365 Viral Exercise Videos Review: 365 days of fitness engagement: High-converting exercise video shorts for online success

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365 Viral Exercise Videos Review- Initiation

The advancement of technology has revolutionized access to healthcare and methods for personal improvement. Among the various categories of online content, fitness and exercise videos rank among the most highly sought-after keywords on social networking sites. It’s no surprise that videos in this genre often garner significant engagement and achieve soaring view counts.

Numerous accounts have been created and developed specifically around fitness and exercise content. Once these videos go viral, the potential for profitability becomes truly astounding. With a substantial demand in the market, channels focused on health and fitness effortlessly reach a large customer base and accumulate a substantial following.

It’s safe to say that leveraging this avenue offers an accessible route for both businesses and individuals to establish a prominent brand presence on social networking sites.

However, not everyone possesses the necessary skills to create engaging videos, and formatting them for each specific platform can be a daunting task. This significant challenge often leads many individuals to give up, missing out on the opportunity to tap into this billion-dollar market and generate income.

To address this need, 365 Viral Exercise Videos was developed, providing a comprehensive content repository for an entire year, compatible with any platform, and without requiring complex operations on your part.

Now, let’s delve into the advantages this package brings and explore the various ways to monetize this exceptional opportunity.

365 Viral Exercise Videos Summary

The app creator

Jonny Rose

Product name

365 Viral Exercise Videos [Unrestricted PLR]

Front-end price

$12.95 (one-time payment)

Sales page https://letsgoviral.co/buy-exercise-videos/
Discount Coupon

Use Coupon Code:3OFFVIDS($3 OFF)


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What is 365 Viral Exercise Videos?

The 365 Viral Exercise Videos package offers 100% Unrestricted Usage Rights and consists of 365 professionally crafted viral exercise video shorts.

You have the freedom to sell, edit, repurpose, or rebrand these videos as you wish. They are perfectly edited for platforms such as TikTok, FB Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Stories.


Who originated it?


This pack is created by the highly experienced online marketer and software inventor, Jonny Rose, this groundbreaking package showcases his impressive track record. Jonny’s wealth of experience includes launching multiple six-figure products, conducting webinar promos, and managing thriving online businesses.

Among his successful offerings are the popular 365 Viral Dog Videos, 365 Viral Cooking Videos, The ChatGPT Alternative, Christmas Memes Money [PLR], Halloween Memes Money [PLR], NFT Memes Money [PLR], Crypto Memes with PLR, RainMaker, Money Printer, First Mover Advantage, STOCKING FILLA, Day One Dinero, TubeStorm, and more.

With Jonny’s expertise and proven success, you can confidently rely on him to guide you toward achieving online marketing success.

365 Viral Exercise Videos Review- What is part of it now?

Gain instant access to an exclusive collection of 365 high-quality unbranded exercise video shorts, designed to help you rapidly build an online audience of affluent health and fitness enthusiasts who love watching exercise content online.

You will receive lifetime access to the largest assortment of exercise video shorts, professionally edited and formatted for immediate use on popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other online platform of your choice.

The best part is that everything you gain access to on this page today comes with complete 100% ‘unrestricted’ usage rights. This means you have the freedom to use the videos in any way you prefer. You can sell them, edit them, rebrand them, or even offer them as free bonuses. The decision is entirely up to you!

Here’s what you get:

  • 100% Professional Ready-To-Use Exercise Video Shorts
  • 365 Days of DFY Viral Exercise Content for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube
  • Full Unrestricted Private Label Rights included
  • No attribution required
  • Instantly post and publish to build an audience
  • Never waste time creating content again
  • Immediate access: No waiting for designers
  • Perfect for your own, client, or affiliate offers
  • 24/7 Support from the “Let’s Go Viral” Team

Furthermore, the vendor is giving away two bonuses for those who pick up this pack today:



Use Coupon Code:3OFFVIDS($3 OFF)

Indispensable aspects that make this product the best choice

♥  You’ll have sizzling content to effortlessly post across all your social media platforms for an entire year.

Imagine the convenience of having captivating content at your fingertips every single day! Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, these video shorts are perfectly formatted and customized to seamlessly fit each platform.

You’ll never run out of engaging material to keep your audience entertained and coming back for more. From quick workout tips to motivational clips, from fun challenges to instructional demonstrations, these exercise video shorts cover a wide range of content that caters to the diverse preferences of your followers.

Each day presents a new opportunity to connect with your audience and establish yourself as a trusted authority in the online fitness community. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming and creating content from scratch.

Plus, with the option to sell, edit, rebrand, or even use them as bonuses, you have complete freedom to monetize your social media platforms and maximize your earning potential.

Don’t let the stress of content creation hold you back. Embrace the convenience and power of this 365 exercise video shorts package, and establish yourself as a consistent and influential presence across all social media platforms. Take the leap and watch your online fitness journey flourish like never before!

Check out several ways to earn profits with this package:

365-Viral-Exercise-Videos-Ways-To-Profit (1)

♥  Maximize the profitability of your viral exercise videos by exploring a multitude of exciting opportunities.

Beyond achieving social media stardom, you can consider many ways to make profits with this. For example, it enables you to build a fitness & health membership site, you will earn money by providing an exclusive collection of exercise videos as part of their membership benefits. Whenever customers buy the package, you will bank in easily.

Moreover, you can offer your viral exercise videos as enticing opt-in gifts to capture leads and grow your email list of fitness and health enthusiasts. Everybody cares about their health and nobody will deny it. You will build trust and loyalty with your customers, strengthening the leads.

Imagine you can get impressive results like these:


What are the pricing options?

The front-end plan

Gain access to this remarkable collection of 365 high-quality unbranded exercise video shorts for the unbeatable price of just $12.95! Here is a quick recap:


With these professionally edited and formatted video shorts at your fingertips, you have the power to instantly captivate and engage your online audience. Imagine building a loyal following of health and fitness enthusiasts who eagerly await your captivating exercise content.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to save thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to create these videos yourself. It has done all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what truly matters: growing your online presence and maximizing your profits.

Don’t hesitate, take action now and start dominating the online fitness world like never before!


Use Coupon Code:3OFFVIDS($3 OFF)

365 Viral Exercise Videos Review- The upsells

Discover a range of extraordinary upsells meticulously designed to elevate your experience and propel your online fitness business to unprecedented levels of success. Take a closer look at the exclusive offers tailored specifically for you:

(Note: To be eligible for my amazing bonus packages at the end of this 365 Viral Exercise Videos PLR review, please ensure that you click on my front-end sales page before clicking the link to this OTO.).

365 Viral Exercise Videos PLR OTO 1: Exercise Video Shorts UNLIMITED

Sales page: https://letsgoviral.co/exercise-videos-1000/

Immediately access 1000 extra Exercise videos, with new videos added each month

365 Viral Exercise Videos PLR OTO 2: Make Money With Video Shorts Training

Sales page: https://letsgoviral.co/exercise-video-money-masterclass

  • One hour masterclass
  • PLUS Four extra video training courses:
    • Instant traffic with Snapchat
    • Quora marketing made easy
    • Increase your influence with Instagram
    • Getting visitors from Pinterest

365 Viral Exercise Videos PLR OTO 3: Done-For-You Exercise Video Shorts Business

Sales page: https://letsgoviral.co/exercise-video-dfy-business/

Promote ‘365 Viral Exercise Videos‘ and get 100% commissions on all sales

Who is the target audience?

The target audience for this package of 365 professional ready-to-use video shorts is primarily individuals and businesses involved in the health, fitness, and wellness industry.

This includes fitness trainers, gym owners, health coaches, online fitness influencers, wellness bloggers, and anyone seeking to establish a strong online presence in the health and fitness niche.

Additionally, marketing professionals, content creators, and social media managers who work with clients in the health and fitness industry can also benefit from this package, as it provides a convenient and high-quality resource to meet their clients’ content needs.

In summary, the target audience consists of individuals and businesses looking to enhance their online presence, engage their audience with captivating video content, and save time and effort in content creation within the health and fitness industry.

365 Viral Exercise Videos Review- Pluses and Minuses


  • You can access a collection of video shorts that are expertly produced, ensuring high-quality content for your audience
  • Enjoy the convenience of a full year’s worth of pre-made content, saving you time and effort in creating new material
  • With unrestricted usage rights, you have the freedom to sell, edit, rebrand, or repurpose the videos according to your specific needs
  • You can immediately post and publish these video shorts across various platforms, attracting and engaging your target audience
  • No waiting for designers
  • 24/7 support from the Let’s Go Viral Team: Benefit from round-the-clock support provided by the Let’s Go Viral team, ensuring you receive assistance whenever needed


The price will definitely change when the soft launch ends.


In conclusion, this package of 365 professional viral exercise video shorts offers an incredible opportunity for you in the health, fitness, and wellness industry to establish a strong online presence, engage your audience, and save valuable time and resources.

With unrestricted private label rights, the versatility of these video shorts allows for customization, branding, and monetization options, empowering you to maximize your reach and profitability. Take the leap and unlock the potential to make your mark in the health and fitness industry today.



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Use Coupon Code:3OFFVIDS($3 OFF)

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