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Reputation Closer Review



Currently, using social media platforms is considered to be a common way to get on a stable track of making money online.

Thanks to the immense growth of social media, you can be able to spread your brand’s reputation. Promote your product on that platform and attract more leads, then convert it into customers and make sales.

Well, I need to say that in order to achieve that thing, it literally takes you a long process.

Finding potential clients for your business is quite familiar for everyone who works in IM, thus there are a bunch of products out there in the market which are aimed to help users attract and find leads.

If you want to work well in this field, you need to find out the right leads and from that point, do your work properly and lastly try your best to convince customers and close the sale.

I am here today to reveal for you a big hit in the IM world, an upcoming launch named Reputation Closer which guide you on the right way and in the end do things to meet your goal in IM – making money by simply finding tons of leads from big platforms such as Yelp, Facebook or even Google.

Scroll down to know more about it.



Creator Mo Taqi
Product Reputation Closer
Official website
Front-End Price $27
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Reputation Closer is a useful tool that is designed with the aim of finding leads that businesses are ready to pay for.

At the end of the process, the software helps to close the sale in a quick and easy way than ever. It is the real solution for everyone who is struggling to deal with persuading customers.

This awesome product does require you nothing, no need to have a cold call, no need to send cold emails or stuff. Are you curious?

Let’s come closer to the next part of my Reputation Closer review today.




Mo Taqi is the brilliant mind behind Reputation Closer’s creation. This man is a talented and creative person who has specialized in SEO for 8 years. Spending years working in this field, he knows clearly about SEO’s shifting and user problems.

Some of his famous and successful previous launches that can be listed are: Dynamic Schema Standout, Painless Auto Call$, Yelp Commander, and many more.

Coming back this time with this super amazing software, there are many things that are worth to be expected.

Check some of his sale histories to see how great his products were:





Reputation Closer is such a useful and unique product that is the very first product working in the closing-client-deal field. It is true which will enable you to close sales easily, let’s take a look at what you will be equipped with purchasing Reputation Closer :

1. The Reputation Closer mega lead finder software 

Once you log in to the dashboard, you’ll get to find all the essential leads that you could ever need. Do your business by choosing leads from GG Maps, Yelp, and Facebook for a plethora of local businesses

2. The Hybrid persuasive email builder 

Secondly, this is also what you can receive. The awesome technology can help you build engaging emails that get opened and noticed.

Emails are crafted in an amazing way that probably every client can’t help asking for.

Another thing is that all emails comprise dynamic tokens so when you send the email, the software will fill in these items for you and it seems to be similar to you yourself talking directly to the business owner.

The included tokens: 

  • Review ratings
  • Main keyword search
  • Location
  • Name of business
  • Landing page URL
  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Number of reviews

3. The Hybrid persuasive landing page builder 

This tool contains a DFY prospecting video and already creates personalized landing pages. The video is really extraordinary because it looks like they are speaking to your clients on a 1 on 1 basis.

You would never ever see that thing in any product before. Along with the persuasive email, the personal “ touch” to the video and landing page – all these elements work well together to help you, close clients, in a fast and easy way than ever

4. DFY prospecting video included with the Hybrid landing page 

Also, you will get to receive a prospecting video that is ALREADY DONE FOR YOU. You have nothing to do. Just connect this with the landing page and you are able to close clients quickly.

5. A DFY client attracting a consultant site

This site is surely a “gem” in the package. It is a professionally designed website that is done from the scratch, using it and you are ready to go to sell website reputation management services.

Your clients would land on this page first so this is the place where you need to get your client’s very first impression.

All you need to do is to edit some details. Upload it and then be ready to make your clients impress and close the deal rapidly.

6. The Reputation Closer quick start training hub 

This quick guide is comprised of everything you need to know to start getting qualified leads to contact you.

7. A set of fully editable professionally designed logos 

Start to brand yourself by using these logo sets

8. A set of print-ready flyers

You can use these readymade printable flyers offline or digitally on social media to get more market share and earn lots of money

9. A set of high-quality business cards

Guess what, you also get these business cards in order to use in case someone wants to have your contact, grab the chance and make them impressed with your business.

Once they have your contact, the possibility of closing the deals is much higher.

Besides, let me show you what you can do with the leads over time:




The main dashboard when you log in Reputation Closer:


Search for leads: fill in the information about the leads that you want to find out


Then you are good to go, you are able to find the leads and download them if you want.


You are able to create personalized templates based on your business name. the example below will show you what the site looks like when implementing the template

Click on “training” and get access to the Training section where you are shown step by step everything you need to do in this software


Send your email: you can customize everything in the box, then sign in to your Google account and send it


Check the instruction video below to see how this tool work:



Personally, I would say that this product is worth a go because of its unique features. Do you want to make big bucks without doing much work? That sounds a bit unreal, right?

The fact that Reputation Closer can help you achieve that thing. Using this product and then you can get access to one of the hottest and most potential niches that you have ever seen in IM, it is a closing deal without a cold call or face-to-face persuasion required.

Creating the very first personalized templates that help to attract clients and make you find it easy in closing deals and of course, make massive money.

The chance is right in your hand. Go ahead and get one you all.


Frontend: Reputation Closer ($27)

Considering getting a wonderful product that is consist of an app and DFY Consultant Website with the price of $27, all in all, it is a reason to own such 2 awesome tools like that.

Thanks to the included highly converting personalized emails and personalized landing pages, you’ll get access to a powerful source of leads and close sales with ease.



Below are some upsells, you should take a look at and see whether you should buy or not in order to maximize your benefits using RC :

OTO1: Reputation Closer PRO ($47)

By using this version, you are able to find SEO leads. Also, with the included DFY prospecting video, your process of closing sales seems easier than ever.

OTO2: Reputation Closer Agency Graphics Package ($47)

You can post reputation management on Facebook agency profiles for 45 days in order to inform and engage with potential clients.

OTO3: SEO Agency Graphics Package ($47)

You can post SEO on Facebook agency profiles for 45 days in order to inform and engage with potential clients.



Considering the software’s features and benefits that it brings out, I think Reputation Closer is suitable for:

  • Social media marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Business owners
  • eCommerce owners
  • Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online/offline marketers



    ♥    100% newbie-friendly

    ♥    In-demand topic

    ♥    No cold calls needed

    ♥    No need to have prior experience

    ♥    No need to have skills

    ♥    No need to send cold mail

    ♥    Cloud-based app (no installation needed)

    ♥    DFY material


    X    Up to now, there is none.

Let’s check what other famous marketers saying about Reputation Closer:



If you want to find leads and close the sale as soon as possible without having cold calls or stuff with customers, here is what you need to get – Reputation Closer.

I firmly believe that it fits your demands and will benefit you a lot. So don’t hesitate anymore, take your time and get it soon.





Step 1: Buy Reputation Closer on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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