Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Must-have Content Creation Solution For Any Site Owner

Curation Cloud 2.021 Review


Internet Marketers are now busy paying attention to video, chatbot, or AI technology, making blogging gradually fade into oblivion. Still, compared to other types of marketing, this one is still arguably a heavyweight term of increasing your ROI. What’s more, since marketers’ attention is now placed in the video marketing, blogging becomes less competitive and attract highly engaging customers.

But what are the causes that incentive marketers to stop running their blogs at the first place? I think the most important reason is that our creativity is limited and it’s really hard to create organic posts with new and amazing ideas every day.

Furthermore, search engines favor something more interesting, I mean a post including fancy piece of content along with videos and graphics. Also, backlinks and traffic are grave concerns of bloggers.

Well, they all sound like hard stuffs to handle when you do the blogging. But if you have Curation Cloud 2.021, you have all these things taken care of and you can create a search engine favored blog within a few minutes.


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Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Product Overview


Creator Richard Fairbairn et al
Product Curation Cloud 2.021
Launch Date 2021-May-14
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee  30 day money back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is Curation Cloud 2.021?

Curation Cloud 2.021 is the powerful system which allows users to build multiple blogs with curated content all on complete auto-pilot. Their content feeds are updated every minute with up to date viral content.

Not only can users build multiple blogs on auto pilot with content, but they can also build backlinks on auto pilot as well for every content piece they post.


==»    WordPress ==»   Tumblr
==»   Facebook ==»    Imgur
==»   Twitter ==»    Blogger
==»   LinkedIn ==»    Reddit
Product Rating 27

Name: Curation Cloud 2.021

Description: Curation Cloud 2.021 is the powerful system which allows users to build multiple blogs with curated content all on complete auto-pilot. Their content feeds are updated every minute with up to date viral content.

Offer price: 27

Currency: USD

Operating System: All Systems

Application Category: Software

Author: Richard Fairbairn et al


Not only can users build multiple blogs on auto pilot with content, but they can also build backlinks on auto pilot as well for every content piece they post.



    ♥    100% Cloud based software. No bulky installation

    ♥    Newbie Friendly. No Prior Experience

    ♥    Set and Forget Autopilot Content And Traffic

    ♥    Add social buttons for free traffic

    ♥    Automatically build multiple backlinks with ease

    ♥    30-day money back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none.

About The Creator – Richard Fairbairn et Al


It is Richard Fairbairn and his talented teammates Paul Okeeffe & Steve Harvey that introduce a blogging masterpiece like Curation Cloud.

Richard Fairbairn is no longer a strange name to internet marketers as he released dozens of hit products to serve MMO purposes. Richard’s strengths are certainly his expertise and working experience in the field, which helps him to deliver practical marketers’ solutions and defeat other vendors. Just take a look at Funnels Kit, Social Studio or Listify and you’ll see.

Why don’t you give Curation Cloud 2.021 while it’s actually the best of its kind? The next part will show you all the killing features you’ll get inside.

Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Feature Details

1/ The Curation Cloud Content Finder

With this option, you will be able to start searching for quality content right away. This content finder is super easy to use and all you need is just to enter your keyword topic, select your parameters and hit search.

Parameters you can choose from include:

●    Keyword search

●    Time of content freshness (24 hours, 7 days, or forever)

●    Sort by date or popularity

●    Choose content source

●    Minimum word count

●    Only show content that has images

By using these parameters, you’ll instantly have all sorts of content available at your fingertips to curate from at a moment’s notice.

2/ Auto Post To WordPress Sites

Curation Cloud 2.021 works seamlessly with your WordPress sites and you can connect your sites to the software in minutes. This is a great way to fill up existing sites with content or get new ones up and running quickly.

Just do a quick keyword search for your site’s topic. Once you’re done, choose to auto post content to your sites on any schedule you wish.

3/ Multiple Scheduling Options For Full Flexibility

This feature helps you out with keeping a calendar and preparing content in advance. The in-built scheduler lets you post out as far as you like. You can create content for the next 2 years if you like, literally no limit.

Also, you have full control of your pre-scheduled posts, in case you change your mind, you just need to find the post on the app calendar and edit.

4/ Posts To the Most Popular Social Accounts

Curation Cloud 2.021 integrates nicely with some of the most popular high traffic social sites online. This way you can not only use Curation Cloud for your blogs, but also for any social site individually.

Use it with LinkedIn to keep business contacts engaged or with Blogger to build another site. The choice is yours.

Here’s a list of all the social media sites included: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit

5/ Know Exactly How Your Posts Will Look On Every Social Media Platform.

Curation Cloud 2.021 lets you preview your post for social media that you can check if your posts look tempting to your audience. Simply select a social platform and the app shows you what it looks like.

This way you can make sure you look professional while creating engaging content that wows and draws in your readers with ease.

6/ Choose Multiple of Single Accounts To Post To Anytime

Every post you make in Curation Cloud 2.021 will go exactly where you want it every single time. Before publishing, you can choose any specific networks and let the post go live with just a click of your mouse. Obviously, Curation Cloud 2.021 gives you true customization for your posting needs right out the gate.

7/ Citations Are Automatically Added For You

Whenever you’re curating content, you must always include a link back to the source. You are fully protected from violating the internet rules, get ruined by the internet police or risk your accounts being shut down because Curation Cloud 2.021 automatically includes a link back to the source for any content you post. This way you can post to your sites and networks with peace of mind.

8/ Build Multiple Backlinks Easily and Automatically

(And Get Better Rankings and Traffic.)

The beauty of Curation Cloud 2.021 is that it helps to build backlinks to any WP blog you have. When you select an item to curate to your site and choose your social media accounts to post to, Curation Cloud 2.021 will post to your site and then use all your social media accounts to link back to your site with the story.

So, your site will link to the original source, but all the social media accounts will link to you! When this happens, you’ll start to siphon traffic from all over the internet and get backlink love from the major social media sites.

9/ Publish Posts Immediately or Schedule For Later

Every post you create in Curation Cloud 2.021 gives you the option of when you want to make it go live. Just click the button to publish immediately or click schedule to open the calendar in Curation Cloud 2.021.

If you want to post it later, select your date and time, click OK and you’re good to go. You’ve got instant content that posts on autopilot. No guesswork needed.

10/ Automatically Choose Which Social Buttons To Add To Your WP Post.

You’re sure to get a lot of love from the social media networks you’ll be posting to with Curation Cloud 2.021. But why stop there? Especially when there’s more traffic for the taking!

That’s why before you publish your post, you can choose which social sharing buttons you want to include with your post as well. This way any traffic that comes to your site can also share on their social media profiles too.

It’s just another way to help your posts get even more traffic with less work!

11/ Select Your Image And Make Your Post Stand Out.

You know, people stay on sites that have images in the posts than those that don’t. Interestingly, with the help of Curation Cloud 2.021, you can simply pull back any images for the content you’re curating. If there’s multiple images, you can select which one you want to include in your post and Curation Cloud 2.021 will auto place the image for you in the content.

It only takes a second to do and one click of your mouse and you’ve got a good-looking curated post in an instant.

12/ Curation Cloud Gives You True Set and Forget Autopilot Content And Traffic.

The beauty of Curation Cloud 2.021 is that it helps you become a curation expert fast without having to work hard. You can literally do a search, schedule your posts, and watch the results come in from SEO and social media on autopilot.

Spend a few minutes a day using the software and you can have the equivalent of a month’s worth of post for your blogs and social media in absolutely no time.

13/ 100% Cloud Based So There’s Nothing To Install.

When you get access to Curation Cloud 2.021 today, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. There are no messy downloads to install regardless of whether you’re using Mac, PC, Android, or Apple devices.

Everything with Curation Cloud 2.021 runs smoothly in the cloud and allows you to build your blogs and social posts from anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s great for working at home or even if you’re traveling the world!


How To Use Curation Cloud 2.021

Step 1: Log in the account

Here is Curation Cloud 2.021 interface:


Step 2: Create Content For Your Blog

Click on Content


We can see that there are already pages and pages of content ready-made for us from various sources in different niches:


We can search for content if we want to pick a particular genre.

We can also pick what time frame the content has chosen from.

We can sort by date of popularity.

We can select from one of the multiple different sources available inside Curation Cloud


Step 3: Customize your post

Click “POST” on your chosen content source


We can see exactly how Curation Cloud 2.021 works.

This post is linked up to a WordPress site, and we can see a snippet of information of how it will look inside WordPress.

We can also customize it for WordPress.

One of the great things about Curation Cloud 2.021 is that it helps build backlinks and rank the websites. And one of the ways it does is they create the social share buttons that will actually link back to our main WordPress blog.


Step 4: Publish & Generate traffic

You can share it on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


Or through your WordPress blog directly from inside Curation Cloud 2.021:



There is also a handy calendar to be able to share your content post ahead of time:


For more details, let check the instruction video below:


Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – My Opinion About This Software

As an online marketer, you should know the saying “Content is King”. However, creating content required intensified creativity exploitation, and if your creativity is not unlimited, do not try to reinvent the wheel.

On top of that, Curation Cloud 2.021 helps you take more advantage of a proven method that can earn back results after a few clicks. Instead of wandering around tons of websites all day just to find out relevant piece of content, you can make use of a perfect combination of tools loaded inside this offer.

Furthermore, Curation Cloud 2.021 helps you get high rankings on search engines, which is actually beneficial to siphon traffic to your sites. First, they curate content from high quality and related source to your site and of course automatically attach the source to keep your site safe from threats posed by serious internet violation.

Then they will give the social button settings and create backlinks that lead traffic back to your site. This is a great strategy that this software works 100% on autopilot, without your needing to spend a thought on it.

From my personal experience with Curation Cloud 2.021, I would like to give it the highest recommendation if you consider buying new tools for content creation work.

Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Price And Evaluation

FE: Curation Cloud 2.021 ($37)

On this May 18th EST at 3pm, the Curation Cloud 2.021 launch starts with an early bird price of $27. This special offer only lasts the first 5 hours, then goes to $29 and increase via a dime sale at Midnight every 24 hours.

This is the only chance that you can get access to Curation Cloud 2.021 at this very cheap price. After the launch, the price goes to $97 and hardly any discount will be offered since the cart closes.


To maximize your benefits, the author team has some more upgrade versions for you as below:

OTO1: Curation Cloud 2.021 PRO ($47)

Downsell 1 – $37


The first upsell will allow the user to create their own feeds by adding and building their own RSS feeds. This will allow them to build unique blogs and unique content for their social backlinks.

They also can bulk upload content directly to the system via the CSV upload. The content will be scheduled on the days specified. This allows your user to create and build their sites with unique content and set the schedule for days, weeks or even months in advance.

OTO2: Curation Cloud 2.021 Monetization ($37)

Downsell – $27


Users will be able to monetize their content and blogs on auto pilot with 70 DFY campaigns. These will be auto added to the content and posts. User chooses the campaign and sets monetization.

Affiliate link is added, plus call to action and button as well. The campaigns can be full modified, and they can even add their own campaigns and offers.

OTO3: DFY Starter Site – Your Own Online Business ($497)


Users will be able to start their own online business, here’s what they will get:

[+]    Their own unique premium domain name valued by GoDaddy at over $1k

[+]    Easy to manage website (no coding skills needed)

[+]    Complete done-for-you store with over 100 products preloaded

[+]    The ability to add thousands of extra products easily

[+]    Automated order processing

[+]    Website optimized for fast loading to give the best customer experience

[+]    Elegant responsive store theme compatible with ALL devices

[+]    Mobile commerce ready store

[+]    Level-1 PCI Compliant so you don’t have to worry about the security of your customers’ credit card data

[+]    Professional logo design

[+]    All website content and graphics

[+]    Functional contact page

[+]    FREE SSL certificate included

[+]    Full support to get your store up and running


Anyone taking up DFY solution as part of the Curation Cloud 2.021 Launch, will also get a complete step-by-step training course on operating and promoting your own Internet business.

This over-the-shoulder course is valued at $447, and will teach you everything that you need to know to grow your business towards your six-figure income goal.


[+]    How to market your store with FREE organic traffic and paid methods

[+]    How to optimize your product listings and get the most out of your store

[+]    How to use advanced techniques to make more money per customer

[+]    Business Valuation

They estimate the value of this DFY business to be well over $5k, based on the domain name value, software assets, business training, strength of the industry and potential future revenue.


Who Should Buy This Curation Cloud 2.021?

In my opinion, online workers of all kinds should take this and enjoy huge benefits provided inside. We cannot deny the fact that we desperately need content and with a powerful content tool, we hold 95% of winning the game.

If you belong to the list below, Curation Cloud 2.021 is highly recommended to be an asset in your marketing toolkit:

    +    Internet Marketers

    +    Online Marketers

    +    Offline Marketers

    +    Affiliate Marketers

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Website Owners

    +    Online Business Owners

    +    Content Writers

    +    Dropshippers

    +    Bloggers

    +    People who want to create quality content without much effort

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this Curation Cloud 2.021 today, you will get all bonuses below for free:


Curation Cloud 2.021 Review – Pros And Cons


    ♥    100% Cloud based software. No bulky installation

    ♥    Newbie Friendly. No Prior Experience

    ♥    Set and Forget Autopilot Content And Traffic

    ♥    Add social buttons for free traffic

    ♥    Automatically build multiple backlinks with ease

    ♥    30-day money back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none.

Conclusion – Curation Cloud 2.021 Is 100% Recommended!

Just think about your future having an awesome tool like Curation Cloud 2.021. Instead of trying to get a small fraction of the competitive niche, you can consider buying this cloud-based software and make more money with Blogging.

Once you start your business with Curation Cloud 2.021, you’ll wonder why you tried anything else! Your bright future is lying inside this no-risk low investment, and now it’s your choice to take it or not!



























































Step 1: Buy Curation Cloud 2.021 on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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