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Commission Magnets Review


Commission Magnets Review- Product Overview

If you are handling your online business seriously, you certainly understand the fierce competition that you are involving, especially affiliate marketing. As affiliates, we need to define our unique selling points and gain the top of mind position.

While vendors usually offer their USPs through killing features packed in their products, affiliates need to give away hot, best-selling items (A.K.A massive bonuses) to draw visitors’ attention. Of course, it costs you a lot of time with hundreds of dollars spent on buying licenses, building bonus pages, etc.

Grasping your difficulties as affiliates, I know you should listen closely to this. Every single buyer out there needs a reason to stay on your sites and keep buying products you recommend.

That’s not only due to the product quality or your useful advice, but it’s also about the extra benefits they can get in your bonus package. I suppose it’s not hard for you to find this kind of advice in many training products you’ve been following.

However, it’s better said than done, particularly while your financial difficulties keep you from tempting freebies that other gurus are using to take advantage over you.

Not many training products can give you huge bonus packs because they are all expensive. Not until did you see Commission Magnets, you would realize: “Here comes a flux of leads and traffic.”

This review today will answer all your questions about this fancy weapon to win this fiercely competitive affiliate marketing niche.

What Is Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets (ComMag) is a membership website with the singular focus of making commissions through affiliate marketing.

This is the newest web site and it uses the exclusively most advanced technology to create affiliate funnels for the users. Commission Magnets comes with training, and tools which are a variety of bridge pages, bonus pages, delivery docs and products.

As members of this software, you can quickly customize your bonus pages by simply entering your own headline and YouTube video link. The pages are hosted at no extra cost and all the bonus products are provided for you!

Meet The Developers – Melinda Martin & Omar Martin


This product is brought to you by the couple Omar Martin and Melinda Martin. As both work and life partners, this couple have worked together more than 2 decades from scratch and now build up their own mansion from rainy days. Until now, their effort is undeniably consistent.

They are true veterans who have successfully created and launched many Best Sellers on Clickbank, JVZoo & Warrior PLUS, including My Unfair Advantage, Easy Video Solutions, Affiliate Builder, Copy Paste Commissions, Black Friday Blowout, Viral Traffic Boost. Most of the time, their products are highly appreciated by users and experts from the world.

The next part of this review will show all good reasons to believe Commission Magnets will be another hit by this couple.

What Will You Get Inside?

Commission Magnets is composed of all hot and in-demand items that you will never regret paying for this. Honestly speaking, this is top quality material and you gets PLR rights to it all.

Here are a proportion of what you are getting:

Instant Affiliate Approval

No more waiting and hoping you get approved to promote.

With Commission Magnets you are instantly approved to promote the exclusive 7 core products that each convert over 7% of traffic into buyers and net you between $1 and $3 per visitor!

This is awesome because most vendors typically shy away from affiliates that don’t already have a ton of sales and experience. With Commission Magnets you’re in like flynn!

Secret Jvzoo Approval Codes

They got you the best deals in town with instant approval! Now Commission Magnets members get approval codes for an additional 19 products!

You need this because now you’ll have a total of 26 products you can instantly start promoting and making money with! No more waiting and praying for affiliate approval.

40 Original Bonus Products

This is an absolute no brainer because you are getting a huge variety of unique, valuable and attractive products to give away as incentives for people to buy through you!

You need this because it spares you months and months of hard work creating bonus products plus it saves you all the expensive costs involved with outsourcing such a product creation nightmare!

Customizable Cloud Hosted Bonus Pages

Your 7 DFY bonus pages aren’t just done for you they are also hosted for you! You want this because it spares you the aggravation of setting up a domain name, server settings and all that technical nonsense.

Plus, let’s not forget the costs of having to pay for hosting. With Commission Magnets, your hosting costs are zero.


Delivery Docs

Your bonus products are already placed into beautiful PDF documents for easy deliverability to your leads.

This is super convenient for you because the docs are easy to deliver right inside of JVZoo or via email so you never have to zip up bonuses or use file sharing networks to deliver them.

Cloud Hosted Monetized Download Pages

You can send your buyers direct to a download page instead of giving them a delivery doc. This is super smart because it enables you to advertise more products to your customers THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. They do all this for you automatically… zero work on your part.

High Performing Traffic Material

Every one of your bonus pages comes with 6 professionally copywritten post adverts and 6 proven emails to market with. That’s a total of 84 custom marketing pieces!

This is such a huge benefit for you because you can focus on making money instead of writing and testing your own sales copy.

Built-In Stats And Tracking

You no longer need a scientific calculator to figure out exactly how your bonus page is performing and how much money you’re making.

This is important because you won’t waste time and money on split testing or link cloaking software. The system connects to JVZoo FOR YOU and shows you exactly how your bonuses are performing!

Facebook Friendly Affiliate Links

No more ban hammer from the social media titan. You can share your Commission Magnets links on Facebook without fear of reprise!

This is super convenient and protects your Facebook account because direct linking to affiliate offers is frowned upon but Facebook likes Commission Magnets bonus pages!

Comprehensive Easy To Follow Training

This training is the cherry on top of you perfect commission sundae. You can finally learn the “WHY” & “HOW” that has held you back for so long.

These are a bonus – don’t worry you can start making commissions even before you watch the training. If you want to become a Commission Expert then watch the 5 modules at your leisure.


How To Use

Step 1: Log In & Connect Your Account

When you log in successfully, the app will show you a members’ area with an introduction video from Omar here.


Under the video, you can see three steps to start making money with Commission Magnets.

[+]    Attend the webinar

The webinar will give you necessary information about the product and how to make the best use of the magnets you get. Choose ‘Click Here to Register’.


Fill in the register form here and click Register to note the date & time down to your calendar.


[+]    Create Your JVZoo Account

This step is only for those who haven’t had a JVZoo account. Select Click Here For Instructions.


Right here, you can see a video from Omar and step by step instruction to help you create a JVZoo Account.

[+]    Connect your account

This is also an important step when you need to connect your JVZoo account with the Commission Magnets system. Choose Click Here To Connect button.


Paste your JVZoo ID to the box in Action Item 2 and click Save.


Step 2: Start the Training

To familiarize yourself with the software, click to the Training button on the navigation bar.


The CM Training includes 7 instruction videos on different topics.


For each lesson, there is a blank space for you to note down while watching the lesson and save the personal note later. You can click to download the lesson materials and use offline.


Step 3: Make Money With The Magnets

You can access all the magnet material and tools from this page. In the FE, you have 8 magnets to promote and they’re all good items for you to use.


You can see the number of clicks, visits, sales and the conversion rate below each product.


The bonus page and the download page of each magnet have been done for you with professional designs like this.


It has already got the video and the bonus button attached on the sales page.


You can make sure you will get the commission every time for every click from your link because the affiliate ID of your account has been added to the offer.


[+]    Change Headline

You can change the headline of the bonus page by entering new headline to the Headline Text box.


Now the headline of this bonus page has been changed from “Claim Your Money…” to “Bonuses For Customers of John Smith”.


[+]     Change Video

You can also change the video on the bonus page by pasting the new video URL to the Custom Video URL box.

[+]     Access the promotion materials

Below the setting form is the sales materials where you can use to promote the product.

For example, when you click to the Emails & Adverts icon, you can access the ready-written emails and posts that you can use in your email campaign or add posts to your blogs.

Here is an example email for Internet Selling For Newbies magnet:


Here is an example post for Internet Selling For Newbies magnet:


The OP2 Bonus Page and OP2 Download Page can be used when you want to use the pages on your own domain/server.


Step 4: Use The Bonuses

Click to the Magnets section from the navigation bar and choose Library to see all the bonuses here.


Simply click to the Download The File button to save the files and use them to promote any products you want.


The best thing about this bonus pack is that for different magnets in the system (depending on its niche), they give different sets of bonuses. This means your visitors can find more values in the offer.

Why Should You Buy This?

I know you are seeing tons of reasons why you should make this buying decision right now but here are a few things that I think you should notice:

First of all, the highlight of this offer must be the video training, which is arguably top notch. Over 6 hours of screen by Omar Martin himself walking each student through the process of attracting leads and warming them up to purchase by using BRIDGE PAGES.

All the research material and resources are included and each video comes with its own PDF to follow along. I would say this guy and his wife made it to this resounding success from nothing, they together explored the whole process through thick & thin, which in turn helps them own their one of its kind formula.

Commission Magnets includes the process and tools that they use to make well over a thousand dollars per week in passive commissions on JVZoo.

On top of that, this product has again gone through a test that finally converted very well. You can find more info about this test on their sales page, which included 95 Commission Magnets sales. This method actually works and you can confidently promote with the ready-made tools.

Here come some bonus posters designed by their in-house experts (including a training video, a PDF eBook, and custom graphics).



Let check what others say about this product:


Commission Magnets Review – Price And Evaluation

FE: Commission Magnets ($197)

Due to my years of experience going through many products in the market, I would say it might cost up to $17,000 to produce this material.

You know, bonus pages, download pages, delivery docs, product zips… all included with detailed instructions. It’s not some PLR packages that can be built within one day or two, Commission Magnets is far more demanding.

Many of my readers here might be thinking: “Holy rap, how am I supposed to afford this high quality product?” Don’t worry, because during this launch, you can own one copy of this product at a much more affordable price of $197.

I know $200 is not a small amount that you can spend without a second thought, but I assure you that you are not throwing your money out of the window.

This offer gives you more values than just $200 and is already a discounted price. I can’t tell how much it will cost once the launch ends (it’s the vendor’s decision), however, I know you should be full of regret if you miss it today.

Furthermore, your $200 investment in Commission Magnets is risk-free thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee. You can request a complete refund even when you already used it for a couple of days (less than 30 days).


The Upsells/OTOs

OTO 1: My Unfair Advantage – Special Blow Out ($37 – $297)


MyUnfair Advantage is by far the most robust membership site I’ve ever seen and it includes training, software, website templates, scripts, tools and so much more.

The best part about being an MUA member is that everyone gets live weekly group coaching! Yes, since 2010, they have done over 330 episodes, and they keep adding each week! These are actual live training calls where they teach online marketing tactics that are working for them RIGHT NOW.

They also do weekly live streaming in their private Facebook group. This is as cutting edge as it gets, real coaching, real presentations not a bunch of podcasting interview bullshit. Their members love this site because it is a community of marketers with everything you need under one roof!

The site includes 6 MINI COURSES covering List Building, Product Creation, Sales Pages, Membership Sites, Affiliate Marketing & Product Launching. Each member automatically gets access to all of their core products, plugins, and software. Internet Selling For Newbies, Rapid Profit System, Buzzinar, Funnel Boss, Content Nitrous & more!

MUA also includes a brand new UNIQUE PLR product library with over 50 products and new ones being added constantly. This is QUALITY CONTENT produced in-house by them and includes artwork and source files valued at thousands of dollars each!




OTO 2: A.C.E. ($297 – $697)

You can get to keep 100% of all the funnel profits, for all your leads and on the ACE sales you get 30%, literally a GOLD MINE for you! This is a real business for you with a license to keep all the profits from all their core products and you get an awesome tool including:

[+]    Automatic Approval + 100% Commissions On ALL Of their Core Funnel Products.

This is awesome because there’s no need to “apply” for anything. All ACE members are “in like flynn” with 100% commissions and approvals.

[+]    115+ Pre-Queued Fully Automated Deep Funnel Email Campaigns.

Nothing technical about it, they manage the whole thing for you! This saves you a HUGE amount of time writing, testing, mailing and learning email marketing. We mail FOR YOU, and YOU get to profit!

[+]    Self-Propagating Sales Funnel System Utilizing JVZoo. All Pages Pre-Built And Include Integrated Tracking.

You need this because it’s all the technical stuff TESTED and working already, nothing else for you to buy or integrate by yourself. They’ve got your back!

[+]    Their Exclusive Automation Portal Allows You To See Your Whole Business At A Glance.

This helps you so much because everything you need to run your business is right there at your fingertips on one page. No hunting around for stats, links, marketing material, it’s ALL there for you.

[+]    Tons Of Custom Marketing Material To Help You Generate Hordes Of Traffic.

This is awesome because they’re going to teach you how to drive the traffic and now you’ve got the materials to do it with too! All the source material you need, from articles and posts to snippets and more!

[+]    Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Traffic Training Videos.

This is amazing because it will keep you FOCUSED on what’s important! Step by step lessons on driving free and paid traffic to generate leads for you ACE funnels! As long as you are willing to do the work, these are the EXACT steps to follow. It’s a HUGE time saver.

[+]    Full Access To The IM Clinic Training In Case You Get Stuck.

You need this advanced training because it covers the 4 things that most people get stuck on. IMC can save you lots of frustration and headache in the future!

[+]    PLUS 60 Days Personal Email Access To The Author!

You need this because the vendor can keep your head in the game! Its easy to get confused or distracted and that’s when having an Internet Millionaire’s private email address comes in real handy!


Who Should Buy This Commission Magnets?

I strongly believe that Commission Magnets is perfect for different types of online jobs and for those interested in making money through CTA offers.

You should consider having this tool if you are:

    +    Affiliate

    +    Internet Marketer

    +    List Builder

    +    Product Creator

    +    Online Business

    +    Blogger

    +    Freelancer

Commission Magnets Review- Pros And Cons


    ♥    Newbie-Friendly

    ♥    Comprehensive Easy to Follow Training included

    ♥    Created by experienced affiliates for affiliates

    ♥    DFY Custom Bonus Pages & Download Pages

    ♥    Free hosting services

    ♥    Different components in a Bonus Set

    ♥    Instant affiliate approval for high converting offers

    ♥    Tested & proven to work methods

    ♥    30 day money-back guarantee


    X    The price for Commission Magnets is quite expensive for newbies but I’m sure you will find the product worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Commission Magnets Newbie Friendly?

YES! ‘Ease of use’ has been their #1 priority all throughout the development of the software. There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to begin making your own commission magnets!

You can use the pages “AS IS” or you can insert your own video URL and headline text. The software generates your links, bonus pages, download pages and even the marketing material FOR YOU.

Do I Need To Download Files Or Host My Own Pages?

NO! They developed Commission Magnets to help you get more sales and commissions without any fuss, downloading, uploading or installing, they’ve got your back BIGTIME.

Your bonus pages, download pages and even the bonus products are all hosted by us at NO COST TO YOU. They want you to get amazing results and don’t want to limit that.

Does Commission Magnets work with WordPress?

Commission Magnets is a web-based software application (SaaS)… But if you have a WordPress blog or multiple blogs, no problem.

You can also download the pages and host them your own WordPress site using your OPTIMIZE PRESS 2 plugin. This is great if you are an advanced user and want to make more modifications. It’s really easy.

What If I Don’t Have Any Bonuses To Use?

No Problem! They’ve got you covered by giving you 40 done for you bonuses that are already plugged into your Commission Magnets bonus pages. That way you don’t have to come up with your own unless you want to.

These bonus products are not a bunch of PLR junk. They’ve spared no expense in creating these bonuses for you. These products are all custom made by us IN HOUSE. You get videos, eBooks, editable docs, even graphics…. ALL WITH PLR (Private Label) Rights

You even have access to the content yourself so you can watch it, read it, learn from it, apply it to your own business or even change it and combine it if you want!

Is the page hosting really 100% FREE?

Yes, by taking action now and joining them today they’ll guarantee you no hosting fees. No monthly fee. No annual fee. Nada. You get everything you see here for as long as your account remains active. They’ll continue to host your promotion pages for free with no strings attached.

WARNING: In future they will be adding a recurring monthly fee to Commission Magnets so act now to be grandfathered in to this amazing special price.

Can I use Commission Magnets to promote any JVZoo product or just yours?

YES! They’ve provided you a generic magnet template with generic text, bonuses and even a generic video! You can use this template, delivery docs and marketing material to promote ANY PRODUCTS THAT YOU WANT.

When you chose to promote products other than the 7 core magnets you’ll have to download the bonus pages and host them on your own WordPress site using Optimize Press 2. They provide the DONE FOR YOU templates and OP2 has super easy to follow training on how to upload them to your site.

They have even negotiated guarantee affiliate approval in JVZoo for some of the highest converting products in their marketplace. Just enter the secret approval code when you apply and BOOM… you are ready to rock!


In short, you are about to get a generic magnet template with generic text, bonuses and even a generic video and you can use this template, delivery docs and marketing material to promote any products that you want. I don’t think there is any excuse you can make to refuse this chance of success.

Through this Commission Magnets review, I hope you understand this is really worth much more than its expensive price. If you can invest $200 and get back $2000 or even $20,000, you shouldn’t hesitate for a sec!









Step 1: Buy Commission Magnets on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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