP FotoPress Plugin with Unlimited Sites License.

This is the best-selling product that runs on over 120,000 websites helping site owners and bloggers add Photoshop to WordPress to edit images, and create graphics right within WordPress without ever leaving the admin area.

App #2WP Tag Machine 2.0 Plugin with Unlimited Sites License.

This is the #2 best-selling plugin that runs on over 89,000 websites and has helped more than 30,000 sites increase their rankings – helping site owners and bloggers get more traffic from Google for free – this is a must-have for every website.

App #3Email Toolkit 10-in-1 Email Apps Package with Unlimited Sites License.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. But – most email promotions can make 3X more money if you use these 10 Apps inside the Email Toolkit. From email timers to personalized images & list cleaning apps, these 10 apps are a must-have.

App #4WP Social Contact Plugin with Unlimited Sites License.

Contact forms are old, boring and so dead. WP Social Contact is a new way for your site visitors to contact you via social media, this is a fresh new take on contact forms that makes 10x more people reach you, make more sales, and convert more clients.

App #5SEO Toolkit 25-in-1 SEO Apps Package with Unlimited Sites License

SEO is one of the best ways to get free traffic, these 25 apps help you get more SEO Rankings for any number of sites you have. This has helped more than 10K site owners.

App #6WP Video Profits Plugin with Unlimited Sites License

Videos are popular and a must-have on every website. BUT – while people are engaged watching a video on your site, using this plugin you can force them to take action, download a gift, build an email list, buy an amazon product, make a sale, almost anything you want can be added inside a video and forced visitors to take action.

This is one plugin you need if you have even a single video on your site. Profit from free YouTube videos and make more money from your site.


The Front-end

I don’t think I have to say much about this special offer, right? We all know how quality and useful Ankur’s products are. He is an experienced marketer and talented product creator who knows exactly what obstacles his customers have been through.

The 6 products in this bundle are all highly appreciated by its users and have proven to work perfectly. Simply search their names on Google and positive reviews and comments are not hard to find.

But the best thing about this offer and the reason why you should grab all of them right now is that the Black Friday Sale is truly good value. You get a package of the whole 6 powerful products including SaaS Products and Plugins with the price of one.

Commonly, you have to pay $27-$47 for each product, which adds up to at least $162 in total for 6 products. However, thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Money mood, you can own them all for only $27.

The Upsells

Here are a few OTOs that can help you make more money with the Black Friday Deal:


OTO 1: 6-in-1 Software Agency ($197)

    +    DS 1: 3-in-1 Software Agency ($97)

OTO 2: Traffic & Sales Training ($197)

OTO 3: Ultimate Reseller ($497)


The Black Friday Sale includes different lines of products that can help you deal with different tasks and serve multiple purposes.

They can simplify your design task, get more traffic, run your list-building campaign, find YouTube videos and many more. A lot of types of jobs can benefit from this cost-effective offer for sure.

I would recommend this exceptional invention for:

  •     +    Business Owners
  •     +    Product Creators
  •     +    Video Marketers
  •     +    Internet Marketers
  •     +    Social Media Marketers
  •     +    Affiliate Marketers
  •     +    SEO
  •     +    Bloggers
  •     +    Freelancers
  •     +    CPA



  •     ♥    Packed with all high-quality and proven-to-work products
  •     ♥    Able to serve multiple purposes you can think of
  •     ♥    Created by an experienced product creator
  •     ♥    Available at a super-cheap price. Truly good value to go
  •     ♥    Dedicated and Responsive Support Team
  •     ♥ 30-day money-back guarantee


  •     X    Up to now, this package is flawless.


Thank you for your reading my Black Friday Sale Review.

It’s completely reasonable to call this a profitable investment, right? This is a “Buy 1 Get 6” offer, not the regular fraud “Buy 1 Get 1” stuff you usually see on the many sites with the free cheap bonuses you can get anywhere.

However, please stay in mind this offer is only available for a few days from 9 am Thursday, Nov 28th, 2019. Note this information to your calendar, I’m sure you don’t want to miss this!



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Step 1: Buy Black Friday Sale on my website 

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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Thank you so much for reading my Black Friday Sale Review

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