Mega Bonus Package #08 – Social Media Related Bonuses

Mega Bonus Package #08

Social Media-Related Bonuses

Bonus #01: Instant Success Site


Basically, this Instant Success Site is completely done-for-you social marketing to get you “24/7 targeted traffic” from Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and of course completely done-for-you monetization.

Inside, you will get top-quality reviews of the best converting ClickBank products in your niche, coming with videos, bonuses, and everything you need to make money.

This product is powerful software allowing you to monetize your site through ClickBank offers without difficulties. It’s fully packed with the following killing features:

[+]    1 Click “Newbie Friendly” Setup

Literally, all you need to do is enter your ClickBank ID, choose your niche, and click a button, and you are now the proud owner of a totally automated site, that will create content, get traffic, and make you money!

[+]    Choose from 5 top performing niches

They have the top 5 highest converting and most profitable niches for you to choose from – Internet Marketing, Diet/Cooking, Video Games, Finance/Trading, and Weight Loss. You know, these are all top performers and we all know they can make you lots of money.

But if you don’t want to use these niches, maybe your site doesn’t fit them, or you just want to choose something else, you can just select our “custom niche” option and set up your site to work on full autopilot with literally any niche you want.

[+]    Get daily highquality content for your site on total autopilot

Once you have chosen your niche, you’ll get high-quality content posted to your site for you. You’ll never have to make a blog post again! All the content created for you will be ultra-relevant to your chosen niche, complete with images, videos everything your visitors will love!

[+]    100% automatic site monetization using Clickbank offers

All you need to do is enter your Clickbank ID then Instant Success Site will create review posts of top converting Clickbank offers.

For each review post the software creates for you, there will be a video embedded in the post, it will even have bonuses for your customers to collect if they buy from you. And your Clickbank ID will be embedded in the buy button link automatically, so you get full credit for each sale!

[+]    100% automated social TRAFFIC!

Simply hook up your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts (super simple all you need to do is enter username + password) and the plugin will auto post your site content and Clickbank product reviews on social media for you. Getting you fans, followers, and most important traffic!

[+]    No manual work is needed. It’s the simplest software to use ever.

With Instant Success Site, there is no complicated setup. No need to create an app, no need to sign up for any other services, it really is as simple as choosing a niche and clicking a button!

[+]    24/7 100% automation!

Once you click the button to set up your site, that’s it you are done! The software will work for you every single day forever creating content, posting Clickbank product reviews to make you money, and getting you social followers and traffic… all on 100% autopilot!

Read my Instant Success Site Here

Bonus #02: WP Auto Ranker



WP Auto Ranker is a WordPress Plugin that you can install on any self-hosted WordPress blog. The plugin is designed to help you automatically rank your sites on Google and created 100% unique human-readable content for your site every single day and also to increase traffic to your posts.

Inѕide the ѕyѕtem, you will find many unique features that other products cannot bring you.

  • Access to an in-built library of thousands of RSS feeds for you to extract content from for any niche.
  • The advanced spinning module spins any content into 100% unique form.
  • All spun content is fully human-readable.
  • A large selection of auto-blogging display settings to get your content displayed how you want it.
  • Automated image replacement, to insert unique and different images in your posts.
  • 100% google safe with huge results.
  • Use their own fully automated spinning system and be up and running in minutes.
  • Option to define your own synonyms and protected words for spinning.
  • Options for original source attribution (100% white hat usage)

Sale page:

Bonus #03: Fan Automater

Fan Automater

Now let’s go into the details. I guess you probably know that Fan Automater is a software that supports marketers in building fan pages, getting more likes and comments, more followers, comment replies and so many other things.

A great part about it is that it works in any niche, no matter it is hospitality, digital products, health and fitness, spa, or any kind. The vendor claims that Fan Automater can get you hundreds of new fans each week.

Get Help Growing Real Fans

Getting new targeted fans to your fan page is now easy. With just a few minutes of work, you can get hundreds of fans for even brand-new fan pages.

Fully Automatic Content Curation For All Your Fan Pages.

Kееping yоur Fan Pagеs alivе and intеrеsting is vеry important tо attract rеal fans. This module lets you automatically post Images, Links, and Videos to your Fan Pages on 100% autopilot. Cоnnеct dirеctly tо any wеbsitе fееd using RSS оr pоst Yоutubе vidеоs autоmatically.

Custom Engagement Messages.

Completely customize the viral engagement messages that the plugin uses with “on the fly” editing. Kеywоrd placеhоldеrs lеts yоu makе thеm ultra rеlеvеnt tо еach campaign. Spintax and their “spintax tеst” fеaturе lеts yоu randоmizе thеm and makе surе thеy wоrk!

Full Control Over Posting Speed

Yоu can cоntrоl hоw fast оr slоw yоu want tо pоst yоur autоmatеd cоntеnt tо yоur Fan Pagеs, yоu havе 3 sеttings tо sеlеct and yоu can cоntrоl thе spееd using a slider.

Sale page:

Bonus #04: Social Media Traffic

Discover a proven strategy for driving laser-targeted traffic to your websites with social media marketing! Exploit The Power of Social Media to Gain Floods of Traffic to Your Business!

Bonus 5: WP Post Energizer

Automatically share your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. Get more visitors to your website and keep your content alive.

Bonus 6: WP FB Content Genie

Search for popular content on Facebook to share without ever leaving WordPress.

Bonus 7: WP Social Tornado

Turn Even The Most Plain-Jane and Boring WordPress Blog Into a Social Powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

Bonus 8: SociConnect


SociConnect is a product that allows you to leverage your FB page on the WP platform. It’s a plugin to help you leverage your all content on the Facebook Fan page inside your WordPress blog with clicks of buttons.

All users to do is to just copy the slug of their fan pages from the URL and paste it inside the SociConnect dashboard. Hence, this plugin will turn your fan page into a beautiful WP site.

let’s talk about the greatest feature of this product which is to leverage the FB page into a WP site. With just simple clicking and code, your WP site will include every piece of content on FB.

Moreover, you can customize the entire layout of your site such as logo, background, color, or effect, …You can directly make your post appear on the WP platform. Because this app optimizes your WP-FB page, it also allows you to set ads or Google Analytics, FB pixel.

This function is a brilliant idea. It helps you merge the profitable features of both popular platforms to drive massive traffic and earn huge money.

Watch the demo video at the following link for more details:

Bonus 9: WP Contentio Reseller Rights


WР Contentio Content Creator plugin software by Neil Napier is the best plugin software to generate high authority content that is 100% unique & easily readable that will get you rank high in google with SEO-optimized content.

This 3-step tool generates Google-friendly high-quality content for your website in less than 60 seconds. Just create lead magnets, blog posts, and online courses without spending a single cent. Сurrеntlу thеrе аrе а numеrоuѕ аmоunt оf ѕеrvісеѕ оut thеrе thаt сurаtесоntеnt, ѕuсh аѕ spin rewriter аnԁ оthеr аrtісlе ѕріnnеr ѕоftwаrе, but unlіkе thоѕе ѕеrvісеѕ WР Contentio wіll асtuаllу сrеаtе соntеnt.

Тhе content сrеаtеԁ wіth WР Contentio рlugіn іѕ 100% unіquе, аѕ wеll аѕ 100% оrіgіnаl. Үоu wіll nоt bе аblе tо fіnԁ а сору оf уоur nеwlу сrеаtеԁ аrtісlе аnуwhеrе оn thе іntеrnеt.

Тhіѕ іѕ іnсrеԁіblе, ѕріnnіng аrtісlеѕ hаѕ nеvеr bееn ԁоnе lіkе thіѕ. Contentio fetches video tags from your selected video and adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines.

WР Contentio content creator plugin software by Neil Napier will convert any Youtube video into your blog post, in less than 60 secs. A Youtube thumbnail is automatically added to the post.

WР Contentio is taking the subtitles of Youtube videos & converting them into a blog post, not just that, the generated content is 100% easily readable, unlike most of the other services.

The feature of word count and reading time preview helps you ensure that the post is not too long or too small for your readers. Inside the blog post, you can add a text call to action right at the end of your post. Link-specific keywords throughout the blog are ready.

WР Contentio content creator plugin software by Neil Napier has in-built content spinning that can spin the content and get the most unique version of it.

WР Contentio content creator plugin software by Neil Napier fetches video tags from your selected video and adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines.

Real-time categorizing will arrange your posts into categories right from the Contentio dashboard. Real-time editing makes it no need to navigate here and there.

Edit post title/tags/text, spin content, categorize, add ending CTA, change featured image, and do much more right from the Contentio dashboard.

Bonus 10: 101 Twitter Headers Graphics Pack


101 Twitter Headers is an excellent take-action move you can make if you are serious about tapping into one of the hottest online social media platforms to win in business. You WILL have the power with this download.

In this incredible graphics pack, you get a whole lot of awesome Twitter headers to create a heck of a striking visual for your audience on the world’s largest microblogging site.

Twitter is HUGE. And there’s no doubt that if you want to make any sort of real money online you MUST have the visual graphics to get the attention of your target audience and make them notice you.

When they take an interest they will come and find you and see what you’re really all about. And if you’ve got a half-good landing page and a reputable niche product to sell, you will nail the sale.

With that your traffic will increase, your brand will become more solid, your online reputation will rock, conversions will move up a few notches, and of course, the money factor will turn delightful. You are the one in total control of your online destiny and this is the tool that will make it all smile.

101 Twitter Headers is perfect for people who seriously want to get noticed. Grab it today and start flashing the world for all the right reasons.

Bonus 11: Social Encore Plugin


Improve your social media presence and drive more traffic to your website without wasting more time on Facebook & Twitter!

That’s what Social Encore gives you. With one easy-to-install and configure the plugin, you can:

[+]    Automatically post links to your content on the schedule that you choose.

[+]    Share both posts and pages from any WordPress blog.

[+]    Create unlimited schedules perfect for product launches and evergreen promotions, too.

[+]    Easily connect to today’s most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

[+]    Post to both Facebook pages and groups, to help keep your engagement high.

[+]    Choose which posts and pages are shared so you have complete control over the content others see.

[+]    Select posts to share based on publication date so you can get new eyes on older content.

[+]    Control your posting start date–perfect for keeping your social profiles active while you’re on vacation.

[+]    Set the posting interval so you can keep content flowing regularly.

[+]    Share the same post or page multiple times–this is ideal for sales pages and other promotional content that you want to have maximum exposure.

Bonus 12: WP iAsk


Instantly create surveys that will give you important information about your visitors!

Effortlessly create insightful and engaging surveys, gather critical data such as statistics and answers from your visitors…All in one place.

Brand new, powerful WordPress plugin now allows you to get insight as to what your visitors are thinking so that you can make better and more informed decisions…For more profits

Bonus 13: WP Best Author Poll

Rate Authors and Blog Posts Based on Likes, Dislikes, and Social shares.

Bonus 14: Social Media Supremacy

10 experts reveal their strategies … Resources your customers find helpful, like reviews and links all win big. Tutorials are helpful.

Bonus 15: LinkedIn Magic

Automatically Endorse All Your LinkedIn Friends!

Bonus 16: Social Mobi videos pro version with developer license

Revolutionary New Video Software Creates Amazing Interactive Videos with Live Optin Forms and Buttons for Web, Facebook, and Mobile

Bonus 17: Social Trend Spy


Want to tap into and capitalize on all the latest trends and buzz on social media? Use this spy software to literally swipe what is working on social media and then use this strategic data to create campaigns or offer products that bring in more money than you could possibly handle.

Bonus 18: Social Mobi Surveys


Social Mobi Surveys is an online software that lets you create surveys that you can use on websites, Facebook, and mobile devices. You can use it to segment your customer list, gather email leads, and essentially give your customers what they want.

Bonus 19: LetSocify Agency Licence


LetSocify is a unique FB-based tool that helps you generate opt-ins from your website or practically anywhere using a single one-click opt-in URL.

Your fans or prospects would just click on a URL and as soon as they click on the button to permit – you receive their FB-verified email ID + their public profile and permission to show them notifications within FB. It is also a full-featured FB push notifications marketing tool.

Comes with the Agency Licence where you can add your clients’ domains and also add your clients to their specific dashboards while also being able to access all through your common dashboard. Comes with 30 licenses.

Bonus 20: PinPressr Plugin


Pinpressr is a WordPress Plugin that builds Pin Boards automatically, each pin comes with its own messages, your choice of links and a call to action.

Its purpose is to send highly targeted FREE Traffic that’s proven to convert to action/buyers more than any other social media platform!


Having a great-looking website and professional landing page is awesome but if nobody sees any of them, it’s like shouting in the desert.

In this over-the-shoulder video training, the author will show you how to grow your website audience at a speed that’s practically unheard of… you can build a loyal fanbase of over 100,000 within your first month, this is the kind of audience you need to set your Origin Builder sites on fire and pull in huge profits.

Bonus 22: WP FaceBook Tube Plugin


Create amazing YouTube video galleries inside of Facebook that gets results.

Bonus 23: WP News Pro Plugin

Discover how you can easily display news boxes from sources like Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest on your blog, unleashing server-melting traffic!

Bonus 24: Simple Social Expandable


This WordPress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!

Bonus 25: Social Media Manager 2.0


Step-by-step training on how to become a social media manager!

Social media marketing has become a norm amongst this generation. It will surely rise continuously and become one of the most effective ways of translating the success or failure of any product.

For this particular reason, it has become very important to monitor the activities which take place over the social media website of any product (as these activities have the capability of making or breaking the product). This can also be cited as one of the prime reasons for the sudden boom in the need for social media managers by most companies.

The hiring trend is being reflected in many companies such as CapGemini, one of the most successful French software service providers, which is hiring close to 1000 Social Media managers! This includes a set of the younger workforce that specializes in relating and analyzing trends in the social media sections.

There is a flurry of advertisements that are displayed on most of these social networking websites, resulting in a good number of potential customers pouring in to purchase the products, or simply to browse through offers that the company presents to the clientele.

With the rising number of hours spent by any Internet user browsing through the pages of these blogs, sites, or micro-blogging sites, advertisers have begun to recognize and acknowledge the importance of these websites to increase the product’s local and worldwide demand.

Reports have shown that during the coming decade, most individuals owning any business would be spending a quantifiable amount of time in gaining knowledge about the various means of expanding their product lines via social media marketing.

Bonus 26: LeadIn – Empower Your Viral Campaign


“Where did that lead come from?”

“What should I do to engage my users?”

“Is the person applying for this position really interested in our company?”

If you’re a business owner or in the sales and marketing department, am sure you can relate to these questions. In fact, any person in the content and/or inbound marketing business will be asking (or answering) these questions daily, sometimes multiple times a day!

Well, the LeadIn WordPress Plugin answers those questions for you, without even you having to talk to your users.

3 simple steps to claim these bonuses:

Step 1: Buy at least one product on my website.

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected].

And step 3: Choose which bonuses you want in your email and you will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much!

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