LifeMeet Review- Next-Gen Video Conference Hosting Platform For One-Time Low Price

LifeMeet Review


LifeMeet Review- Introduction

The recent COVID-19 global pandemic left much of the business world suffering and the result is that many more localized businesses have to close completely.

To survive during this quarantine time of the pandemic, video meeting and conferencing is the only alternative to face-to-face human interaction. It is actually the only way any business can survive.

I bet that you are thinking of being at risk of setting up a webinar, and working so hard on the content only to realize that no one is attending it! But don’t worry as today you can get this brand new solution – LifeMeet.

Unlike anything else in the market, LifeMeet does not only let you connect with others using its sophisticated technology. It also allows you to capitalize on this trend.

It is the next-generation software that allows you to host unlimited video conferences, meetings & webinars on ultra-fast servers for life – all for an unbeatable one-time price.

This product comes with ready-made guaranteed-to-convert products and affiliate offers that flood your account with instant profits.

What Is It?

LifeMeet is an all-in-one platform that allows you to HOST UNLIMITED Webinars, Meetings, LIVE Chats, and Training Sessions/Classes On Ultra-Fast Servers for life – at an unbeatable one-time price.

LifeMeet Review- About The Author


This product is brought to you by Amit Gaikwad and his partner Anirudh Baavra. They are both experienced vendors who have been working in this online industry for quite a long time with several best-selling products to be released now.

Their products have always received high recommendations from gu.rus and decent feedback from users all over the world. Some of their high-quality ones such as LifeMail, LifeHost, AdSense Engine, Purx, Stribe, Clide, etc.

This time, Amit is back to bring you LifeMeet which I am certain to be a lifesaver for you! Scroll down for more detailed features of this product!

Feature Details

You Are Next In Line To Make The Smart Switch To Transform Your Life

Welcome the new face of video conference hosting. By using this LifeMeet, you will shortly experience unlimited hosting, unprecedented traffic, and an exponential boost in sales!

You Can Now Access Everything Unlimited With A Tiny Investment

This product is 100% beginner-friendly, grab this product and you can tap into its unlimited potential, which allows you to:

  • [+]   Host unlimited webinars, video meetings, and conferences.
  • [+]   Cloud-based server that allows you to host live or pre-recorded webinars at a one-time low-cost.
  • [+]   In-built chat feature & screen share option in addition to audio and video sharing.
  • [+] End-to-end SSL Encryption to keep your data 100% Protected.
  • [+]   Reach out to your audience by sending links and reminders to the webinar from right inside your dash.
  • [+]   Next-gen technology that provides superior quality video conferencing for personal and professional use.

Cloud-Based Software

This product is powered by features like:

  • [+]   Scheduled & instant meetings/webinars
  • [+]   Contacts & segments for invitation
  • [+]   Audio, video, and screen-sharing options
  • [+]   Live chat/real-time messaging
  • [+]   Real-time file sharing
  • [+]   Multiple authentication options
  • [+]   Social login, two-factor authentication
  • [+]   Complete control over user profile, avatar, change password, online/offline status
  • [+]   Roles & permissions management (ACL) system
  • [+]   Multilingual and locale management
  • [+]   Auto & manual screen locking
  • [+]   UI and push notifications

Multiple Meeting Types

There are many choices that you can choose to start to go live:

  • [+]   Video conference
  • [+]   Webinars
  • [+]   Live classes
  • [+]   Audio conference
  • [+]   Podcasts
  • [+]   And more…

About using details

How Does It Work?

I will introduce 3 STEPS TO DEPLOY LIFEMEET below:

Step 1: Log In to LifeMeet To Create DFY Affiliate Webinar-Based Campaigns

As you log in to LifeMeet, you will see its dashboard which comes loaded with meeting statistics on the right and a calendar on the left. You will also see a live chat window that can assist you when needed.


In order to create a new meeting, just click on ‘START A MEETING’ right on the dashboard. You can create all the meetings in one place.


All settings can be made in one click. To start a meeting, you need to enter the meeting code, decide its privacy mode and select the meeting type as follows:


You easily share your link, screen, or files with one mouse click.


This tool also helps you expand the whiteboard to take notes for your partners.


Step 2: Scheduling your meeting

This page will show you all of your meetings. And if you want to create a new one, just go to “ADD NEW”:


Fill in all blanks and click “Save Meeting” to finish this step.


** Segment your contact


You can add all segments to divide your customers.


** Add Manual Contacts

This is the most interesting part because you can add your user and add your email list this way. Like the above step, you also need to fill in all details of your users and click “Save Contacts”.

Step 3: Managing your meetings and reports


Go to “Utility”, you can then export the list in different formats like PDF/XLS, etc or you can print them if you want.

For more details, you should check the instruction video below:


Why Should You Consider This LifeMeet?

When you get access to LifeMeet, you can put an end to paying through your nose to platforms like Zoom. They may appear effective however they make you do the heavy lifting while charging you a bomb for restricted hosting and running of webinars and video meetings.

Now that you have the newest technology, you get access to everything that is already done for you. Limitless Hosting is at your fingertips with no barriers in terms of the number of attendees and webinars.

Besides, the detailed tutorials inside will show you everything you need to do to successfully leverage the benefits of this LifeMeet.

You don’t even have to reach out to everyone yourself and hope for the audience to join. These DFY autoresponders do that all for you. Your webinars will be professionally designed to attract unlimited free traffic for you.

Moreover, you will no longer have to go live for the webinar or have a product at all. These affiliate products and offers packed inside are ready-made and guaranteed to convert. All you need to do is simply click a button to make thousands of dollars of commissions.

Hurry up! Push the buying button now and be a fresher right out of school. You could still effortlessly create and host webinars and earn the top dollar.

LifeMeet Review- Price & Upsells

Front End: $14

To own this wonderful product, you just need to pay a price of $14. To be honest, this price is totally reasonable because compared with the benefits you will receive after purchasing the LifeMeet, hosting unlimited videos and $14 is definitely a big deal of investment.

Obviously, you are paying less for a more automated technology that allows you to host limitlessly. Therefore, you had better take action now to close all the best deals inside as this special launch will end soon!

The Upsells

OTO 1: LifeMeet PRO ($37 – $47)

Inside this pack, you are able to get:

  • [+]   Multiple levels of meeting/webinar configurations (unlimited)
  • [+]   Premium support
  • [+]   Audio podcast option
  • [+]   Video audio indicator with flip timer
  • [+]   Unlimited Attendees


OTO 2: LifeMeet Enterprise ($47 – $67)

What is included inside this upsell:

  • [+]   Commercial license
  • [+]   Mobile-friendly streams
  • [+]   Whiteboard & streaming
  • [+]   Private off-server cloud server (dedicated server)


OTO 3: LifeMeet ReplayBuddy Video Hosting ($67 – $77)

This offer provides you:

  • [+]   Unlimited video hosting
  • [+]   Video player (VSL player)


OTO 4: LifeMeet Voice Maker ($37 – $47)

This product allows you to convert your eBook, and text into Natural Podcast, webinar, or meeting Voice. There is no need to do a manual recording for Webinars, just add text and you are done.


OTO 5: LifeMeet – Reseller ($197)

You will be able to get the Reseller Rights to LifeMeet and keep 100% of the profits yourself if you purchase this offer today.


OTO 5: LifeMeet Agency ($197 – $297)

Inside, you will be able to get access to:

  • [+]   250 LifeMeet Accounts Agency
  • [+]   Sell at your own pricing


Who Should Try This LifeMeet?

From my perspective, this LifeMeet is suitable for anyone who wants to instantly boost their online business. This tool is perfect for:

  • +   Affiliate marketing
  • +   E-commerce
  • +   Freelancers
  • +   Entrepreneurs
  • +   List building
  • +   Social media marketing
  • +   Website owners
  • +   Product creators
  • +   Local marketing
  • +   Bloggers

LifeMeet Review- Pros & Cons


  • ♥   100% newbie-friendly
  • ♥   Scheduled & instant meetings/webinars included
  • ♥   Unlimited webinar, live video meeting & conference hosting at your fingertips
  • ♥   DFY webinar content
  • ♥   Stream pre-recorded
  • ♥   Simulated live videos
  • ♥   Super-low audio and video latency for real-time streaming
  • ♥   Built-in meeting reminder system for attendees
  • ♥   100% security of data
  • ♥   100% uptime for uninterrupted profits
  • ♥   30-day money-back guarantee


  • X   Up to now, there is none



I hope my LifeMeet review has given you enough useful information. Please remember that this is a golden opportunity for you to skyrocket your income. Everything is ready for you now. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity and start right away with this exclusive offer.

Once again, wish you all a wise choice.

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Step 1: Buy LifeMeet on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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