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The food industry has emerged as the next significant trend, capturing the attention of people worldwide. The allure lies in the universal love for new recipes and diverse types of foods and drinks.

People are not just interested; they are willing to invest considerable amounts in exploring and enjoying culinary delights. However, delving into this trend by building a recipe or food product-selling website is no small feat.

It demands a unique set of skills, talent, and, most importantly, time – a resource not everyone can spare. Recognizing this challenge, many individuals turn to freelancers to create their online food blogging or recipe websites.

Yet, even with the help of freelancers, the process remains challenging, requiring extensive time and effort in building websites and generating content.

Amid this landscape, there is a solution to simplify and democratize the creation of food-related websites – CookMate AI. 

This innovative tool aims to redefine the experience of entering the thriving food industry, eliminating the barriers of skill and time traditionally associated with website development.

Let’s explore how CookMate AI seamlessly addresses these challenges, opening up exciting possibilities for culinary enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

CookMate AI review- The overview



Ganesh Saha et al


CookMate AI app

The official page

>>>Click here to access

Front-end price

$17 (one-time payment)

The discount coupon 

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30-day money-back guarantee!

Vendor’s support

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What is this A.I. app?

CookMate AI is the world’s first AI and cloud-based software that effortlessly creates self-updating food and recipe websites.

Loaded with over 1000 diverse niche food recipes across 20+ cuisine categories, you can establish your own food-selling and recipe-creation website in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Log in to the Members area.

Step 2: Enter your desired site name.

And step 3: Watch as the AI seamlessly generates a visually stunning, fully automated food site, complete with 1000+ multiple niche food recipes and 20+ categories in a matter of seconds. Plus, you can even sell your food products and recipes on the platform. It’s that easy!


Who is the architect of this concept?


Ganesh Saha, a devoted food enthusiast, was joined by his friend Jaideep Bishnoi, a seasoned 6-figure Food Blogger and website agency owner for the past 6 years.

Their lives revolve around the internet, and they feel truly fortunate to be part of this digital era. Having garnered extensive experience in the Food Industry, they’ve delighted over 10,000 customers.

They have launched a lot of remarkable products like: Plexity AI, MailBard Al, WebinarStudio, Ai Force, Ai Designs, AISites, PrimeAi, VRStudio 2.0, PrimeBook, and so on. 

CookMate AI review- What are the defining traits?

Explore these top-notch food and recipe sites that you can effortlessly replicate with just a click – no technical, marketing, or design skills required!

CookMate AI has streamlined the entire journey of crafting and sharing recipes online.


From automatically generated ingredient lists to appealing layout options, CookMate AI makes sharing culinary creations online a breeze.

CookMate AI is your all-in-one solution for creating fully automated food-selling products and recipe-creation websites that practically sell themselves, yielding substantial profits.

Create an abundance of fully automated food recipe affiliate sites effortlessly:

  • Instantly access a collection of 1000+ recipes ready for sale.
  • Receive a free domain and high-speed hosting.
  • Benefit from built-in SEO and ad placement features.
  • Experience a 100% AI-based and cloud-based platform.
  • Make a one-time payment and enjoy perpetual profits with no restrictions.
  • Utilize the “Add Your Own Recipe” feature seamlessly.
  • Upload and sell your food products to a hungry customer base.
  • Add an unlimited number of your food products and recipes.
  • Gain a commercial license with no limitations – completely free.

But wait, there’s more! CookMate AI is packed with numerous additional features:

  • 24×7 high-priority support.
  • No need to write a single line of code.
  • Receive monthly updates.
  • Access step-by-step tutorials.

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CookMate AI review- About using details

How exactly does it operate?

To access this software, you will make settings for your website by adding some basic information and description for it:


In seconds, the food recipe website is ready:


It will be filled with cook recipes and articles:


For the admin panel:

First of all, you need to enter your information to log in:


The main dashboard like this will show up:


You start to set up your website by adding contact information, SEO, social media, or API key:


You will upload the logo for the website if you don’t want to use the logo from CookMate AI:


It will provide a lot of recipes, you choose whatever to be shown on your website:


And you’ve done it. The stunning website will be ready for you to make money. No coding, no technical skill, or writing a single line for it.

For more details, please watch the using instruction video below:

CookMate AI Demo Video

Indispensable aspects that make this product the best choice.

Let me show you some aspects below:

♥ CookMate AI effortlessly creates and manages fully automated food recipe websites.

With an intuitive interface catering to users of all technical levels, it stands out for its unparalleled automation capabilities, handling tasks from ingredient list organization to crafting captivating layouts.

Boasting an extensive library of over 1000 diverse recipes spanning various culinary niches, CookMate AI allows for personalized content creation and niche-focused websites.

The ability to customize and specialize within niche categories adds an invaluable layer of personalization, making each website unique and tailored to the creator’s vision.

Moreover, Smart SEO optimization enhances discoverability, while customization features enable you to imprint your unique style and branding.

♥ CookMate AI comes with commercial licensing, letting you earn a lot of money.

The commercial license allows you not only to explore your culinary passions but also to venture into food product selling, unlocking new avenues for revenue generation.

Your website is in hot demand, there are thousands of searches every day, and that’s why you can attract a lot of people. You can add ads banners, and links to monetize from your website.

Discover the feedback from marketers about CookMate AI:


What is the amount owed?

The front-end product

All you have to pay for CookMate AI is $17:


This limited-time offer presents an incredible opportunity to access a cutting-edge platform that redefines the way you approach food blogging and recipe creation.

You have unlimited access to a fully automated food recipe platform, enabling you to create and manage your personalized culinary space effortlessly.

Due to the platform’s overwhelming popularity and continuous enhancements, there will be future price adjustments.

Seize this opportunity to lock in your subscription at the lowest possible rate before any changes occur. This exclusive offer is available for a short period only.

Act promptly to secure your CookMate AI subscription at the current unbeatable price.


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CookMate AI review- The OTOs/Upsells

Change your cooking game with their exclusive upsell options, designed to offer you advanced features and extended capabilities, ensuring an even more fulfilling and rewarding experience with CookMate AI.

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Here are the details:

OTO #1: CookMate AI Unlimited + Unlimited Reseller Licence ($37)

Remove All Limitations To Go Unlimited With All Pro Features & Supercharge Your CookMate AI Account To Get 3X More Profits Faster & Easier.


OTO #2: AGENCY Edition ($47)

Start your own “profitable 3-in-1 marketing agency and make 5 figures profits” by charging $500-$1000 per client with zero grunt work.

  • 500 account licenses.
  • All sales materials for the best conversions.
  • Get your admin panel to add unlimited customers.
  • They will handle the support of your all clients.
  • Accept payment on PayPal, Stripe & bank account, etc.
  • One-time fee… Never pay again.
  • 5 fast action hand-picked bonuses.


Limited time opportunity to re-brand & sell CookMate AI as your own and make profits like never before!

Here is the total value you are getting today:


OTO #4: DFY APP Edition ($37)

Get access to a 24/7 income stream to reap heavy profits with high-performance DFY 50 products.

Let’s do a quick recap:


OTO #5: CHATFOX ($27)

Expand your reach to more than 3 billion potential customers with over 90% open rate.

World’s most powerful messaging cloud-based platform that combines the Power of Messenger, SMS, and Email with Zero Monthly FEE.

Chatfox allows you to make money from every single platform that your potential customers are on…. All under one hood.

OTO #6: DFY STOCKS ($27)

Get instant access to the world’s first biggest collection of stock images, videos, vectors, gifs, and audio + inbuilt image/video editor on a completely searchable platform.

Sell unlimited assets to online clients & local businesses with commercial licenses.


Who is the intended consumer?

CookMate AI is strategically crafted for a diverse audience, spanning culinary enthusiasts, professional chefs, food bloggers, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

This innovative platform caters to individuals who are passionate about food blogging and recipe creation but may lack the technical prowess typically associated with website development.

Additionally, seasoned culinary professionals, including chefs and restaurant owners, can benefit from CookMate AI‘s streamlined approach to managing their online presence.

Entrepreneurs seeking to delve into the lucrative realm of food product selling will find value in the inclusive commercial licensing, making CookMate AI an indispensable tool for anyone with titles such as “Food Blogger,” “Chef,” “Restaurant Owner,” or “Entrepreneur” looking to showcase their culinary creativity and explore new avenues in the dynamic world of online culinary exploration.

CookMate AI review- Benefits and drawbacks


  • CookMate AI allows you to effortlessly create an unlimited number of fully automated food recipe affiliate sites, providing versatility and scalability.
  • With the opportunity to enter the $285 billion food industry, you can explore a red-hot market and potentially capitalize on the growing demand for culinary content.
  • The platform comes pre-loaded with over 1000 recipes, enabling you to start selling right away without the need for extensive content creation.
  • CookMate AI offers a cost-effective solution by providing a free domain and blazing-fast hosting, eliminating additional expenses for users.
  • The inclusion of SEO and ad placement features enhances the visibility of websites, ensuring that the content reaches a broader audience.
  • The 100% AI-based and cloud-based architecture provides a seamless and efficient user experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.
  • The platform allows you to personalize their sites by incorporating your unique recipes, adding a touch of individuality to your culinary creations.
  • CookMate AI is user-friendly, making it accessible to individuals with no specialized skills or prior experience in website development.
  • You have the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a risk-free trial period to assess the platform’s suitability.
  • CookMate AI boasts a dedicated 24/7 support team, ensuring users receive timely assistance and guidance whenever needed.


  • Having an active internet connection is essential to utilize this product.


Closing remarks

In conclusion, CookMate AI is a versatile and empowering platform for individuals passionate about food blogging, culinary exploration, and recipe sharing.

Whether you’re a novice seeking simplicity or an entrepreneur aiming for culinary entrepreneurship, CookMate AI provides the tools to transform your passion into a thriving online presence.




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