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AIStaffs Review- Opening remarks

AI has come with various aspects of human life and business operations. Its advanced capabilities, such as machine learning and natural language processing, are reshaping industries and opening up new possibilities. Let’s see how AI is changing the human experience and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

One of the key areas where AI is making a profound impact is in enhancing business operations. By leveraging AI-powered solutions, businesses can modernize processes, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall efficiency.

AI algorithms can analyze large datasets to uncover valuable insights, detect patterns, and predict future trends, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge. Chatbot is also one of the other remarkable aspects of AI.

These chatbots and virtual assistants can interact with customers in natural language, providing personalized recommendations, answering queries, and resolving issues promptly. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps businesses build stronger customer relationships and drive loyalty.

Discover the limitless possibilities of AI as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. With AIStaffs, you have the power to establish and grow your own business effortlessly.

This innovative product provides you with a complete team that works tirelessly to generate profits on your behalf. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the potential of AI by starting your own agency with AIStaffs today.

AIStaffs Overview


Abhi Dwivedi

Product name


Front-end price

$35 – $37 one-time payment

Front-end discount

Add code “staffs” for $2 OFF the Premium plan

Sales page
All-in-one AIStaffs bundle YES, included FE + OTO1 + OTO2 + OTO3 + OTO4 + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy
AIStaffs bundle sales page
The AIStaffs bundle price $297 one-time payment
AIStaffs Bundle coupon Add code “staffsbundle” for a $50 Discount



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14-day money-back guarantee

What is AIStaffs?

AIStaffs is a groundbreaking app that introduces AI-powered employees to local businesses, startups, and small businesses, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Say goodbye to mundane tasks as these AI geniuses take care of everything from marketing to administrative work. AIStaffs allows you to hire AI-powered employees for any type of business, delegating a wide range of tasks and responsibilities for both you and your clients.

With AIStaffs, you can engage in conversations with AI employees through chat or even voice interactions, just like using SIRI or Alexa. This seamless communication method makes it effortless and highly efficient to collaborate with AI employees and accomplish your tasks.

Create the ultimate AI business team in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Select the AI employee that suits your requirements from a diverse pool of 33 options. Each AI employee comes equipped with specific skills and expertise right from the start.

Step 2: Provide details about your goals and objectives, allowing the AI employee to provide guidance and create relevant materials tailored to your needs.

And step 3: Package your content, drive sales, or even lease out AI employees to generate recurring revenue quickly. The possibilities are endless, and you can achieve results in no time at all.


Who is the person behind this brilliant concept?


Abhi Dwivedi is an experienced online marketer and software developer with an impressive track record spanning over 16 years. Throughout his extensive career, Abhi has achieved remarkable success, including multiple six-figure product launches, successful webinar promotions, and the management of thriving YouTube channels.

Abhi’s reputation as an accomplished marketer is underscored by the launch of 37 best-selling software products in recent years, boasting a user base of 10,000 active clients. His products are renowned for delivering tangible results and practical features that provide genuine value to his customers.

The success of his previous launches, such as Marshal, ClickAgencyAI, dLeads, ContentReel, CourseReelAI, MemberOwls, StoryReel, CourseReel AI, Koincart, ReviewReel, StreamReel, AIWA22, and many more, stands as a testament to his expertise and innovation in the industry.

AIStaffs Review- What are the defining traits?

AIStaffs is a comprehensive platform designed to trim the process of hiring and managing multiple AI employees for various roles, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional employment contracts, labor laws, and monthly salaries.

With AIStaffs, you can harness the power of AI-driven staff who operate 24/7/365, delivering prompt and cost-effective solutions compared to your human counterparts. By utilizing AIStaffs, you gain access to a wide array of features and benefits that enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

For instance, integrating AIStaffs employees as live chat support on your company’s website or members area ensures customers have immediate access to valuable information and assistance. This invaluable feature alone has the potential to skyrocket your revenue, particularly if you operate a consulting firm or are in the early stages of establishing one.

“AIStaffs” revolutionizes your business in numerous ways

👉  Streamline Content Curation

AI employees can effortlessly sift through massive volumes of data, identify relevant topics and trends, and provide tailored content recommendations based on user behavior and interests. This greatly enhances the overall web experience for your visitors.

👉  Optimize Affiliate Marketing

Let AI employees create follow-up sequences for your affiliate campaigns, design captivating campaigns that entice purchases, and even generate cross-selling ideas to maximize profitability.

👉  Simplify Digital Product Creation

Say goodbye to product creation struggles. AI employees can provide comprehensive marketing campaigns and outline for your next product, expediting the process. Simply customize it to your liking and start profiting immediately.

👉  Enhance Digital Advertising

Get assistance in crafting ads, campaigns, and success blueprints for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Leveraging vast amounts of information, AI enables your ads to generate incredible returns on investment with minimal effort. Ideal for collaboration with local agencies.

👉  Nutritional Planning & Monetization

Utilize AI experts to boost your personal health and wellness while generating valuable content for the health and wellness market. Even if you lack expertise in this area, AI experts will help you tap into the growing health-conscious market and increase revenue.

👉  Precise Lead Generation Qualification

Move beyond generic, one-size-fits-all emails by customizing cold emails to target specific audiences, increasing conversion rates, and improving audience targeting.

👉  Effortless E-commerce Store Building

Identify the most profitable products for your online store, let AI employees craft product descriptions, and handle product selling. AI can even recommend related products, boosting revenue from the same customer traffic.

👉  Instant Video Creation

Obtain scripts, voice-overs, and recommendations for all your video content in seconds. Utilize AI to create products, grow your YouTube channel, or sell your creations to other businesses.

👉  Effective Social Media Campaign Management

Amplify your audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more by allowing AI employees to devise social posting strategies and create engaging posts. Monetize your following and transform it into a valuable asset.

👉  Simplify Software Creation

Utilize AI employees to generate code for any desired project. Incorporate the code into software projects or develop monetizable apps that can be sold to larger companies for substantial profits.

👉  Local Marketing Fulfillment

Maximize the AI boom by utilizing AI employees for your own business and leasing them out to other local businesses. Be at the forefront of your local industry and provide businesses with the opportunity to capitalize on AI’s potential. Set up AI employees on websites without technical complications.

👉  Enhance CPA Marketing

Gain valuable insights and recommendations for your campaigns, optimize landing pages and ad copies, and witness exceptional returns on investments.

👉  Seamless Customer Support

Maintain high customer satisfaction by leveraging AI employees to answer queries 24/7. Assist customers in finding answers, accessing past purchases, and more.

AIStaffs Review- Features and benefits

👉  Access to 33 AIStaffs

Choose from a diverse range of specialized staff members for various business needs. Create your team of 10 and easily swap members when needed.


👉  Multi-language Support

AIStaffs are fluent in English, Hindi, Spanish, French, and German, allowing you to work comfortably in different cultures and languages.


👉  Chat with AIStaffs (Typing Input)

Interact with AIStaffs using an improved ChatGPT interface, enabling natural and dynamic conversations without robotic commands or limitations.


👉  Siri/Alexa Capability for Voice Recognition

Speak to your AIStaffs using voice commands, just like interacting with virtual assistants. Use your microphone to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.


👉  Flexible Working Hours Setup

Embed AIStaffs on your website and define their availability based on your preferred time zone, ensuring round-the-clock support and assistance.


👉  Conversation History Saved

All chat conversations, ideas, and data are securely stored on AIStaffs‘ servers, allowing you to access and review past interactions whenever needed.


👉  Search Through History

Build a database of conversational history and easily search through previous chats to retrieve valuable information or enhance existing ideas.


👉  Download Replies as Documents

AIStaffs can provide detailed responses such as checklists, step-by-step instructions, and more. Download these responses as documents for quick access and use in various projects.


👉  1-Click DFY Tasks

Accelerate your business and marketing efforts with pre-built tasks included in the app. Simply add them with a single click to boost your results.


👉  Hire Up To 20 AIStaffs

Utilize up to 20 AIStaffs simultaneously from the provided pool of 33, ensuring you have the right support for your marketing, business, and personal needs.


👉  Hire & Fire AIStaffs Anytime

Easily hire and release AIStaffs according to your changing requirements. Adjust your team composition with a simple click, allowing flexibility in staffing.


👉  Embed AIStaffs On Your Websites

Integrate AIStaffs onto your websites for seamless support and task handling. Benefit from their assistance across various online platforms.


👉  Change AI Staff’s Response Tone

Customize the personalities of AIStaffs by selecting different response tones. Choose between a professional or light-hearted approach to suit your needs.


👉  Co-hire or Lease Your AI Team/ Staffs

Generate additional income by leasing AIStaffs to other entrepreneurs and businesses. Set up AIStaffs for clients and earn recurring revenue effortlessly.


👉  Fully Encrypted AIStaffs Chat

Enjoy secure and private conversations with your AIStaffs. The app utilizes end-to-end 400% privacy-based encryption to safeguard your ideas and data.


👉  Commercial Usage License

AIStaffs includes a commercial license, allowing you to use the app for freelance work and create a recurring revenue stream. No additional charge for the upgrade.


👉  Dedicated Support & Regular Updates (12 months)

Receive dedicated support and access to regular updates for the next 12 months. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.


👉  Detailed Training Included (Video + PDF)

Gain comprehensive training through video tutorials and PDF guides, ensuring you quickly grasp the full potential of AIStaffs without any obstacles.


Moreover, you’ll also receive these amazing bonuses when you get started today!



For more details. click the button below to access the sales page:


Add code “staffs” for $2 OFF the Premium plan

A comprehensive performance evaluation

How to use it?

The center control board will show up like this after you log in successfully:


From marketing, social media, and therapy specialists, you have many staffs here to access and hire them.


Keep scrolling down, there are many options and click on “hire” the staff that you want to work with.


In order to start chatting with them, you can give this staff some basic information like this:


It allows you to chat with them by voice and text. Just do whatever you want:


Select the language that you will use for this content. More than 20 languages are integrated here for your purpose:


As you can see, it generates content quickly:


If you’re not happy with this result, click on “Access Internet“, the system will browse and gives the other answer to your question:


In seconds, you can have a different response:


And that’s it. AIStaffs is so easy and you can work with professional, expert staff, bringing unlimited profits for you.

Indispensable aspects that make this product the best choice

Let me show you some reasons why you should consider this AIStaffs software:

♥  You have access to a wide range of AIStaffs members.

AIStaffs provides you with a diverse and specialized team of AI staff members. These staff members are equipped with various skills and expertise, allowing your business to offer different needs and requirements. Whether you need AI staff for customer support, content creation, marketing, or any other role, AIStaffs has you covered.

This extensive selection ensures that you can find the right AI staff member to meet your specific business demands. For that reason, you can eliminate the need for traditional employment contracts and labor laws.

With AIStaffs, you can scale your operations quickly without the limitations of hiring and managing a large human workforce. This not only saves time and effort but also offers significant cost savings compared to traditional staffing models.

♥  AIStaffs extends its capabilities beyond basic text-based interactions, providing advanced communication and collaboration functionalities.

You can engage with AI staff members through both typing input and voice recognition, allowing for more natural and convenient conversations. Whether you prefer to type or speak, AIStaffs accommodates your preferred mode of communication.

Furthermore, AIStaffs allows you to embed AI staff members on your websites, enabling seamless integration and real-time support for visitors. This feature enhances customer experience and satisfaction, leading to improved retention and increased revenue.

By leveraging AIStaffs‘ advanced communication and collaboration capabilities, you will improve productivity, and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Hearing from other users is an essential aspect when considering any software. Here are some of the valuable feedback and testimonials from users of Lento AI:




AIStaffs Review- How much does it cost?

The front-end plans

Let’s first take a look at the current pricing plans of AIStaffs:

  • Starter Version: $35 one-time payment
  • Premium Version: $37 one-time payment


Please note that the current price of $37 is poised to increase in the near future. They strive to maintain the core values of affordability and accessibility while continually improving the features and functionality of AIStaffs. As they enhance the platform and introduce new updates, the price may be adjusted to reflect the increased value it provides to its users.

By taking advantage of the current price, you not only secure access to AIStaffs at a significantly reduced cost but also ensure that you’ll receive all future updates and improvements at no additional charge during your subscription period. Snatch this incredible opportunity to develop your business with AI-driven virtual staff and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings.

Add code “staffs” for $2 OFF the Premium plan


The all-in-one AIStaffs bundle offer

Price: $297 one-time payment

This is the special offer that the creator team provides in this launch. With this all-in-one AIStaffs Bundle offer, you can get all products (FE + All Upgrades) at a great discounted price.

Let’s take a look at what you will get with this AIStaffs bundle purchase:

  • FE Product: AIStaffs Premium
  • Upsell 1: Unlimited Edition
  • Upsell 2: Plus Edition
  • Upsell 3: Enterprise Edition
  • Upsell 4: Expand Edition
  • Access & Rights Included
  • Exclusive Bonus Packages
  • High-class Support Service
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Add code “staffsbundle” for a $50 Discount



With this AIStaffs bundle purchase, you NEEDN’T pay any more RECURRING FEES. All is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT. Moreover, you will also get top-priority support service as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

AIStaffs Review- Are there any upgrade options?

The package offers a range of upsell options that are designed to exceed your expectations. If you are seeking to enhance the security of your business website to the utmost level, we have outlined some of the options available for you to explore below:

AIStaffs Upsell 1: UNLIMITED EDITION – $97 (yearly payment)


The AIStaffs Unlimited upgrade takes the AIStaffs app to the next level by removing all hiring limits for AI staff. By upgrading, businesses can add an unlimited number of AI employees to their accounts, expanding their access to specialized skills and services.

This upgrade is particularly beneficial for businesses with high demands for AI-powered assistance or those aiming to scale their operations rapidly. With unlimited usage, businesses can save time and money by having a 24/7 workforce without the constraints of traditional staffing models.

AIStaffs Upsell 2: PLUS EDITION – $67 (one-time payment)


The AIStaffs Plus upgrade grants you access to 16 additional AI staff members, increasing the total number of available AI staff to 49. You can even create and train custom AI staff members to meet your specific requirements.

Furthermore, the ability to rebrand AI staff by renaming and changing your profile picture, along with 256-bit encryption for maximum privacy, makes the AIStaffs Plus upgrade a valuable investment for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AIStaffs Upsell 3: ENTERPRISE EDITION – $67 (one-time payment)


Unlock the ultimate business solution with the AIStaffs Enterprise upgrade. This premium package provides agency Whitelabel access, enabling you to rebrand the software as your own agency. Manage and collaborate with your team using Enterprise TMA (Team Members Access), Enterprise CAA (Client Account Access), and Enterprise OCP (Client Previewer) features.

Establish a professional online presence with our pre-designed enterprise website, including 5 years of hosting, and receive DFY (Done For You) promotion videos.

Close deals effortlessly with this enterprise client contracts and lead magnets. As a bonus, enjoy 100+ DFY FB ad and copy templates, as well as a guide on how to get up to $1000 in free ad credits on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

AIStaffs Upsell 4: EXPANSION EDITION – $127 (yearly payment)


The AIStaffs Expansion upgrade is the most advanced version of AIStaffs, offering you the unique opportunity to connect with 21 marketing experts.

With this upgrade, you can directly chat or speak with these experts and gain valuable insights into marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning.

The AIStaffs Expansion upgrade provides an unparalleled level of support, enabling you to learn from industry experts and take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Who is the primary user group?

The primary user group for AIStaffs is businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to enhance their operations and customer support using AI-driven virtual staff. These users can come from various industries and sectors, including e-commerce, consulting firms, marketing agencies, online service providers, and more.

AIStaffs caters to individuals and organizations looking to leverage AI technology to streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and provide efficient customer assistance. The platform offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different businesses, making it suitable for both small-scale enterprises and larger corporations.

AIStaffs Review- Merits and Demerits


  • The AI employee can pre-plan your campaigns, providing you with a strategic advantage in the digital marketing space
  • It can generate high-level copy, helping you convert more leads into sales effortlessly
  • Create a cohesive AI employee business team that works harmoniously, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency
  • Generate profitable info products on the go by simply chatting with your AI employee via text or voice
  • Gain an unfair advantage over the competition with ready-to-use templates that expedite your work process.
  • The AI expert can create and manage ad campaigns on major platforms for any niche, optimizing your marketing efforts
  • You can create and sell template products in various niches and categories, expanding your revenue streams
  • It works around the clock, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and catering to customers in different time zones
  • 14-day money guarantees back.


To utilize AIStaffs, a stable internet connection is mandatory.


Closing Remarks of the AIStaffs Review

Overall, the combination of a wide range of AI staff members and advanced communication features makes AIStaffs a worthwhile investment. It lets businesses with a flexible and efficient workforce, enabling you to meet your unique needs and achieve greater success in today’s digital landscape.

Furthermore, you can generate a steady monthly income with minimal effort by leasing out these AI employees to individuals or organizations in dire need of their services.




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