Super Funnels Review – A System That Automatically Generates Traffic

Super Funnels Review


Super Funnels Review – Sales funnels are important because it takes your customers on the journey of the buying process. Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into email subscribers, and email subscribers into customers or clients.

And if you have spent enough time in this field, you will soon realize funnels are truly the lifeblood of an online business. No traffic, no money. You are placed at a dead-end, leading to the reality that you have to overpay for traffic to make sales.

But thanks to Super Funnels, all your worries will be flushing away. Please continue to read my review on Super Funnels to know why Super Funnels are a shoo-in victory every digital marketer needs.


What Is Super Funnels?

Super Funnels is a complete system that will triple your traffic sources on the spot. Instead of having to rely on every single email, get two more traffic sources at your disposal.

Many newbies and miserable marketers think there is this colossal gap between what they do, and how top earners make their money.

The reality is this difference is almost invisible. All you need is powerful funnels that automatically generate traffic and profits.

And Super Funnels is built to unlock a constant flow of traffic and conversions with the help of cutting-edge methods used by the leading marketers of our time … AUTOMATED for you.


About The Creators


This product was brought to you by Jono Amstrong and Brendan Mace – two familiar names in online marketing. If you have been on IM for quite a time, you absolutely see their names on many sites. The guys have built their fame with many multiple-figure launches.

As experts in affiliate marketing, they have marked their names on many leaderboards, and are usually within the top 5 positions.

So, can you believe that? These guys are the creators of this complete marketing system, especially thanks to their unlimited creativity and exclusive discovery about Facebook. Every time they launched their products, they tested the methods and formulas, and their products all converted considerable results.

Some of their famous products can be mentioned as StealthD, Aurora, Octane, Kartel, Goodwill, Eclipse…etc.. and the latest one is Invi$ible with more than 3000+ copies have been sold out.

Let’s take a look at Brendan’s sales history to see how great his products were:


Feature Details

Basically, to be success full, you only need Super Funnels as all the determinants are all in this system:

    ♠    Super Funnels CORE Software

This cloud-based app creates DFY traffic generation pages with the click of your mouse…

This means that you are one click away from monetizing your new traffic with smart redirects to profitable offers for an all-in-one income solution.

    ♠    Built-In “Triple Your Traffic” Technology

Included inside the system is extra free software that lets you triple your reach from all traffic to make more sales in less time. Saving time is one of the best options to be awarded as time is money and you have to make the best use of 24 hours/day.

    ♠    Step-By-Step FREE Traffic Methods

Unlock powerful, complete methods for generating traffic without having to pay a dime for ads. This enables you to save a lot of money and use it for bigger purposes. As you can imagine this got me super excited as I know how valuable quality free traffic is for us.

    ♠    Effortless Scaling

Super Funnels will help you see exactly how to grow your potential income with super low-cost, targeted ads once you are in profit. I know being in this field is really harsh and sometimes you wish to have a tutor to tell you what to do. Thanks to Super Funnels, you will have the know-how.

    ♠    Included Hosting Of ALL Your Pages

No need for domains, websites, or paying ongoing hosting fees. Your access includes hosting for all your pages on our robust, fast-loading platforms… so there is zero maintenance cost to you.

Of course, if you prefer to self-host your pages, it’s 1-click simple to upload them to your server.

How To Use Super Funnels?

Step 1: Log in to the cloud-based software


Step 2: Customize the 2 included pages with your details

Choose to Create A New Super Funnel



Fill in your details and information.



Step 3: Use Super Funnels’ included free traffic strategies to ‘Fuel’ your Super Funnel, then sit back & enjoy the results!

Super easy right?

Why We Should Buy Super Funnels?

Super Funnels require no websites, domains, hosting, or tech skills needed because it’s all done for you. Besides, you can automate​ your marketing reach for more sales in less time. Furthermore, you will have the chance to Take advantage of  Next-Gen Funnels ​with ZERO monthly fees or commitments.

Super Funnels combines the whole traffic and sales process to become one simple step: each new visitor is instantly presented with a monetized offer.

And you can seriously earn quality traffic at no cost. Nothing can serve your business better than this one as most traffic sources are either too expensive or not targeted enough to your offers.

Who Is This For?

Super Funnels is perfect for:

    +    Publishers

    +    Content creators

    +    Authors

    +    Bloggers

    +    Affiliate marketers

    +    Anyone who needs content!

Basically, it is made for anyone who wishes to learn and outgrow themselves. It would hurt no one if you have the willingness to try and innovate your business.

Price And Evaluation

Super Funnels goes live on Nov 26th at 11 am EST.

Earlybird pricing is frozen at $6.93 for the first 3 hours, then the dimesale kicks off.

After that, you can have Super Funnels at a not much higher price: $23.

Recap everything you will get:


Well, I’m not exactly sure how long this loophole will stay open so you need to act now to take advantage of this free traffic surge before it’s officially discovered.

The sooner you check out, the better price you will get. I’m so sure that you realize how valuable and exclusive this deal can be so believe missing out is definitely not a smart choice.

And here are the breakdowns I think you should have a look at:

Upgrade 1: MAX COMMISSIONS ($67)

This software includes “Done For You” recurring campaigns activated on your Super Funnels.


Downsell 01: $37

Upgrade 2“DONE-FOR-YOU” ($197)

It comes with “Done For You” funnels, templates, and done-for-you emails to fully complete all of the hard work for your users.


Downsell 02: $147

Upgrade 3: UNLIMITED TRAFFIC ($197)

It puts your pixel on our sales pages to siphon traffic from our high traffic pages. This is a great upgrade for those that want more traffic.


Downsell 03: $147

Upgrade 4: COMPLETE $1K SYSTEM ($197)

This has everything included to land high ticket sales.


Downsell 04: $147

Upgrade 5: LICENSE RIGHTS ($167)

You can sell “Super Funnels” as your own product.

[+]    Sales Page: This cost me $2,000 for the design and copywriting

[+]    Upsell Pages: Another $950 for the copywriting

[+]    ClickFunnels Hosting: Over $3,600/year spent on ClickFunnels membership

[+]    Miscellaneous: Over $5,000 on product development and cash prizes.

[+]    Time Investment: Around 100 hours of REAL WORK to put it together.

Downsell 05: $67



My Using Experience

As a low technical marketer, I was really glad to see that this is an all done-for-you solution for automated and passive income.

I was worried at the beginning that I would need to conduct a lot of work and process but it’s been the easiest thing ever. I started to see results immediately after joining and am forever grateful to Jono and Brendan to come up with this amazing product.


Super Funnels Review– Bonuses From Authors

Get this amazing Super Funnels today, you have a chance to get all valuable bonuses below for free from Jono and Brendan:


Super Funnels Review– Pros & Cons


    ♥    No experience required

    ♥    Save time and money. It covers almost all the niches you want to work for

    ♥    Created by talented and renowned software vendors

    ♥    High demands

    ♥    Easy to use

    ♥    Full Step-by-Step Tutorials

    ♥    30-day money-back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none


Everyone who is working online will need traffic, that’s the undeniable fact I’m sure we all agree. I know many of you, up to now, have spent quite a time in this field, you might think you know it all but the fact is that Brendan knows things better than us

Hopefully, you have got the necessary info about Super Funnels to make your buying decision. As a matter of fact, you have 30 days to try this solution out, if this doesn’t do any wonders to your business, just contact the vendor and you get all your money back.

Thank you for reading till the final words like this, you are my inspiration to experience more and more products to give an honest review on this site.

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; Which means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble using or can not contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):





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Step 1: Buy Super Funnels on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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