PLR Jackpot 3 Review: Everything That You Need In One PLR Package

PLR Jackpot 3 Review


PLR Jackpot 3 Review – Basically, when it comes to making money online, PLR products are always cherished for being such an easy way to earn profits. You only need to pick an in-demand and quality product, then, put your name on it and resell with whatever price you want.

However, it’s quite hard to choose a quality PLR package when many vendors just make trash and charge you with big numbers. That’s why you need my review to pick what PLR product would give you the best value.

Here is the thing. Jackpot is a common phrase that refers to the top prize in a game or contest (such as a lottery) that is typically a large fund of money.

And PLR Jackpot 3 can be absolutely considered a jackpot to you as it could help you earn huge money with no hassles, like playing jackpot. The only difference between this PLR package and real Jackpot is that you got 100% chance to win the prize!

Follow the next part of my review to know more about this package.




Creator Eric Holmlund et al
Product PLR Jackpot 3
Launch Date 2019-Nov-17
Launch Time 9:00 EST
Official website
Front-End Price $39.13
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche PLR
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


As its name can say, PLR Jackpot 3 is a PLR product package continuing the resounding success of PLR Jackpot series created by two popular internet marketers. This PLR package is distinctive from others because it includes 200+ products with Private Label Rights which allow you to resell the product and earn profits.

PLR Jackpot 3 has different products from the previous versions PLR Jackpot 2 & PLR Jackpot 1 and of course this one is even bigger and better than the first two. Now look at the next part to know who the creators of this outstanding PLR series are.

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Well, Eric Holmlund & Ian Del Carmen are both internet marketers who have done really well online and have built a solid career out of it. Eric started his internet marketing career with his own blog site in 1999 called “Eric’s Tips”, on which Ian became a subscriber in 2006. Up to now, both of them have been known in this business for launching the best PLR products in the industry!

Specifically, Eric and Ian teamed up the first time in PLR Jackpot 1. Getting the compliments and positive feedbacks from the customers, they went on developing the second version of this brilliant PLR Jackpot series – PLR Jackpot 2 last year.

And to continue the success of the previous version and show their gratitude to their customers, now they are bringing the biggest PLR firesale of the year – a better and bigger PLR package called PLR Jackpot 3.

Roll down to explore what’s inside.


This PLR Jackpot 3 includes 15 Modules of Materials that are going to blow your mind. In fact, when I just took a look at this, I was so overwhelmed that there are so many quality types of content packed in this offer.

Module 1: 192 Ebooks with Transferrable Private Label Rights

It would be no exaggeration when I say this module is 4 year-worth of PLR. You can sell the PLR and pass the source documents to your customers whenever you like. They include 10,000 words each and 2 million words of content right here.

These ebooks are mainly about 2 main topics:

  • 1/3 Internet Marketing for its increasing popularity
  • 2/3 Evergreen Niches for its high traffic and long-term profit potential.

Note: Maximum of 5 products in 1 bundle. Don’t sell entire 192 products in 1 bundle.


Module 2: New Graphics + PSD Files

With these graphics and PSD files, you can easily re-brand each product.

Module 3: 192 Sales Letter “Starter Packs”

This module provides you with:

  • Sample Headlines
  • Sub-Headlines
  • Bullet Points
  • Sub-bullet points
  • A few starter paragraphs

Module 4: 25 PLR Articles for 192 products

This module includes 4800 Articles and 2.8 Million Words.

Module 5: 192 Product Analysis Documents

This is the market-research document for each e-book covering keywords, adwords pricing and competition, and many more. You can sell these precious researches to your customers or use them for your own campaign.

Module 6: 192 Google Adwords Sets

Each set has 4 pre-written ads which you can copy & paste to modify and use it virtually on any social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Module 7: Reseller Membership Site

This reseller membership site includes:

  • 60+ Pages
  • Ready for 192 Ebooks
  • Add your own products
  • Use for other sites
  • Sales page included

Module 8: PSD Photoshop Files for the Membership Site

You can also use it to create other membership sites for your other products or for your clients

Module 9: Sales Letter Video Script

You can make new videos for your own video membership site. You got the source documents and you can edit it however you want.

Module 10: Sales Letter Creator Software

Even when you never write sales letter in your life, this software will take you to create a great sales letter.

Module 11: 20 Banner Ads with PSD Source Files

This module is built with great quality, to be honest. You can customize these banner ads and use for your PLR membership site.

Module 12: Autoresponder Follow-up Emails

This module gives you a collection of emails to do marketing and run your marketing campaigns. You can modify to use for other campaigns also.

Module 13: Member’s Area Training Manuals

These manuals will show your customers how to use and sell PLR products when they get to the membership.

Module 14: Membership Site Video Training

This video training is built for you so that you can watch and optimize the way you use PLR Jackpot 3 to make money.

Module 15: 30 Bonus PLR Products

These are all quality PLR products which your customers wish for. You can sell or provide as free bonuses to your customers


We all know that most typical PLR sales contain just one product that specializes in only one topic only, which finally charges you about $10 or up to hundred dollars for one product. And FYI, the average price in the Internet Marketing world is about $27 to $97 for one product.

So, when you apply this calculation to this PLR Jackpot 3, it could be evaluated with the price of $1000 or more. There are 2 options that you can choose inside this PLR Jackpot: Transferrable PLR$96.25 and Standard PLR$39.13. While the Transferrable PLR charge you with higher price, it optimizes your chance to make money with PLR Jackpot 3 via the Transferrable License.

I have to say, comparing to other $10 PLR deal, this package is good value. The price might be a bit high to many of you but it’s reasonable for what you get. There is no need to concern because you got the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee along with this offer. Your investment is 100% risk-free.

Don’t get left behind! All you would have to do is sell one copy of one product to make back your money!



Actually, this is a hard question. It doesn’t sound reliable if I say this PLR package is for everyone. But it’s the truth, this PLR Jackpot 3 is designed for anyone who wants to make money online, even if you are newbies or experienced business owners. If you are a newbie, this PLR can be definitely a shortcut that could help you make money sooner. If you are an experienced internet marketer, it’s so easy to see how you could make money with this package, isn’t it?

So, if you belong to the list below, you should seriously consider PLR Jackpot 3 to your toolkit right now:

    +    Internet Marketer

    +    Email marketer

    +    Presentation creator

    +    Freelancer

    +    Blogger

    +    Ebook Seller

    +    Social Media Marketer

    +    Tutorial Mentors

    +    Reporters

    +    Entrepreneurs



    ♥    Save time with your content creating task

    ♥    Get high quality content from in-demand niches and topics

    ♥    Packed with professional designs and banner ads

    ♥    Save money from hiring content writers

    ♥    30 Days Money Back Guarantee


    X    There is no major mistake inside.


Making money online has been so different than it was years ago, it’s more stable and better, for sure. A revolution in the online marketing industry such as PLR Jackpot 3 should be treasured and made use of to optimize your potential and bank big in the future.

I hope my PLR Jackpot 3 Review has given useful information for you. Thank you for your reading anyway! Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. And believe me; you won’t find a second tool like this if you miss this.

Also, you don’t have to take any risk with this investment with the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee you get inside. Go ahead and take this unfair advantage over your competition!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):



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Step 1: Buy PLR Jackpot 3 on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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Thank you so much again for reading my PLR Jackpot 3 Review.

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