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Viral Vidio Review




We are living in the age of videos when the video revolution is taking over the world! Do you know that: “80% of total Internet Traffic is videos and 60% of people buy after watching videos?”

Numbers never lie and they just tell it all! It’s apparent that if you want to make money online, you need to invest in video marketing! The only question now is: “Is there any shortcut to making money with videos?”

Normally, creating a viral video means you have done intensive research to see what people want to see in your video, go through a heavy learning curve of Youtube SEO and then create your video. If you have little experience, you will need to spend a lot of money on outsourcing for one single video only.

But I’m here to tell you that there is some other easy way to go and that simple way is Viral Vidio. Let’s check out my Viral Vidio review and see what’s inside!

What Is Viral Vidio?

Viral Vidio is a groundbreaking Traffic App allowing you to drive Unlimited Free Traffic from both Google and YouTube with just a few clicks of the mouse. All it takes is just 60 seconds or less to set up your free viral traffic machines and use them for your own business to skyrocket free targeted traffic and profits.

This system helped the creator go from 0 to 1,137,064 visitors so it’s apparently proven to deliver traffic:


Curious yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing system.

About The Creators – Mike Paul


Mike Paul is the name behind this product. He is known as a local marketer, researcher, and serial entrepreneur. For the last 7 years, he has been spending time creating a number of successful niche markets.

Using tremendous experience in this field, he has launched many high-quality products such as: Live Leads Mastery, Local Job Board Killer, Accelerated Mortgage Lead Machine, The Mortgage Message Move, Social Stir, and many more

This time, he is back with a brand new product which is Viral Vidio and I’m certain that this product will do just wonder for you! Please move on to the next part to see what you will get with this product!

What Will You Get?

Let’s now take a look at what you will get with this amazing product:

    ♠    Viral Vidio Software

With this cloud-based software, you will be able to get FREE targeted visitors without any paid ads or previous SEO skills required. Just login and activate the app and start creating viral videos in just minutes!

    ♠    Viral Vidio Step-by-step video training

In this over-the-shoulder video training, you will be able to see how to jump right into the action and make as much money as possible with the Viral Vidio app. With this, your success is guaranteed!

    ♠    Top-Notch Customer Support

Of course, Viral Vidio is newbie-friendly and you will see it in my using instructions below. But in case you need help, the Viral Vidio support team will help you out and solve your problem when you reach out to them using the support ticket or email!


Viral Vidio Review- My Opinion

As you can see from my using instruction, this software is totally easy to use. If you are a complete newbie, there is absolutely no need to worry about not being able to get started with this software.

This is because Viral Vidio comes loaded with step-by-step training allowing you to have an in-depth understanding of the whole process of generating FREE traffic using Viral Vidio.

To be honest, I have yet to see any system which is as outstanding and exceptional as this system!

Normally, if you want to generate traffic, you either have to pay for ads or spam your social networks for traffic. You might also have to spend lots of money on hiring a video editor to create your own video content.

Meanwhile, with Viral Vidio, you can one-click remove all of those struggles and drive ultra-targeted traffic from both Google and Youtube!

Thus, I highly recommend this product to anyone who is running a business because who does not need traffic, right? Let’s see what renowned Internet Marketer talk about this amazing product:


Who Should You Buy This Viral Vidio?

Apparently, Viral Vidio works perfectly for EVERYONE who wants to make money online. Whether you are a complete newbie or an IM expert, this is such a perfect solution for you because traffic is never enough!

Especially if you appear on the following list, you should really take this software into consideration:

  • Small or Local Business
  • Business owner
  • Freelancers
  • Online marketer
  • Blogger
  • Entrepreneur
  • eCommerce owner
  • Newbie

And this list just goes on and on.

Price And Evaluation

Front-end: Viral Vidio ($27)

First, let’s quickly recap what you will get with this software:


You only need to pay $27 for this incredible and once-in-a-trillion software.

It’s already proven to work perfectly for literally anyone to generate a quick influx of traffic without any hassle. All you need to do is just copy it from A to Z, sit back and get your money!

It’s just that simple! Therefore, be sure to grab this golden opportunity because this price will increase shortly after, and you will definitely regret missing it!

Don’t hesitate because this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment. If you are not satisfied with this course at any point, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase! Then what are you waiting for? This is your ultimate chance to get your dream laptop lifestyle!


The upsells

Also, if you want to add more features to Viral Vidio, please consider these upgrades once you check out:

OTO 1: Ultimate Edition ($37)

The FE version is already great but in this upgrade, the creator removes all limits to searches and you can find as many of the right keywords as possible to rank your videos fast!

OTO 2: Elite Edition ($37)

In this upgrade, you will get Commercial License to the software so you can sell this as a service and make BIG money. Plus, the creator team also adds a lead gen tool to find clients so that you can land clients ultra-fast!

OTO 3: Enterprise ($67)

In this upgrade, you are provided with a massive library of video assets and create stunning videos like 4K videos, backgrounds, music tracks, images, and you are given a video editor as a bonus.

OTO 4: IM Traffic Academy ($1 Trial)

With this upgrade, you will get case study training on how the creator team uses this app to turn a dead channel into over 1,137,064 views using 100% free traffic.

OTO 5: 5 Figure Club ($197)

If your list needs a personal touch, this is where OTO 5 comes in.

Viral Vidio Review- Pros And Cons


  • No existing audience needed.
  • 100% Free Traffic.
  • Over the shoulder tutorial included.
  • From 0 to 1,113,095 visitors case study.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • No skills or experience required.
  • Low-cost investment.
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee.


This product is so helpful with my online business so I have absolutely no complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bonuses From The Creator Team

When you purchase Viral Vidio, you will be able to get these invaluable bonuses from the creator team:



With all the mentioned information, I believe that you got an overall perspective towards this product. I think this product can definitely assist you with boosting your online business and increasing your profits.

This is a once-in-a-trillion golden opportunity so be sure to grab it quickly. Invest in your business now or you might regret it later. I hope you can make a wise choice that best resonates with your needs. Thank you so much for reading my Viral Vidio review!







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