From Blog To Visual Masterpiece: Video Blog AI’s 3-Click Ai Video Creation Revolution


Video Blog AI review- It is evident that customers are increasingly inclined towards watching videos over reading long text articles when seeking information. The dynamic and engaging nature of video content captivates audiences, making information consumption effortless.

Videos offer an immersive experience, appealing to both visual and auditory senses, resulting in enhanced memorability and engagement. As attention spans shorten, videos’ concise and visually appealing format aligns perfectly with customers’ preference for easily digestible content.

Enter Video Blog AI, a remarkable product harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize video creation. With Video Blog AI, transforming any blog into attention-grabbing AI videos is now effortless and automated.

By integrating AI into the video creation process, Video Blog AI helps you with advanced functionalities, ensuring that video content creation is accessible and achievable for all, regardless of your expertise. Don’t go around the bush anymore, join my article to elevate whether it is worth investing or not.

Video Blog AI review- The product overview


The app creator

Venkatesh & Visves

Product name

VideoBlog Ai app

Front-end price

$17 (one-time payment)

Sales page
Discount coupon

Add my code “VIDEOBLOG5” to SAVE $50 (for the entire funnel)


Yes, Huge Bonuses


30-day money-back guarantee


Contact with support team here: [email protected]

What is Video Blog Ai?

Video Blog AI is OpenAI’s latest technological marvel, a “Dall-E 2.0” powered application that transforms any blog URL into a captivating AI video with a remarkably human-like voiceover in under 60 seconds!

Who is the creator of this intellectual property?


The creators of this intellectual property are Venkatesh Kumar and his partner Visves, distinguished online marketers and software developers who have left a significant impact on the industry over the years.

Their expertise has resulted in numerous successful launches and webinar promotions, benefiting an active user base of over 20,000 individuals through their desktop and web apps.

If you’ve been involved in the world of internet marketing (IM) for some time, you’re likely familiar with Venkata Ramana, who currently ranks among the top 1% of vendors on WarriorPlus.

Their previous products, such as GoogAI, AI CB Profit, AI Lead, CB Profit Pro, YT Profits, eCom Profitz, Webi Cash, Media Pal, and TrafficPal, have gained attention and garnered positive feedback from users.

Venkatesh Kumar and Visves have established themselves as trusted figures in the industry, consistently delivering high-quality products and services to assist individuals in achieving success in their online ventures.

Video Blog Ai Review- What are the notable aspects?


The groundbreaking “Video Blog AI,” a cutting-edge 3-click AI application that revolutionizes the way you engage with your blog content.

This remarkable tool takes any blog URL and effortlessly transforms it into a captivating AI video with a remarkably human-like voice-over, all in less than 60 seconds!

Introducing the revolutionary “Video Blog AI,” an unprecedented Dall-E powered app that comes packed with an array of stunning features designed to transform your content marketing game like never before:

👉 Breakthrough 1-Click Blog to AI Video Technology

With just one click, witness the magic as Video Blog AI seamlessly converts any blog URL into a visually stunning AI video that captures attention and engages audiences effortlessly.

👉 VideoBlog AI Mobile Edition

Take your creativity on the go with the Video Blog AI Mobile Edition, allowing you to craft captivating videos right from the palm of your hand.

👉 Choose from 200+ Human-Like Voice Artists

Elevate your videos with the perfect voice by selecting from a diverse pool of 200+ human-like voice artists, ensuring your content resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

👉 Video Subtitles for Enhanced Engagement

Amplify your reach and engagement by generating video subtitles effortlessly, making your content accessible to a wider audience, and increasing viewer interaction.

👉 Access to a Vast Pool of Visual Assets

Unleash your creativity using over 200+ million video clips, images, and an array of other multimedia resources, enabling you to craft visually compelling videos that stand out.

👉 Built-In Video Editing Studio

Become a master editor with Video Blog AI‘s intuitive video editing studio, enabling you to customize video layouts, colors, fonts, and more, all with just a few clicks.

👉 Extensive Library of Audio & Background Music Tracks

Infuse life into your videos with over 1000+ pre-made audio and background music tracks, providing the perfect atmosphere for your message to shine.

👉 Effortlessly Transform Tweets & PowerPoint Presentations

Turn your tweets and PowerPoint presentations into engaging AI videos effortlessly, unlocking new avenues to communicate your ideas and connect with your audience.

👉 GIFs Integration Technology

Spice up your videos with unlimited GIFs, thanks to Video Blog AI‘s latest integration technology, adding a touch of humor and dynamism to your content.

👉 Global Audience Reach with Multilingual Video

Expand your reach exponentially by translating your videos into more than 90+ languages, breaking down language barriers, and connecting with audiences worldwide.

👉 Monetize Your Content Creatively

Convert any blog article into video podcasts, reels, shorts, and more, opening up innovative ways to monetize your content and boost your revenue streams.

👉 Newbie-Friendly & User-Friendly Interface

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Video Blog AI‘s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable video creation experience for all.

👉 Unlimited Usage with a Commercial License

Enjoy limitless video creation without restrictions, and with a free commercial license, you can monetize your creations and start making money by offering your services to clients.

👉 Multi-Lingual Ultra-Realistic Voices

Impress audiences with multi-lingual videos featuring ultra-realistic voices, adding a professional touch to your global content strategy.

👉 Convert PPT to Video

Unlock a whole new dimension of creativity by transforming PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos, making complex information more accessible and appealing.

Moreover, you will get all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


For more details, click the button below to access the main sales page:


Add my code “VIDEOBLOG5” to SAVE $50 (for the entire funnel)

Video Blog Ai Review- Using details

How exactly does it operate?

Now you can turn any blog into A.I. video in 3 simple steps as below:


For more details, please check the using instruction video below:

VideoBlog AI App Demo Video

What makes this product indispensable and worth buying?

♥   Video Blog AI allows you to effortlessly transform any blog URL into a visually captivating AI video with a human-like voice-over.

Say goodbye to writing lengthy articles that may go unnoticed, and embrace the power of dynamic video content that instantly captures your audience’s attention.

Video Blog AII offers a revolutionary solution for converting your blog URLs into captivating AI videos, and it does so with remarkable ease. You will never have to struggle with video editing software or invest precious time in mastering complex video creation techniques.

With Video Blog AI, you can wave goodbye to the technical hurdles and instead focus on the heart of your message, knowing that this powerful system will bring it to life in a compelling and visually engaging manner.

Imagine the impact of your carefully crafted blog content being transformed into a captivating visual narrative, complete with an authentic and human-like voice-over.

This seamless fusion of striking visuals and emotive voice narration creates a powerful storytelling experience, resonating with your viewers on a profound level. Your messages become more relatable, more memorable, and ultimately more persuasive.

Video Blog AI becomes your creative ally, enabling you to communicate your ideas, products, and services in a way that effortlessly attracts more customers.

♥   With no recurring charges, you enjoy a cost-effective solution that fits seamlessly into any budget.

Unlimited usage without restrictions is a true game-changer. With Video Blog AI, you can create as many videos as you desire, unlocking endless possibilities for your content marketing strategies.

This freedom allows you to explore different creative avenues, experiment with content formats, and consistently engage your audience without limitations.

More than that, it offers you a commercial license. You will exploit this combination to charge your clients for video creation services.

Video Blog AI transforms from a valuable content creation platform into a lucrative revenue stream. You can create videos for your clients without any additional fees or restrictions, making this an attractive proposition for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing efforts.


What does it cost?

FE: Video Blog AI

Let’s recap everything that you will get:


Once a year, you can own this cutting-edge technology for only $17. However, this price is just temporary. Due to the immense value and overwhelming demand, they have no choice but to increase the price soon. So, don’t wait any longer; secure your slot as one of the early birds to enjoy this amazing deal.

With Video Blog AI, you’ll have the power to effortlessly turn any blog URL into stunning AI videos with captivating human-like voiceovers. Imagine the impact this will have on your audience engagement and brand influence.

And the best part is, you get unlimited usage with a commercial license, meaning you can monetize your creations and start profiting right away. So, hurry and take action now! Grab Video Blog AI at this unbeatable price before it’s too late.

Click the button below to access the sales page with my discount coupon:


Add my code “VIDEOBLOG5” to SAVE $50 (for the entire funnel)

Video Blog AI review- The upsells/OTOs

While the core features of Video Blog AI already deliver incredible value on their own, these upsell unlock a world of possibilities for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Before clicking the OTO’s link, ensure you visit my front-end sales page to be eligible for the fantastic bonus packages offered in this Video Blog AI review.







Video Blog AI OTO 4: AGENCY






Video Blog AI OTO 7: WhiteLabel


Who will be using this?

Video Blog AI is a versatile and innovative tool designed to empower diverse users in enhancing their content marketing efforts and captivating audiences with AI-driven videos.

Content creators, digital marketers, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, educators, agencies, nonprofits, podcasters, and video creators all benefit from Video Blog AI‘s exceptional capabilities.

By effortlessly transforming blog URLs into visually captivating AI videos with human-like voice-overs, users can reach wider audiences and make their content more engaging.

With optional upsells for advanced functionalities and exclusive benefits, Video Blog AI offers a customizable experience to cater to specific needs.

This game-changing tool revolutionizes communication strategies and presents a unique opportunity for early birds to seize the unbeatable price before it changes.

Embrace the power of Video Blog AI to elevate your content marketing game and forge meaningful connections with your audience.

Video Blog Ai review- Good and bad points


  • Video Blog AI offers a cost-effective solution without any recurring charges, making it budget-friendly for users.
  • With its user-friendly interface, Video Blog AI is accessible to both seasoned professionals and beginners, ensuring a smooth video creation process.
  • You enjoy unrestricted access to Video Blog AI, enabling you to create as many videos as you need without any limitations.
  • Video Blog AI allows you to profit by charging clients for video creation services, opening doors for new revenue streams.
  • The app boasts a wide array of ultra-realistic, multilingual voice options, enhancing the quality and appeal of the videos.
  • You can effortlessly transform PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos, repurposing content for various platforms.
  • With the included commercial license, you can use Video Blog AI to create videos for clients without any additional fees or restrictions.
  • The customer support team is ready for more extensive customer assistance and troubleshooting guidance.


  • As an online app, Video Blog AI relies on a stable internet connection for seamless video creation and usage.

Final verdict

So, why stick to the traditional approach of long articles when you can embrace the dynamic world of video content with Video Blog AI?

Take the leap into the future of content marketing, and witness how this innovative system seamlessly converts your blogs into captivating videos that speak volumes, winning your audience’s heart.

Enjoy the era of visual storytelling, where your messages are seen, heard, and felt, capturing the hearts and minds of your viewers, and driving your brand’s success.




Moreover, if you purchase at least 1 OTO/Upsell, you will get all bonus packages below:

New Bonus Package #5: Amazing WordPress Plugins With PLR

New Bonus Package #4: Materials To Grow Your Online Business

Bonus Package #3: Traffic Solution

Bonus Package #2: Doodle Assets Kit

New Bonus Package #1: Online Marketing Toolkit


Step 1: Join this Video Blog AI app on my website:


Add my code “VIDEOBLOG5” to SAVE $50 (for the entire funnel)

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.


Thank you so much again for reading my Video Blog AI review to the end.

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