Attorney Marketing Powerhouse Review: The Easiest Way To Build Your Own Business

Attorney Marketing Powerhouse Review– Hi there, it’s David again.



Today I am back bringing you a brand new training course which is expected to help you somehow set up your own itinerary for a successful business.

Is selling a kind of service a good idea?

I totally agree! That is the reason why I highly recommend the product I am promoting to you – Attorney Marketing Powerhouse – a guide to setting up a local business to sell kinds of services such as writing Press Releases; A Google My Business ranking service; direct mail.

Those things are essential to any law firm so they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get them done.

Now you have a chance to be taught how to run this competitive business sell those services to attorneys or law firms and make 6 – a figure income. It is amazing, isn’t it? Can’t wait to get to know it right away!



Creator Lee Cole
Product Attorney Marketing Powerhouse
Front-End Price $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Attorney Marketing Powerhouse is a brand new, powerful training and software which contains all of the things you need to quickly achieve success in building a real business of selling professional-grade press releases to attorneys.

Thanks to Attorney Marketing Powerhouse, you have access to complete, step-by-step training and instruction, which makes it easy for you to figure out how to do this to get the results.

Moreover, the product also comes with two other great software that helps you to automatically run your business.

They are Direct Mail Client Getter, and Press Release Genie -Attorney Edition. Keep reading for more details about Attorney Marketing Powerhouse.




The man who designed this course is Lee Cole. He has written press releases as a professional writer for nearly a decade.

Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge of the field, after quitting the job, he was able to build a very successful business as an offline consultant.

In addition, he also teaches people to do the same thing that he has ever done and thousands of his students realize the dream of making money online with limited skills.

Attorney Marketing Powerhouse is his next training on how to get a highly–paid, six-figure income quickly. Before launching it, Lee Cole has successfully launched some other products such as: Local Adsense Gold Mine; Sociamigo; SocialViral; Twitter Envy Software; Power Scraper


Attorney Marketing Powerhouse will provide you with A to Z training that shows you step-by-step in detail how to build a recurring income business quickly with fewer than 10 clients, by selling them a high-ticket press release and upgrading them to a monthly Google My Business ranking service. Discover what you can study from the course:

  • You will be taught how to make money easily by selling press releases and Google My Business services to attorneys and attorney firms.
  • You have a chance to experience the proven method that actually works for offliners to build real businesses.
  • Training will show you exactly how to get clients and close sales.
  • It helps eliminates all barriers to building a sizable offline business.
  • It also offers world-class support at no extra charge!

Moreover, the product comes with two world-class WordPress plugins, Direct Mail Client Getter and Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition:

1 – Direct Mail Client Getter Software

  • Create personalized direct mail letters for your clients.
  • Prompt you when to follow up with email using their already created template. 
  • Keeps track of your clients and prompts you every step of the way showing you exactly what needs to be done and when.

2 – Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition Software

  • Actually, write professional-grade press releases that are prepared for exactly what attorneys and attorney firms want and are willing to pay high bucks.
  • No need to hire expensive writers, or have any experience yourself!



I am going to show you in brief how to make use of Attorney Marketing Powerhouse

First, look at the dashboard of Direct Mail Client Getter Attorney with some clients


The next step is to download the Direct Mail Letter, print it out, and send it to your customers:


The other is the dashboard of Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition Software:


Create a press release: click on Create button:


Fill out the form:


Finally, you get the result below:


The process is simple because Attorney Marketing Powerhouse handles all the hard work for you and turns you into another Lee Cole – a professional copywriter.



    ♥    No experience and skill needed

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    World-class support at no extra charge

    ♥    The A to Z training

    ♥    Effective way to get clients and close sales

    ♥    Direct Mail Client Getter Software

    ♥    Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition Software

    ♥    Proven method that actually works for offline and online marketers


    ♥    Honestly I find nothing wrong with using the product.

Summarize What You Get When You Purchase Today

  • The Attorney Marketing Powerhouse training- is proven to land clients like clockwork!
  • The  Direct Mail Client Getter software- does all the heavy lifting for you!
  • Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition software- write professional quality press releases for you!
  • Quick Start training- hit the ground running and start making money fast!
  • Their best-selling Google My Business Gold Mine course- shows you exactly how to make even more money by optimizing your new clients’ Google listings.
  • The best-selling Citations Gold Mine course- shows you exactly how to turn your attorney clients into recurring income clients paying you thousands each and every month.
  • Mega package of even more cutting-edge, money-making bonuses.



It is surprising to get these successful keys for only $27. Building a six–figure business just with $27, is a crazy deal right?

Besides, you can purchase more to get some advanced features


The upsells

OTO1: Massive DFY Package ($47)

  • Mega, DFY marketing package, Including…
  • Brand New DFY PowerPoint sales presentation utilizing advanced sales techniques.
  • Professionally written blog posts.
  • Much, much more!

OTO2: Advanced Affiliate Marketing Webinar-Based Training ($67)

  • Affordable group coaching.
  • Proven to help people break through barriers.
  • Eliminate obstacles and get questions answered.
  • Students start making real money faster and easier than they ever thought possible, even if they’re complete newbies.


Q. How Does the Attorney Marketing Powerhouse System Work?

A.This is a very easy-to-implement, proven system. First, you send our proven direct mail letter to targeted potential clients. (We show you how in the training!). Next, if they haven’t already contacted you back, you’ll send them a follow-up email.

The direct mail letter and the email are all generated for you by our Direct Mail Client Getter software. When you land a client, you’ll use our Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition software to write the press release for your client. Once you complete that sale, you’ll upsell them to a monthly Google My Business package.

Q. Why Do You Follow Up with Google My Business?

A. Optimizing an attorney firm’s Google My Business page is one of the best things you can do for your client to help them rank better and get more business.

Follow this up with citation building, and you’ll have a monthly product that will deliver a ton of value to your new clients, and they’ll be very happy to pay you for a month in, month out.

You’ll only need about ten monthly clients to create an excellent income doing this!

Q.Why Do You Offer Your Clients a Press Release First?

Attorneys already understand press releases. Many of them are already using them in their marketing, or at least they know they should.

Selling an attorney or attorney firm a press release is one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make. This is the perfect foot-in-the-door product!

Q. How Long, Should It Take Me to Get My First Client?

A. How hard are you planning on working? When I quit my day job and opened my own offline agency, it took me less than a day to get my first client.

All you need to do for success is to follow our simple, proven system. Don’t do anything else. Just follow the easy steps!

Q. How Long Before I Can Quit My Day Job?

A.Depends on how much money you’re making. One Google My Business client will net you $1000 per month minimum.

So, if you’re making $70k in your day job, you’d need only six or so clients before you’ve equaled your salary. Completely doable by anyone!

Q.Does This Work Only in the US?

A.This system works anywhere where there are attorneys who have to advertise to get business.

Q.How Much Skill Is Required?

A.None. This is an easy system to operate. Even if you’ve never, ever sold anything to anyone before, you can do this! Just follow the steps and let the software do the work for you!

Q.Can I Do This Part-Time Around My Job?

A.You don’t have to quit your job to do this. If you’re organized, you can keep your job and easily make another $50k to $100k per year. Use that for bills, vacations, retirement, buying a better house, what have you.

This system takes very little time per week to run, and you can do virtually all of it during non-working hours.

Q. How Long Will It Takes Me to Start Seeing Real Money?

A. How hard are you planning on working?

When I quit my day job and opened my own offline agency, it took me less than a day to get my first client.

All you need to do for success is to follow our simple, proven system. Don’t do anything else. Just follow the easy steps!

Q. Will This Work on a MAC?

A. The software is two WordPress plugins. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress site (your own domain and your own hosting—very inexpensive). So, it doesn’t matter what type of computer you use.

Q. I’ve Never Installed a WordPress Plugin. How Easy Is That?

A.Easy! We’ve got excellent instructions. If you hit a snag, let us know in support. We’re here to answer all your questions. If you want us to install them for you, just let us know in support. We’ll do that for a modest fee.

Q. I’ve Never Had Any Real Success. Will This Work for Me?

A. That’s really why you’ve not had any success. If you’re just bouncing around from shiny object to shiny object, you need to quit that and get to work on one thing.

If you’ve honestly tried, but you failed because you lacked the necessary skills, then this is for you! No skills are required!

Q. I’m Uncomfortable with Selling. Can I Still Do This?

A. We teach you an easy way to sell. It’s not really selling. We call it our “non-sales” approach. Perfect for people who dread selling!

Q. What Do I Need to Get Started with?

A. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress website. Basically, your own site on your own domain. Something as inexpensive as a HostGator Baby account is fine for this. Other than that, you just need the willingness to learn and work.


Whatever kind of business you choose, only with patience, passion and the right instruction can you really become successful.

I believe that Attorney Marketing Powerhouse will provide you with appropriate guidance which teaches and supports you on the way to realizing your dream.

Don’t hesitate anymore but take action right now to get the best deal ever.

Thank you very much for reading my Attorney Marketing Powerhouse review. See you in my next review.

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