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Gyphio Review



Have you ever seen YouTube channels like “ChilledCow”?

Right now, people are home more than ever and there’s also a huge demand for things that help people relax & de-stress.

They are YouTube channels that post videos that consist of a static (usually animated) image and some kind of music ongoing. The purpose of these channels and videos is to provide people with music to listen to when they want to ‘chill’ or study, work, meditate, sleep, etc.

They aren’t really ‘watching’ the videos – but rather, listening to the music. These videos then get a revenue share from YouTube, making upwards of $1,300 per video in some cases.

In the review today I am going to introduce to you one of the most unique products I’ve seen in 2021: Gyphio. This software allows people to create similar videos/channels but takes it so much further. It allows you to choose an animated GIF, and royalty-free music in order to instantly create a video that you can upload to your YouTube channel.

Imagine having software that creates YouTube videos that are so high in demand right now and each video gets upwards of MILLIONS of views and makes upwards of $1,000+ PER video. Let’s not wait for any blogger and jump right into this review in full detail!

Gyphio Review- About The Product

GYPHIO allows people to create similar videos/channels as ChilledCow with relaxing music, meditation, stress relief, etc. Gyphio helps you create videos in ANY niche/topic and for any purpose, but “chillout” is the main business angle.

It allows you to choose an animated GIF and royalty-free music in order to instantly create a video that they can upload to your YouTube channel!

About The Creator


This product is brought to you by James Renouf who is an expert in the field of online marketing, and he has launched lots of digital products which are considered practical and exceptional in the digital products market.

Here are some of his successful launches: The Missing Link, NFT Exposed, Avatar Crusher, Clubhouse Notes 1.0, Hybrid MLM, Let’s Get Ranked!, Lead Vakuum, Page One Four Play, and Group Bomb

This excellent software developer has proven to be an expert in the online field who knows deeply and works dedicatedly to meet the customers’ demands. This amazing tool was created with the collaboration of Shane Nathan and promised to bring about another big success.

Gyphio Review – About Its Amazing Features

Let’s take a closer look at what you can get inside Gyphio:

[+]   Create videos from GIFs by searching keywords

[+]   Video duration –  5 Minutes

[+]   Number of Gifs can be used in one video – Max 5 Gifs

[+]   Can choose background music from 3 categories – Total audio 30

[+]   Download Videos in MP4 Format

[+]   Can create 10 Campaigns (Videos)/per month

[+]   Dropbox Connection

About using details

A Quick Walkthrough On How To Use This Product

Let me show you how to easily create a video with music and gifs in just a few minutes:

Step 01: Log In


Step 02: Dashboard

Once successfully logged into your account, you will be directed to the main dashboard with a clear layout of all of your campaigns so that you can have an overview of what is going on:


Step 03: New Campaign

Click on New Campaign and enter your campaign name:


Next, fill in the search bar with keywords to search for gifs. Please remember the limit you can pick at a time is 5:


After choosing, click next to proceed:


In the following step, you need to enter the video duration and choose the size, then continue with the next step:


Now you choose the music category:



Now all you need to do is wait for a few minutes then your final product is created automatically for you, no need for complex tech skills:


The final step is to download the video or upload it onto other social media platforms and attract traffic:


For more details, you should check the instruction video below:


Why Should You Invest In This?

The first advantage of this product is that you are so early on with this niche. The premise has been proven with the overwhelming views and success of many channels. The market wants this music. The opportunity is to give them the music with your niche or the niche of their choice. Videos like this succeed in part by exploiting user behavior.

YouTube users often click off of a video after several minutes, before the clip has concluded. But users who listen to music tend to play them for a half-hour or more, often as background music. That boosts the videos’ retention rates, which compels YouTube to promote them more widely.

This Gyphio product lets you rank on Youtube, and Google and get traffic for free. These types of videos are getting millions of views and creating a video for any niche, also push the traffic and monetize however you want.


With Gyphio you get Youtube and Gifs all in one and on demand. It is the largest potential viral possibility that exists. These also rank incredibly well on Google.

Every niche would want to listen to music with background gifs relating to them. It is a no-brainer. You can show bodybuilders in the background with music or have relaxing music with images of local churches. The possibilities and combinations are endless. There are literally gifs that Gyphio will pull for any niche or keyword!

Finally, Gyphio has something for everyone. There is no way that you can’t use this in some way shape or form for your business. You will get views if you follow the easy-to-use hosted solution with a couple of clicks you are in the game.

For those that want traffic, and money, CPA marketers, offline marketers, new marketers, those that don’t want to be on camera, and affiliate marketers. Literally, everyone and anyone can use this to their advantage.

Gyphio ReviewPrice And Evaluation

The Front-end

The front-end offer is $17. You only need to pay once and that’s it. To be honest, I’m surprised because the price you get is so cheap in comparison with the top-notch quality software you get.

With this platform, you just need to set it up once and spend a few minutes of work. No hassles, no extra manual work for you!

Also, you have no risk with the 30 days, no hassle, money-back guarantee. If you have any trouble using this software and they fail to help you resolve the issue, or if you have not been able to generate any results, they will give you 100% of your money back.

The Upsells

Here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration if you want to add more value to your product:

Upgrade 1: Gyphio Pro ($47)

[+]   All features of Front End plus

[+]   Up to 10 minutes in length

[+]   Upload your own GIF/mp4/mp3

[+]   Generate title/desc/tags

Upgrade 2: Gyphio MAX ($67)

[+]   Scheduling option

[+]   Autofetch title/desc/tags

[+]   Multiple YouTube accounts

[+]   Perfect for large-scale ops

Upgrade 3: Gyphio Event ($97)

[+]   Create events

[+]   Go live at the same URL with OBS

[+]   OBS training included

[+]   Live event marketing training

Upgrade 4: Gyphio 100% Funnel ($97)

[+]   100% commission

[+]   Paid throughout the funnel

Upgrade 5: Gyphio DPOD ($497)

[+]   Product creation course

[+]   Full high-value training


Gyphio Review– Pros And Cons


♥   No tech skills or previous experience required

♥   This can be from any niche

♥   No website or hosting needed

♥   Free traffic no paid ads

♥   100% beginner-friendly


X   There is none.

Gyphio Review- Who Is This For?

Gyphio is for anyone who wants to profit from easily and quickly producing unique “chillout” videos for themselves or clients. It gives anyone the ability to produce short- and long-form videos with animations and background music, perfect for the little-known but lucrative “chillout” niche.

So, if you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration of purchasing this product:

+   Stay-at-home parents

+   Agencies

+   Freelancers

+   eCom entrepreneurs

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Influencers

+   Youtubers

+   Facebook Page owners

+   Local biz owners

+   Opportunity seekers

+   Part-time workers

+   Families affected by recessions

+   Teenagers looking for a great start in life

And the list goes on and on.


With all the details I reviewed of this product, I believe that you got an overall perspective about this wonderful software. I think this product can definitely assist you with boosting your online business and increasing your profits.

Thank you for your time and see you all in my next review!



Fast Action Bonus Package

Bonus #1:

Content Repurpose Guide

Description: When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.


Bonus #2:

Traffic Generating Resources

Description: Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.


Bonus #3:

Guest Posting Secrets

Description: Guest Posting Secrets is a comprehensive guide on how you can effectively get high-quality backlinks from authority websites and generate evergreen traffic. With this training, you will be able to learn how to approach high-authority websites and get the most out of your guest post.


Bonus #4:

Hilite & Share

Description: Hilite and Share encourage readers to share your best content, and bring more traffic back to your site! gives your readers a new easy way to share your best content.






Step 1: Buy Gyphio on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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