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In today’s fast-paced digital world, where information moves at the speed of light and communication happens in the blink of an eye, the importance of visuals cannot be overstated.

Pictures and graphics have taken center stage in how we absorb and convey information. Whether you’re creating content for social media, presenting data at work, or teaching a class, the ability to capture and communicate through images is not just a convenience but a necessity.

In this visually driven landscape, the choice of a screenshot tool is more critical than ever before. It’s about capturing what’s on your screen and doing it effectively, efficiently, and with finesse.

The right tool can make the difference between a mundane image and a captivating visual that engages your audience and delivers your message with impact. And that tool, the one that redefines how you capture and communicate through images, is none other than TakeAscreen.

There are lots of options out there, but this one shines the brightest. This review will break down why TakeAscreen is way ahead of the competition and why it’s the top choice for anyone needing a screenshot tool.

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TakeAscreen review- Overview



Ezzaky Ab

Product name


Front-end price

$37 – one-time payment

Sales page https://takeascreen.com/fe
All-in-one TakeAscreen bundle YES, Massive Discount!  Included FE + Upsell 1 + Upsell 2 + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy
TakeAscreen bundle sales page


The TakeAscreen bundle price $147 – one-time payment



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14-day money-back guarantee


Submit here: [email protected]

What is TakeAscreen?

TakeAscreen is a helpful addon that lets you take screenshots right from your web browser. To use it, just add the extension and follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Capture Easily

With TakeAscreen, you can quickly grab screenshots directly from your browser.

Step 2: Add Style

Get creative with the 2D/3D mockups and effects. Choose from various beautiful templates to make your screenshots look amazing.

Step 3: Share and Impress

After capturing and customizing your screenshots, share them with the world on social media, and your website, or collaborate with your team effortlessly.

TakeAscreen review- Who made it?

Ezzaky Ab is a successful online marketer and skilled software developer. He’s made over 12,000 sales, won 4 Products of The Day awards, and has a track record of six-figure product launches and effective webinar promotions. Ezzaky collaborates with top industry vendors to create practical products that help people make money online.

His work is known for delivering real results, and some of his notable launches include VidToon 2.0, VidToon, CanBeFaster, Wp VidRank, PixtaStory, Xspeed, and much more.

What elements are included at present?

TakeAscreen captures eye-catching screenshots that effectively convey your message and story. This TakeAscreen has many stunning features that unlock the potential of screenshots and tell your story more quickly:

✍️ Browser Capture

Easily capture screenshots right from your web browser by installing our convenient add-on. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, ensuring compatibility with your preferred browser.

✍️ 2D/3D Mockups

Distinguish yourself with these cutting-edge effects. These Mockup templates empower you to create captivating 2D/3D effects for your screenshots, elevating your visuals to a new level.

✍️ Annotation

Emphasize important details by adding text, emojis, blur, arrows, and more to your screenshots. Make your message crystal clear and leave a memorable impact.

✍️ Drag & Drop

Effortlessly arrange elements using the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

✍️ Custom Background Gradient

Personalize your screenshots with custom background gradients that match your brand or style.


About using details

How does it work?

First of all, you need to install this extension into your web browser:


You can select the way you want to make the screenshot. It also allows you to record video screen:


After screenshotting, you will start to edit it:


You can choose the mockup template for your screenshot. It offers many templates here:


You will customize some aspects like opacity, shadow, border, etc. You just need to drag this bar:


Also, you can add more characters like the frame, bullets, and arrows like this:


Of course, you can add texts to explain or shed light on something:


And change the background color for this screenshot:


When you finish, just download and use it immediately:


And you’ve done it. This add-on is straightforward to use and you can fully edit it.

For more details, please watch the app using instruction video below:

TakeAscreen App Demo Video

TakeAscreen review- Key determinants that led you to choose this product

♥   TakeAscreen is seamless integration with popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Unlike other extensions that may require clunky installations or third-party software, TakeAscreen effortlessly becomes an integral part of your browsing experience.

This unparalleled convenience sets it apart from the competition, ensuring users can capture stunning screenshots without any hassle.

♥   TakeAscreen offers exquisite  2D and 3D mockup templates.

These templates empower users to transcend ordinary screenshots and create visuals that not only stand out but also leave a lasting impact.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to engage audiences or an educator aiming to captivate learners, TakeAscreen‘s mockup capabilities surpass anything offered by its competitors.

♥   You can have unrivaled annotation tools for clarity.

Clarity in communication is paramount, and TakeAscreen ensures that your message shines through. Its comprehensive annotation tools allow users to add text, emojis, blur, arrows, and more to their screenshots with unparalleled precision.

Unlike other extensions with limited annotation options, TakeAscreen empowers users to create crystal-clear visuals that effectively convey their intended message.

♥   TakeAscreen works smoothly with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Unlike other add-ons that might need complicated installations or extra software, TakeAscreen becomes a natural part of your web experience without any trouble.

This makes it stand out from the competition and makes it easy for users to capture great screenshots. You don’t need to operate many steps, just add it to your web browsers and make screenshots.

♥   TakeAscreen also provides fantastic 2D and 3D mockup templates.

These templates help you go beyond regular screenshots and make visuals that really catch attention and leave a strong impression.

Whether you’re a marketer trying to engage your audience or a teacher looking to capture your students’ interest, TakeAscreen‘s mockup features beat what other similar tools offer.

♥   You get fantastic annotation tools for making your message super clear.

Having clear communication is very important, and TakeAscreen ensures that your message comes across perfectly. With its complete set of annotation tools, you can add text, emojis, blur, arrows, and more to your screenshots with great accuracy.

TakeAscreen gives you the power to create super clear visuals that effectively convey your message. Your visitors can easily understand your note and what you want to focus on.

TakeAscreen review- What is the cost?

The front-end product

Grab TakeAscreen today at an unbeatable price of just $37 and stay ahead in the world of stunning screenshots and visual communication.

But act fast, because prices are set to increase soon. As their user community continues to grow and new features are added to enhance your experience, the value of TakeAscreen will only increase.

By investing in TakeAscreen at this special price, you not only secure all its current benefits but also future-proof your visual content creation needs.

Join thousands of satisfied users who have already seized the opportunity to harness the potential of TakeAscreen. Don’t wait until the price goes up – lock in your access now at this limited-time offer of $37.


The all-in-one TakeAscreen bundle

Price: $147 (one-time payment)

During this special launch event led by Ezzaky Ab and their team, we’re excited to bring you an amazing deal.

With the TakeAscreen Bundle, you get A FANTASTIC DISCOUNT while getting full access to everything, including the main TakeAscreen offer and its extra features, all for a much lower price.

Don’t miss out on this chance to grab not just the main TakeAscreen offer but also all the additional One-Time Offers (OTOs) for one single, special fee.

  • TakeAscreen FE
  • Upgrade 1: Upgrade to advanced screen recording capabilities
  • Upgrade 2: Team upgrade for enhanced collaboration
  • All Exclusive Bonuses and TakeAscreen Upgrade Bonuses
  • All Access Unlocked
  • TakeAscreen Video Recording
  • Up to 10 Invited Team Members with TakeAscreen Team
  • Round-The-Clock Customer Support
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


TakeAscreen review- The OTO/Upsell details

Don’t miss out on these incredible upsell opportunities with TakeAscreen. Each upgrade opens doors to new possibilities, ensuring your work process more smoothly.

Let’s check it out:

Upsell 1: Upgrade to advanced screen recording capabilities ($49)

Salespage: https://takeascreen.com/oto1

  • Unlimited recordings anytime, anywhere.
  • Record without limits on video length.
  • Annotate while recording to emphasize your message.
  • Edit videos with Cut, Text, and Shape features.
  • Download in MP4, WEBM, or GIF formats.
  • Integrate your camera for a personal touch.

Upsell 2: Team upgrade for enhanced collaboration ($69)

Salespage: https://takeascreen.com/oto2

  • TakeAscreen Team Ultimate
  • Up to 10 Invited Team Members
  • Centralized Team Management
  • Priority Email & Chat Support
  • Instant Access to Upcoming Features and Enhancements

Who is the customer base?

The customer base of TakeAscreen is diverse and includes professionals such as marketers, graphic designers, content creators, educators, and individuals who rely on high-quality screenshots for various purposes.

This tool caters to anyone seeking an efficient and feature-rich solution for capturing, enhancing, and sharing screenshots, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users across different job titles, industries, and interests.

TakeAscreen review- Strengths and weaknesses


  • TakeAscreen seamlessly integrates with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.
  • The extensive library of mockup templates allows users, including marketers, graphic designers, and content creators, to create captivating visuals that stand out.
  • TakeAscreen provides comprehensive annotation tools, enabling professionals and educators to add text, emojis, blur, arrows, and more with precision, ensuring clear communication.
  • Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the arrangement of elements within screenshots, making it accessible even to those with varying technical expertise.
  • Users can personalize their screenshots with custom background gradients, aligning with their individual branding or style preferences.
  • You have 14 days to try it for free.
  • Their dedicated team is here to assist you at all times.


  • The limited offer will change and increase soon.


In summary, TakeAscreen will be a leader among screenshot extensions, surpassing its competitors on multiple fronts.

If you are trying to strive to outshine competitors or captivate all attention, TakeAscreen not only meets but exceeds your needs. It is a product that redefines the screenshot-capturing landscape, setting a new standard that other extensions can only aspire to achieve.





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