Quantum Commissions Review- Learn How To Earn From Social Media

Quantum Commissions Review


Quantum Commissions Review- Overview

Thanks to the increasing popularity of the Internet, people now have various sources to earn a stable source of income. It is claimed that these recent years are witnessing the diversification of making money online and this situation will go on in years to come.

This is because people working online have to create and develop different ways to earn money from online space and thus try to stay away from this intense competition.

With this rising demand to absorb new methods to earn easy money, there have been up to hundreds of training courses or methods that promise to help learners bank over three figures every day.

However, the flat truth is that not all of them will bring you quality principles or smart strategies to help you with that. Even worse, some of them are considered the black sheep, or literally a scam.

Thankfully, I just run into a fresh and effective method a few days ago named Quantum Commissions, it’s absolutely all you ask when you want to make money online.

This is NOT just a cut and run product – check our records. The course is rock solid, highly supported, and developed for the long term.

Please keep reading my Quantum Commissions review to know more about it.

What Is Quantum Commissions?

Quantum Commissions is a course that teaches students how to use the same modifications the vendor has been using for this strategy with Social Media as the primary traffic source instead of organic search traffic.

In this course, the vendor will reveal his tips and strategies to effectively find the tremendous source of traffic and teaches you an evergreen affiliate marketing strategy showing how to make sales, how to build an email list, how to get traffic, and more.

It includes:

    ♠    7 modules of video training

    ♠    Over 20+ videos in total

    ♠    Email Templates to copy

    ♠    DFY pre-sell pages and bridge pages included (only available for ClickFunnels users)

    ♠    3x Case studies included proving the strategy works

    ♠    100% whiteboard and over-the-shoulder tutorials

If you are a newbie, it can be very helpful because the course is to the point and detailed as every single step will be instructed.

It’s not necessary to set up a website or do any keyword research. Now let’s scroll down below to see what it has on tap that could arouse such lot of interest from me.


About The Creator

JayKay Dowdall has been one of the influential individuals in the Internet Marketing field in 2018.

In the past, he has succeeded in mаny products thаt аre highly recommended by other experts in the mаrketing field, I can tell you some famous names such as Master’s Program, Destiny, Funnelize. They are all the most valuable and impressive courses.

This time, JayKay will release a new product called Quantum Commissions which will undoubtedly become the next hit.

To figure out whether JayKay Dowdall has made a useful tool or not, please take a look at the following part to know more about its features.

Let check some of JayKay Dowdall to see how great his products were:


Feature Details

The course will cover some main contents such as how to grow a list of targeted prospects in any niche, how to increase sales of affiliate products by creating an effective 2-step funnel

It also teaches you how to research the ideal customer of their product, create a piece of viral-potential content, and an effective pre-sell for any affiliate offer.

Finally, Quantum Commissions gives the method to design high CTR ad creatives on Facebook and create a simple but effective FB ads campaign

All the content above is divided into 4 parts:

[+]    Fast Action Training

In this training, you will be provided with actionable content. It includes whiteboard sessions, over-the-shoulder tutorials, and more.

As I’ve told you in the earlier part, in this Quantum Commissions, the vendor will teach you every initial step to start your business on a quantum path.

[+]    Affiliate Sales Training

After you go through all the theories, this course will provide training in affiliate sales so you can apply what you have learned to any niche with your own product.

[+]    Email List Growth

If you still wonder how you can start getting traffic and leads, inside this product, you also receive an old-school funnel that can give you LOTS of red-hot leads added to your email list.

[+]    Case Studies Included

Quantum Commissions also includes case studies to prove that the system works in the form of video, showing you how the creator earned benefits using their method during a short time and outsourced and automated the entire setup.

Anything you don’t understand from traffic, leads, and conversions is explained carefully.

As I’ve introduced, this course is designed with video training modules and it will walk you through the whole process once you make a purchase. You’ll understand the POWER of Quantum Commissions once the first payout hits your bank account.

Breakdown Of The Entire Front-End Quantum Commissions Course:

Not only did I provide you with feature details of this program, but I also want to take you to go inside to see what exactly makes up this.

After purchasing, you will get the Login details, go to access:


Follow this part of my Quantum Commissions review to learn more. Below is the member area when you log in. You can access all the modules on your left-hand side.



Quantum Commissions Overview: Overview of the strategy itself, what you need to know, and what you’re going to learn


[+] Choosing The Right Offer

How to choose the right affiliate product to make the most sales with Quantum Commissions.

Besides, there is a link to Clickbank – one of the most affiliate platforms where millions of offers are displayed here. You can go there to pick more offers (Many of them is auto-approved to promote)



[+] Audience Insights

How to use a little-known free Facebook tool to identify millions of buyers and targeted leads in any niche


The Audience Insights Tool is one of the most underused tools in ALL digital marketing.

When Facebook has information on over 1,000,000,000 users – it’s wise to see what information they have about your buyers; even if you have no plans to advertise on the platform



[+] Whiteboard Explainer

The pre-sell page is a vital part of the Quantum Commissions strategy. Not only does it create viral clicks (especially when using any type of Facebook ad) it also acts as a stealthy opt-in page to grab email leads and add them to your list…


[+] Pre-Sell Page: Content Creation

This pre-sell page content video is meant to show you the type of content that is most likely to create viral clicks for a low cost.

To clone JayKay’s pages, you will be recommended the Clickfunnels tool:


[+] Call-To-Action Setup

How to create the email opt-in form that’s installed on your pre-sell page to collect email subscribers. Also, you can do that with ClickFunnels, as well as clone JayKay’s high-converting funnel:


[+] Legal Pages

How to add your default legal forms to the bottom of your pre-sell blog page

Your pre-sell page must use these legal pages to both protect you as an affiliate and also to ensure that you are compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies (if you’re choosing to advertise on Facebook)



[+] Whiteboard Explainer

Your bridge page acts as the sales page for the product you want to earn commissions from, and as such there are certain elements that make it as successful as possible.

This video will explain where the Bridge Page fits into the funnel and the elements that make a great bridge page!

[+] Live Walkthrough

In this video, you will be shown the live bridge page I’m using inside one of the case studies for Quantum Commissions.

[+] Sales Video

In this video, you will be shown how to add the sale video of your affiliate product to your bridge page

[+] Custom Affiliate Link

Customizing your affiliate link to send traffic straight to the affiliate checkout page, is a great option.

However, if you’re selling a product that’s not hosted on Clickbank you can definitely use a traditional affiliate link that goes directly to the sales page at this point.


[+] Email Marketing Whiteboard

Using email marketing to capture additional sales is a VITAL part of affiliate marketing since not all of your traffic will be motivated to buy at the exact moment they land on the bridge page.

Using email marketing you can send traffic back to your bridge page right away, and even cultivate a relationship that allows you to sell other affiliate products directly to this email list.

[+] Email Optin: Setup Walkthrough

This tutorial will show you how to connect your opt-in page to your autoresponder, and then create the redirect that sends traffic back over to your bridge page.

This tutorial is specific to Clickfunnels users (JayKay’s page builder) and DRIP users (JayKay’s autoresponder) since these are the actual tools he uses in his business.



[+] Audience Insights Refresher

This short video is a quick refresher on the Audience Insights Tool and will also show you a helpful way to export your audience from this tool into Facebook Ads Manager

[+] Traffic: Whiteboard Explainer

Even though Facebook ads can be intimidating, using this service is like any other process – once you have a routine that works, you can easily replicate and scale for more results.

Learning how to master this cheap clicks strategy is vital to your success as an internet marketer as well as with the Quantum Commissions strategy.

[+] Traffic: Ad Creatives Whiteboard

In this video, JayKay uses his trusty whiteboard to explain the easiest way to create viral ads that get incredibly cheap clicks from Facebook ads.

Your ad creativity – the thing people see when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed – is a vitally important element within the Quantum Commissions strategy. It’s also a vital rule to learn what makes cheap Facebook ads possible and how you can capitalize on human behavior to increase clicks and decrease costs.

[+] Traffic: Facebook Ads Setup Walkthrough

In this video, you will walk through an over-the-shoulder view of exactly what you need to do to create your own viral ads

Facebook ads are deceptively simple to create – much easier than any Google Ads in fact. In this video, I’ll walk you through the entire process required to create your Facebook ads and how to submit them for review to go live!


[+] Free Traffic Tutorials

Want to avoid using Facebook ads, but still want to use the Quantum Commissions strategy? Check out these free bonus tutorials for getting clicks and leads from Instagram and Fiverr


[+] Quantum Commissions Case Studies

3 Case Studies to Prove the Quantum Commissions Strategy Works!

    ♦    Case 1: Flat Belly Fix – Clickbank Affiliate Product

    ♦    Case 2: EZ Battery Reconditioning – Clickbank Affiliate Product

    ♦    Case 3: Inboxxr – My Own Internal Product


[+] Direct Access

Have questions? Need answers? Want guidance? Reach out to JayKay directly inside his private Facebook group: The 10x Mastermind


How Does This Stealth-Strategy Work?

My Quantum Commissions review also demonstrates the former-guru strategy that you can apply in just 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Follow the training

Step #2: Find Leads

Identify ALL of the most targeted leads and buyers for any niche in as little as 5 mins using 1 simple resource available to everyone.

It’s also completely free and literally, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet can access this information and find out anything about millions of buyers in any niche that are hiding in plain sight.

Step #3: Collect Leads

Create a hilariously simple 2-page funnel that generates a viral amount of clicks for your target buyers from Step #2.

This funnel also acts as a stealthy landing page that collects email leads for you too! This step is so simple to follow that after you make it once you can just copy/paste this simple funnel into just about any niche you can think of to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales.


Using Experience

Should you buy Quantum Commissions? Considering all the main points below, my answer is definitely yes

Comprehensive Method

Quantum Commissions has been tested with a selected few, lucky, qualified, and highly successful marketers. Once being a member, you can access the pure actionable content together with some really cool free strategies.

It provides you with real insight into how to add subscribers to their email list step by step, a product where you can actually follow the step-by-step training to generate targeted traffic.

It will not only give you the confidence to go out and try this on your own by copying and implementing our methods, but it also makes it easy and simple for you to get started with the most minimal budget that you can afford.

The creators are three BIG NAMES who you can lay trust on. This method sums up their accumulating years of experience, lessons from failure as well as key secrets to success. So, it is totally different from what you read online.

Informative Content

The content inside is what the vendors have experienced to earn massive income after guessing, trying, failing, and becoming successful finally.

It will reveal how a normal person without any skills or experience starting with a low budget can set up their own business online. So this system is obviously what you really need right now.


Since I’ve tried lots of time and invested a huge amount of money in my business, I understand what newbies have to struggle to find a shortcut to their success, I wish I had known this Quantum Commissions earlier. It takes only minutes to set up.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any website required or tech skills needed, or even any experience. So if you have just started your business for a short time, this one is what you shouldn’t miss.

Who Should Buy Quantum Commissions?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you will still need Quantum Commissions because of the much more outstanding features compared to other products.

In fact Quantum Commissions is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

    +    Business Owners

    +    E-com Store Owners…

    +    Product Creators

    +    Content Creators

    +    Freelancers

    +    Bloggers

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Vloggers, eCom Store Owners

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Agency

    +    Freelance Designers

Price And Evaluation

Here are several options for you to consider, however, I will suggest you choose another OTO to have more advantages.


FE: Quantum Commissions ($17)

Earlybird pricing will be $14.95 for the first 4hrs of the launch.

OTO #1: QC Inboxxr ($29.95 per month)

Inboxxr is the author’s personal email marketing membership program which teaches students how to create sales emails, engaging content, and more.

Since Quantum Commissions teaches students how to add subscribers to their email list, this is a valuable discounted upsell in the funnel – At the release of Quantum Commissions, Inboxxr will be $47/mth so students save over $15/mth by taking advantage of this unique upsell.

OTO #2: Flux-Capacity Traffic ($97)

Flux-Capacity Traffic teaches students how to use the same simple low-cost retargeting strategy used by Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Sam Ovens, and more to bring targeted traffic back to the money page that students build inside the Front-End training.



Bonuses From Creator Team

You can also get some useful bonuses. I’ve received them and I feel satisfied with them already:


Quantum Commissions Review- Pros And Cons


    ♥    Available at an Affordable Price

    ♥    No Website, List, or Existing Products Required

    ♥    Easy to access

    ♥    Simple to understand

    ♥    Brand new method that’s never been released

    ♥    100% newbie-friendly

    ♥    No coding or design skills required

    ♥    No website build

    ♥    No paid ads

    ♥    Scale up to a job-crushing income

    ♥    30 days money-back guarantee


    X    There’s no flaw, except the fact that you have to watch it and then apply it into your business


Conclusion- Quantum Commissions Is 100% Recommended!

In conclusion, the course will remove all your uncertain guesswork and confusion when it comes to choosing the most suitable path for online business. Especially, it is completely newbie-friendly that everyone can start right now to generate passive income from scratch.

With Quantum Commissions, you will no longer have to struggle then fail then try again to get profits. I hope what I have experienced with this product will help you have more information to make the right decision for yourself.

$15 is a completely reasonable price. This price will go up soon so don’t hesitate to grab this chance. Hope you will make a smart choice, thank you!



























































Step 1: Buy Quantum Commissions on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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Thank you so much for reading my Quantum Commissions Review.


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