TalkingFaces Review- Make Videos With Human Characters Without Any Experience Needed

TalkingFaces Review


TalkingFaces Review-Introduction

Hi, welcome back to my review,

Today I’m excited to be back and bring you a new product that can transform your marketing strategy. Or it can be a great helper to boost your growth in the future. That’s TalkingFaces.

If in the past when making videos, you used to hire celebrities or actors as the main characters in your videos, or recently you have to constantly replace them with cartoon characters, today there is a very new special solution to help you combine the other two factors.

You have a human character, which gives a sense of belonging and is like listening to a real person. That’s why in order for your video marketing to be more disruptive and outstanding, you need to invest in such a tool.

Not only voice, face, everything gives you a feeling of closeness and makes customers love your campaigns when going with TalkingFaces – the most brand new software for you to generate real human characters videos in less than 60 seconds.

Can’t imagine that? Go through my review article today to let me prove my words.

Overview Of TalkingFaces Review


Creator Todd Gross, LuAnn Beckman & Oliver Goodwin
Product TalkingFaces
Launch Date 2021-Dec-06
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Front-End Price $37 – $47
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is TalkingFaces All About?

TalkingFaces is a powerful AI tech tool that allows you to use human characters to create more custom human characters for any need and overlay them over any webpage with opt-in forms, buttons, and much more.

Create your custom spokesperson in minutes with 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Select A Human, Facial Characteristic, & Style

Step #2: Use TTS Or Upload For Voice (Any Language)

Step #3: Edit Your Call to Action/Countdown/Settings

Step #4: Enter Your Landing Page URL


TalkingFaces Review-About The Author


Todd Gross, who is the father of a part of several Video Marketing products and has established himself as an authority for decades. His Video Marketing success hinges on his authority and expertise in the space.

Mr. Todd Gross has come up with the idea to compile all of the first-of-its-kind online marketing solutions. His huge devotion is indisputable and every time he has launched a product that immediately sells like a hot cake.

Previously, he has already been renowned for releasing lots of helpful supporting tools, including Progressive Web Apps Agency By MobiFirst, Video Leads Machine, Human Synthesys Studio, Mugjam, Webcaster WP, Video Marketing Publisher, VidSnatcher, Tube Spotter, Video Jeet, etc.

This time he teamed up with LuAnn Beckman and Oliver Goodwin to debut the out-of-this-world TalkingFaces that every business needs to own.

TalkingFaces Review-What Are The Main Features?

We can not deny the importance of videos when it comes to the online market. Customers have a tendency to watch videos more than read boring texts but you do not need to create a long video, a short video to keep their eyes on it is enough.

But if you are too shy to create a video showing your faces or recording your voice, you can rely on this tool- TalkingFaces.

TalkingFaces is equipped with the very best in voice technology. In fact, it includes Synthesis Technology (also used in Human Synthesys Studio). These are REAL human voices in which you can type exactly what you want them to say with stunning results.

Use the built-in Google & Azure Text-to-Speech Technology for a wide variety of different male & female voices across dozens of different languages.


There are plenty of features and countless benefits with TalkingFaces you can have if you buy it today:

2 choices will come to you: Personal and Commercial. Let’s check to see what’s differences are:


[+]   No Reface/Faceswap feature – You can’t face swap faces

[+]   6 Talking Faces

[+]   5 Human Voices

[+]   No credits required

[+]   Personal license


[+]   Up to 10 Faces For Reface/Face Swap

[+]   10 Talking Faces

[+]   20 Human Voices

[+]   30 Previews (10 talking faces x 3 previews each)

[+]   No credits required

[+]   Unlimited videos

[+]   Commercial license – Sell to your clients


[+]   Seamlessly integrate your TalkingFaces videos on almost any webpage you choose, add buttons, calls-to-action, opt-in forms, countdowns, text, and more!

[+]   Instantly add TalkingFaces videos via instant URL integration on almost any website!

[+]   Instantly add TalkingFaces videos via embed code integration on any website that you own or have access to!

[+]   Drive clicks with calls-to-action buttons!

[+]   Collect leads with opt-in forms!

[+]   Add scarcity with a countdown timer! (Play video to start timer)




TalkingFaces Review-How To Use

After login to the Main Dashboard, click on the “TalkingFaces” section, choose “Create a new Talking Face” to get started:


On the left-hand side, you can select the Humatar that you want to use for your talking face video among tons of DFY ones. Here, you need to provide your video script, choose voices, and adjust speed:


You can select the language for your video like this seen below:


Then, come to the right side settings where you need to enter your video title, choose style, emotions, adjust CTA, countdown, controls settings:


In the “Controls” section, you can easily adjust the position, background, or timer of your chosen humatar:


Click on “Create Video” to finish your set and start creating a human voice video. Click on each campaign and you can download the created video, edit, delete and copy the shareable link:


Inside this product, you can also reface facial characteristics from different faces by clicking on the “TalkingFaces” section and choosing “Reface”. Here, you can choose from tons of DFY talking faces, select gender, age, and region to start finding the replaced face you want.

Next, click on the “Render” button to save your settings and finish:


Then, the new talking face will show you the new faces in the video that you can preview:


TalkingFaces Review – DEMO VIDEO

TalkingFaces Review-Things Make You Decide To Buy This Product Right Now

Below are some reasons explain why you should consider this product:

    ♥   You Can Create Videos With Human Characters In Just A Minute

You must know the important role of videos and interactive videos are the key to your video marketing campaign becoming more successful. But if you are too shy and don’t have any confidence to appear in front of the camera, if you don’t want to use cartoon characters for your videos and want to innovate more, you can trust TalkingFaces.

What will you have to do?

Really the operations you do have nothing to do with technology, you only have to click to set up a few items to complete.

Firstly, paste the content that you have prepared and want it to be presented in the video, then install emotion for the character, Humatar’s position will appear on the screen. Every item is clear and you only need to click to install. If you still have doubts, the demo videos will show you how easy it is.

TalkingFaces uses characters with friendly faces to help viewers feel like they are being led by real people. TalkingFaces makes videos more authentic, helping customers have more sympathy.

    ♥    There Are Many Different Languages ​​And Voices In TalkingFaces

This product does not default to a voice or language but it is friendly to all your uses. Because it works in any niche, that gives you the opportunity to make many different videos without fear of duplicates.

Innovate the content, renew the narrator for each of your videos, help customers get more excited and not feel bored every time you want to introduce your product.

If you choose to buy Commercial, you will have more advantages like swap face. This helps your videos to be diverse, rich with many different styles. Humatar characters can be children, elders, or different skin tones.

And yet, you can sell these videos to people who really need them and make 100% of your own profits. Payback with only one product created from TalkingFaces.



TalkingFaces Review-Price And Upgrades

The Frontend

Recap everything you will get:


Sounds GREAT but do you know how much it is? Right now, a lot less than you’d think. TalkingFaces will soon cost at least $197 per month.

However, today you won’t pay $197 a month, the price will depend on which options you choose: Personal or Commercial, ranging from $27 – $47. But this special launch discount won’t last, so you must act now.

Creating “Humatar” videos is not easy and requires a lot of skills and techniques, with TalkingFaces you can solve all problems.


TalkingFaces Review-The Upgrades

Some upgrades with many wonderful traits, you can make a reference to:

OTO1: PRO ($67 One Time) >>MORE DETAILS<<

[+]   47 Actors and future actors (with outfits included – Multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, business outfits, gym outfits, etc).

[+]   50 extra pro real human voices

[+]   141 Previews (47 talking faces x 3 previews each)

[+]   Unlimited faces for refacing – create unlimited faces

[+]   Future TalkingFaces for one year


[+]   Upload any voice OR your own voice/ANY audio in ANY language (your voice is synchronized with perfect lip-syncing on TalkingFaces)

[+]   Re-facing, upload any photo for up to 70% re-facing

[+]   Up to 2,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos.

[+]   Hide TalkingFaces Branding

[+]   Priority VIP rendering

[+]   Priority future software updates

[+]   HD quality humatars

OTO3: Todd’s Text to Voice for TalkingFaces ($97 One-time) >>MORE DETAILS<<

[+]   EXCLUSIVELY for TalkingFaces

[+]   The voice of Todd Gross – Professional Voice-over & Emmy award-winning talent

[+]   Unlimited use of the Synthetic Voice of Todd Gross inside TalkingFaces only


   +   Agency Lite ($97 One-time)

   +   Agency Unlimited ($197 One-time)

Recap everything you will get:

[+]   Limited sub-user accounts commercial

[+]   Unlimited sub-accounts for your clients

[+]   DFY Website

[+]   How to get clients

Special Offer-TalkingFaces Bundle

This is a special offer for you and the deal will be closed as soon as the launch ends.

With this offer, you will get all The front-end (Commercial version), OTO1 – Pro version, OTO2 – Enterprise, OTO3 – Todd’s Text to Voice for TalkingFaces, OTO4 – Agency Unlimited, and all bonuses offered by the creator team.

And the special thing is, you will get all the above at a one-time price of $227.

Click Here To Read More About This TalkingFaces Bundle


TalkingFaces Review-Who Will Be The Perfect Match?

A product will be overvalued if it is not picky about consumers. The product can serve a wide range of users and is easily accessible to everyone.

I think TalkingFaces can meet all of the above requirements, anyone can use it easily and proficiently without a better background.

If you want to know more, it can promote all abilities when the owner is:

+   A content creator

+   A coach

+   A blogger, vlogger, Youtuber, Tiktoker

+   An affiliate marketer

+   A graphic designer

+   A filmmaker

+   A video creator and editor

+   A web designer

+   A presenter

+   A freelancer

+   A small business owner who wants to promote his business

+   A student, teacher

TalkingFaces Review-Pros And Cons


♥   You just need to select a human, facial characteristics, & style

♥   Use TTS or upload for voice and enter your landing page overlay URL

♥   You can create your own custom-looking Humatar and overlay them as spokespeople over any web page!

♥   New-age technology, great prizes, and giveaways, something you don’t want to miss

♥   Cloud-Based App – nothing to install or download, access from any device

♥   Fully-fledged, the best online business solution!

♥   100% newbie-friendly cloud app!

♥   No previous experience or tech skills needed

♥   Unlimited market – do this part-time, full time or any time you want some cash on demand

♥   No more overhead costs, you just need to pay once

♥   It works in any niche

♥   New ai “re-facing” technology

♥   Super-fast & easy to use interface (point & click)

● Create unlimited TalkingFaces for one

♥   Low price

♥   Apply any language with perfect lip

♥   Synching includes synthesis, voice technology (real human voices)

♥   Engage via email opt-ins, buttons, timers & more

♥   It helps boost clicks, leads, & sales conversions

♥   Unlimited hosting for your “TalkingFaces”


X   It can be called the best right-hand tool for your online business

TalkingFaces Review-Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Is “TalkingFaces”?

A) TalkingFaces is a cloud-based “Humatar” video creation software. It uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create high-quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type. You can OVERLAY these spokespeople on almost any website.

Q) Will This Work On Mac And PC?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces is 100% cloud-based and works on any operating platform on any internet-connected device. It runs inside your internet browser so you can access it on any computer with an internet connection.

Nothing to install; nothing to update.

Q) I Am Non-Technical! Can I Use This?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces is Newbie Friendly. No special skills, no learning curve required… The team has step-by-step training videos that cover all aspects of the software to get you started right.

Q) Can We Remove The TalkingFaces Brand And Add Our Own Logo?

A) The option to remove the TalkingFaces logo is available with OTO3 – Enterprise.

Q) Is This A One-Time Fee?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces Personal or Commercial is a one-time fee.


To sum up, this review is just a reference and all decisions depend on you. I have made an effort every day to bring to you the best products ever.

It could be said that it is all you need to build up your creativity without any experience or skill. The sooner you take action, the more profit you can earn. Please mark my words, you will not be disappointed about this one.




Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy TalkingFaces on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading my TalkingFaces review.

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