AffiliWeapon Review: A Result-Driving Cloud-based Software

AffiliWeapon Review


AffiliWeapon Review- Overview

Affiliate marketing is believed to be the easiest way to make money as more and more people are building up their own affiliate machines every day. It’s quite understandable when people buy this story without a doubt, clearly, it doesn’t take much time to grasp the idea behind this kind of business.

However, the difference between what you think and what you get might be a bit shocking. Why? To get easy commissions from affiliate offers, you’ll need a quality targeted list for more effective campaigns. You’ll also need to choose the offer carefully, the ideal must be the one with high conversions. And so on. Frankly, how on earth can you get these tools when you just stepped into the niche a few days ago?

There are many gurus out there pulling you here, picturing yourself leading a gorgeous life with their system in hand. But most of them are not willing to share their secrets – the ones they actually use to make money. This is simple, they’re afraid that you become their competitors and enjoy the piece they’re supposed to get.

No need to get panicked! Here is the system I’ve tried for the past 2 weeks and got some amazing results with it, called AffiliWeapon. This is a DFY system that you’ll get the whole pack of weapons to get commissions hassle-free! Let’s see what you’re getting inside the member area of AffiliWeapon.

What Is AffiliWeapon?

AffiliWeapon is a brand new system that includes a powerful software tool that makes it easier than ever for you to make daily affiliate commissions without any hard work required on your part.

The best thing is AffiliWeapon is the secret affiliate weapon they use in their businesses to take a massive shortcut to make money like this over and over again.


About The Creator- Jason Fulton & Seun Ogundele


Seun Ogundele is the dynamic vendor who successfully marked his name on the hall of fame. It was many years ago that he started his online career and this AffiliWeapon machine is one of the automated machines that he has been using before he officially launches it.

As a product creator & affiliate marketer with a six-figure income every month, this guy is the idol of many marketers out there.

His successful product series such as JackedATM, KashKow, ProfiTORIAL, uProfito, RankFlux, EzyStore, Ezy Agency, Ecom Suite, Viddly, EzyFunnel, and Preequell are also great proofs for his strategic formula. These products are highly appreciated due to their practical purposes to solve marketers’ problems.

The following part will show you exactly the magic we are about to enjoy inside AffiliWeapon.

Feature Details

Everything you need to make daily commissions is included:

♠    Access To The AffiliWeapon App

This product is 100% cloud-based and newbie-friendly. You’ll get instant access to the AffiliWeapon app, which can be accessed on any device of your choice.

With this app, you’re only a few minutes away from getting commissions. I do believe this is really important for your MMO career as this can be a great source of inspiration to scale and reach further achievements.


♠   AffiliWeapon Quick Start Video Training

While the product is claimed 100% newbie-friendly, they will provide you with a quick start training video. Inside this over-the-shoulder training, they’ll show you how to make the most out of your AffiliWeapon account.

This training will make sure you can take all the unfair advantages from AffiliWeapon.


♠   5 ‘Done For You’ Offers

To make this impossible for you to mess up, they’re handing the best performing AffiliWeapon campaigns for free. This means you can just plug in and profit!


♠   Profit-Boosting Free Traffic Built-Into The Platform

You need the traffic to earn online, which is why they include the free traffic method. There’s no need to shell over a penny for traffic as it’s built-in for free with AffiliWeapon. Which means you get to keep 100% of the profits.


You can click the button below to check the sales page for all detailed features, I’m sure that you will crush them:


AffiliWeapon Review- Demo & Using Experience

How To Use This Weapon

– As soon as you log in to the system, you will be able to see its dashboard which looks like this:

AffiliWeapon-Review-Step-0 (1)

Step 1: Create a new site

– In order to create a new site, click on ‘Create New Site’:


– You can either create your funnel using the pre-made templates or create it from scratch.


Step 2: Customize your funnel page

– Using the inbuilt tools, you can customize how your funnel page looks by changing fonts, size, colors, backgrounds, etc.


– In your funnel page, there are places for you to add your redirect link and drive more traffic to wherever you like. Just add button text, URL and that’s it!


– If you want to customize any CTA on the funnel page, click on it and select the target link.


– Then, select target link type and add button link URL.


– Eventually, you can customize the site URL by clicking on ‘Add Site URL’:


– Just enter your site name and that’s it!


– When you are done customizing your funnel page, click on ‘Publish’:


Step 3: Generating Traffic

– In the dashboard of AffiliWeapon, I already showed you the ‘Traffic’ section where you can generate traffic for your site.

When you click on it, you will be redirected to TrafficEzy and drive traffic to your websites.


– Then, click on ‘Add new website’:


– Then, paste in your site URL and select a few options for your traffic as shown:


– You can also select the total hits limit, user agent options, and traffic source and you’re done! With just a few clicks of the mouse, TrafficEzy will do the rest for you!


Everything is clear enough??

Yeah, I know if you are a newbie, you could get something difficult but if you follow all my steps above, you can easily use this tool.

Besides, the author creates a demonstration video for you to make sure you can use this one, too:

Using Experience

Honestly speaking, I think this software is a lifesaver to many newbies or marketers who can’t familiarize themselves with technical stuff on day 1 or 2. I strongly believe with AffiliWeapon, build up an automated passive income to handle a part of those difficulties caused by Covid-19.

They made it so simple and powerful so that anyone, even if you are new to this whole “internet software” or this “make money online” experience – can use this software and get results. If you’ve tried every other software out there promising to find you mines filled with gold & then never got any result from it, you need to try this.

You can choose to work in this industry as part-time work and devote yourself to it full time. But if you want to do this the whole time and replace your boring desk job with this one, you can scale this up, keep your toolkit updated and replace your low salary with many sources of income set up by AffiliWeapon.

Let check what other beta-testers and online marketers say about this weapon:


AffiliWeapon Review- Price And Evaluation

For the first 6 hours of the launch, you can be the owner of AffiliWeapon at an introductory price of $19. After this time, the offer goes into dimesale in which the price increases gradually by the hour.

With the advanced features inside the member area of AffiliWeapon, I’m sure the product is worth much more than just $19 and it’s a nuisance to miss out on this great offer.



The Upsells


However, that’s not all the best tools you could equip for your MMO machine. In fact, you can get greater benefits with these OTOs:

OTO1: Secret Commission Sites ($47)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    Secret commission sites exposed

[+]    Done for you campaigns

[+]    Instant trust & credibility

[+]    Tap into ‘hidden’ secret underground commission sites.

[+]    These sites are 100% proven to help you scale your online profits…

[+]    These are DFY AffiliWeapon campaigns that will get you set up faster and without figuring it out yourself.

[+]    Simply log in, add your affiliate link & profit!

OTO2: Advanced 500x edition ($47)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    The secret deadly strategy nobody else is teaching

[+]    Author’s proven step by step game plan for maximizing my sales and commissions (when you use this you make money)

[+]    Unheard of promotion techniques that the “I.M. Crowd” isn’t doing which allow the author to dominate.

[+]    Give you an “unfair advantage” over the over 2,000 people purchasing

[+]    Just let the software deliver and you keep 100% of the profits.

[+]    #1 high-income skill

[+]    60+ DFY cash converting swipes

[+]    Quit your job

[+]    Bank fast cash

[+]    Proven to work

[+]    Access their deadliest secrets

OTO3: DFY Affiliate Profits ($197)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    They’re making it impossible for you to fail

[+]    20 DFY profit campaigns ready to be deployed

[+]    They’ll set up everything for you

[+]    A failproof route for earning with AffiliWeapon

[+]    They’ll choose the niches for you

[+]    Start making hands free income

OTO4: Auto Profits Boosterz ($77)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    What if there was a way to 25x, 50x, or even 1000x your results?

[+]    With absolutely zero hard work?

[+]    If that existed, how fast would you hop on that offer?

[+]    Well now you can!

OTO5: Autopilot ($67)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    Want AffiliWeapon to run on complete

[+]    Autopilot & continue making you money?

[+]    Save loads of time – fully automate AffiliWeapon

OTO6: License Rights ($147)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]    They’re giving you the opportunity to sell AffiliWeapon as your own product, and keep 100% commissions (even the upgrades!)

[+]    A full online business in a box

[+]    Keep 100% commissions

[+]    Save thousands


Who Should Buy This AffiliWeapon?

AffiliWeapon gives you everything to hack your way to real commissions. Plus, due to the fact that AffiliWeapon is completely newbie-friendly, there’s nothing you can mess up while you own one copy.

Particularly, this product is 100% highly recommended if you are:

     +     Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites

     +     Business owners

     +     E-com store owners

     +     Local consultants

     +     Product creators

     +     Content creators

     +     Freelancers

     +     Social media marketers

Bonuses From Author Team

I/ General bonuses from the author team

Get this amazing tool today, you will get all bonuses below for free from the author team.

You will get all bonuses in the member area of FE purchase:


Special bonuses for your purchase of this product through my affiliate link:

Specialbonus 01: JackedATM

Controversial software: like withdrawing cash without a card + 100% free viral traffic in 60 seconds!

These ‘Virtual ATMs’ make us over $627 per day and take just minutes to set up!…

Check my full JackedATM review here:

Specialbonus 02: ProfiTORIAL

World’s first, 1-click app sends you an unstoppable flood of free buyer traffic & commissions…

ProfiTorial creates you PIMs (passive income machines) that fuel your links with endless converting traffic in any niche, within minutes…

Check my full ProfiTORIAL review here:

Specialbonus 03: Uprofito

The only passive income solution you’ll ever need…

Discover the “no selling system” that’s raking in $1,000-2000 daily on complete autopilot…

No CPA required | no paid ads or expenses | no website or list required

Check my full ProfiTORIAL review here:

AffiliWeapon Review- Pros And Cons


♥   No technical skills required

♥   No experience with affiliate marketing involved

♥   Free traffic method included

♥   5 pre-approved affiliate offers

♥   No writing copy or hiring designers

♥   Available at a very affordable price

♥   100-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is not any.

If you have any questions about this product or my review, feel free to drop a line through my website or fan page.



I don’t want to rush you to get something that you are still not clear about its great power. Owing to their 100% refund policy, you can try this out for the next 100 days, what else can be better than this?




Bonuses From Hudareview Team

Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy AffiliWeapon on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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