Live Video Bot Review: Boost Your Sales Thanks To Live Video In One Click

Live Video Bot Review

Live Video Bot Review – Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my review today!

I am pretty sure that you do not feel strange at all when hearing of Live videos on Social Media such as Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. People use live streaming for various purposes.

For example, we simply broadcast to share with friends what we are doing, or an idol’s lives stream to interact with their fans.

Especially for businesses, live streaming is known as one of the most effective methods to promote products. Access Facebook and you can notice people are selling things on it by live streaming, or even famous brands are being advertised.


“Why is it so powerful?” Live Streaming Videos on Social Media are proven to attract thousands, millions, or billions of viewers at one time. Thanks to them, the interactivity is improved much better leading the number of potential customers to be increased. You can make money directly from it or build up a customer base for your further plan.

However, Do you really know exactly how to apply this technology in your work as an affiliate marketer?

If you are confused, check out my review right away, because I am going to introduce a brand-new technology called Live Video Bot. This product is your solution for online marketing and shows you how to optimize live videos to the fullest.

Live Video Bot Review– Overview


Creator Sam Robinson et al
Product Live Video Bot
Front-End Price $27 – $37
Bonus Yes, a Huge Bonus from my site
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Social Media and Video, Seo & Traffic
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

 What Is It?

Usually, people need to have some specialized equipment such as cameras, smartphones, applications,… to make sure the spreading out process is going well. It costs you a fortune! Therefore, Live Video Bot was born with the aim of reducing your burden.

Live Video Bot is a brand new and cutting–edge software that enables you to automatically stream 1 pre-recorded video to 3 of the most popular social networking sites so that you can gain all the SEO and notifications advantages from Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram platform.

Just access Live Video Bot from any device then start broadcasting your prepared live videos. Live Streaming turns out to be much more effortless and easier now!

Live Video Bot And Its Creator

Sam Robinson is the man who created the Live Video Bot.

As far as I am concerned, he used to be a marketer for a few years before working as a digital product provider. He has worked in both fields, he understands how difficult the challenges that a marketer like you have to face is, he has additionally accumulated deep knowledge in the digital area.

Many products and services that he released are welcomed and highly appreciated by customers as well as experts; for instance: Engage Shop, Insta eCom Masterclass, Social Ride, Insta eCom Formula and so many more.

With his good reputation, I believe that Live Video Bot is not an exception to his success. This product took him the whole 6 – months to create, so it will not let you down. Please keep reading to know more details about the product.

Outstanding “Point And Click” Features And Benefits

The Software Allows You To Post Unlimited ‘Live Videos’

Don’t worry about the number, just create as many videos as you want. Nothing will stop you from reaching your audiences using live video across multiple platforms with Live Video Bot.

The Software Provide You With The Best ‘Live Video’ Distribution System

Thanks to Live Video Bot, you can broadcast your live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube simultaneously. The popularity and accessibility will be considerably increased on multiple social networks than on just one.

Live ‘Voice To Text’ Subtitles Are Available

Live Video Bot will translate your voice into subtitles. Then they are placed on the top of your LIVE videos, ensuring your messages get across to your audience 100% of the time. If your customers want to watch the video without sound, they still notice and understand. 

It Posts Live Videos Automatically So You Are More Relaxed

Being “live” does not mean you have to be there anymore. You can manage your time to prepare videos in advance.

Next, upload them on Live Video Bot, choose the time to broadcast, and where to deliver, and you finally have your videos go live but do not need to be busy at this time.

It Includes Content Stream Bot

It is an automated solution that will let you pass your content to your desired audiences over and over again on complete autopilot to maximize viewership, delivery, and results.

Smart Media Library

You can store your videos and content right within your dashboard with our Smart Media Library.

This storage is completely secure so you need not be afraid of hacking or losing data. Your frequently used content in your broadcasts will be achieved within 90 days of upload.

Intelligent ‘Video Streaming’ Playlists

You can build up a list of videos that you want to display at a specific time with the video playback sequence. It is an intelligent way to get engagement and views constantly.

You Can Keep Track Of Everything Thanks To Full Live Stream Analytics

Not only can Live Video Bot help you generate more traffic from live videos but also give you a chance to improve your process.

In the dashboard, you can access all the analytics for your Live Streams on social networks to find out how effectively it works or which sites you get the most views from.

You can view the statistics whenever you want. Besides, you can reuse your live videos which work well to generate more and more traffic with less effort made.

You Do Not Have To Download The Software And It Can Work On All Devices

As it is cloud-based software, there is no need to download or install it. Besides, feel free to use it without any additional monthly fees.

You Are Provided With Enthusiastic Support

Should you need any help when using Live Video Bot, their support system will be there to assist you. Or sort out the problems through their database or get in touch via your Live Video Bot account and their team will be available to help you 24/7.

Using Instruction

Step #1: Insert Your Video

Upload your pre-recorded video and upload it into the software. The videos can be chosen from your device or downloaded directly from Youtube. So, you have got a wide variety of content.


Step #2: Schedule Your Live Video Broadcast

Simply decide what profile, pages, or group you want your Live Video to be broadcasted.

Then choose the date and time to deliver your Live Video.

A schedule on Facebook will be opened up and fans of your websites will be notified before you start broadcasting your Live Video:


Step #3: Get Your Video To Automatically Go Live

You just need to sit and watch your video now LIVE On Facebook, Instagram & YouTube:


Live Video Bot Review – Targeted User

Live Videos are getting more and more favored than usual videos. That’s why Live Video Bot is a MUST–HAVE tool for those who need to boost engagement, get more followers and make more money. It is suitable for everyone because of its easy–to–use features. Especially for those who are:

    +    Sales Funnel Marketers

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Authors/ Publishers

    +    E-commerce Store Owners

    +    Bloggers

    +    Online Businesses

    +    Website Owners

    +    CPA Marketers

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Advertisers

Live Video Bot Review – Pros And Cons


    ♥    Simple to use

    ♥    No high experience needed

    ♥    Fully automated

    ♥    Be friendly with newbies

    ♥    100% Money Back Policy

    ♥    24/7 Support Staff


    ♥    Honestly, I find nothing wrong when using it

Using Experience

I know that it is not easy to make up one’s mind and that is the reason why I want to share my user experience for you to understand more about the product’s functions. Never mind if it is complicated or not because it just takes me some minutes to get started and activate the system.

I personally think broadcasting Live Videos is one of the greatest ways to rank higher and generate unlimited traffic from social media.

If you take advantage of Live Video Bot appropriately, you no longer waste a lot of money on purchasing 3 phones or paying a costly fee for clicks to reach thousands of customers. It will save you time, money, and effort!

The Pricing

Live Video Bot FE

You can now purchase Live Video Bot for only $27 (Business Package) and $37 (Agency Package). The reason for this low price is that Live Video Bot is now being on a big discount.

This discount is exclusively for the early birds. If you come bаck аfter the lаunch week, you mаy end up pаying а higher price for it.

Besides, Live Video Bot has 2 OTOs:

OTO 1: PRO Upgrade ($67)

All Features from FE package customer purchased plus:

  • Easy ‘Step By Step’ Video Editor
  • Intelligent Playlist Creator (Broadcast sequence of videos)
  • Content Stream Robot (Automation and recurring streams)
  • Unlimited Social Accounts (Unlimited earning potential)

OTO 2: Live Video Bot Reseller ($97)

All Features from the FE package customer purchased plus:

  • Full Reseller Rights 
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • All Branding & Marketing Material
  • Account Management Dashboard
  • Keep 100% Of The Profits


Thank you so much for reading until the bottom of the line. Generally, if you just rely on only VideoMax to get success, it will not happen honestly but I still believe that it is a MUST-HAVE tool to help you achieve the goals on your path. Again, thank you, and hope you will make a better decision!

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