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AcademyZPresso Review




Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have gradually paid more attention to different online courses and E-learning platforms as they provide exclusive advantages over other ways of teaching.

Let’s look at the bigger picture: till now, there are still many countries in the world re-apply their social distancing policy due to the situation that the pandemic doesn’t seem to stay under control. For that, people tend to enroll in online classes, no matter if it’s a practical or theoretical course. Thus, online learning platforms, such as Udemy and Coursera, are currently worth more than $2 billion.

Thus, it is transparent that selling courses online is an absolute gold mine right now, and a huge opportunity for anyone to make serious money online. However, it’s not exactly easy to set up an e-learning site like Udemy.

First of all, you’d have to attract other instructors to build up content, trust me, you’ll get insane to create the whole thing yourself. Then you’d have to design and set up an entire website, and fund all the hosting and bandwidth costs associated with all the courses on your site. And then you’d have to rank your site on Google and get traffic.

If you think that is too much work and way too hard for you to get in on the booming e-learning market, then AcademyZPresso is specially built for you. To get to know more about this product, read my in-depth review of it right below.

What Is AcademyZPresso?

It’s a cloud-hosted platform like Udemy with an agency/commercial license, which means customers will become an owner of a platform like Udemy with all the benefits that Udemy Owner has.

With AcademyZPresso, you can easily build up passive income while trainers upload their courses and students buy.

Meet The Creator – Mosh Bari


The vendor behind this is Mosh Bari, a father of 2 kids and a loving husband to my wife. The amazing thing is while managing his time with family, he still made it to one of the top 5 vendors on W+, earning him more than 7 figures online every day.

His products are famous for the unique strategies packed inside to address marketers’ problems and you can easily find out compliments and good feedback about them anywhere.

You can find more about him via his powerful solutions such as The Proven, 1 Hr WorkDay, 6FigZ, ReZolved, RankZPresso, EZSalaryZ, KashZPresso, OMG Profitz, ShopZPresso, DFY Profits, etc.

Feature Details

Here is the list of exclusive items you are getting with this offer:

  • Cloud-hosted software platform with commercial rights.
  • Upon purchase, customers create their accounts.
  • They access the platform and set up SMTP (they can use our SMTP if they don’t have their own), and set up rewards for referrals, etc.
  • Now they can use the bonus guide on how to have hundreds of trainers put their training on the platform, sell and make money. The teachers will refer more traffic to reduce charges.
  • Students will get an option to refer others to the platform and get discount points as a reward for the referral. This way students send more traffic.
  • Customers can use the bonus training on how to get Facebook and Google ad coupons and run ads for free.
  • Built-in blogging systems can be used to publish blog content, and get more social and Google traffic.

The list above can be translated into a long list of benefits you can enjoy:

  • AcademyZPresso helps users build their online-based business from the comfort of their homes. It places them in an authority position. They don’t need a hosting service, don’t need a website, don’t need content, and don’t need traffic.
  • AcademyZPresso turns a user into a franchise of the Udemy-clone platform.
  • Users don’t need to create any content or course. They piggyback trainers by letting trainers sell their courses.
  • Users split sales revenue with teachers and make passive income.
  • Free viral traffic to the platform. Users can offer higher commissions to teachers for referring others to the platform.
  • Users piggyback students, and their interests and get free, viral traffic by offering discounts on course purchases in exchange for the referral.
  • Users can also sell their own courses if they want to and keep 100% of the profit.
  • Users get All the traffic generated from the referrals of trainers and students.

About using details

How To Use This AcademyZPresso?

The mindset here is you are the owner of this platform, which means instructors need to sign up with you before publishing courses on it.

Here is the admin panel where you can manage and set up your account:


[+]    Manage Instructors

Here in the Manage Instructors tab, you can see all the instructors who are being activated or review the instructor request.

As instructors, they can send the withdrawal request to get money from their balance accounts.

Everything is under your admin control:


[+]   Add New Course

If you want to become an instructor on your own platform, you can click Add New Course” here to start adding new content.


To create a new course, you need to go through different sections here including Basic, Requirements, Outcomes, Includes, Pricing, Media, and SEO:


[+]   Email Settings

This section is specially built for email marketing, which allows you to land your course promotion offer to clients’ inboxes and increase conversion rates:


[+]   Set Up Referral Program

The system will help to scale up your platform as more people, to get discounts, will send invitations to their friends and family (even someone they don’t really know) to pay a cheaper price.

You can set up the discount rate, and the referral counts for each type of bonus:


How Does The Platform Look Like?

This is the main dashboard of AcademyZPresso as below.


One more similarity between the software and other platforms is that you can easily find relevant videos or courses based on the category list.


Like Udemy, you can get access to the system as students who come and buy the course or instructors who want to showcase their courses and earn money.


To become an instructor, you need to sign up and set up your profile here:


And here…

What others say about this AcademyZPresso:


Price And Evaluation

AcademyZPresso FE

To get your hands on one copy of AcademyZPresso, you only need to pay $22 during the first 6 hours of this launch. The early bird offer is limited and if you arrive later than this, the price starts to increase on dime-sale.

With everything done for you from the site creation, and course delivery to the search traffic, this is a very reasonable price, in my opinion. The offer comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee so your low investment is 100% risk-free for the next 90 days.



In addition, you can enjoy more advanced features with these upgrades:




Who Is It For?

In short, this product gives you access to:

  • Free content (Content/Courses trainers/teachers/coaches).
  • Free referral traffic from teachers (teachers send referral traffic to make more money as a reward).
  • AFree referral traffic from Students (Students will send referral traffic to get a discount coupon as a reward for referral).
  • A free traffic and sales commissions when a course is sold.

That’s why I would recommend this software for:

  • Social media marketers
  • Digital marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Affiliates
  • Online businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online coaches

Bonuses From Author Team

With this launch, Mosh Bari gives you more than 4 amazing bonuses as below, you will get all these bonuses in the member area of the product:


AcademyZPresso Review – Pros And Cons


  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Effortlessly create a website and build content
  • Eliminate all the guesswork
  • Completely readymade
  • No hosting or domain monthly fee
  • Make highly secured payments via Stripe and PayPal
  • Referral system to scale up easily
  • No paid traffic, email list or any other BS required
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Up to now, there is not been any.



With all my honest thoughts about AcademyZPresso, I hope you can realize the real value of this exclusive software and dedicated support. This is truly an attractive alternative for you during this crisis time.

Without any risk taken, your low investment in this product is fully protected with a 30-day money-back so click on the button and secure one copy of this amazing product at the best price ever!



1/ Powerful Tools Bonus Package (44 Tools)

2/ Build Your Own Online Biz With These (09 Bonuses)


2/ Super Bonus Package: Perfect Match For Your Biz (41 Bonuses)

Super Bonus Package 01

Step 1: Buy AcademyZPresso on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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Thank you so much for reading my AcademyZPresso review.

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