VidSpark Review- New Viral Video Creation & Traffic System

VidSpark Review


VidSpark Review- Product Overview

If only given 15 minutes to consume content, most people would rather see something beautifully designed as opposed to something simple and plain.

The video also depends on many factors to be able to transmit information to users such as the screen, the sharpness of the screen, the connection speed, and the browser used.

The product of video design and the message content also does not show completely because depending on the above factors, sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to user interaction.

Marketers are now using video as a perfect tool to get the attention of increasingly busy audiences. The video allows short stories but has a strong, memorable message, and marketers can measure its effectiveness.

The process of creating a video involves many different steps, including sketching ideas, designing the layout, choosing different sketch patterns, choosing colors, fonts, printing materials, and choosing color categories.

That sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? But please do not sweat so soon because I want to introduce to you VidSpark. With your help, all the above-mentioned processes will be made much easier for you.

What Is It?

For physical and digital marketers who rely on videos to help drive traffic, leads & sales, there is no question about the powerful impact of video advertising on social media.

And VidSpark is a powerful cloud-based application that enables your customers to easily generate traffic and sales videos for advertising, social media, or within minutes.


About The Creator


James OJ is the one behind the invention of VidSpark.

If you have not heard of him, he’s a top-notch software creator with years of Internet Marketing industry experience. Take a look at some of his previous excellent releases, like: MemberZ Connect, Kontent Kaboom, Social App, VidTraffic, and so on.

Feature Details

[+]    Video Editor

You can connect any screen and YouTube video and start editing text images … breaking the video into different frames, etc.

[+]    Video To Gif Converter

A video or a part from the video to a gif image.

[+]    Video To Gif Converter

You can redimension your video into some other aspect of social media.

[+]    Video Finder

You can find a video using a keyword on any niche and start adding memes or editing.

[+]    Intro and Outro

Adding an intro outro gives you the possibility to add an intro to your video and an outro with a logo and music.

Above mentioned features are the basic and must-know about VidSpark, but I will not stop there. Let me show you more details of this wonderful software that will talk you into buying it.

  • Simple drag-and-drop video builder, easily add any text, image, button, music, or even narration to your videos.
  • Create sales-driving videos in minutes without experience – perfect for your own campaigns and for selling to clients.
  • Turn stuffy product pages into engaging videos that convert like c.r.a.z.y.
  • Simply find your product from AliExpress, Shopify, eBay, and Amazon… and let our smart web-based app create the video for you.
  • +200 video templates ready to use, find the one you like, and create traffic-driving videos in minutes.
  • Create your own video from scratch using our inbuilt video builder in 3 steps.
  • Professional gifs characters and other sales materials ready to use in your video drive unstoppable traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest in seconds.
  • Create the perfect video anywhere and on any device you want.
  • No video creation skills are needed.

Statistics indicate that approximately 52 percent of all global web traffic came from mobile devices in the last quarter of 2017. That represents more than half of all internet traffic and shows you can’t afford to forego sensitive web design.

Start by researching how many of your visitors come from mobile devices and how much time they’re spending on your web.

Thanks to VidSpark, gives them their first impression of your company when your audience visits your website. They’ll be evaluating your company in seconds. You want to make a positive impression on your audience in these first few seconds.

If your website seems unattractive or outdated, your audience will have an immediate negative opinion of your company. They won’t appeal to your website, which will discourage them from your listing. You’re going to miss out on leads and they’re going to leave your page to a competitor’s page.

Therefore you should keep in mind that web design is essential because it affects how your brand is viewed by your customers.

You can either make an impact on them to stay on your page and learn about your business or quit your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design will help you keep the leads on your website.

How To Use Vidspark

Step 1: Log in with your account to VidSpark


Here is the VidSpark interface:


Step 2: Create Video

There are 3 ways to create videos: From product, From template, and From scratch.

With From Product,

– Choose “From Product”


Choose the market you want, for me, I choose AliExpress


Type in the keyword of your main products


There are 3 ways to create videos: From product, From the template, and From scratch.

With From product,

  • Choose From product


You can choose given templates to turn them into your own videos:


Or you can choose to make your own by choosing “Create Video” -> “From Scratch”


With “From Scratch”, you can choose the existing videos from your laptop or from the Youtube platform:


You can make changes to Font, Font Size, Color, Images, etc.


And even background music:


After exporting videos, you can finally use them for marketing.

For more details, check the instruction video below:


Using Experience

I would like to claim that this software is very easy to use after experiencing thoroughly the whole package, it also comes with the instruction video, and believe me, nothing is left out, you will be taken through the entire process.

Before using VidSpark, I was trying hard to get new leads for my company, especially in expanding its brand awareness. It was a complete mess as I did not know where to start or what I was lacking. Then I resorted to VidSpark.

The best thing about VidSpark is this software requires that you work with zero experience or skills. It not only operates on 100% autopilot but also has video training inside to help you learn how to turn traffic into real cash.

Let’s check the comparison between VidSpark and other famous similar tools in the market:


And here are what other beta testers and famous marketers say about this revolutionary tool:


Vidspark Review- Cost And Price

To be more specific:

To maximize your benefits, you can check some more upgrade versions as below, remember that you can get any of them, with no enforcement:

OTO #1: PRO/Platinum ($67)

Get 20x FASTER RESULTS using VidSpark Platinum Edition

Here’s what you’re getting with VidSpark Platinum:

  • [+]    Render unlimited videos in unlimited projects without any restrictions
  • [+]    500+ high converting battle-tested ready to use video templates
  • [+]    Get FULL access to 1000+ HQ animated characters
  • [+]    InfoGraphics sleek sales images
  • [+]    Create premium videos from product or webpage
  • [+]    Find best products from ALL eCom sites & turn them into highly engaging videos
  • [+]    100+ free acoustic music library for best background music to raise the mood of the video
  • [+]    Ability to import your own music in the editing timeline
  • [+]    Ability to download videos in MP4 – Less compact size and 4K HQ UHD quality
  • [+]    Social syndication – Publish your video campaigns across multiple social media with 1 click for viral traffic.
  • [+]    Unlimited FB fan Pages integration – select an auto post, make campaigns for different keywords in different niches
  • [+]    Exclusive VIP Facebook priority support – Pro members get priority support of the resolution of any query
  • [+]    30 day money-back guarantee

OTO #2: Reseller

    +    1000 Licenses: $297

Become a franchise reseller of their VidSpark and keep 100% of the profit for yourself!

Here’s what you’re getting with VidSpark Reseller:

  • [+]    Amazing marketing pages
  • [+]    Get 100% of the sales on the FE + get 50% on upgrade sales
  • [+]    Potentially make sales & commission per customer easily
  • [+]    Their high-converting videos
  • [+]    Their powerful sales copy
  • [+]    Make even more money when they buy upgrades
  • [+]    30 day money-back guarantee

OTO #3: Outreachr App ($67)

Create unlimited engagement videos for limitless leads & more sales within minutes…

Take full advantage of the internet sales machine that generates daily passive commissions with interactive videos!

Who Should Consider Buying VidSpark?

In short, VidSpark will be a perfect match for:

  •    +    Business owners
  •    +    Product developers
  •    +    Freelancers
  •    +    Online/offline marketers
  •    +    Video marketers
  •    +    Digital marketers
  •    +    Newbies

But do not let the words fool you. In fact, VidSpark is cut out for everyone who wants to challenge themselves and level up their game. Therefore, I see no reason why you should not buy VidSpark.

Pros & Cons


  • ♥    100% newbie-friendly
  • ♥    No experience or special skills needed
  • ♥    Easy to follow
  • ♥    In-demand topic
  • ♥    Step-by-step video training included
  • ♥    30-day money-back guarantee


  • X    I am totally satisfied with this product



This is the final part of my review. I hope this VidSpark review has given you useful information to make the right choice and profit from it.

Please make up your mind fast, as this particular price will not last long. Otherwise, you might miss out on this deal.

Last but not least, thank you for reading this through to the end. Wish you the best.










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Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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