Zerotouch Agency Review- Upgrade Your Agency With This COVID-proof Technology

Zerotouch Agency Review


Zerotouch Agency Review- Product Overview


Covid-19 swept all our aspirations for 2020 away as we spent most of the time staying in the house, social distancing, and all that. Since there is no expert that can predict when and how this global pandemic ends, we all hope to find a solution to deal with it and keep our business alive.

If you are following the news, you must be hearing about following the social distancing norms. Businesses are being forced by the government to follow social distancing. But it is not very easy for store owners, restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops to follow social distancing very effectively.

Hold up!

This is exactly a huge earning opportunity for you if you can provide them with a contactless solution (I’ll recommend you one in this review).

A few days ago, I saw this new system that is already being used by the giants in the market, but small businesses, restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops have no access to it. It’s called Zerotouch Agency.

Just imagine shopkeepers can have a scannable QR code and their customers can just scan the code, place the order, and get the order delivered to them! This is definitely what local businesses need and you can do this with the help of Zerotouch.

The next parts of this review will show you more insights into this software, but, please read this before you make a decision.

The Summary


Creator Roshni Dhal at el
Product ZeroTouch Agency
Launch Date 2020-Aug-24
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website  
Front-End Price $47
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is Zerotouch Agency?

ZeroTouch Agency is a newbie-friendly software delivering a contactless in-store business management suite that can be used by Local Businesses.

With this tool, you can become a reliable agency for any local business without any prior experience by allowing them to:

♣    Get more confidence and enhanced trust in eyes of the customer

♣   Minimise customer contact

♣   Ensure business revival and growth while staying compliant

♣   Get increased customer satisfaction

♣   Process orders without any queues

♣   Collect contactless payments with the power of a simple barcode

About The Creators


This amazing product was created by a dynamic team led by Roshni Dhal.

Whether in real life or in her Internet career, Roshni has obtained certain achievements. She was known for pioneering to formulate of winning-making money machines, especially she was among the first developers to reach for LinkedIn.

Featured on Linkedin’s top 15 voices of India 2016, Roshni also had the SAAS Product Debut launch earning up to $118K in revenue in 1 week. You can search with Stocknation 2.0, ClickKosh 2.0, GraphySuite, Clickkosh, GramKosh & Vidkala

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Zerotouch Agency Review and find out its features.

Feature Details

Multi-Client Access Panel

You can create an Access panel for multiple clients inside the Application. Each Brand is dedicated to One Client and completely customizable so that they never know it’s Zerotouch. They will always be under the impression that you are in control.

Multi-User Client Panel with Access Level Roles

Inside the Client Panel, one can add unlimited Employees to manage the Orders in Real-Time inside the Store.

Advanced Customisable Brand Settings for Each Client

The Entire Front-end shop can be customized to your liking, from Logo to domain to catalog images, everything is customizable.

Fully Contactless Enabled Digital Store Creation

The customers can browse the stores simply with the scan of a Barcode, with no contact whatsoever.

Unlimited Products & Catalogues Per Client

They have no restriction in terms of the number of products or number of Catalogues per client, add as many as needed by the clients no matter the size of the restaurant.

Multi-Currency Stores

Each store can be customized to have its own currency, depending on the country, location, and currency these stores can be customized to the Language of Customers.

Multi-Category Stores & Catalogues

Each store can have multiple categories and multiple catalogs depending on the structure and the Products they are offering. The Digital Catalog will have all the options.

100% Digital Menu/Catalog Creation

The entire menu is Digital in nature, which brings out ease while placing an Order. No Queues, No Waiting, and No Touch. It’s all convenient.

Scannable Catalogues

The entire Store catalog is just a barcode scan away. They can paste these barcodes at the Tables, on the Billing Counters, or outside the Takeaway joints.

Advanced Customisation in Categories

With Categories, they have finest customizations available. From Rearranging Categories themselves to rearranging products inside these Categories gives us the freedom to show the Right Products in the right places.

Detailed Product Level Settings

Each and every product has its own settings, you can set your Images, Description, price, and Currency and you have full language flexibility.

Unlimited Add-On Functionality for Products

Each Product in Zerotouch can have instant upsells called add-ons. You can add unlimited add-ons to each Product and customers can choose instantly. Now you can upsell In-Store as well at ease.

Multi-Branch/Location Creation for Stores

Every business has different requirements, and at Zerotouch you have the ability to handle any sized business. You can set Multiple Branches for the Respective Brand and provide them the service at ease.

Scanable QR Codes for Different Stations/Branches/Tables

ZeroTouch handles almost every kind of Local Business ranging from a Shopping destinations to Salons to Restaurants. That’s why they give you different Barcodes assigned for each Branch or a Table (in case of dine-in).

Full-Featured Enterprise-Grade Order Management Solution (OMS) Built-In

With Zerotouch it’s not just about getting Orders but also about managing them. Each time a new order is received, one is notified and you can mark the order as in Process or Completed based on which stage it is.

Branch/Channel/Table Level Support at OMS

They have designed the process minutely and made sure that any order Clients receive at any Table or a particular channel or at a Branch, all can be managed at ease with their built-in Order Management Solution.

Unlimited Orders Support

At Zerotouch, they don’t restrict your clients by any bounds. They can accept and process unlimited orders for their store, branches, and channels at ease.

Client Level Store White labeling

The best part about Zerotouch is Store White labeling. You can set up your Domain, and your Store Branding and give customers a uniform look and feel to the entire in-store experience.

Contactless Ordering Solution

The Key behind Zerotouch is hassle-free Contactless Ordering. Customers can order without any queues, self-service level convenience, and all in Store.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

They have multiple payment integrations already available inside the app. You can connect your Client’s Stripe, Paypal, or Razorpay accounts and get the Order going in no time.

Fully Customisable Digitally Scannable Menus with Instruction Cards

At ZeroTouch they are also given a facility to customize the barcode with Instruction cards which can be plugged into the store either at a stand or on the Table or at Billing.

1 Click Customers Central View

Inside the Dashboard, they have a Dedicated section where you can see all the Customers on one screen and arrange them with ascending and descending orders.

Zerotouch Agency Review- How To Use

Log in

Use your given account to log in to the system.


When you log in successfully, you’ll see the Main Dashboard as below:


From the dashboard, you can click on the Getting Started button and see the 5 simple steps to start with ZeroTouch App. This will be super easy to use and you just need to follow the process step by step.


Setup Brand

When you click on Setup Brand, the page will be directed to Basic Settings. You can add your domain/subdomain here, select the logo and brand name then click Save Settings.


You can use your own domain to establish your service to your clients. Click Add New Domain to add.


Add Category

This is Step 2 in the entire process. When you click to Add Category, the Categories dashboard appears as below. Right here you can switch on and off the button to enable/disable the category.

Click Create New Category to add a new one.


You need to enter the category name, upload or select an icon from the library and select the products into this category. Click Save Category when you finish.


The new category will show up at the top of the table and you can view or edit it anytime you want.


Add Product

In this step 3, click the Add Product in the list. From the Products panel, click Add Product to add a new product to your list.


To create a new product, you need to enter the product name, and product type, select the currency and add the price. Then, add a brief description of the product to the box.


Next, select the Product Category, add product code (optional), and upload the featured image.


Fill in the Add-On Name, Code, or Cost. Click Create Add-On(s) if you want to add more add-on products. Finally, click Create & Save Product to save the product.


Create Catalog

In this step, click on the Create Catalog button.


Then, fill in the form here to create a new catalog including name, slug, logo…


You can choose the theme’s main color.


Then choose the categories to the catalog and click Create & Save Catalog.


Add Stations

Click on the Stations tab to create a new station.


Then, click on the Create New Station button to get started.


Enter the station name and code, click Save and that’s all done!


Add Payment Gateways

Go to the Settings tab, choose the Payment Settings and click Add New Gateways button.


Now you can select Gateway (Stripe, Razorpay, or Paypal) and click Add Gateway.


Manage Orders

You can manage orders in the Order Listing tab.


Manage Customers

You can find the necessary contact details of your customers from the Customers tab.


Using Experience

To be honest, I’ve tried many agency solutions during the Covid-19, and all the software I recommended to you on my website was what I considered the best to help you. But I knew I was wrong when I first walked through Zerotouch Agency, it’s far more outstanding and practical.

ZeroTouch Agency does not only give you the power to provide services and make money, but it’s also the leading technology to protect everyone from this pandemic and people can do social distancing while they enjoy the convenience.

The code generated by ZeroTouch will automatically be linked to your catalogs, so you don’t have to worry about arranging things all over again. What’s even better about the Stations feature is that you can generate multiple QR codes for different spots.

What if someone orders from table number 9? How is your client going to know? Well, in the station feature, you can create a new station called “table no. 9” and then ask your client to put that code in table 9. It’s an easy solution for both business owners and customers to do transactions, isn’t it?

I’m sure you will love it if you give it a try.

Price And Evaluation

The ZeroTouch FE

Presently, all it takes to build and grow your agency with ZeroTouch is only $67.

While this price is not usually considered cheap or affordable, the premium features inside this can save you priceless time and help you leverage your service with reduced costs.

This product’s worth a try and your investment in this is quite essential to make money during the Covid-19.

Please grab this during this launch, this is your one and only chance to get Zerotouch at a discounted price. The price of Zerotouch would be $997 after launch and the product will be sold via Webinars only.

The Upsells

However, there are still more advanced features you can add to when you get these OTOs:

OTO 1: Zerotouch Platinum ($97)

Increase you’re earning potential multiple times with the power of 17x advanced tools plus a 100 client license with Zerotouch Agency.

  • 100 clients license
  • Order as a guest
  • Cash on delivery
  • Unlimited catalogs creation
  • QR code level designs
  • Custom branded QR codes
  • Add & manage unlimited promotional banners
  • Add & manage special announcement tickers
  • Special sale & offers menu creation
  • Invoicing on orders
  • SMS order confirmation via Twilio
  • Surveys/feedbacks — NPS scoring of customers
  • Unlimited users for order management
  • Advanced CRM for customers’ view
  • 1 click order fulfillment
  • Deeper insights into shop/store performance
  • Know top products selling & top customer regions, etc.

OTO 2: DFY Agency Toolkit ($47)

     +     Agency Toolkit ($47)

     +     Agency Toolkit with Docupanda ($67)

Kick start your Zerotouch Agency services with their professional design done-for-you proposals, website, a sales video, telephone scripts, emails, and ads.

Here is what’s included in the Done-For-You Agency Toolkit:

  • Done for you Agency Website
  • Done for you Animated Sales Video
  • Done for you Banners, Ads, and Ad Copies
  • Outreach Emails
  • Telephone Scripts
  • Done for you Pricing Sheets with Proposal
  • E Sign Agreements with Docupanda

Plus, you will get these exclusive one-time bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Automated List Profits
  • Bonus #2: Lead Generation Course
  • Bonus #3: 1 Year Business Hosting

OTO 3: Client Finder ($27)

    +    BizFinder ($27)

    +    3 in 1 Client Getting System ($47)

What if there is a system that lets you find out the right clients and reach out to them in bulk?

Here is what’s included in their 3 in 1 Client Getting System:

1. A Client Finder App — BizFinder

  • Enter your niche and location.
  • Find business locations, websites, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Generate the emails using their recommended extension.

2. An Email Outreach Tool — Mail Push

Send Cold Outreach emails using your own SMTP.

  • Ability to plug in SMTP.
  • Ability to create lists.
  • Ability to upload contacts to lists.
  • Ability to view contacts in the list.
  • Ability to create a campaign (campaign builder with HTML enabled → to add a subject line, choose SMTP, add email content, choose list → send).
  • Ability to send a broadcast.
  • Broadcast listing to see past campaigns sent.
  • Comes with a full drag-drop HTML email builder.

3. An SMS Outreach Tool — Text Push

  • Ability to plug in SMS Gateways (Twilio Accounts).
  • Ability to create lists.
  • Ability to upload contacts to lists.
  • Ability to view contacts in the list.
  • Ability to create a campaign (campaign builder with message text → add a message, choose SMTP, choose list → send).
  • Ability to send a broadcast.
  • Broadcast listing to see past campaigns sent.

Plus, you will get these exclusive one-time bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Live Call with Their Agency Guy.
  • Bonus #2: LinkedIn Marketing Course.


Who Should Buy This?

This software can deliver the utmost need of this pandemic – contactless transactions. People can keep their own safety while ordering things at the most convenience.

So you don’t have to worry, even if you don’t want to use it for yourself, it is not hard to sell to the local businesses because this is what they need the most at this point.

I would recommend the list below to get this:

     +    Internet marketers of all kinds

     +    Local agencies

     +    Business owners

     +    Local businesses

     +    Freelancers

     +    Bloggers

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this Zorotouch Agency in the launch week, you will get all bonuses below for free from the author team, you will get them in the member area of the front-end:


Zerotouch Agency Review- Pros And Cons


Easy to use software for non-techies

Works on any device

Fast and Bug-free

Fully customizable contactless ordering pages

No Programming Knowledge required

“Getting Started” section with all steps for newbies

 Dedicated support team

30 days money-back guarantee


There are some advanced features for this scan barcode system but it was actually set in the upsells. Though the FE only is great for being a reliable agency


Hopefully, this Zorotouch Agency review gives you enough details to make your buying decision. I tried it and succeeded. It’s now your turn to let yourself enjoy the same success!

Currently just need to pay $67 and the tool becomes yours forever! This price does not last long so you should take fast action. The offer also comes with a 30-Day Refund Guarantee so you can try the tool Risk-Free for 30 days and see if it’s really effective.



























































Step 1: Buy Zerotouch Agency

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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