WhatDROID Review: Reach Prospective Customers With a 98% Open Rate

WhatDROID Review


Generally speaking, there is no limit when it comes to online marketing. As of 2020, online marketing has even developed to a brand new level that people take online shopping as a perfect alternative due to social distancing practices.

Sellers optimize all the tools that they can ever think of – running their marketing campaigns with phone calls, emails (of many different kinds), ads on social media, and of course all messaging platforms are exploited as well.

The surprising thing about it is that different from other regular forms, selling on messaging forms is reported to get marketers better results through higher open rates. The reason is, people get bored with most of the selling forms, they hate being spammed and build their own immunity to whatever is being delivered.

With messaging platforms, marketers can get closer to the buyers and jump right into their buying mood, halfway to closing sales. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Today, I just find out a great piece of the online world, pristine and unexploited – WhatsApp.

As this way of marketing is still new, you probably need the help of WhatDROID – the automated proven-to-work system that eliminates all the hard work of online selling for you and makes sure you will get the most out of it in just a few simple clicks.

WhatDROID Overview


Creator Cyril Jeet et al.
Product WhatDROID
Front-End Price $37
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is WhatDROID?

WhatDROID is the most Powerful WhatsApp Marketing Solution as it not only allows you to easily reach your audience (clients and prospects), but it also establishes a strong connection with your audience, thereby bringing more sales.

The best thing is that WhatDROID gives you access to the most flexible traffic on the Internet, which enables you to promote any product or service you want, from T-shirts, mugs, tools, handicraft items, and souvenirs to any kind of services including healthcare, home assistance, marketing, website designing, SEO or absolutely anything else you want.

Simply send payment links right within WhatsApp or drive traffic to any site you want, WhatDROID makes incredible things possible.

Meet The Developers- Cyril Jeet Et Al.


I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce Cyril Jeet to any marketer who has spent more than 6 months with us. In fact, this talented vendor gained popularity from the long list of famous products powered by Teknikforce.

Just so you know, Cyril Jeet is a veteran programmer and entrepreneur and the CEO of Teknikforce Ventures LLC, a company that is known to produce high-quality software tools and websites. 20 years in online business obviously proved himself a pioneer and volunteer in any marketing trends.

As of now, he has made over $3 million in sales, launched over 45 products, had over 80,000 customers, and kept a perfect record of sales and service.

His notable launches: TubeRank Jeet 4AdPlifyWebinarloop, PursueApp, Keywords Jeet, Email Jeet, Pinflux, ConvertProof, Viral Reach, Cloudfunnels, which later earned him the title of “Top 1% Seller” on JVZoo.

What Does It Offer You?

Here are the detailed features of WhatDROID:

⇒   Powerful Dashboard

From this dashboard, you can have a bird’s eye view of all your mailouts, responses, and triggers thanks to the statistics. Therefore, you can see how your campaigns are performing and what you can do to improve them.


⇒   Broadcast Messages

You can broadcast messages to a set of numbers or even to groups that you are a part of.


⇒   Set Up Collections

With WhatDROID, you can create collections of numbers based on topics or subjects and message everyone simultaneously.


⇒   Verify your leads

You can put any numbers and only WhatsApp active numbers from that list.


⇒   Schedule messages for later

You can schedule messages to go out at any time you want with powerful scheduling features.


⇒   Export and Import using CSV

You can export your contact list to CSV or import a contact list by uploading a CSV file easily.


⇒   Send attachments and multimedia

You can send literally any type of media or documents of your choice with WhatDROID.


⇒   Detailed Reports and Analytics

Thanks to this feature, you can know what is going on with your campaign and keep everything under control in the shortest time possible!


Now, let’s take a closer look at what you can benefit from WhatDROID:

♠   WhatDROID makes automation a Painless and Safe Experience

  • Easy-to-use app that anyone can master within an hour

With the newbie-friendly interface, you can master all WhatDROID functions in an hour or less.

You no longer have to waste your time on huge manuals or heavy learning curves. WhatDROID is intuitive and everything is right in front of you. It’s a perfect choice for business and is designed for marketers.

  • 100% Legit Browser-Based Automation

There is absolutely no shady hacks involved in WhatDROID automation. Because it is based on browser automation of WhatsApp Web giving you legitimate automation on your own computers.

All messaging flows only from your own computer from your own instance of WhatsApp web so your account is 100% secure!

  • Inbuilt Throttling and Human Conditioning

The inbuilt throttling will protect you from spam-like behavior. WhatDROID will automate only to the level that mimics a real human being enabling you to free up your time while never having to worry about being banned due to spam.

♠   Create Communication Messages that get you Real Results and Real Sales

  • Schedule 1-1 Message and Broadcasts

With this feature, you can schedule messages and broadcasts for any date or time. Simply open WhatDROID, schedule your messages and that’s it! There is no need for you to keep gluing your eyes to the screen copying and pasting your messages to send to people separately.

  • Message numbers without adding them

Normally, you have to add a number to your contacts to message it. However, you don’t need to do this with WhatDROID as you can now message any WhatsApp number instantly!

This feature is perfect when you try to reach out to new customers. Just give it a try and you’ll see it can 10X your performance with WhatDROID than manually!

  • Create contact lists and broadcast to all of them

This feature enables you to create contact lists and message them with just a click of the mouse. It is nothing different from messaging them one by one! This gives your audience a personal experience and feels more engaging!

♠   Get perfect Delivery and Inboxing with WhatDROID

  • Get 100% Inboxing and 98% Open Rates

Every message you send will get straight to your audience and be read! This is the best thing that you can get with WhatsApp marketing!

  • Send with Multiple Accounts/Numbers

If you currently have multiple businesses to manage or multiple identities, WhatDROID is the perfect option as it can handle multiple accounts even on the same computer. Just log in to WhatDROID and send your message to any account you want.

  • Track Conversions on your phone

WhatDROID allows you to directly receive customer replies and responses so that you can answer, engage, and close sales effortlessly. It will spark a conversation and you can continue it on your own to get every sale.

♠   Maximize your ROI from EVERY single lead

  • Sell and Sell again with Maximum Effectiveness

Not only WhatDROID is useful for introducing your business or getting more prospects, but it also helps promote your offers to your current base of customers.

To be more specific, you can send information about new products, coupons, and sales schedules and promote your existing products for amazing results!

  • Create message templates and send on triggers

You can create your message templates with Menus, Catalogs, and any other information you want. Then, just send the information automatically to new leads with WhatDROID or circulate it on a schedule to your customers.

  • Put in your Payment Buttons directly in the chat

With WhatDROID, you can directly send links to your payment page right inside your chat without any hassle!

♠   Make your marketing as individual as your customers

  • Personalize your messages easily

Using tags like {name} or {firstname}, you can easily personalize any message you send out to boost your engagement and build connections with your customers and prospects!

  • Save time and effort with Snippets

There is absolutely no need for you to retype commonly used message segments. All you need to do is just plugin your Snippet and WhatDROID will automatically replace it with the Snippet text. Thanks to Snippet, you can craft effective marketing messages easily.

  • Make every message unique with SpinText

Every message you send with WhatDROID is completely unique so as to avoid triggering the WhatsApp spam filter. Thus, your account has stronger protection thanks to this feature!

♠   Get better Engagement and Response with impactful communication

  • Full Support for Formatting and Emojis

WhatDROID supports WhatsApp-compatible text formatting as well as has full support for emojis so that you can craft messages that look unique, engage your viewer and get you a better response every time.

  • Support PDFs, Docs, and Attachments

You can send any file type including PDFs, Word Docs, or others to our recipients.

  • Send Videos, Images, 3D Shoots, GIFs, etc

You can send any type of media to your customer improving their experience with your offer and product. Thus, they are more motivated to make a purchasing decision!

Especially, if you grab WhatDROID right now, you will get these Limited Time Offers:

Limited Time Offer 1: Commercial License Upgrade

Thanks to this offer, you can run WhatsApp marketing campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them. The best thing it comes loaded with absolutely everything you need to set up powerful campaigns for local or online businesses.

You can easily find customers on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork,… because WhatsApp messenger marketing is currently in demand. Come to think about the size of this potential market and you will see this is your biggest business this year!


Limited Time Offer 2: Training to maximize your sales

With this offer, you are going to get the powerful video course that the creator team created to help marketers maximize their sales and profits from WhatsApp marketing. Simply grab the training, go through it and you can 3X or 4X the results from WhatDROID.

This training is built by a top marketer guiding you through the principles of leveraging WhatsApp to generate high-converting traffic. This is indeed the opportunity to revolutionize your business performance.

Limited Time Offer 3: 50 Readymade Ice-Breaking Marketing Messages to give you a Quick Start

WhatDROID also gives you ready-made messages so that you can get started much faster.

Simply replace the product and the pitch with your niche and you will have powerful cold messenger marketing messengers set up in no time. You can even save hundreds of dollars in copywriting and days in coming up with message ideas.

Limited Time Offer 4: WhatsApp Graphics Pack with 250 Graphics you can use

This offer is perfect when you want to make your WhatsApp graphics stand out from others and capture your customers’ attention from the very first second.

Therefore, your brand can build a base of loyal customers who buy from you again and again!

WhatDROID Review- About using details

How To Use This Software

– As soon as you log in to WhatDROID, you will see its dashboard together with your account statistics:


– Add account:

In order to add your WhatsApp account, just click on ‘Accounts’ on the left navigation bar and choose ‘Add account’. The best thing about WhatDROID is you can add multiple accounts!


– Broadcast message:

You can either broadcast your message instantly or schedule it. I will show you how to broadcast your message instantly first. Simply add your message content, and attach any files and photos.


Then, choose a WhatsApp account that you previously added:


Next, you have 3 broadcast options as shown below:


Apart from that, you can also schedule your broadcast. It’s the same with broadcast now but the only thing you need to notice is you have to select when you want to send your message.


– Collection:

You can add a new collection (which is a list of WhatsApp numbers) so as to easily segment your prospects. First, click on ‘Collections’ on the left navigation bar, enter your collection name and click on ‘Add’:


Then, add your prospects’ numbers into the box and there you have your collection!



if you want to automate the process of sending your message, you can create a new sequence. Simply choose an account, or a collection, and enter the sequence name.


Just select the days and times you want to send your message and add your message content just like when you broadcast your message.


– Number verifier:

WhatDROID also verifies which number is valid and which one is not so that you don’t have to waste your time sending messages to numbers that are never going to buy from you!


For more details, you should check the instruction video below:


My Honest Thoughts About The Software  

From my experience, I think there are probably more than 6 ways to benefit from WhatDROID:

[1]   Run messenger marketing campaigns for businesses at a per-lead cost

[2]   Book calls and appointments with prospects for others and charge per call

[3]   Warm up leads in a niche and sell the leads to businesses in that niche

[4]   Pick a product and promote it to leads using WhatsApp and earn a commission

[5]   Create ready messenger campaigns for a niche and sell them to multiple businesses

[6]   Charge a monthly retainer to manage WhatsApp messenger marketing campaigns for a business

I know many experienced marketers have subscribed to monthly or yearly plans for other software when it comes to these marketing functions. However, with WhatDROID, you can operate all of them under one dashboard.

This is a great choice for that reason, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to drop all you have and start all over, if you are okay with it, just go with what you have then.

But newbies who are presently having no idea what they’re going to do with the profitable industry, you should take this and get your business up and running in the next few minutes.

WhatsApp is a great place to start with, less competition, higher open rates, and better profits in your pocket. And of course, WhatDROID is your best friend in this new career path.


WhatDROID Review- Price And Evaluation

The Frontend

To be honest with you, the software is actually a game-changer for many online workers thanks to its usefulness. I strongly believe this is a rare chance as this versatile software currently is available at a discounted price of $37.

Not only is it a one-time price for lifetime access, but you will also enjoy the 30-day refund policy for this tiny investment.

If you don’t like the software, you can get your money back within a few business days. So hurry up, I’m quite sure that there is no better deal than this in the near future.


The Upsells

In addition, you can look into these OTOs which include even more advanced features that you can use for your business:

OTO 1: WhatDROID Pro ($67)

The powerful WhatDROID Pro upgrade adds unlimited messaging, groups, and other features.


OTO 2: WhatDROID Agency ($127)

Sell WhatDROID yourself and keep all the profits.


OTO 3: ViralReach PRO ($47)

Powerful automation for Facebook marketing.


OTO 4: StockBin ($27)

Biggest collection of media assets for marketers. Includes images, audio, Cliparts, GIFs, and videos.


OTO 5: TweetPush PRO ($47)

Powerful Twitter automation for marketers.



Who Should Buy This WhatDROID?

I have to admit that WhatsApp selling is not as popular as what other marketers do with Messenger. However, this is a phenomenon that is changing lives the world over. There are literally millions of vendors around the world who are selling things on WhatsApp.

With that big influence, I believe WhatDROID makes business easier for marketers who want to sell on WhatsApp at any level. Here are some kinds of jobs that I think can benefit from WhatsApp:

  • +   Agencies
  • +   Real estate brokers
  • +   Designers
  • +   Financial & Insurance marketers
  • +   Product marketers
  • +   SEO providers
  • +   Trainers & coaches
  • +   Web designers
  • +   Affiliates
  • +   Consultants

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this WhatDroid in this special launch, you will get all the bonuses below for FREE:



WhatDROID Review- Pros And Cons


  • ♥   Intuitive platform with an amazingly easy-to-use UI.
  • ♥   Deep analytics and reports provided for users
  • ♥   Support for multimedia content
  • ♥   Triggers for automatic responses
  • ♥   Rigorously tested.
  • ♥   Detailed tutorials and training included.
  • ♥   Commercial license included
  • ♥ High-quality evergreen app maintained with diligence.
  • ♥   Dedicated 24-hour support team with live chat support round the clock
  • ♥   30-day money-back guarantee


  • X   Up to now, there is not any.



Honestly speaking, the software has already eliminated all the heavy lifting so whenever you want to get new clients, you simply need to open the software, keep track of the campaigns and they’re all complete!

This software is 100% highly recommended for newbies and marketers who need to save time and money.

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