MailEngine Review – Powerful Email Marketing Solution Without Monthly Recurring

MailEngine Review

Powerful Email Marketing Solution Without Monthly Recurring


MailEngine ReviewEmail has an ability that many channels don’t – creating valuable, personal touches. That is obviously why email marketing is still a dominating method. One raw fact you might not know is that hardly anyone emails their friends or family anymore except for forwarding documents.

People look for emails to learn about new products & transactions, so that they can buy what is beneficial for them. They no longer look for mails from friends and family. Your customers are already in mood for business when they log into email.

But for many marketers, the problems lie at some following scenarios:

  • They have a small list of subscribers, but still have to pay for Auto Responders that give results for big lists.
  • The emails in their campaign end up together in the same place because all of the emails sent out have the same text and Gmail can detect that.

Due to these miserable scenarios, they lose on their prospective customers. To make it everything get back to the way it should be, I would like to introduce to you guys MailEngine, a magic tool for anyone who makes use of emails to promote their products.


MailEngine Review – Product Overview


Creator Cyril Jeet
Product MailEngine
Launch Date 2019-Apr-30
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website
Front-End Price $37
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What is MailEngine?

MailEngine is a full-fledged auto-responding system which is built right inside WordPress for the sake of the customers. It has all the features that you can use inside your auto-responder and easily send emails to your list.

Do you know what the best part of MailEngine is? It sends marketing emails using Gmail & Gsuite. MailEngine integrates with Gsuite & Gmail APIs to give you an opportunity to send your marketing emails with great deliverability at a very low cost.


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MailEngine Review – About The Creator – Cyril Jeet


Cyril Jeet is an active marketer in many areas such as SEO, video marketing, WordPress and social media. He has gained years of experience in this area and launched a lot of high-quality products. They are thoroughly tested on hot sites and hotspots before market launches.

Some of his successful products can be listed as like WP GDPR Fix Elite Unltd Sites, Video Jeet, Credi Response Eilte Monthly, Email Jeet 2 Elite..etc.. and his latest product is arbiMate

This time, following the success of Cyril’s previous products, MailEngine is believed to become one of the top launches in this year.

Let’s take a look at Cyril’s sale history in the past to know how great his products were:


MailEngine Review – Feature Details

The 4 Killer Mailengine Features That Boost Your Inboxing

    ♦    Content Spinning in the subject & body

MailEngine can spin the content in the subject line and the body to make each email that goes out a unique email.

    ♦    URL Spinning with no HTTP redirection

Each mail goes out with a new URL, but the viewer is taken to the correct page when he clicks on it.

    ♦    Send emails using GMail & GSuite, legitimately

MailEngine integrates with the official APIs from Gmail and GSuite and you can send your marketing emails legitimately using your Gmail accounts for maximum inboxing.


  • 500 a day per account for Gmail
  • 2,000 a day per account for GSuite

    ♦    In-built filter words detector

MailEngine has an in-built filter words detector using which puts your email right into the spam or promotions folder. It’ll warn you every time you use any of these words.

That’s Not All MailEngine Is Killer in Every Way

    ♦    Self-hosted. Runs inside WordPress. 100% in your control. Never get banned

    ♦    Every mail you send out can be 100% unique with powerful in-built content spinner so Email Sites can’t recognize it as mass mail.

    ♦    Powerful list marketing features include sequencing, mailing opens & unopens, and list management.

    ♦    Build Your List Faster

MailEngine’s inbuilt forms system can be embedded on any website. You can put it on your squeeze pages and convert your traffic into leads that go right into MailEngine.

    ♦    No Restrictions on List Imports

MailEngine lets you import and export lists without any restrictions. You can import any CSV file and have your mail marketing running in minutes.

    ♦    Send Your EMail Campaigns Anyway You Want

MailEngine gives you the most choice in sending your emails.

  • SMTP – Use MailEngine’s inbuilt SMTP integration to send emails using any professional SMTP provider like Sendgrid, SMTP2Go, Mailgun, SMTP.Com and others.
  • PHP Mailer – Use your server’s mailing feature to send out your messages at no charge.
  • GMail / GSuite – Use GMail & GSuite APIs to send high-inboxing, low cost marketing messages. Works wonderfully if your list is small.
    ♦    Build Mail Sequences

Send your fresh signups a daily mail out, reminders or anything you want. Build your own mail sequence the way you want to maximize your returns per customer.

    ♦    Mail Your Opens & Unopens

Mail the people who opened your mail with a thank you note, coupon or whatever you want.

Mail your unopens with a stronger pitch, a reminder, a bonus. 

    ♦    Your Autoresponder, In Your Control

You host MailEngine on your own hosting. It’s in your control. You never got banned or locked out, and your business isn’t affected by outage caused by too many people mailing at the same time.

    ♦    Full Reporting & Stats

MailEngine gives you the complete update on how your campaigns are doing. You get to see the open rates, click rates and you even get the exact people who opened your emails, clicked your links, etc.

    ♦    Compatible with GDPR & PECR

MailEngine is compatible with the requirements of GDPR and PECR, enabling you to conduct your business safely and in compliance.


MailEngine Review – How To Use

Step 1: Create your lists by manually adding subscribers or importing it from your CSV. Remember to hit Submit when you are done!


Step 2: Compose your mail, adjust settings to your preferences and click Send Emails after finishing. (You can also schedule for emails to send at the fixed time)


Step 3: Keep track of your progress through a summary on the Dashboard of WP MailEngine.


Is it easy?

Also, in case you still feel unclear, watch my DEMO video right below:

MailEngine Review – Who Should Buy It?

To be honest, I personally think that all who works in the marketing field might desperately need MailEngine to spread out their messages for promoting new products & transactions. In details, MailEngine is a top choice for people who belong to this following list:

    +    E-com Marketers

    +    Content Marketers

    +    Offline Businesses

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Product Vendors

MailEngine Review – Bonuses From Creator

Once purchasing MailEngine, you will receive some valuable bonuses from the Vendor.

Bonus #1:

Alexa Rank Checking Tool

Bonus 1

Desktop software gives you Alexa rankings for as many sites you want in a matter of seconds.

Bonus #2:

YouTube Video Tags Finder

Bonus 2

The YouTube Video Tag Finder is a powerful desktop software that will let you grab the tags from any YouTube video you want. Just give this software the YouTube video URL and it’ll get the tags from that video. You can use it to research what tags your competition is using and use them in your own videos. This will reduce your SEO time drastically and also help you tap into the work that your competition does.

Bonus #3:

Quick Tube Checker

Bonus 3

Find the best titles and keywords from rival videos for your own videos. Optimize your videos in a matter of minutes and rank near the top.

Bonus #4:

Reseller License to SEO Harvester Jeet

Bonus 4

This fast and user friendly software application allows you to search for ultra-targeted keywords for your content campaign. Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.

Bonus #5:

WhiteLabel License to WP PageFlipper

Bonus 5

This simple and high utility plugin is useful to generate a higher visibility for your content on website. It also makes it a more engaging experience for your audience. It allows you to give more value to your audience by giving them valuable information and enriching readership experience by automatically flipping pages at regular intervals.

Or you can get more with this package below:


MailEngine Review – Price & Evaluation


Here is the good news!

You only have to pay $37 for the frontend version of MailEngine. In my opinion, this is completely a reasonable price that you can get more than you lost. With all the features MailEngine is guaranteed to provide, you hardly buy any other products with the same power at this cost.

Especially, from 10AM to 5PM on 30th April 2019, MailEngine will be available at $29 – the Early Bird Offer. After that time, it goes to $34 and then on, it rises a few cents every couple hours.

So grab one now before the price goes up!!!


Moreover, you should have a look at these upgrade versions. These can help you add more powerful features to the basic one. The more features it is equipped, the better its performance can be!

MailEngine Pro Upgrade – $47  >>More Details<<

  • With this powerful upgrade, you will get these pro level features:
  • Support for unlimited mailing lists.
  • Rights to install on unlimited locations.
  • Supports for lists of any size.
  • Support for Unlimited SMTPs.
  • Support for Unlimited forms
  • Powerful Email-Marketing training
  • Commercial license with rights to Sell Email Marketing as a service.
  • Ready-made Salespage to recruit email marketing customers.
  • 2 years of free upgrade

MailEngine Agency – $67 >>More Details<<

  • MailEngine is a full-fledged auto-responder system which is built right inside.
  • Sign up visitors, import lists, send mails, and distribute emails all at one go.

List Janitor Pro – $47 >>More Details<<

  • You might need to clean your lists to make sure your inbox lists properly. This powerful desktop based list cleaning and management tool will make it very easy to maintain any list.

Leads2List Pro – $47 >>More Details<<

  • Leads2list captures leads from Facebook as per the niche you have set in. These leads are sought in a perfectly legit manner and rest assured the process is 100% GDPR complaint. Once the leads have been harvested Leads2list then feeds them straight into your auto-responder.

MailEngine Review – Pros & Cons


♥    Easy to use. No experience needed

♥    Multiple Outstanding Features at Once

♥    No More Downtimes and Delayed Deliveries

♥    More Options for Sending Out your Emails

♥    One-time payment. No Need to Pay ANY Monthly Recurring Fees.

♥    Works for Email Lists up to 50000

♥    Constantly Updated and Upgraded

♥    Risk – free by 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


♥    For me, MailEngine is kinda flawless software that I don’t even have anything to complain.

MailEngine Review – The End

To sum up, MailEngine got my highest recommendation as this product is absolutely convenient for users, powerful and well-built when it comes to the list of features. I have to say that my experience with MailEngine is something irreplaceable although I have used other Auto-responders before.

Still wonder if MailEngine is a scam? Actually, your investment for this product is risk-free thanks to 30 Day Money Back policy.

Go ahead and grab one!!!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):




Step 1: Buy MailEngine on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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