CoachZippy Review – The Fastest Way To $10k In 2020

CoachZippy Review


It’s easy to realize that training products are getting their own position nowadays. The fact is newbies are trying to penetrate the online space through these training courses due to the difficulties caused by distance and geography.

Why don’t you spend a minute thinking about what is actually going on here? Firstly, ‘more newbies’ means the training niche scales up at an excellent rate – a potential market. Secondly, if you are doing something else, not the training, how about turning the table right now – there can’t be any other appropriate time than this.

And finally, to actually monetize this type of product, what justifications should be applied to choose a tool – easy-to-use, user-friendly (especially for your students, highly-secured content.

In case you haven’t had any kind of tool that can meet these requirements, introducing CoachZippy – the only app on each that can help you become a professional online coach, even when you are a newbie.



CoachZippy is the arguably powerful, all-in-one business platform that allows you to make and sell high-quality courses online. As copyright is the priority here, your content is protected in beautifully designed, fully customizable members areas for your members to access.

Interestingly, even complete newbies with no design experience can quickly create their own courses online and charge a recurring fee for their content. Getting recurring customers is the holy grail of any digital/online business, and CoachZippy allows you to achieve exactly that.




The guy behind this product is Madhav Dutta, with the dedicated help from Dr. Sameer Joshi.

As far as I know, they are both young but potential providers on JVZoo, who have accumulated a lot of experience in marketing and coaching.

In fact, Madhav is a reliable guy whose products always received thousands of positive feedbacks from users with the first few hours of the launches. It would be a mistake if you mention Madhav without the masterpieces like Meetzippy, EverZippy, and Vidify.

I can be so sure with you that this product will be a great weapon in your toolkit and let me prove it in the next section in my CoachZippy Review.

Check their sale history to see how great their products were:



    ♠    Bulk Users Import

I know many of you already built up in your previous membership sites.

Just relax, with Coachzippy, you’ll be able to move your members to the new site without hassles. Just upload using a few instructions they give you and you could do it all within 5 mins.

    ♠    Course-Wise Student Insights

You can see how any of your students are progressing through the content at any given time inside of Coachzippy. Having these insights can prove to be extremely valuable.

By seeing where your students get stuck or have incomplete marks, you can make your courses even better which can produce more revenue!

    ♠    Beautiful High Converting Pages

From landing pages to sales pages to checkout pages, and more, you’ll find a template to fit your every need. The best part is that they’re all optimized to get you results.

    ♠    Secure Video/Content Hosting

Upload your video content right to Coachzippy. Your students will get flawless and speedy viewing on any device, anywhere, anytime.

That can be called the amazing lifetime deal on the world’s first-of-its-kind knowledge commerce platform.

    ♠    Customize All Texts/ Multiple Languages

Use this option to convert your Coachzippy site from English to your native language easily. This is great for those who are multilingual and don’t want to have to create their sites from scratch. Just create the site once, then simply click to convert and you’re all set.

    ♠    Static Pages

Create as many pages as you want for your website to include information that rarely changes, such as an About Us page, Contact Us page, Privacy Policy, or other legal disclaimers.

    ♠    Fully Mobile-Responsive

All products in Coachzippy look great on any device. All of the product themes are fully mobile responsive and are beautiful on computers, tablets, and phones.


Step 1: Log in

Get access to the login page and enter your account here. Click Login to get inside the dashboard.


Here is the main dashboard where you can get a quick summary of your schools, opt-in forms, revenue, etc.


Step 2: Add a new school

To add a new school, click on the Create Your School button at the bottom of the dashboard.


Firstly, you need to enter the school’s name, URL (you can change it later), your name, phone number, email, and the established year of the school.


Then, you can upload the logo/favicon of your school, plus the school banner. Add a brief description for more attention. Click Create New School to confirm your creation.


Once you confirm, the page will be directed to a new dashboard where you can keep track of your school. In this example, I created a school called John Doe, and here comes its dashboard.


Step 3: Create a new course in the school

This is quite obvious that you just simply click on the Create New Course at the bottom of the school dashboard.


Then, you add information about the course like title, categories, author, etc.


For the course template, it still depends on your purpose of course creation to choose what most suits your need.


Step 4: Add a new section to the course

Choose the Curriculum tab to see an overview of what your course looks like.

Then, click on the New Section icon on top of the curriculum page to add a new section.

You can easily edit each section with the editing icon shown on the right of the section’s name.


For each session, you can add a file, text, quiz, or code. You have full control of what to teach and how you want to deliver your lessons. With one click, you can enable/disable comments on your course.

  • Add File


  • Add Quiz


In case you want to add CTA to your video lesson, it’s not at all a big deal.

Click the Add CTA button on the right of the video file.


Pick a time on the video and insert the button title, button text, and the URL of CTA, then, click Save.


Step 5: Set up the pricing.

There are 4 pricing plans available for you: Free, Subscription, One-time Purchase, and Payment Plan. Click to choose what kind of payment you want to apply (mainly based on your purpose) and you’re all done!


Step 6: Publish Course

Well, this is the final easy step you need to take to allow your course to go live. Click to the Information tab (the very first tab in the menu) and then click Publish Course.


Well, they are all 6 basic steps you need to go through to make sure you have a gorgeous course go live on CoachZippy


So, as I’ve mentioned before, you have full control of your course, which means you can make any adjustments (if necessary).

  • Integrations: you can connect to your autoresponders and other apps here.


  • Drip: you can choose how to post your course.


  • Comments: You can find out the comments waiting for the owner’s approval to get published and check out the latest activity here.


  • Coupons: You can add a new coupon to run a promotion.


Step 1:

Add Coupon Info


Step 2:

Select the coupon usage settings


Step 3:

Choose where to apply the coupon


  • Students: you add students manually or through the file.


  • Certificate: You can choose a certificate template here to give your students when they complete the course.


  • Program Overview: You can add many of these and they can be the automatic message when you share the course.



Frontend: CoachZippy ($47 – $97)

There are two options for you: Personal Version$47 and Commercial Version$97.

I suppose you deeply know what potential is lying on this product, don’t you? It’s huge and freaking the real deal we have always dreamed about! I know the price can cause a little bit of trouble for any business with a low budget, I’ve been through those tough times too.

However, it’s worth the money, what you get from CoachZippy is far more distinctive than what you currently have to pay. Also, you can take the chance to have CoachZippy Commercial to save 20 bucks.

OTO 1: CoachZippy VIP ($47/month – $197/one-time)

This brand new one-of-a-kind ‘Unique’ cloud-based software lets you create amazing courses to sell quickly and easily without the hassle!

Everything in Front-end plus:

  • Build an Unlimited number of courses
  • Access to the Agency Pro Version
  • Build School, which can have thousands of courses in one school and manage them centrally (perfect for chain stores, franchise location businesses
  • Modules and features include everything in front plus Messaging on full autopilot, an integrated chat system, and many more
  • Super advanced Geo-fencing system sends notifications to your customers when they are in a place, such as close to a competitor’s business and you give the customers a notification that you are not far away.
  • Dedicated account manager to help out with any issues fast
  • Developer rights to apps created
  • Exclusive Training Webinar (3-hour duration) to master app-creating and selling skills
  • Exclusive Training Webinar on how to monetize apps, deliver value to and make money from customers
  • Own custom branding

OTO2: Mintware Suite ($67/month – $497/one-time)

Let’s recap:

  • Get access to the entire suite of Mintware products
  • HQWebinar, xFunnels, MeetZippy, EverZippy, CoachZippy and zKart
  • Priority support
  • Commercial-level access to products so users have premium features
  • The suite has pretty much everything a small business needs to grow customer outreach
  • One-step sign-in to the entire suite provides users the “key to the kingdom”
  • Each product in the suite comes with detailed training, also on how to use the suite

OTO3: CoachZippy Platinum Reseller ($197 – $497 one-time)

Let’s recap:

  • Create up to 200 Commercial User accounts
  • Sell user accounts at ANY price you want and retain the profits
  • Priority Support
  • Full marketing package including all images, graphics, and email swipes
  • Entire Facebook ad campaign package and retargeting audience
  • Exact million-dollar copy that is proven to convert to get you boatloads of clients
  • Step-by-step detailed training on how to drive traffic to your reseller franchise offer

OTO4: CoachZippy DFY – VIP Access ($97 one-time)

Let’s recap:

  • Done-for-you courses 
  • Learn how to build a full app-building business for local and global customers
  • Top-level support
  • Hand-holding while implementation to ensure the best results
  • Get an AppsKitPro Certified Local Consultant qualification & certificate to boost your credibility & portfolio
  • Training includes pre-recorded training and live webinars



Actually, providing knowledge, training, and other valuable content through a membership site is invaluable for a business. CoachZippy is a must-have platform for every entrepreneur and business.

If you are a newbie, relax, there is no prior experience or skills required and you can definitely make a shortcut to get a head start. If you are an experienced internet marketer, it’s so easy to see how you could make money with this product, isn’t it?


Check what other marketers as well as beta testers saying about CoachZippy:



Get CoachZippy today, you will get all the bonuses below for free from authors.

(Note: These bonuses are from authors, but I will send all of them to you directly to make sure you get all (with my bonuses at the end of this review), what you need to do is forward your receipts to my email: [email protected])

Bonus #1Instant Video Creator


Give Your Web Site a Live touch – instantly add streaming video to their website without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services, or paying costly monthly fees!

Instant Video Creator is a revolutionary new software that allows multiple users to create their videos under their own accounts.

Not only can you use it to create just your own streaming videos, but you can also start your own service where you charge a monthly fee to host such videos for your customers.

Bonus #2Project Genius


Project Genius is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you.

There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

Bonus #3Instant Article Page Builder


Here’s a quick and easy way to instantly turn any text article into a complete ready to uploaded web page! In the internet marketing industry, content is king and one of the best content media is articles.

Articles may be persuasive in many factors like in thoughts and on the other side the design of the webpage who delivered the content. That’s why using the text format is not recommended in sharing your articles online but in a web (HTML) format.

Now, if you are not good at doing web programming or working with HTML, this product is an amazing tool that will help you instantly convert your text article into a web format ready to be uploaded to your server.

Bonus #4eProfit Generator


Completely automate the entire sales & product delivery process for all of your PayPal-based sites in 7 minutes or less – No programming skills required!

This could be the easiest system ever put together to automate all of your sales site processes from PayPal IPN to emailing your customers, handling downloads, and more!

Bonus #5Covert Conversion Pro


Catapult your Profits And Your ROI With The Powerful New Software That Tells You Without Fail What Makes Money And What Does Not! Ever wish you had a money-making crystal ball?

Well, who needs it when you have this in your marketing arsenal? In a world where online marketers scratch and claw for diminishing returns, you can grab the upper hand and profit like wild anytime you please – starting right now!

Bonus #6Affiliate Promo Machine


Discover how any of your associates, affiliates, or joint venture partners can easily and effortlessly promote any of your launch products instantly with a powerful and easy-to-use promo page builder software to convert sales.

Bonus #7Traffic Generating Resources


Who else wants to discover how to write sales letters that will force your readers to buy now…

This FREE yet power-packed report will show you exactly how to write a winning sales letter so you can make more sales and attract more opt-in subscribers.

In this report, you’ll discover: How to structure your sales letter in a way that will make your prospects…

Bonus #8Pinterest Business Boards


Free marketing report – Pinterest business boards look at the following topics:

  • – What are pinning and repinning?
  • – Following
  • – Adding comments
  • – Using Pinterest for business
  • – Share your business philosophy through images
  • – Make your pins stand out
  • – Connect with your customers and potential customers
  • – Driving traffic to your site with Pinterest.

Bonus #9Turnkey Course Store


This is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you.

There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

Bonus #103 Done For You Videos with Reseller


Get 3 commercial grade Done-For-You videos that you can use for your business or for your clients. Each comes with complete resell and white-label rights.

Besides, you will get all bonuses below in the Member Area:




  •     ♥    Lifetime deal on world’s first-of-its-kind knowledge commerce platform
  •     ♥    Build Creative and Interactive courses in a few clicks
  •     ♥    Up to 50 schools in any niche
  •     ♥    Massive modules & features library to suit all niches & needs
  •     ♥    Inbuilt loyalty programs of 9 different types
  •     ♥    Send out Emails and newsletters automatically through the powerful messaging system
  •     ♥    14-day money-back guarantee


  •     X    Up to now, there is none.


Hopefully, the previous parts of my review can well explain your questions about this product. If you have spent a while in big marketplaces, you will realize the training niche is getting hotter day by day, the longer you wait, I’m afraid, the more advantage you lose!

Honestly, you should treasure this chance, to be honest. You can start a brand-new bright future here with CoachZippy in your toolkit right now.


Step 1: Buy CoachZippy on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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Thank you so much for reading my CoachZippy Review


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