1 Hr WorkDay Review: 1 Hour Per Day to Create a Real Online Business?

1 Hr WorkDay Review




While going online to save themselves from the impacts of Covid-19, hardly newbies are certain of what they are doing to earn a stable income from this.

Or even if they know the general concept of making money online all arise from content, they rarely feel comfortable with the content creation. It’s not child’s play when you want to create organic content frequently

When it comes to the Internet, content is king. Those who have access to high-quality, unique content is able to get traffic, get attention, and make money in many different ways. Only organic content can get you ranked top, having more visitors and turning them into buyers.

That’s why today I want to introduce 1 Hr WorkDay, the product I have so far tried for the last two weeks and I’m really satisfied by how it addresses our lack of content. This review will show my honest thoughts about the software and the experience I had with it.

What Is 1 Hr WorkDay?

1 Hr WorkDay is one of the most effective cloud-based apps that are able to solve your content problems within a few clicks. With the real results proved by several beta users, this product can help you earn up to $5K per month for beginners by working only 1 hour per day.

With the training course included, this product can help you focus on what is essential and not get distracted and overwhelmed by shiny objects, social media, and information overload.

About The Creator- Mosh Bari


Mosh Bari is a dynamic and determined vendor who has created several useful products and accumulated more than 10,000 sales so far.

His titles as “Superstar Affiliate”, and “Top 1% Vendor” were awarded due to his contributions to the online marketing community through powerful solutions such as 6FigZ, ReZolved, RankZPresso, EZSalaryZ, KashZPresso, OMG Profitz, ShopZPresso, DFY Profits, etc.

His products are famous for the unique strategies packed inside to address marketers’ problems and you can easily find out compliments and good feedback about them anywhere.

Now let’s see what you’ll get from the main dashboard of 1 Hr WorkDay.

1 Hr WorkDay Review- What Are You Getting Inside?

From a very reasonable price of 1 Hr WorkDay, the customer will get:

A Complete Course For Complete Beginners

I know you all have access to literally every piece of information you need to succeed in online marketing. But sometimes, we have to admit that they are overwhelmed and distracted.

Being placed at the intersection of decisions can prevent you from the success you deserve. You might fail to complete any project and never get results. 1 Hr WorkDay solves this problem completely

In the member’s area, you’ll get access to the exact way they run a $200K per month online business. They have a specific set of tasks that they perform on day to day basis.

These are all the simplest tasks step by step for beginners. Anyone can follow simple instructions, follow the steps, complete the tasks on day to day basis, and get results fast and easy

A Cloud-Based Software

The cloud-hosted software drives traffic to your website and makes sales on complete autopilot by curating high-quality and viral content with a push of a button.

You can use this software to find hot videos based on keywords or convert the content of these videos into articles so that you can drop your affiliate link to the post and publish it anywhere you want.


1 Hr WorkDay Review- About using details

How To Use

Step 1: Log In

Use your username and password sent via the registered email to log in to the member’s area.


Once you log in successfully, you will see the main dashboard of 1 Hr WorkDay as below.


Step 2: Create a New Campaign

Choose the Campaign button on the menu bar to see all campaigns you created. Click the New Campaign button to create a new campaign with 1 Hr WorkDay.


Now fill in the campaign form here including your name and description. Click Create to start a new campaign.


For each campaign, you’ll need to go through these tasks:

[+]   New Job: Basically, this task focuses on finding videos based on the keywords you add.


Now you need to choose the video source (where to find videos) and add a job description and tags (optional).


After that, insert keywords and make sure you notice their instructions. Click Create Job at the end of the page to start finding videos.


[+]   Fetching Content: Now the app will automatically move you to the next task.


Now on the screen, the app shows you the video search results due to the given keywords.


Tick the box in front of the video’s thumbnail to select and click Go To Next.


[+]   Action: This is the final task of the whole creating campaign process.


Now the 1 Hr WorkDay software turns all content into a complete post and you can share it to any platform you want.


Step 3: Create Content

In case you want to create content of your choice, you should choose the Content tab from the menu bar.


Click the Get Content button to start.


Paste the video URL to the box and click Go.


The app will help you convert the video’s content into an article.


Now you can move to the end of the page and choose Save For Later or Copy Content.


If you choose to Save it For Later, it will show up on your list as below:


Step 4: Add Or Set Up Blogs

Choose the Blog Setup tab from the menu bar and click Add Blog.


You need to fill in the form here and click Create to add your blog.


Step 5: Add Social Sites and Affiliate Sites

Go to Settings and add the required information to link your account with the social media accounts. By doing this, you can share posts to your accounts more easily.


1 Hr WorkDay Review- Using Experience

As I have emphasized several times with readers, organic content is the key to top rankings and top ranking is the most possible way for quality traffic. So content software should have always been the top priority on your to-buy list.

The first reason why I recommend 1 Hr WorkDay instead of other items is that this software is super easy to use and 100% newbie-friendly, I withdrew this from my own experience.

Moreover, Mosh Bari himself started his career in the early stage of internet marketing when there was almost no tool or technology to help him and all his winning formulas were created and tested carefully for his own use. That’s why they’re simple yet solid to serve newbies.

Additionally, the course shows you the simple way to make $5K per month by working 1 hour per day and using only a few specific sets of tasks they draw out.

On top of that, here in this product, included the quality answer from 10+ successful online entrepreneurs to the question of what they would do if they had only 1 hour per day to make $5K per month.

This kind of valuable input is exclusively added as a part of the product so you should take this as a treasure, not a regular one.

In short, 1 Hr WorkDay is highly recommended!



Price And Evaluation

1 Hr WorkDay FE

There are two versions for you to choose from today:


For the first 6 hours of this launch (starting from 11 AM Sept 5th till Midnight Sept 8th) you can enjoy the early bird offer which freezes the price at only $12.79.

This is a very cheap and affordable price for complete newbies who want to boost their work productivity.

After that, the price starts to rise on dimesale until the launch ends. That’s why I highly recommend you secure one copy of 1 Hr WorkDay today. You can save a few dollars and enjoy the advantage of arriving early.


The upsells

In addition to the FE, you can add more powerful features and benefits to the product with these upgrades:


UPGRADE #1: Taskillar Software ($26.79/month)

Downsell 1 (50 users): $21.79/month

TaskIllar is a cloud-based software that replaces high-price software and completely automates the task management process Customers will get access to TasKillar software to completely automate their task management, easily accomplish projects, get results at a much lower price.

UPGRADE #2: Taskillar Unlimited ($67)

Downsell 2: $47

Unlimited version of the TaskIllar software. All the limits are lifted for a one-time price.

UPGRADE #3: Agency License ($67)

Downsell 3: $47

Customers will get access to tour agency licenses and will be able to sell their services and accounts there from the Taskillar software dashboard.

UPGRADE #4: Reseller License ($77)

Downsell 4: $57

Customers get guaranteed approval to promote 1 Hr WorkDay and 100% commission on the front end.

UPGRADE #5: Gold Miners Club ($39/month)

This is the club of Elite members. Every month they get access to their products and full-funnel 100% Commission.

UPGRADE #6: Whitelabel Rights ($399)

Downsell 6: $299

White label rights off the Taskillar software. Customers get Do-Anything-You-Want rights.


1 Hr WorkDay Review- Who Is It For?

Generally speaking, 1 Hr WorkDay could benefit different types of jobs, as long as they are doing an MMO business. While this product is claimed newbie-friendly, there are a lot more bonuses you can exploit, even if you are a veteran.

In my opinion, 1 Hr WorkDay can help you create a shortcut to your success. Consider putting this into your toolkit if you are on the list.

    +    For everyone who wants to make money online using the easiest way

    +    Tips for beginners

    +    It’s for intermediate-level marketers

    +    It’s for advanced marketers

    +    It’s for everyone who wants readymade, done-for-you software as a service ready to start selling and making money

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this 1 Hr Workday today, you will get all bonuses below for free:


1 Hr WorkDay Review- Pros And Cons


♥   Simple and step-by-step training

♥   Finish your first online marketing project within hours

♥   No wasting time

♥   Build a sustainable business online

♥   Easily scale-up

♥   Benefits both beginners and professionals

♥   Fastest and proven way to get results

♥   Get traffic fast

♥   Helps focus on what works and get results


X   Up to now, there are not any



With all my honest thoughts about 1 Hr WorkDay, I hope you can realize the real value of this product including the cloud-based software and step-by-step training. This is truly an attractive alternative for you during this crisis time.

Without any risk taken, your low investment in 1 Hr WorkDay is fully protected with a 30-day money-back so click on the button and secure one copy of this amazing product at the best price ever!



Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy 1 Hr WorkDay on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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