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Mini Channel Formula Review- The Course Overview


The creator

Erica Stone

Product name

Mini Channel Formula

Front-end price


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Refund policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, email Erica at [email protected] for a full refund.

What is this Mini Channel Formula?

This eBook will walk you through every step of her process in thorough detail. She will even show you how to unlock all the ideas in your own life that are an ideal match for this strategy.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and screenshots and you can build your own first mini-channel in just a couple of days. There’s even a list of topics to get you started!

There’s no worry of over-saturation because there are always going to be new tools you use, new topics you discover, new processes you add to your daily life, and new ways of doing regular tasks.

Change of any kind means you’ll always have something to use for your mini-channels!

Who creates this package?


Introducing the Mini Channel Formula, a remarkable creation by Erica Stone—an accomplished coach and author renowned for her extensive expertise in affiliate marketing.

With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Erica has solidified her position as a leading authority in the industry, boasting a portfolio of 50 published how-to guides and 20 coaching courses.

Erica’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service is evident through her remarkable customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5. She takes immense pride in delivering top-notch support to her clients.

With an unwavering pursuit of excellence and an abundance of knowledge and experience at her disposal, Erica wholeheartedly dedicates herself to empowering individuals to achieve success in the realm of affiliate marketing through the remarkable Mini Channel Formula.


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What will you learn from this course?

You’ll learn skills you can apply even to your existing sites:

👉  Your Ideas

Embark on a transformative journey that unveils the secrets to unleashing your creative prowess and unlocking a continuous stream of video ideas. Bid farewell to the burdensome shackles of creative blocks and embrace a realm teeming with boundless possibilities.

👉  Creating the Videos

In just a few simple steps, I will empower you with indispensable skills ranging from script writing to production techniques.

These skills are the key to crafting captivating and top-notch content that not only captivates audiences but also garners substantial views. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey toward creating high-quality content with remarkable ease.

👉  YouTube Channels

Discover the art of selecting an engaging channel name, crafting an aesthetically pleasing channel banner, and optimizing your channel layout to achieve extraordinary impact.

👉  Uploading Videos

Equip yourself with the expertise and resources needed to make a lasting impression on the platform, covering everything from video file preparation and SEO optimization to efficient upload management.

With these skills and tools at your disposal, your videos are guaranteed to leave a lasting impact.

👉  Monetization

Embark on a guided journey through the diverse realm of monetization strategies and techniques, ranging from Adsense to affiliate marketing, designed to pave your path toward financial success on YouTube.

Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that will empower you to unlock your earning potential on the platform.

👉  Leveraging AI

Uncover groundbreaking tools and methodologies that harness the power of AI to streamline every stage of the process, be it content creation or video optimization.

By incorporating these innovative techniques into your workflow, you’ll save precious time and maximize your overall efficiency, ultimately leading to greater productivity and success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Do I need to buy anything else in order to follow this strategy?

You may need to purchase screen recording software if your device does not include that functionality. I will recommend one in the eBook for those who need one.

Q/ Can I contact you if I have a question?

Yes! My contact information is included in the eBook.

Q/ Are there any upsells I have to wade through before I can get the eBook?

No! I don’t want you to have to wait. I hate going through upsell screens myself so there are none for this eBook.

Q/ How is the eBook delivered?

Once you complete your purchase you should be shown a link where you can download a zip folder. Inside the zip folder, you’ll find the PDF eBook. You should also be sent an email confirmation of your purchase.




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Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.


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