HyperQuizLists Review: Spend only 60 secs to create a quiz that goes viral & generates your leads

HyperQuizLists Review


As an online marketer, you may know generating leads plays a critical element in any business. Without leads, businesses have nothing to feed into their sales funnel as well as generate profits.

Most marketers and business owners use the same old, exhausted methods that just don’t work anymore. They create squeeze pages, buy traffic, and hope for the best. But it just doesn’t work like it used to.

It is on account of the saturation of the markets nowadays, driving leads are more challenging to come by on a daily basis.

There are many different ways for you to retain and increase traffic or leads at your website or any online platforms, such as appealing content, eye-catching images, and user-friendly layout, …

But, did you know that online quizzes are considered the most underrated content types to attract, engage, convert and profile your audience? 

It entered the top ways to engage customers right now as they are fun, engaging, and impressively effective. 

Well, in this review, I’m going to introduce you to a low-cost product called HyperQuizLists

With HyperQuizLists, you can easily create multiple quiz funnels for different offers & products! You can also scale your business to new heights by running multiple quiz campaigns at the same time!

Keep reading to get to know more about how it generates buyer leads with quizzes!

HyperQuizLists Review- The overview



Ram Rawat



Launch Time

11:00 EDT, 2022-Oct-07

Front-End Price

$15.95 – $17.95 one-time


Use code HYPERfor $3 off on FE

Sales page CLICK HERE

Yes, Huge Bonuses from the creator team and from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee

What is it?

HyperQuizLists is the smartest, fastest & most fun way to generate 10,000s of buyer leads fast that love you, buy from you & share your stuff!

It takes you 3 steps to create an interactive quiz that goes viral & generates leads, traffic & sales:

Step 1: CHOOSE

Pick 5 high-converting quiz templates that best suit your needs.


Customize with your own branding, colors, images, and logos. Add your questions or use DFY question banks.

Step 3: PROFIT 24X7

Publish your quiz with just 1 click, share it with the world, and watch the leads & commissions roll in.

Whose mind is behind this?


Ram Rawat


This brand-new software was created by Ram Rawat. He has worked in this field for a decade and has gained much experience in Internet Marketing.

His products have consistently gotten great marks from users and industry experts throughout the world. Some of them are HyperLists, Recurring Bot, Easy eCash, The CPA Eagle, The CPA Project, Groupiify, etc.

HyperQuizLists Review- Explore what it brings to you

Now you’ll be able to generate tens of thousands of leads for any offer, product, or service without paid ads, tech skills, or any previous experience!

Let’s see its awesome features:



What’s more, you’re provided with several profitable bonuses that help to boost your result in a short time:



Use code HYPERfor $3 off on FE

Pros and Cons


No skills needed, Newbie-friendly, Zero learning curve, No prior experience is needed.

Commercial Licence included

Nothing to download or install

No monthly or yearly fees

Leverage the power of quizzes to go viral & get seen by millions of people

Get tens of 1000s of buyer leads fast in any niche in just days

No need to spend money on traffic or any ads

30-day money-back policy


I am totally happy with the product

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs more traffic and targeted leads can benefit from HyperQuizLists in less than 2 minutes! 

So, this product is highly recommended for those who work as Affiliate Marketers, Online & Offline Business Owners, Ecommerce Website Owners, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers, Bloggers, Freelancers, or even Newbies.


About using details

How to deploy it into practice?

Let’s find out how HyperQuizLists works below.

Firstly, log in to the system by your registered email:


Once you successfully log in, you will get access to the main dashboard like this seen below.


You can start to make your quiz from this QUIZ section, there are 2 options for you, you can create your quiz campaign using the DFY QUIZ or from scratch. In my review, I will show you how to do it from scratch.


In this feature, you can manage your quiz by choosing the quiz type or header image after entering the name. 

And you will be able to create multiple quizzes for different campaigns, HyperQuizLists gives you a detailed description of each type of campaign so that you can better understand them.





In this step, you will then need to add question/lead form/CTA/result to your quiz mindmap. This is an effective tool for you to segment your leads and boost your conversions.

As you can see the beginning of the quiz is the “Start” form, which is also called the landing page and shows what users get after joining. You need to edit it first before adding any content:


Simply add the reward information, upload an image and edit the text:


Let’s see the preview! So this is the first page people see:


Now, go ahead and add quizzes. They can be questions, wheels, or lead forms. I’m showing you how to add a question:


Write down the question to collect users’ responses:


The answer types include Check box, Radio button, Image, and Textbox:


So the process is quite simple, simply click edit and fill in the required details. After adding what you want to the quiz, you need to add an exit/thank-you page by clicking “Add Result”:




Now you can imagine how the quiz works from start to finish. Just one more step of adding the affiliate link, which means you’ll show the users an offer and earn commissions in case they make a purchase:




Once you are done, click on ‘Publish’ to share your link on any website or your social accounts,…


[+] User Answers

In this section, you can keep track of the answers from your visitors and boost your conversions.


[+] Lead Management

Do you want to add a form here to collect email addresses? If yes, you will be also able to edit the content and button:


Check out the instruction video below in case you need more detailed information:


Why is it a good choice?

There are various reasons that make you happy with this product.

♥   Drive more leads to your business without hassles

This HyperQuizLists app is genuine and does exactly what it promises which is delivering buyer traffic on demand in seconds, at will. And whenever you can get traffic in seconds, it almost always results in tons and tons of sales. Once you can control and drive traffic at will, your life changes because daily sales become the norm.

With HyperQuizLists, you can create viral quizzes that are proven to get users’ attention and drive them to take your quiz. Not only that but these quizzes are also proven to be highly shareable so that you can get seen by millions of people with just a few clicks!

♥   User-friendly interface

The user interface is completely friendly and up-to-point. Since I’ve tried lots of time and invested a huge amount of money in my business, I understand what newbies have to struggle to find a shortcut to their success, I wish I had known this HyperQuizLists earlier.

It’s literally pointing and clicking simply. It takes only minutes to set up. There is no tech skills are needed. No marketing experience is required. No big budget is required. So if you have just started your business a short time, this one is what you shouldn’t miss.

♥   Keep Visitors On The Website

HyperQuizLists provides you with not one, not two, but FIVE high-converting quiz templates to help you draw in your target, engage them, and direct them with the information they seek on the spot. This allows you to keep visitors to your website for a long time. 

♥   Complete All The Hard Tasks

Using online quizzes will bring you the best and quickest results. Before you run away thinking, you need all kinds of deep tech knowledge or extensive and expensive programs to do this. From now, you’ll no longer worry about creating various quizzes to attract more customers, HyperQuizLists will do it all for you in a flash.

How much is HyperQuizLists?

HyperQuizLists FE

Paying only $14.95 – $17.95, you are able to experience many benefits. In addition, HyperQuizLists makes sure to refund 100% without hassle in 30 days. Go ahead and buy this package right now before the price jumps again. Trust me, this launch will make you satisfied.

Let’s recap two price options this product gives you!


Moreover, you can use coupon “quiz3” to get $3 off on Elite Version!


Use code HYPERfor $3 off on FE

HyperQuizLists Review- The OTOs

In addition to FE, you can have a chance to buy these UPSELLs when you complete your order:

HyperQuizLists OTO 1: PRO Edition ($37 one-time)

Downsell: $27 one-time

  • 4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.
  • Extra Affiliate Campaigns
  • 100% Approval
  • 100% Commissions
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Automation Workflow
  • Unlimited SMTP Profiles
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Automated Daily Reports
  • COMMERCIAL RIGHTS INCLUDED – Provide Services To Others And Charge Them Any Fee

HyperQuizLists OTO 2: TRAFFIC Edition ($47 one-time)

Downsell: $37 one-time

  • Turn any (even the oldest, lamest) video on the web into your own viral social micro videos
  • Schedule 100s of videos to Facebook and Instagram in 1 click and keep generating free traffic for months.
  • Perfect for video ads, viral videos & hundreds of other video content types
  • Convert 1 video into multiple (up to 20) mico-videos in 1 click
  • Mass edit all videos at once in 1 click
  • Commercial License Included

HyperQuizLists OTO 3: SHORTZ Edition ($47 one-time)

Downsell: $37 one-time

  • Create 100s of attention-grabbing, viral YOUTUBE SHORTS that drive traffic to your websites, blogs, and offers
  • Copy the fastest, easiest & silliest way to pull in tens of thousands of visitors every single day from YouTube!
  • You’ll also get our exact step-by-step training and BEST strategy to start driving traffic to your Shorts in no time.
  • Commercial License Included

HyperQuizLists OTO 4: DIY Campaigns ($37 one-time) 

Downsell: $27 one-time

  • Plug-N-Play With DFY Emails Today
  • Build Trust With Your Subscribers/Buyers
  • Increase Your Open & Click Rates
  • Provide Quality Content To Your Subscribers
  • Get More Sales & Conversions

HyperQuizLists OTO 5: RESELLER Edition ($147 one-time)

Downsell: $127 one-time

  • Every Client Will Have Access To The Features Of HyperLists
  • Use Our Sales Materials For Best Conversions
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Reseller Dashboard in 1 Click
  • We’ll Handle the Support Of Your All Clients
  • Low 1-Time Fee During The Launch Period


The ending

This is the end of my HyperQuizLists review. This beginner-friendly system can literally start generating leads for you in a matter of minutes regardless of how little skill or experience you possess.

This cost-effective HyperQuizLists also comes with a 30-day refund policy so there will be no risks to take here.

Once again, thanks for spending your precious time on my review.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! This is a limited-time launch so you may never see such a low price for this amazing program again.




Special Bonus Package

Breakout Code

This is James’ first course… The OG course has helped hundreds of affiliate marketers start generating over 4, 5 even 6 figures monthly in affiliate commissions. This is raw, personal, and something that should be taken seriously given the proven results over time.



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This is a High Ticket Mastery Course that James created where he pulls in an additional 1-2k Daily. This is monumental in its own right. Powerful high ticket strategies to help convert any affiliate marketer’s backend strategy.



Package 01: What You Need For Your Agency Business


Bonus 8: Moto Theme V4 With OTO1 + OTO2 Unlimited sites



Bonus 9: Client Acquisition Funnel & Turbo Templates







Bonus 10: Eazy Social Ads

Imagine Being Able To Design Pro Quality Graphics And Promo Ads For Social Media In Minutes That Make Your Jaw Drop!

Eazy Social Ads

Package 02: Online Marketing Tools

Bonus #1: Essential Pages

Some really good content here and also templates for Bridge Pages, Sales letters and Infomercials



Bonus #2: Agency Unlocked By Neil Patel



Bonus #3: Web Agency Fortune – Ready To Use Local Business Website


DFY local web agency system that allows everyone to create good-looking and high-converting local business websites FAST:


You will also getting:


 [+] 10 one-page websites for 10 local business niches: Bookkeeper, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agency, General Contractor, Remodeling Contractor, Electrician, Handyman, Painting Contractor, Carpet Cleaner and Pest Control.

 [+] All the content and images are included.

 [+] Built for Divi Theme (Divi with GPL is included in the purchase, no extra investment needed)

 [+] Theme Builder template includes: custom header, footer, blog post, categories, 404 pages and more.

Each website has: Header slider, About Us Section, Features Section, Services Section, Team section, Testimonials section, Blog Section, Contact Form and Google Map.

 [+] Within minutes, customers will be able to set up a ready-to-use WordPress website that local business owners will happily pay $500 (or more) for.

 [+] Create other pages using the builder and the premade sections

 [+] Beautiful, professional layouts, designed with conversion in mind.

 [+] An agency website is included.

Bonus #4: ZennoPoster – Automate Your Routine Task On The Internet


Bonus #5: iDesign 1.3.0 – The Ultimate in WP Web Design Software



iDesign gives you:

 [+] Amazing flexibility while designing

 [+] Super creative layouts as results

Get iDesign if you want to:

 [+] Enjoy the process of discovering and achieving ‘your own’ creative vision

 [+] Start building ‘truly unique’ web designs with their own personality

 [+] Design with an amazingly unique interface with ‘vast new potential’ to explore

Bonus #6: Snatchit


Snatchit is a New DFY Cloud Software Enables You To Legally Hijack ANY Website To Sell ANYTHING…with no work needed:


You are just 3 steps away…


from financial freedom


Bonus #7: Forminator – Quiz, Poll, Forms Builder

This is your completely free and completely expandable form builder plugin for WordPress

It’s the easiest way to create any form:

 [+] Contact forms and feedback widgets

 [+] interactive polls with real-time results

 [+] Buzzfeed-style “no wrong answer” quizzes

 [+] Service estimators

 [+] Registration forms with payment options including PayPal and Stripe

7-forminator-sample 7-forminator-sample-order
7-forminator-sample-poll 7-forminator-sample-quiz

Bonus #8: Zox News – Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme


Bonus #9: DropIn Reviews Pro


 [+] Creates Drop In Product Reviews In Minutes.

 [+] Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.

 [+] Software Requires No Installation.

 [+] Option To Change Background Colors.

 [+] Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page.

 [+] Requires Upload Access To A Webserver.

 [+] Can Be Used With Any Website URL.

 [+] Add Any Text And Star Rating Images.

 [+] Redirects To Any Website URL You Choose.

 [+] Software Comes With Unlimited Use License.

Bonus #10: Auto Blog Feeder


Watch how new content get added to your blog every single day, in any niche you choose for the next 8 years, with only 3 mouse clicks!

New “set it and forget it” Technology automatically drip feeds fresh new content into your blog for as long as you choose! How would you like to build the biggest blog in your niche with 3 simple clicks of your mouse, just one time? Imagine that!

Package 03: Content Resources To Create Unique Blogs


Package 04: Drive Traffic To Your E-learning Sites

Package 05: Build Video With Doodle Style









Business Formation


Home Security

Data Recovery



Computer Repair


Pet Grooming


Package 06:


Package 07:

Package 08: E-commerce Theme



Business is a corporate style WordPress theme ideal for businesses. Leverage the power of WordPress and blogging to build a company website that features a clean, professional design, features to get new customers, ecommerce support and complete customizability.

This PRO WP theme is sold at $59 for 3 sites, check here: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/business/



The Dropshipping theme is great for selling your own products or running a full-fledged dropshipping business. It is the ultimate WooCommerce WordPress theme that you might want to get for your WooCommerce powered website.

This PRO WP theme is sold at $59 for 3 sites, check here: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/dropshipping/

Package 09:

Package 10:

Package 11:

Package 12:



Package 13:


Step 1: Buy HyperQuizLists on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading HyperQuizLists Review.

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