Human Synthesys Studio Review – This tool won’t make you down!

Human Synthesys Studio Review


Practically, everyone who’s on the internet has seen an “avatar” before. Businesses use their logo or animation to make their brand become widespread all over social media, blogs, and websites of all kinds!

But, to connect with your audience on an even deeper level, human voices among your promoting videos will become one of the biggest identifiers. Human sounds make your videos turn out unique and stand out from the crowd.

I bet that you may have the most engaging video content or story to tell your subscribers. But if you just keep presenting your video with a robotic voice-over, it will not only make your audiences get bored but will also take them away from your business FOREVER.

So what should you do to tackle this problem? Hiring a spokesperson? NO! This method can cost you hundreds!

If you need a professional spokesperson for your own videos, or you want to take advantage of the EXPLODING spokesperson service industry, this brand new product – Human Synthesys Studio is exactly what you need.

This product is the first software of its kind, in which you can type what you want and REAL humans say automatically what you type with REAL human voices.

It will save your time, money, and even open lucrative opportunities to profit from the spokesperson service industry.

Let’s move to the next part of my Human Synthesys Studio review to know more about this revolutionary tool!


What Is Human Synthesys Studio?

This is cloud-based software that creates completely life-like human spokespeople for you. It provides you not only real humans, but also real human voices, saying exactly what you want them to say. All you have to do is type it!

This vastly expands how you can use Human Synthesys Studio in your business.


About The Author


LuAnn Beckman


Todd Gross


Oliver Goodwin

This product is brought to you by Todd Gross who is famous as a video marketing expert. He brought his 30 years of television broadcasting experience with him online and built a second career on the Internet.

During his career paths, he has gained his reputation for his wonderful products such as MobiFirst, MobiFirst Migrate, MugJam, VidSnatcher, Kaptiwa 2.0, Smartscene, VidSnatcher 2.0, etc.

This time, he will launch the Human Synthesys Studio with the help of these familiar names LuAnn Beckman and Oliver Goodwin.

They are both talented marketers and vendors in affiliate marketing. Therefore, I strongly believe that this product will become their next success.

Human Synthesys Studio Review – Feature Details

Let’s take a look at some great features inside this software:

⇒   Text-To-Video

This feature allows you to transform simple text into a professional-looking video for the first time ever, videos can be up to 6 minutes long.

⇒   40+ Languages

This product will provide you 40+ different languages. You need to know that it’s never been easier to engage global teams and customers in their native language.

⇒   Up to 10 “Humatars”

With Human Synthesys Studio, you have the ability to access 10 (commercial), or 5 (personal) Humatars to use immediately, and there are more presenters that will be added to the platform.

⇒   Custom Backgrounds

With this feature, you can easily upload any image or video as a background to your videos. This product also creates free slide templates for inspiration for you.

⇒   Background Music

This pack provides you a selection of background music that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.

⇒   MP4 Downloads

Each video comes in HD resolution and you can freely download them from this platform.

⇒   Multi-slide Videos

Combine several Human Synthesys Studio videos into one video, now you can create rich slide deck video experiences in just a few minutes.

⇒   Update Video Content

With this tool, you can simply duplicate the video, change the text, and have an updated version of a video in just a few minutes.

⇒   Spokesperson Positioning

You will be able to move the position of your Humatar around on your videos for your desired position and look.

⇒   Intuitive, Easy To Use, Interface

The step-by-step process packed inside will make it quick and easy for you to produce your videos.

And tons of valuable bonuses below:



Human Synthesys Studio Review – How To Use

Once you log in, the Main Dashboard of Human Synthesys Studio will show up as below:


Click on the “AI Humatars” section and choose “Create Your AI Video” to start creating a new one:


Then, choose the Humatar for your video among tons of DFY human voices. Enter your video title, and select Humatar position:


Next, adjust your background settings, select the soundtrack, provide your video script or you can even add new slide to your video like this seen below:


Click on the “Create AI Voice & Language” button to change your voice into 40 different languages you want:


And click on “Create Video” to finish your setting and start creating a human voice video.

Click on each campaign and you can download the created video, edit, delete and copy the shareable link:


You will get your shareable link here:


Click on the link and share your video on every social media platform.


My Opinion

Just from my using instructions, you can see that this Human Synthesys Studio is totally newbie-friendly. There are no special skills, no learning curve required inside this pack.

All you need to do is simply follow the step-by-step training videos and you are able to cover all aspects of the software.

With Human Synthesys Studio, every business can create multiple takes and scripts, see how they work, and adjust them – all within a few minutes.

It prepackages with the highest quality and variety of synthetic voices. So simply type your text and hear your result in real-time.

And the best part is that Human Synthesys Studio provides you 40 different languages that help you to create as many multi-lingual videos as you want.

Once you find a script that works, you just need to translate the script in any of the supported languages and instantly generate multi-lingual videos within minutes.

It absolutely saves your time and money for hiring a translator. While being able to turn your text into different languages, you will have more chances to close to your customers all over the world.

So, it’s time for you to start earning a passive income from creating high-quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type.

Let’s take a look at how other experts leaving a comment about this product:

Human Synthesys Studio

Human Synthesys Studio Review – Price & Upsells

The Frontend

This product comes with 2 pricing options:

    +    Human Synthesys Studio Personal ($47.1 One-time)

    +    Human Synthesys Studio Commercial ($67 One-time)

(The price is updated at this time and can be changed).

Human Synthesys Studio


Human Synthesys Studio



After looking at the comparison table of these 2 options ablove, you can definitely compare how potential the second version is to help you boost your online business.

With $20 more than the personal version, the commercial one will provide you more high-converting features to help you create high-quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type.

Let’s take a look at the sale history of this product, there were more than 9,000 copies sold out up to now, of which, there are 4000 Human Synthsys Studio Commercial copies.


Of course, you will purchase the package that suits you the best. But I highly recommend you purchase the second version for a better using experience.

Moreover, your investment will be protected by the 14 Days Money Back Guarantee policy. So if for whatever reason you want your money back just email for a prompt and courteous refund.


The Upsells

Here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration if you want to add more value to your product:

OTO 1: Human Synthesys Studio PRO ($67) >>More Details<<

OTO 2: Enterprise ($67) >>More Details<<

OTO 3: Audio Suite ($67) >>More Details<<

OTO 4: Agency Version >>More Details<<


Human Synthesys Studio Review – Who Should Try This?

Whether you’re a newbie or guru, this Human Synthesys Studio surely does wonders for you and helps you to get the most out of your online business. This product is suitable for:

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Small Business Owners

    +    YouTube Creators

    +    Bloggers

    +    Freelancers

    +    e-Com Store Owners

    +    Entrepreneurs

    +    Professionals

    +    Newbies

    +    Content creators


Human Synthesys Studio Review – Pros & Cons


    ♥    First Of Its Kind Technology

    ♥    Synthetic Human Voice Text-To-Speech

    ♥    Boost Conversions With Real Humans

    ♥    Plus Fully-Integrated Google Text To Speech

    ♥    Simple Editing Interface

    ♥    No Learning Curve, So Easy To Use

    ♥    Seamless AI And Cloud-Based Video Production

    ♥    Unlimited Video Asset Editing

    ♥    Template Design And Management

    ♥    Unlock Massive Business Opportunities

    ♥    14-Days Money Back Guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none

Human Synthesys Studio Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ What is “Human Synthesys Studio”?

This is a cloud-based “Humatar” video creation software. It uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create high-quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type.

Q/ Is This a One-Time Fee?

Yes! Human Synthesys Studio Personal or Commercial is a one-time fee.

Q/ I Am Non Technical! Can I Use This?

Yes! This tool is Newbie Friendly. No special skills, no learning curve required… The creator team has step-by-step training videos that cover all aspects of the software to get you started right.

Q/Will this work on Mac and PC?

Yes! This tool is 100% cloud-based and works on any operating platform on any internet-connected device. It runs inside your internet browser so you can access it on any computer with an Internet connection. Nothing to install; nothing to update.

Q/ Is there a limit on videos I can render?

Yes. Human Synthesys Studio is credit-based. 100 renders for commercial and 50 renders for personal use. Additional video rendering packages are available. On either option, you can type up to 1,000 characters on each slide and create up to 6 slides for a total of up to 6 minutes per video.

Q/ What languages are supported?

They’ve selected the very best Google and Microsoft have to offer, totaling 40 languages (74 different voices). PLUS there are 5 synthetic HUMAN voices available in the English language.

Q/ What Is Your Guarantee?

Human Synthesys Studio is backed by their 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product within the 14 days of your purchase, just send them an email with your refund request and the team will process your refund with No Questions Asked.

Q/ How Do We Get In Touch With You?

They believe you will enjoy using this revolutionary tool, however, if you face any issues, they will be here to attend to you. Send them an email to their support desk and they will get back to you ASAP!

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This is the end of my Human Synthesys Studio review. Hopefully, it can give you enough useful information to believe that this product is sure a no-brainer deal for you.

Anyway, the sooner you grab this product, the more money you can earn. Wish you all have a good choice. Thank you for your reading my review.

















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Step 1: Buy Human Synthesys Studio on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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