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PushTraffik Review – Hello everyone! It’s David again.

Working in the field for years, from a very early time did I realize that no website can exist without traffic. I know that many entrepreneurs like me out there are struggling to find an effective method to make their websites widespread. At least once has any online marketer ever felt:

  • Tired of having to create a high converting content
  • Afraid of paying much money on advertising while your budget is low
  • Confused about SEO work

It’s high time you should take advantage of another marketing platform – Push Notification instead of relying considerably on Google.

That’s why I bring you a review of  PushTraffik which drives a flood of traffic to your website through ALL-IN-ONE Push Notifications. Go on reading to find more details of this amazing product



PushTraffik is a revolutionary Push Notifications platform on the market that works on all browsers, and all platforms. It allows users to send browser push notifications via web browsers, mobile applications, Viber, text messages, Facebook notifications, FB messenger reminders, and so much more.

By doing this, your website will gain instant traffic that actually converts to repeat website visitors or you can push traffic to any offer you like, even if it is not your own site.

While Retargeting Ads costs you a lot for maintaining, PushTraffik you’ll bring visitors back to your website without having to pay anything. Never before have you found it easier to get traffic with PushTraffik by 3 simple steps.


Thanks to PushTraffik, you can lead more visitors to your website. The platform mainly focuses on generating traffic by sending instant Push Notifications to your visitors’ devices. This happens 24/7 and can be pre-scheduled, simply depending on your liking.

For more detailed features, take a look at the list I have written down to understand what PushTraffik does to develop your business. No other tools can bring about that stuff:

    ♦    It Can Be Installed On From 5 Up To 50 Sites

    ♦    You Can Send From 100 Up To 1000 Daily Push Notifications via Browser, Viber Messages, Mass SMS Text Messages (9 APIs Built-In), Mass FB Messages & Personalized FB Notification

    ♦    Your Website Is Able To Get From10,000 Up To 10,000 Unique Visitors from many types of traffic such as: Fitness & Weight Loss; Dating & Relationships; Self-Improvement; Wealth Building; Sports; Health & Beauty; Gadgets & Technology; Investing & Finance; Adult & Gambling,…

    ♦    Step-By-Step Video Training, PDF Guide, Together With 24-Hour Support to make sure you are able to sail through the process down to the last detail. You’ll be able to watch over how to produce leads & sales on-demand with.

    ♦    $552.18 Case Study With Video Walk-Through.

This exclusive video case study will show you how online marketers take a brand-new website from $0 to $552.18 with PushTraffik.

    ♦    PushTraffik Works In All Countries & Languages. Because it works in all niches and switches into any language, your website is going to be widespread around the world.

    ♦    It Works On All Sites & Page Builders. It works on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Samsung.

    ♦    It Works On All User Devices & Platforms. Send Push Notification on Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows; It also performs on Clickbank, JVZoo.com, DirectPay, Amazon, FlexOffers, and other Affiliate Networks.

    ♦    PushTraffik Is Fully Managed. It is a 24/7 cloud-based software that requires nothing to download or install.

    ♦    It Is Fully Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), CAN-SPA The use is legal so don’t worry about breaking any laws.

    ♦    PushTraffik Requires NO mass emails, NO affiliates, NO paid ads, NO SEO, NO content making of any kind, NO social media posts, NO answering questions on forums or Quora, etc…

    ♦    3 Bonuses Worth $97 Each that I am going to reveal later.

    ♦    WordPress Plugin (just for advanced version)



PushTraffik is the creator of Satish Gaire and his partner Alex Artnov.

Satish Gaire has been working as a well-known product creator for years and has accumulated a lot of experience.

Up to nоw, he has built a talented team that helps launсh high-quality digital prоduсts with really low refund rates. Some of his best-selling products are BulletResponse, Flip That App, OwlHQ Marketing Suite, etc.

His prоduсts serve a great purpоse tо marketers, espeсially thоse with limited budgets. He helps them reaсh their goals withоut spending tоо muсh mоney on costly tооls and materials.

Due to his reputation as well as his comprehensive understanding, PushTraffik is the exactly reliable assistant on your way to make your website become stronger.


Here is the dashboard of PushTraffik


Step 1: Make your campaigns

Hit the “New Campaign” and decide to send your campaign now, on time, or other choices as below:


Secondly, add “Application” and decide your campaign will appear in Pop-up Builders or Direct Opt-in as well.


Then set up with Box Setting as below:


or choose to add a new source



Remember you get Quick Tutorials to help you at all time


Step 2: Save Changes and Start Sending Instant Traffic

Once this is done, you can use the built-in scheduler to set it & forget it!

Step 3: Get Visitors Instantly

Go read a book, take a walk outside, watch a movie, and spend time with your family while knowing that your real-time traffic is already being taken care of!

In case you still don’t get how this system works, please watch the DEMO video below for more details:


In fact, you cannot miss out PushTraffik if you are the owner of any website or online business and hope to drive more traffic:

    +    Ebooks & Courses

    +    Software Products

    +    Marketing Services

    +    Design & Programming

    +    Physical Products

    +    Dropshipping

Besides, it is also intended for:

    +    Agency

    +    Freelancer

    +    Website builder

    +    Affiliate marketer

    +    Mobile app developer

    +    Local / online marketing consultant



    ♥    Cheap Price

    ♥    Super fast and easy to use

    ♥    Video tutorials include

    ♥    Cloud-based – nothing to install

    ♥    Schedule future posts by date and time

    ♥    Works on all sites, platforms, devices

    ♥    Works in all niches and drives many types of traffic

    ♥    No recurring fees

    ♥    Install up to 50 sites

    ♥    100% traffic—getting a guarantee

    ♥    NO mass emails, NO affiliates, NO paid ads, NO Seo, NO Content making of any kind, NO social media posts required

    ♥    100% newbie-friendly

    ♥    30 Day Money back guarantee


    ♥    So far I have not figured out any weaknesses of the product yet.



FrontEnd price for this product is just $37 – $39 up to the option. This is a 100% no-brainer deal for you and PushTraffik solves a major real-world problem, helping users get more traffic, leads, and sales easily for their businesses and marketing.

Guess what? For that innovative kind of tool, it may cost you hundreds to purchase. However, you can have an access to PushTraffik with the most reasonable price and guaranteed quality

Notice! The price will increase by $1 every 24 hours, so you should take action as quickly as possible to get the best deal!

Furthermore, PushTraffik is entirely an investment without any risk. If you find it unsuitable for your path, you can return it and get your money back thanks to 30-Day Money Back with No Questions Asked. The product is designed to bring you real value so there is no need to worry about making mistakes.


What’s more, you can consider more advanced features with PushTraffik OTOs:


OTO #1 PushTraffik Unlimited

$67 -> $69 Increasing During First 72 Hrs

  • Boost to Unlimited Sites
  • Boost to Unlimited Visitors
  • Boost to Unlimited Notifications
  • Resell As A Service, meaning you can charge any price you like to drive traffic to other people’s sites
  • 3 Special Bonuses

OTO #2 PushTraffik Agency

$197 -> $199 Increasing During First 72 Hrs

  • DFY Sales & Campaigns
  • Sell For Whatever Price You Like!
  • Get Phone Support
  • 5 Exclusive Mega Bonuses


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any Upgrades if you love it.

If you buy Upgrades alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.



Once getting PushTraffik, you can be also given 3 huge extra bonuses that are worth $97:

BONUS #1: Geo-Zone (GeoFence) For Location-Based Traffic

This Is A Custom Developed Feature, Which Is Reserved For The Private Clients Only.

You will be given the ability to drill in by location, so you can command top double-digit conversions on demand.

This is a marketer’s dream feature. You will get this, for free!

You Can Create Location-Specific Posts & Get Extra Boosted Conversions:


BONUS #2: Automatic Notifications Via RSS Feed

Blog Readers Make Up a Big Chunk Of Online Traffic (Somewhere Between 15% And 25%)

This feature is helpful for people who push news from RSS like podcasters, bloggers, journalists, etc. You will get it for free!

PushTraffik is a highly robust software. This is just one extra added layer of total automation that will make your life easy.

With RSS AutoPush, You’ll Be Able To Generate Traffic From RSS Notifications, Too!


BONUS #3: Done-For-You Money Sites

Let’s Agree On One Thing: Without a constant flow of leads, your business is dead.

You need a simple way to generate MASSIVE amounts of leads. So we’re giving you this, free!

Say Hello to “Access123” – Your Lead Generation Monster:



Thank you so much for reading my PushTraffik review till the end. I hope my review today helps you make a better decision.

Last but not the least, I believe PushTraffik has the ability to give your sites massive traffic, which plays an important role in developing your business. Invest just $39 without any risk with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take action right away!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below:


1/ Mega Bonus Package 1 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

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Step 1: Buy at least one product on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: Choose which bonuses you want in your email and you will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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