The Missing Link Review (James Renouf)- Is It What You Are Looking For?

The Missing Link Review


The Missing Link Review- Product Overview

Social networking is the target of almost every marketer out there and it’s hard to imagine where your campaigns will go without paid ads.

Still, even when you waste money on paid ads, it sometimes ends up nothing due to the crazily fierce competition which is happening right now on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But you can make quite an exception if you look into LinkedIn.

To be fair, LinkedIn is the emerging platform that allows us to exploit better quality traffic and create more effective campaigns.

Besides that, LinkedIn is less competitive and filled with more people doing serious business. Recently, a marketing expert has come up with a paid ad breakthrough called The Missing Link.

With this brand-new type of LinkedIn ad strategy, I’m sure you can get rid of unnecessary ad expenses and start with a tiny budget and make the best use of your ad investment.

My review will show you more interesting details about this video training.

What Is The Missing Link?

The Missing Link is a step-by-step video training that shows you how to exploit the simple “mail merge” feature of LinkedIn in just minutes. The strategy attached inside will make learners say wow as it allows us to turn the impossible things upside down.

You target your perfect customer on LinkedIn, and they show you how that audience becomes much larger on Facebook. The strategy is simple but so powerful and LinkedIn is so much less strict than Facebook. This offer is like you are buying a conversation with someone for fractions of pennies!

Who Are The Coaches In This Training?


It’s James Renouf, and Dave Espino linking up with Jeromy Kovatana, a Two Comma Club Award winner to launch this amazing info product.

In case you don’t know, James Renouf is an experienced vendor who collaborated with many outstanding individuals in MMO, hand-selected their information products, and delivered it to the users.

Some products and training courses by James and his partners are recognized as amazing, powerful, and unique, such as Ecom Licensing Exposed, Instant Affiliate Machine, Hidden Traffic Hack, New Free Traffic, and Shop Up 2 Profit, and many more.

What Will You Get Inside?

[+]    Zero Competition Method

Let me tell you this strategy will never become saturated because it is so targeted. Even better, you can duplicate this process over and over again for any niche and for many different targets, The Missing Link gives you real leverage.

For example, if you only advertised to managers, (those people that may have 20 – 30 employees) they can / will share your offer with their employees… That is just one secret to how The Missing Link can give you exponentially, viral results!

And of course, no other marketers are using this strategy right now, so you have zero competition!

[+]    Anyone Can Set This Up – It Takes Only A Few Minutes!

The Missing Link training, along with LinkedIn‘s email tool, lets you choose your super-targeted, influential prospects. You are literally sending an email blast directly from LinkedIn and into your perfect prospects’ LinkedIn message box!

And, each email is personalized to that customer. The critical point is that there is no need to have a following. None of the people Jeromy sent these LinkedIn emails to knew who Jeromy was. These were all “cold” ads, but they were warmed up because of the unique way they personalize the ads!

[+]    With This Easy-To-Use Process, You Target Your Perfect Customer Avatar

This type of ad is unique because your email blast is sent to your most perfect customers, but it also happens to be hyper-personalized to them. For example, your ad can insert their full name for you. It can reference their company name for you.

“Hi John Smith, I know that you work for company “xyz”.

And this type of ad does it automatically for you.

[+]    Create SuperPowerful Email Ads With Specific, Personalized Fields

The Missing Link creates hyper-responsive and super-personalized messages that are hyper-targeted to your perfect customer. Your email ad is going directly to that person! It is not going to be a “Male” or “Female”. It is personalized automatically to the person.

Your emails have a built-in chatbot that is super-easy to set up using templates. This process creates results like nothing you have ever seen before. The chatbot gently guides them, directly to the sale.

[+]    Find The Perfect Customer & Target That Profile Type

The ability to personalize the message is insane. And with this training, you can enjoy this kind of magic with close instructions from magicians.

No other ad platform lets you personalize your message like this. This process truly creates an irresistible offer you give to people while only spending a tiny amount of money on the perfect customer.

For example, if you only wanted to target people that worked for a specific company, you could do that. With LinkedIn, you can advertise to members of LinkedIn groups.

[+]    The LinkedIn Chat Bot templates

These templates get you started immediately as you can create short messages to keep the conversation short just like Yes and No questions or multiple choice.

And The Missing Link makes them engage with you because it allows them to choose their own adventure. The prospects want to engage with the ad because it is new and fun.

My Honest Thoughts About This Product

Honestly speaking, nowadays people spend more articles writing about exploiting LinkedIn, obviously because of its advantages over other platforms but this is one of the first courses that I find no major drawbacks and I even got excited and couldn’t wait to apply the method to my own engine.

Since every online business needs traffic, people usually release training courses and tools which are said to get you traffic but eventually they don’t. They still want to keep their secret strategy and earn a lot more from it, they are not willing to really share it.

But trust me, you will achieve the resounding success of this vendor as well as the proven great result of his method. You cannot tell yourself not to trust it because the stats don’t lie. They started with $131.78 in Ad Spend and ends up with over $69K!

Price And Evaluation

The Missing Link FE

Currently, The Missing Link is being offered at a very special price of $12 only. This is an incredibly cheap price that you can hardly find in any other exclusive training and if you have no financial difficulty at the moment, you should secure one copy of this training right now to get this at the best price!

You know James Renouf and his reputation, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality or the content of all the lessons. They all provide you with careful steps to deliver you the same great results of the traffic breakthrough method.

The Upgrades

In addition to the training, you should consider buying these upgrades for more benefits:

Upgrade 1$29

Upgrade 2$29

Upgrade 3$29


Who Should Buy This?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, “The Missing Link” strategy is for you. I can guarantee that this method is small in ad spend but not short in profit. You can use this to sell anything, including:

[+]    Affiliate And CPA Marketing

[+]    Online Courses

[+]    Agency Offline Marketing

[+]    Sell Leads To Businesses

[+]    Business Services

[+]    Ecommerce

Pros And Cons


    ♥    100% Newbie Friendly

    ♥    No Fierce Competition to Worry About

    ♥    High Credibility

    ♥    Hyper-Targeted

    ♥    Hyper-Leveraged

    ♥    Hyper-Personalized

    ♥    Hyper-Conversational

    ♥    No pressure selling

    ♥   30-day money-back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none


To conclude, this info product brings tons of benefits that should never be missed. But seriously, with a small investment of $12, do we actually have any good reasons to refuse this?

Hopefully, with my detailed review of The Missing Link, you can get the real values and make the right choice.




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Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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