Scan N’ Bank Review- The perfect way of earning money while shopping

Scan N’ Bank Review


Scan N’ Bank review- The overview

The Internet is constantly changing and the world is always evolving. Making money online via the Internet means you will always be on top of all the new advances.

Earning money through ways of MMO is excellent because this always makes you be on the cutting edge of new technology. That’s why many people decide to work from home and generate passive income nowadays.

But actually, this niche is tough to navigate.

There are a ton of ways you can make money online outside.

However, which is the best and quickest way to give you a chance to create passive income online?

If you’re still looking for a method that will allow you to make money with little time and investment, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s review, I will show you Scan N’ Bank – a wonderful tool that provides everything you need to start making real money online.

You’ll be making money online, but without an “online business” since there’s zero traffic, zero social media, zero email marketing, zero hosting, and zero selling.

All you need to scan all the receipts you went shopping for before. Then, you will get paid immediately for each of them.

Just log in to Scan N’ Bank, scan the bills, and you’re 100% guaranteed to make commissions.

Let’s jump in!

The summary


Creator Shawn Josiah
Product Scan N’ Bank
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $17 one-time
Bundle YES!
Bonus Yes, a Huge bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

About the creation

Scan N’ Bank is software that helps you get paid real cash from your receipts and online purchases! Just by scanning the receipts you already have, you can earn an average of $5/scan

It is so easy you only have to spend a minute or two every day to earn real cash!

  • Continuously earn an average of $5 every time you upload a receipt.
  • Earn as high as $395/sale through our deep-converting funnel.
  • Tried and tested for high conversions.
  • Proven methodology for your customers to bank with this.

Meeting its vendors


The creator is none other than Shawn Josiah, who is the father of this money-making product in the market. His creations teach you how to make a lot of money every month with very little effort and no previous knowledge.

He is a professional affiliate marketer who is originally from Singapore, a successful 7-figure entrepreneur who makes money through the affiliate marketing business.

Shawn used to work as a Data Scientist at Netflix, where he got his hands on a secret algorithm that was used by many corporations to make billions through online marketing. 

Some of his brainchildren are AutoVoiceProfits, Click Home Income 2.0, Overnight Profit Sites, Perpetual Income 365 V3.1, SpotiCash, Perpetual Income 2.0, Perpetual Income 365, Click Home Income, Tweety – W+ Launch, Perpetual Income 365 v3.0 Rapid Commission Sites – W+ L, BlazeFunnels, DocuProfits, DownloadDollar, etc.

What can you get inside?

Everything is explained to you in detail:


Pros and cons


  • $128,694.13 has been received into our bank account with Scan N’ Bank
  • 194 beta-tester made over $200 on their first day
  • 100% never-seen-before method
  • Instant payments directly to your account.
  • Get paid to simply scan with your phone
  • No experience is needed whatsoever
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support 


Up to now, there is none

Who is it for?

Scan N’ Bank works for everyone because it does all the work for you! If you’re a beginner and feel like you could mess this up, think again! You’re getting everything you need inside of Scan N’ Bank to see results.

Simply let this system work hard for you in the background like a well-oiled machine. Feel free to jump on the deal right away if you are an affiliate marketer, digital marketer, small business owner, content creator, web builder, etc.

Using experience

How to use

In today’s Scan N’ Bank review, let me walk you through some easy steps of how to successfully put this software into practice and start earning money.

First, you need to log in with your account:


Once you successfully get login into this tool, you will get access to the main dashboard like this seen below:


A dashboard is a place where you can experience all features and bonuses, or purchase the upgrades anytime you want.

[+] Offers

There are some receipts available to submit and get paid instantly. Click on your bought items and follow the instructions.




[+] Coupon

This system also provides you with some coupons in different stores.


[+] Create a new website

Quickly access “Create a new website” and enter the information with the instructions mentioned below:


Next, your website is automatically created and then it’s time to customize it to your preference.


[+] Customize your website

Now we’ll move to website customization. You have total control over your website, for example, create posts:


[+] Create Advertisements


[+] Site settings


Is it worth buying?

♥   Newbies absolutely love earning passive money with Scan N’ Bank

I think reading this part, hope you no longer feel confused about the product today, but decide for yourself whether to buy this product or not. Different from other products, this one is very special. Even if you don’t know anything about making money online, you can just buy it.

It’s easy to get a chance to earn more than a million dollars like Shawn. Yes, you have the right to doubt its true ability but you can’t help but believe in the person who has created remarkable hits on the Clickbank floor.

There is really no product that can pamper a beginner to make money like Scan N’ Bank. Even if you just lack experience, skills, and a lot of investment capital, you are still suitable and can make money from Scan N’ Bank by simply scanning your receipts.

♥   Training videos included

Moreover, Scan N’ Bank also comes with full and detailed training tutorials so there’s no way for you to get this wrong. You just need to get your hands on this product and it will do the rest for you. Set up once, and let your store bring you passive sales and commissions on autopilot.

The best part is that you can have multiple accounts and share them with your household members who also have a lot of shopping receipts to join in on the fun and make some extra money!

♥   There are no risks

Besides, your investment will be fully protected by the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy. So if for whatever reason you want your money back just email for a prompt and courteous refund.

With many valuable features inside, there is no reason to leave a wonderful package like this Scan N’ Bank. This app has given you one of the best opportunities, so don’t miss it! 


How much is it?

The FE

The cart will open on Wed, 22nd June 2022 at 10 am EST and this tool will be sold with such a bargain proceed of only $17.

With this product, you are able to get paid real cash from your receipts and online purchases! 

And I would have to urge you to purchase it right now as the price will jump up and you might regret not making the decision earlier. Anyway, you are only paying much LESS for much MORE!

Let’s revisit what you will receive in this Scan N’ Bank:



The upgrades

Some updated versions in case you want to buy:

OTO 1: Unlimited

Price: $47/$37 one time


  • Commercial license.
  • Remove all the limits in the FE.
  • Put Scan N’ Bank on steroids.
  • Get upgraded to ultra fast Scan N’ Bank server.
  • Pro video training.


Price: $297/$197 one time


  • Equip yourself with our DFY templates to get a full Scan N’ Bank business suite.
  • Complete setup & general fine-tuning.
  • Let us do everything for you.
  • With over 200+ done-for-you Scan N’ Bank template suites to choose from.
  • Massively increase your earning abilities by unlocking other gigs with our full suite.
  • No technical skills are required.

OTO 3: CashBack

Price: $97/$67 one time


  • Upgrade and exploit more ways to instantly get your money’s worth!

OTO 4:  Income Multiplier

Price: $47/$37 one time


  • Effortlessly make 10x more money with your Scan N’ Bank income multiplier edition without any extra work.
  • Embed the pre-selected $1k/sale link into your Scan N’ Bank video magic link.
  • Plug n’ play our proven high ticket campaign to your Scan N’ Bank backend.
  • DFY email swipes.
  • DFY bonuses to boost sales.
  • DFY high-converting sales funnel.
  • Automate, sit back and enjoy the cheques!
  • In-depth video tutorial.

OTO 5: Traffic Booster

Price: $167/$67 one time


This upgrade allows customers to ride on the traffic sources and insights to get more traffic from the internet!

  • Tap into the gold traffic system that generates $28,900 in 24 hours
  • Drive unlimited traffic directly to your Scan N’ Bank pages & skyrocket your daily sales without spending a dime on ads. 
  • Place customers’ pixels at the back end of the sales pages
  • Customers get high-quality data from the vendor for retargeting or highly targeted buyer data
  • Customers can retarget or create look-alike audiences based on the done-for-you traffic data and make tons of targeted high EPCs commissions

OTO 6: Reseller License

Price: $297/$97 one time


  • Done-for-you software business in a box (without any hassles, setup, or costs).
  • Leverage 7 figure team of top-notch designers, copywriters & developers (100% access to the sales page, sales videos, graphics, email swipe, etc).
  • Keep 100% of the profit to yourself & makeup to $864/Sale.
  • Handle customer support for you.
  • No technical skill is needed.
  • Plug-and-play data provided.
  • Enjoy unlimited traffic for life without paying monthly.

OTO 7: Passive Income Masterclass

Price: $67/$37 one time


This upgrade equips members with the skills to generate passive, hands-free income through our specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

OTO 8: Multiple Streams Of Income Masterclass

Price: $67/$37 one time


This upgrade equips members with the skills to create multiple streams of income through 7 specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.


Bonuses from the creator team

By getting access to Scan N’ Bank today, you will secure a bundle of bonuses worth thousands of dollars.


The end of Scan N’ Bank review

If you leave my article and come back later, the price will be increased. I hope this review can give you a new slant toward Scan N’ Bank

You know that not many people let the cat out of the box and tell you how to make money online right at home as it does, do not hesitate to pick it up now.

Thanks for reading my review! See you soon in the next review!




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Step 1: Buy Scan N’ Bank on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]


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