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The Crisis Code Review



Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

By now you must be sick of looking for ways to make money online right? And are you tired of all the lies and crappy products that only fill up the product creators’ pockets and leave you confused?

And are you frustrated with the fact no matter what you try nothing works and you feel as if you’ll never escape your day job?

I’m going to share with you a system where anyone can start earning online, starting as soon as tomorrow, without any prior experience at all. More importantly, you can learn a repeatable system that allows you to not only scale that to whatever you wanted but also allowed you to repeat the process as often as you’d like.

If you’re ready to start building a business that not only makes you money but is also something you can be proud to call your own, welcome, and let’s get started with The Crisis Code!

The Crisis Code Review – The Overview


Creator Kenny Cannon
Product The Crisis Code
Launch Date 2021-May-25
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Training Courses
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

About The Product

The Crisis Code is a simple method that ANYONE can use to start seeing results with only 60 minutes of work per day. With The Crisis Code, you do not need to create a product or have a current product to use this system, no technical skills are required at all.

The Crisis Code Review- About The Creator


The man behind this product is Kenny Cannon. During the last few years, as a marketing professional, he has repeatedly leveraged the power of both – emails and videos separately, to personally make & help clients make enormous amounts of profits.

Moreover, the creator has also been involved with Warrior Plus since 2007 and has been one of the top vendors in the marketplace since the beginning.

Kenny also has some of the lowest refund rates in the industry, his products simply get my customer’s results, period! The reason why is because he actually does what he teaches every day. He is not a ‘theory pusher.’

He has launched many successful products that received high praises from both users and experts. Let’s have a look: Social Traffic Revolution, Secret Affiliate Funnels, Viralist, Untapped, Local List Machine 2019, The Breakthrough, Profitize, $250 Online Every Day.

The Crisis Code Review-What Are The Striking Features Included In This Product?

Let’s have a look at what you can find in this software:

Module 1: Blue Ocean Positioning

In video 1, Kenny teaches you how to separate yourself from the crowd with a unique positioning tactic that “Blue Oceans” any business.

Module 2: Crisis Niche Selection

You’ve heard it all, “Find something your passionate about”, “Do what you love”, “Love your work and you never have to work a day in your life.”

In module 2, Kenny shows you the correct way to select an audience and how to make sure that the audience will be profitable for you both long and short term.

Module 3: Free Government Leads!

Are you ready to CLOSE the best leads available to anyone?

Are you ready to have access to over 10 million of them completely for free?

The Government lead source is the key to making this work. This company banked over 7 figures in the last year using this lead source and now you get full access!

Module 4: The Simple Service We Offer

No tech skills are needed!

These two super simple services can be done by ANYONE and businesses gladly pay $1,000 set up plus $500 per month all day long!

Set it up once and you’re done!

Module 5: The Capture Device

Simply set up a basic capture device for a business and they’ll get results quickly, pay you monthly, and send you some referrals.

Module 6: Prospecting

In module 6, Kenny will go over the same exact methods that his salespeople use to get leads from “I Don’t Know You” to “Ok, I’ll listen.”

Get ready to handle A LOT of super qualified leads that want what you have and can afford it.

This prospecting method has the ability to bring in hundreds of leads per day!

Module 7: Closing The Deal

Kenny walks you through his sales team’s closing script that’s responsible for well over 7 figures in INCOME over the past 12 months. Scripts like this are only found in $5,000+ training programs.

Module 8: Providing – Turning Customers into FANS!

The key to running a successful business is getting your customers results!

Getting your customer’s results turns them from clients who pay you into fans who love you!

Businesses with fans always win!

Module 9: From This Day Forward

In the final part of the main training, Kenny shares his daily action items that you should be doing so that you continue to build a list daily.

Remember, they are here to bring a steady inflow of qualified leads into their business daily, this requires daily action.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the Crisis Code System:

[+]   ​How you can get started TODAY without an email list, product, service, or idea

[+]   ​How we get FREE LEADS From The United States Government

[+]   ​How to get 100% commission on the funnels you promote

​[+]   The ‘Anyone Can Do It’ way to build an offline service provider model that costs nothing to do

​[+]   The super-simple service we provide requires no tech skills and brings in up to $1500 per month per client!

[+]   ​The simple steps to take this method and scaling it up to a job-destroying online RESULTS in your spare time

[+]   ​How to run this entire system and get RESULTS without spending more than 60 minutes per day at your computer

[+]   ​Plus, get access to all sorts of new, insider tricks to making money that you have NEVER seen before

Moreover, you will get all more bonuses below for FREE, too:



Why Should You Invest In This ‘The Crisis Code’?

This model was specifically designed to change the way people make money online forever, here is why you should get your hand on this.

This Process Is REAL and is backed by the United States Government. It’s not a ‘Hack’ or something that will be gone tomorrow.​ They will teach you everything you need to know plus you’ll get a real-life case study of Kenny actually doing it right in front of your eyes. ​

Kenny is also including all of his prospecting and closing scripts and emails, These are the exact scripts and emails that Kenny’s salespeople use daily.

​Moreover, you’ll also get a free live Q&A Session with Kenny with no selling, no BS, just a live question and answer session so that you can get the help you deserve, this will be the last training you’ll ever have to buy.

​There’s no risk and no reason to wait!


The Crisis Code Review – Price And Evaluation

The Frontend

With all the jampacked features in this product, they could easily charge $97 per month for access to the package, but they realize this has been a tough year for a lot of people out there and they truly want to give back and help you get your hands on something that has the power to put some real money in your pocket quickly.

That’s why they’ve slashed the price to make this a no-brainer; so in this launch only, you only need to pay $17 for the whole package included.

Moreover, you can get access to this product for full 30-days with no restrictions at any cost. Even after that, if you feel you’re not satisfied, you have the right to use the money-back policy that entitles you to claim a full refund of your money even in the last second of the 30th day.


The Upsells



The Crisis Code Review- Pros And Cons


♥   Start building and scaling a profitable business

♥   ​No email list needed

♥   ​No product creation

​♥   No selling to anyone – ever!

♥   You are given the whole funnel

♥   Just say yes and copy and paste what they do

♥   ​Newbies and ‘failures’ are very welcome


X   I have nothing to complain about this product


The Crisis Code Review – Who Is This For?

This is 100% newbie-friendly, so The Crisis Code is for anyone:

+   Struggling affiliate marketers

+   Stay at home parents

+   Newbies

+   People with a day job

+   People looking for an easy way to make some extra money

+   Retired people

+   Anyone that can follow very simple directions


With all the details I reviewed of this product, I believe that you got an overall perspective about this wonderful software. I think this product can definitely assist you with boosting your online business and increasing your profits.

Thank you for your time and see you all in my next review!

















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Step 1: Buy The Crisis Code on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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